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Afghanistan News-links 8-12 March, 2009

12 March, 2009

Obama pays tribute to Lincoln, again
Boston Globe – United States
And today, our people are still threatened by violent extremists, and we’re still at war with terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan who are plotting to do …

Sufficient troops in Afghanistan needed ahead of elections: NATO chief – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
NATO’s chief is stressing the need for sufficient troops in Afghanistan to help build a civil society and ensure stability ahead of that country’s elections …

Military tribute to dead soldiers
BBC News – UK
Both soldiers belonged to 38 Engineer Regiment, and were about to be deployed to Afghanistan when they were shot. Four men were also injured in the attack. …

What Are US Goals In Afghanistan? – Plattsburgh,NY,USA
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is making a big mistake in escalating US troop strength in Afghanistan, where he already has acknowledged he doesn’t …

Taliban poised at the gates of Kabul
By CNN International Security Correspondent Paula Newton KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — A top Taliban commander has told CNN his insurgents are poised and…

Journalists in S Afghanistan condemn colleague assassination
Xinhua – China
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, March 12 (Xinhua) — About 100 journalists based in south Afghanistan staged a protest demonstration in Kandahar city on Wednesday, …

Can We Win In Afghanistan?
Evening Bulletin – Philadelphia,PA,USA
By Sam Oglesby, For The Bulletin In what now seem like Afghanistan’s halcyon days — the 1970s — Prime Minister Mohammad Daoud bragged to Western reporters, …

Springtime for Obama and Afghanistan
OpEdNews – Newtown,PA,USA
It’s gonna be interesting to see what Obama is going to do with the Afghanistan disaster that he has inherited from Bush, Cheney and a Republican Congress …

Afghanistan plan requires conservative support
SmartBrief – Washington,DC,USA
Sending more troops into Afghanistan will prove an important test for President Barack Obama, Peter A. Brown writes. Obama’s Afghanistan strategy faces …

Afghan Envoy Assails Western Allies as Halfhearted, Defeatist
Washington Post – United States
By Karen DeYoung Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States attacked Western governments fighting in and providing billions in aid to his country, …

Foreign Policy In Focus | Afghanistan Policy Outlook: 2009
By Erik Leaver
Largely overshadowed by the high death tolls and the large U.S. presence in Iraq, much of the U.S. public forgot about the war in Afghanistan. Now, after eight years of war, what was all too commonly referred to as “the good war” has … – Toronto’s News: Latest Canadian Soldier Killed In…
Latest Canadian Soldier Killed In Afghanistan Returns Thursday. Thursday March 12, 2009. Staff. The latest Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan will return home Thursday. Trooper Marc Diab died in a roadside bomb blast …

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Intelligence Squared event report – ‘Afghanistan …
David Blackburn reports on the latest Intelligence Squared / Spectator event.

Religion Clause: Afghanistan Supreme Court Upholds 20-Year …
By Howard Friedman
Today’s International Herald Tribune reports that Afghanistan’s Supreme Court last month upheld a 20-year prison sentence for blasphemy imposed on an Afghan university student for distributing an article about the role of women in Islam …

Out of Iraq and Afghanistan NOW. : NO QUARTER
By Niaf Sag Tan
Now, 360000 have brain injuries, and have suffered head trauma in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they are not being treated properly upon their return. These 360000 of our sons and daughters will come home, and it is YOUR DAUGHTER AND SON. …

11 March, 2009

No sign of US correcting regional “mistakes”: Iran
Reuters – USA
The United States has said it intended to invite Iran to an international meeting later this month to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, …
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Local Troops Heading to Afghanistan
For the first time since American troops were deployed to Afghanistan in 2001, thousands of San Diego-based Marines and sailors will be deployed to the …

Talking to the Afghan Taleban
BBC News – UK
US President Barack Obama has been devising a new strategy to tackle the Taleban threat in Afghanistan and has not ruled out some “tactical” negotiations to …

In Afghanistan, A Shifting, Ever-Moving Enemy
by Mary Louise Kelly First of three reports examining key questions shaping US strategy in Afghanistan. On Wednesday, a look at how the US is revising its …

Officials: Afghanistan Taliban leader was at Gitmo
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — US officials say the Taliban’s new top operations officer in southern Afghanistan is a former prisoner at the Guantanamo detention center. …

Biden presses allies on Afghanistan
Boston Globe – United States
BRUSSELS – Vice President Joe Biden told NATO allies yesterday that the Obama administration genuinely wants to build a common strategy in Afghanistan …

Al Qaeda’s Afghanistan presence increasing, US official says
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
By Greg Miller Reporting from Washington — Al Qaeda has expanded its presence in Afghanistan, taking advantage of the sinking security situation to …

World Briefing | Asia Afghanistan: Journalist Is Killed
New York Times – United States
… detained by the United States was killed Tuesday in a drive-by shooting as he left his office in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Canadian television reported. …

Opus Hussein X’s Blog | Talking Points Memo | Obama Can Win …
By astral66
To succeed in Afghanistan, all Obama needs to do is mass all of his armies in Kamchatka…then if he can hold out one more turn before turning his set of cards in, he can score an additional eight or ten armies, and then it’s go time! …

Jihad Watch: Afghanistan: Another ex-Guantanamo inmate turns up on …
WASHINGTON – The Taliban’s new top operations officer in southern Afghanistan had been a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, the latest example of a freed detainee who took a militant leadership role and a potential …

peace palace library: Biden: Afghanistan Situation ‘Deteriorating’
During a visit to NATO at Brussels on Tuesday, March 10 US vice-president Joe Biden appealed to NATO allies to help the United States tackle worsening security in Afghanistan. According to Biden “The deteriorating situation in the …

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Slo-Joe Biden Weighs In On Afghanistan
By Freedom Fighter
Biden solicited ideas from European allies during a one-day round of talks at NATO and EU headquarters on amending a troubled military strategy in Afghanistan and bringing more allies on board to fight the Taliban-led insurgency. …

Afghanistan: 20-Year Sentence for Journalist Upheld | Human Rights …
By Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch said that the Kambakhsh case is emblematic of a general diminution of freedom of expression in Afghanistan. In February, the Payman Daily newspaper was forced to close after it was accused of apostasy by the Ulema …

10 March, 2009

Biden says NATO Unity Needed to Fight Terrorists in Afghanistan
Voice of America – USA
By Lisa Bryant US Vice President Joe Biden is calling for a strong and united NATO to fight terrorist threats coming from Pakistan and Afghanistan. …

Key Pakistani Tribe Signs Peace Deal with Government
Voice of America – USA
Pakistani authorities have previously signed similar pacts with local leaders in the restive tribal districts near the border with Afghanistan,…

US troop surge to aid Afghan police trainers
Reuters – USA
By Jonathon Burch KABUL (Reuters) – The arrival of thousands of new US troops to Afghanistan this year will help meet a serious shortage of US police …

Less body armor might be the answer in Afghanistan
WLOS – Asheville,NC,USA
WASHINGTON (AP) — Military officials are rethinking whether heavy layers of body armor actually help US troops in places like Afghanistan. …

Russian advice on Afghanistan: Build roads, don’t drop bombs
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
By TOM LASSETER The old diplomat sighed as he recalled his years in Afghanistan, and then leaned forward and said in a booming voice that no escalation of …

Bomb kills 4 civilians in southern Afghanistan
The Associated Press
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) — A roadside blast ripped through a civilian vehicle in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, killing four people and wounding six …

Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain 10 Militants in Eastern Afghanistan
Systems – Atlanta,GA,USA
KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan and coalition forces detained 10 suspected militants during operations March 10, to degrade terrorist networks operating in …

Pakistani Tribe Signs Pact to Cooperate With Officials
New York Times – United States
Taliban forces in Bajaur then declared a unilateral cease-fire and the Mamoond, whose members live on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, …

Lakhdar Brahimi: Afghanistan’s Future
The Nation. – New York,NY,USA
By Barbara Crossette The Obama administration wants to convene an international conference on the future of Afghanistan and is suggesting that it may be …

The White House – Blog Post – The Vice President on Afghanistan at …
By The White House is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. This site is a source for information about the President, White House news and policies, White House …

The Washington Independent “Dennis Blair’s Dire Assessment of …
By Spencer Ackerman
If U.S. officials are looking for a strategy in Afghanistan that basically circumvents the Kabul government, this paragraph from Blair will give them aid and comfort. But the implications of doing so are also highlighted in Blair’s …

abu muqawama: CT/COIN in Afghanistan
By (Abu Muqawama)
Craig had a couple of good lines on Afghanistan at his reading last night. One was, “You get what you pay for, and we haven’t paid for much over the past seven years.” Another was that the dichotomy between counter-terror and …

Jihad Watch: Afghanistan: British help establish sharia courts to …
Of course, if Brits are supporting sharia courts in the UK itself, supporting sharia in Afghanistan is only natural. “British foster sharia courts to counter Afghan extremists,” by Ben Farmer for WA Today, March 9:…

Ranger’s Unforgiving Minute in Afghanistan | Danger Room from …
By Noah Shachtman
US Army Ranger, Obama campaign staffer, Rhodes Scholar, and Afghanistan veteran Craig Mullaney just published The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier’s Education, to rave reviews. He and I had a video.

9 March, 2009

Unraveling Afghanistan
Detroit Free Press – United States
Yet, with the President announcing a major troop increase for Afghanistan, a rising chorus of voices is arguing that the United States should end its…

FACTBOX-Security developments in Afghanistan, March 9
Reuters – USA
HELMAND – Afghan troops killed eight Taliban insurgents in a raid in southern Helmand province, an army officer said on Monday. KANDAHAR – A roadside bomb …

Today programme in Afghanistan
BBC News – UK
Inside are rows of graves marking the remains of those who have come from abroad and died here in Afghanistan. Please turn on JavaScript. …

Violence flares on Pakistani border with Afghanistan
Reuters India – Mumbai,India
The heaviest fighting in recent months has been in the Bajaur region, opposite Afghanistan’s Kunar province. A Pakistani commander said late last month his …

Bomb kills 1 Canadian soldier in Afghanistan
The Associated Press
KABUL (AP) — A roadside bomb exploded in southern Afghanistan, killing a Canadian soldier and wounding four others, the Canadian Department of National …

National Guard colonel details mission from Afghanistan
A Camas man serving in the National Guard for Washington state now finds himself on the front in war-torn Afghanistan, overseeing military education in the …

The Battle Over Bajaur
New York Times – United States
Pakistan said the militants have suffered heavy losses and have been pushed over the border into Afghanistan. Last October, the Pakistan army captured a …

Iran says US failing in Afghanistan – MashGet
By Andrew
Iran says US failing in Afghanistan. Also aggregate: Related stories about Afghanistan,Iran,Foreign Minister; YouTube videos about Afghanistan,Iran,Foreign Minister; Twitter tweets about Afghanistan,Iran.

Obama says US is losing war in Afghanistan and hints at Taleban …
By Andrew
Obama says US is losing war in Afghanistan and hints at Taleban talks. Also aggregate: Related stories about War In Afghanistan,Moderate Elements; YouTube videos about War In Afghanistan; Twitter tweets about War In Afghanistan.

US general says troops “not winning” in Afghanistan
By Sania Mirza
London – International troops in Afghanistan are not winning in the their battle against Taliban forces in the south of the country, the head of US and.

War in Afghanistan = Same crap different country : The Sirens …
By Dusty
You need to rethink the Afghanistan War, President Obama. From Brave New Films, Rethink Afghanistan site,: President Obama has committed 17000 more troops to.

David Drake: Obama Kills Civilians In Afghanistan,br Iraq, Pakistan
By David Drake
The new strategy, which comes as Mr Obama prepares to send an additional 17000 US troops into Afghanistan, emerged after a frenetic 48 hours of American diplomacy in the region involving new overtures to Iran, Russia and the Muslim …

8 March, 2009

Grim struggle continues for women in Afghanistan
The Associated Press
KABUL (AP) — On the same day an Afghan female lawmaker announced her candidacy for Afghanistan’s presidency, an impoverished widow seeking to escape a life …

Funeral takes place for local soldier killed in Afghanistan
Dallas Morning News – Dallas,TX,USA
It was a grenade that took his life in Afghanistan, just weeks before he was to return home for good, to work at West Point. Now his wife and four kids will …

Afghanistan: Friendly fire incident kills two
Meanwhile, a coalition soldier was killed and two wounded in a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan Sunday. The NATO-led International Security Assistance …

Pakistan searches for reported wreck of US drone
The Associated Press
The US rarely discusses the missile attacks and an American military spokesman in Afghanistan declined to comment on Saturday’s reports of a downed drone. …

FACTBOX – Security developments in Afghanistan
Reuters – USA
EASTERN AFGHANISTAN – A roadside bomb killed one soldier from the NATO-led force and wounded three more in the east of the country, the alliance said.…

NATO says a roadside blast kills one, wounds 2 in eastern Afghanistan
KXXV News Channel 25 – Waco,TX,USA
AP – March 8, 2009 6:43 AM ET KABUL (AP) – A member of the NATO contingent has been killed in a roadside bombing in eastern Afghanistan that also wounded …

President: Afghanistan determined to improve women’s status
Xinhua – China
KABUL, March 8 (Xinhua)— Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai said Sunday that his administration is determined to improve the status of women in the…

Karzai to visit Iran for regional economic summit: report
The newspaper, quoting Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi, said Sunday that the presidents of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, …

FACTBOX-Security developments in Afghanistan, March 8
Reuters – USA
KAPISA – US-led coalition and Afghan forces killed two policemen in friendly fire during an operation in Tagab district, 60 km (40 miles) northeast of Kabul …

Hamid Karzai’s brother has become a major deal maker by exploiting …
Houston Chronicle – United States
By JAMES RISEN Mahmoud Karzai moved quickly after the 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan to stake his claim in the postwar economy. …

President: Afghanistan determined to improve women’s status – MashGet
By Andrew
President: Afghanistan determined to improve women’s status. Also aggregate: Related stories about Afghanistan,Hamid Karzai,Kabul; YouTube videos about Afghanistan,Hamid Karzai; Twitter tweets about Afghanistan,Hamid Karzai.

Former SAS commander says Afghanistan operation is ‘worthless …
By Therion
The challenges facing Afghanistan will not be solved by military
intervention by western powers. But the scenario that is unfolding seems to indicate that we are in for more-of-the-same, along with the fantasy of an Afghanistan ‘on …

Ryan444123 dot Com “ Blog Archive “ Obama Warns of Afghanistan’s …
By admin
Obama Warns of Afghanistan’s Perils. admin 8 March 2009 Bizzare and Offbeat No Comment. President says he hopes U.S. troops can identify Taliban moderates and move them toward reconciliation • Obama Rebuts AG’s Race Comment | First 100 …

US ‘not winning in Afghanistan’ – MashGet
By Andrew
US ‘not winning in Afghanistan’. Also aggregate: Related stories about Afghanistan,Iraq,Taliban,Islamic Fundamentalists; YouTube videos about Afghanistan,Iraq,Taliban; Twitter tweets about Afghanistan,Iraq.

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