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AFRICOM News and Information 1-5 March 2008
Last Updated: Thursday, March 6, 2008 12:48


US Navy Strikes Inside Somalia
Human Events - Washington,DC,USA
And why the US Defense Department recently stood up its new unified combatant command, the US Africa Command (AFRICOM). Currently AFRICOM is a subordinate ...

The Centrality of Africa to the Defeat of Global Zio-White Supremacy
The latest threat to Africa, which really is an old threat manifesting itself in a new way, is the creation of AFRICOM. AFRICOM will be problematic on any number of levels. One only has to look at the Ethiopian/US invasion of Somalia to ...


Some Important AFRICOMmentary
By zen
Like Mark Twain’s “death” in 1897 (he died in 1910), reports of AFRICOM’s demise may be exaggerated. Concerns that AFRICOM hasn’t been thought out or is unnecessary aren’t supported by the actions and statements of those charged with …


Sudan is becoming a flashpoint
By David Ribner(David Ribner)
I don’t know if the sub was operating under AFRICOM but it nevertheless shows that the US is ready, willing, and able to take military action on the continent, in this instance against Islamic terrorists. And now to Sudan. …

The American Blood Thirst Predator
By uganda
Also other Africans are now fearing for their lives when AFRICOM starts raining down bombs in the same manner in the very near future. Why don’t the Americans give details of the Al Qaeda terrorist that has been the targeted during the …

Africom: maybe next time
PeaceReporter – Milano,Italy
But not even the success of the US presidentâEURO(tm)s visit is enough to get Africa to change its mind about Africom. Created last October, the new US military …

US Africa Command senior leader visits Mali, meets president.
By David Barouski(David Barouski)
While US European Command remains responsible for US-funded military activity within the Trans-Sahara region until October 2008, the visit gave the general a chance to witness military enhancement training AFRICOM will ultimately be …

State Department Disperses Funds to the Wrong Country
I have been regularly providing updates on Forward Deployed about the development of the US military’s AFRICOM and now it appears the command may be needed more then ever:. Nation Of Andorra Not In Africa, Shocked US State Dept. …

Demilitarizing US policy in Africa
Obviously getting rid of the unpopular Africom plans is crucial. “Peace talks” seem to work only when people become threatened (why are they called peace talks?). I would honestly suggest something quite radical: LEAVE THEM ALONE. …

US Militarizing Africa (Again)
By nhboy
“In February 2007, President Bush announced that the United States would create a new military command for Africa, to be known as the Africa Command or AFRICOM, to protect US national security interests on the African continent. …


US Africa Command senior leader visits Mali, meets president
U.S. European Command (press release) – Stuttgart,Germany
“This trip allows us all to build working relationships, trust and confidence between AFRICOM and partners…it’s important to create and foster personal …

Comment on The groundswell of opposition to AFRICOM from African …
By Gerald
I think AFRICOM was totally a Trojan Horse on this aspect. NATO is an alliance not forced aid. If America wants to be trusted then tell the rebels in Dafur to think about their children first. Tell the Sudan no more Arab incursion into …

Time To Demilitarize US Policy in Africa
By ajohnstone(African Socialist)
The inauguration of AFRICOM, the US military headquarters for the African continent, was met with universal condemnation and scorn by ordinary Africans across the continent, and their governments. Africans don’t want US arms, …

News Update
By unhrc
Liberia’s president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, is lobbying hard for the Pentagon to put the headquarters of its Africa Command (AFRICOM) in her country, not least because it would make it much harder for ragtag rebels to mount another coup …

Sentek Consulting in this week’s Government Computer News
Powerful collaborative tools are important to the US Africa Command, or Africom, a Defense Department command based in Stuttgart, Germany, that collaborates closely with the State Department, US Agency for International …

US Militarizing Africa (Again)
AlterNet – San Francisco,CA,USA
The Pentagon’s new AFRICOM is all about securing oil resources, countering terrorism, and rolling back Chinese influence. In February 2007, President Bush …

The Pentagon to Broaden its scope with Africom
“Africom will pave the way for all United States activities on the continent of Africa to fall under the control of the Department of Defense. Africom will establish the umbrella of control needed by the DOD to allow them the …


The Pentagon to Broaden its scope with Africom – Hampton Falls,USA
Africom is currently a sub-command of US European Command and is set to be fully operational by September of this year. Africom is the most recent of what …

AFRICOM Co-Deputies Brief Press in Nigeria
Crusading Guide – Ghana
“AFRICOM will engage and cooperate in the future with African countries only when invited,” he said. .Ambassador Yates discussed the significant…

Bush’s Africa tour not so triumphant
Online Athens (subscription) – Athens,GA,USA
On the security front, Bush claims the new Pentagon command for Africa, Africom, will “enhance our efforts to bring peace and security to the people of …

By cambridgeforecast
Looking at AFRICOM from a South African Perspective Abel Esterhuyse. Book Reviews. Letter to Editor. SSQ Spring 08 Complete Issue. Strategic Studies Quarterly -. Spring 2008, Vol. 2 No. 1. Strategic Studies Quarterly …


Africans Voices of Opposition to AFRICOM
African rights advocates challenge President Bush’s establishment of US military forces in Africa by citing the opposition of various African heads of states and representatives of the Southern African Development Community, …

US-African Partnerships Evolve Ahead of New Command
While the new US Africa Command (AFRICOM) prepares to stand up in October, Americans on the continent in the meantime are forging key African partnerships.

Africom Headquarters to Stay in Germany
By TODD PITMAN, AP Writer DAKAR, Senegal — The headquarters for the US military’s Africom regional command will remain in Germany rather than move to Africa …

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