24 December 2017

I no longer do the frantic ‘keep everything current’ like I used to do. Essentially, when I read something I think is of interest, or weekly journals like the excellent Black Agenda Report, FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) and Coldtype, I publish it.

bill-portugal.jpgAbout InI
My online life so-to-speak, began about 1979 when I purchased a Commodore 64 and discovered Bulletin Boards, Email and above all, Compuserve, the first commercial, online ‘community’, even writing an interactive, online play on Compuserve called, not surprisingly, online.pla.

Later, in 1984 to be exact, I bought a Macintosh computer, initially for its graphics capabilities but questions were beginning to pile up concerning the impact of computers on capitalism so I launched New York Online (NYOL), a dial-up Bulletin Board System, or BBS that ran on my first Mac. NYOL broke new ground in networking out independent news to the planet (in 1984 only the big corporates had access to leased lines). NYOL lasted until 1992 when I relocated to South Africa due to my work with liberation movements in Southern Africa.

On my return to the UK in 2002, I eventually resurrected NYOL but on a different platform and with a different name, initially a hand-coded site that was intended just for my own writing, this site in fact. Hah! That didn’t last long. Currently InI contains over 18000 essays of which over 700 or more are my essays (all are now in the WordPress Database). Unfortunately, the pre-Wordpress content, although still online here, is not in the WordPress database but I have supplied a search option for readers.

Here’s a link to an archive by month of almost every article on the site from September 2004 to February 2010. There has to be something like 25,000 pages in total plus thousands of links by subject including extensive archives of Information Clearing House (almost from Day 1), VTJP Palestine Newslinks, Military Resistance, MRZine, URUK Net, CounterCurrents, IPS and so forth. In addition there are currently over 18,000 articles on the WordPress site).

My new, dedicated site
Finally in 2015, I created a new site containing all of my essays, Investigating Imperialism, dedicated solely to my own writing and other, creative projects. In addition, I’ve also created a dedicated site for the writing of my friend the late Joe Bageant[1] and for another very dear friend who has also died, Patricia Murphy-Robinson.

You can also find my own work published on a number of sites including Global Research, Dandelion Salad, Strategic Culture Foundation, ColdType, Black Agenda Report, Dissident Voice, 4th Media and a bunch of other sites across the world as well as being translated into an unknown number of languages which include a dedicated site in Portuguese,[2] Spanish, Arabic, Serbian, German and who knows what else.

William Bowles, Writer, Editor and Publisher


1. At the time I created a site for Joe’s superb writing, his own site was down but since then it’s been resurrected. But you can’t have too much of a good thing. Sites come and go on the Web.
2. Initially unbeknownst to me, a Portuguese friend was translating my writing into Portuguese! I don’t think he still is but the site still exists. Thank you Alex!