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12-16 November 2007


Prez, Senate differ on Jindal`s Bolivia plant
Business Standard – Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
PTI / New Delhi November 17, 2007 Jindal Steel and Power’s plans to
develop iron ore mines and set up a steel project in Bolivia have divided
the Latin … page.p

Bolivia’s “Agrarian Revolution” Hanging In
Council On Hemispheric Affairs – Washington,DC,USA
Latin America has experienced a long history of sharply unequal living
standards and skewed land distribution figures, with Bolivia turning in one
of the …

Canada Supports the University of Calgary in a Development Project …
Market Wire (press release) – USA
“The long-term impact or “ripple effect” of this project will be improved
management of water resources in Bolivia,” said David Bethune, …

Bolivia: Cuba announces that after the program “I can do it”, it … – USA
Cuban Government in Bolivia confirmed on Tuesday that after been eliminated
the illiteracy from Bolivia with the program “I can do it”, …

Bolivia: Evo Morales figure will be part of mexico’s wax museum – USA
At the Museum we can see the figure of the Bolivian President showing a big
honest smile, a hair combed in the middle, he is wearing a dark suit with

Bolivia: Regional workers center their demands so the opposition … – USA
The people of the city of El Alto, that overthrow Gonzalo Sanchez de
Lozada’s government in October 2003, demanded that opposition’s parties
make Bolivia’s …

Bolivia: Government warns that the “media luna” generates an … – USA
He manifested that nowadays there are no governments of coup d´état
because we live in a democratic State and Bolivia has decided to follow a
democratic way …

The contamination of the bays from Puno-Peru and Cohana-Bolivia … – USA
“They will monitor water’s quality from Peru and Bolivia in order to
establish if it is contaminated or not; but, Titicaca Lake it is not
contaminated, …

Giving the Bolivian People What They Want
By Bolivia Rising(Bolivia Rising)
The goal was clear: draft a new constitution that would transform the historically marginalized population into true actors in the economic and social life of Bolivia . On August 6, 2006 , the assembly members were installed in Sucre …

Bolivia Imposes Export Ban On Selected Food Items
Sucre, Bolivia (AHN) – Bolivian President Evo Morales announced Friday a
ban on export of selected food items to ensure sufficient supply for
domestic …

Bolivia’s prez, Senate differ on JSPL’s iron ore mine plan
By ()
President Evo Morales says country’s Senate violated constitution by modifying contract with Indian firm for developing mines, building a steel plant in El Mutun area.

Bolivia Prez, senate differ on Jindal Steel plans
Business Standard – Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
PTI / New Delhi November 16, 2007 The plans of Jindal Steel and Power
(JSPL) to develop iron ore mines and set up a steel project in Bolivia have
divided …

US tells Bolivia to “knock it off”
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Thursday told Bolivia to “knock
it off” and stop leveling “unfounded” accusations against Washington’s …

“Latin America is the hope”
Latin America Press – Lima,Peru
Is the situation in Bolivia different, as Evo Morales arrived to the
presidency through the strengthening of popular organizations? …

US asks Bolivia to stop accusing its ambassador
mathaba – According to media reports, Bolivian officials have accused Philip Goldberg of being involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the government of leftist President Evo Morales. …more.


The Spirit of Revolt: Bolivia’s Ongoing Revolutions
By Bolivia Rising(Bolivia Rising)
In Bolivia in mid-October 2003, a popular insurrection had been going
on for days in El Alto, a city of 800000 workers, peasants, migrants,
and petty merchants, most of them indigenous. 400 meters below,
insurrectionary alteños …

Cross at the Top of the Stairs – Oruro, Bolivia
By rtd13
I had just finished climbing out of a mine (yes, a mine) “Museo
Minero del Socavon”, which is located below the church, “Santuario
de la Virgen del Socavon” when I saw this boy climbing the stairs
next to the church. …

Bolivia: Strike cripples Santa Cruz airport
By Erwin C.(Taylor Kirk)
Bolivia ‘s busiest airport was shutdown on Wednesday after employees
went on a one day strike. All flights at Viru Viru International
Airport were cancelled as workers demanded two months back pay from the government. …

Bolivia Adopts Food Measures
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
La Paz, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian government has adopted measures
to guarantee food sovereignty, such as importing products against others
with …

Bolivia Farmers Dig in for Assembly
Sucre, Bolivia, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) Thousands of Bolivian farmers declared themselves in a state of emergency Thursday to protect the Constituent Assembly, which is threatened to be closed due to opposition maneuvers.

Bush’s Blast against Latin America’s “False Populism” May Be …
By admin
Let’s assume that by “some nations” he’s referring to the “new left” leadership of Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, among others. Their presidents have already made known, with varying degrees of frequency and virulence, their disdain …


The US ‘War on Coca’ in Bolivia
The Democracy Center – Cochabamba,Cochabamba,Bolivia
No issue has been more contentious between the Bolivia and US over the past
decade than the issue of coca. The coca leaf has been a part of Andean …

Bolivia May Split Capital, Government
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Sucre, Bolivia, Nov 14 (PL) The Bolivian Constituent Assembly leadership
decided to cope with the controversial relocation of the powers of the
State …

Bolivia: President Morales will give checks to municipalities in … – USA
On Tuesday afternoon President Evo Morales Ayma gave funds to
municipalities in Cochabamba within the campaign “Bolivia Cambia Evo
Cumple” (Bolivia Changes, …

Bolivia: Coca leaf fair and seminars will take place at the … – USA
On Tuesday and Wednesday it will take place a fair and seminars presenting
the coca leaf at the Bolivian Congress Gallery. It is organized by Senate

Bolivia: La Paz peasants prepare social summit for defending the … – USA
… for defending Constituent Assembly’s ongoing, which has the charge of
giving to Bolivian population the new Constitution until 14 December of
2007. …

Bolivia: The government considers drivers’ strike for Wednesday to … – USA
He also stated that the Bolivian Control would not accept driver’s
pressure on the Superintendent of Transportation to resign from office. …

Bolivia: Assaulted Assemblywoman will initiate a legal process … – USA
Assembly member Carlos Romero demanded Interinstitutional Committee to
behave in a different way and to identify the responsible of the
aggressions that …

Andean Corp Funds Bolivia Pipeline
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
He highlighted the existence of important projects in Bolivia which are
still to be materialized, guaranteed CAF support and emphasized that the
Brazilian …

Bolivia: MAS considers that opposition suffers from an “excess of … – USA
For the political party MAS it is clear that the opposition in Bolivia
suffers from an “excess of susceptibility” and it makes scandal of
everything that …

Bolivia Special Force Nabs Cocaine
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
La Paz, Nov 13 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian Special Force against Drug
Traffic confirmed on Tuesday seizure of four tons of cocaine from Peru, the
main drug …

Bolivia: Flood early warning system projected for La Paz
ReliefWeb (press release) – Geneva,Switzerland
The Lady Mayor of Bonn, Ms Bärbel Dieckmann will meet with Mr Del Granado
Cosio, the mayor of the Bolivian capital, from 14 to 15 November in La Paz,

Bolivia: CAF to finance the construction of the gas-pipe Carrasco … – USA
However, he stated that the public and private sector would have to work
together more, a situation Bolivia is improving. The CAF will provide 120
millions …

Bolivia: Alfredo Rada – A De Facto autonomy makes us remember the … – USA
“The terms de facto autonomy makes us remember the de facto governments,
those dictatorial controls that affected terribly Bolivia’s political
history”, …


Bolivia Assemblywoman Sues Agitators
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
La Paz, Nov 13 (Prensa Latina) Member of the Constituent Assembly, Mirtha
Jimenez, plans to formally bring a lawsuit against the Chuquisaca …

Bolivian Anarchism and Indigenous Resistance: – USA
by Andalusia Monday, Nov 12 2007, 5:28pm The South American nation of
Bolivia has filled the headlines of the global press with their fight
against water …

Latin America’s Shock Resistance
By Naxal Watch(Naxal Watch)
In December 2006, a month after Friedman’s death, Latin America’s leaders gathered for a historic summit in Bolivia, held in the city of Cochabamba, where a popular uprising against water privatization had forced Bechtel out of the …


Evo said that oligarchies and the United States conspire against … – USA
Within that context, Alfredo Rada, Minister of Government, declared
that in
Bolivia there are sectors formed by big entrepreneurs, as well as
oligarchic …

Bolivia Wants Transnat Taxes on Time
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
La Paz, Nov 12 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian government demanded on Monday
that transnational companies pay their taxes on time if they want to
preserve …

Bolivia: In Spain 6 out of 10 Bolivian people work as housekeeping … – USA
At least six out of ten Bolivian people who are residents in Spain are
working as housekeeping and construction employees, according to a survey
done by …

Bolivia: A total of 60 Bolivian municipalities know how to read … – USA
A total of 60 out of 327 Bolivian municipalities are free of
illiteracy. On
Saturday, in Pando, Santa Rosa del Abuná municipality was declared a land
free …

Bolivia: Romero revealed that clans are financing violence in … – USA
… total capital demand; instead it is looking for the failure of the
Assembly that is the democratic scenario constituted for Bolivia’s
re-foundation. …

Bolivia: Executive branch ruled out other ways to finance the … – USA
On the other hand, in the case of international reserves of interests, he
pointed out that the risk of descapitalizing Bolivian Central Bank
could be
taken, …

Bolivia: Evo Morales scored a goal against Chilean parliamentarians – USA
The event was done due a desire of the Bolivian President, according to
informations given at Santiago. Mass media highlighted that President
Morales …

Bolivia: The bridge Punku Esquina* will join the new road between … – USA
The Punku Esquina is one of the largest bridges of the region which is
being constructed between the municipalities of Mekapaka and Palka in
Murillo’s …

Chavez vindicates transformation and social justice in the region
Mathaba.Net – London,UK
“But I leave the bilateral affairs between two brother nations and two
friend countries: Chile and Bolivia”, he added. After his arrival to the
airport, …

“People Summit” Concludes in Santiago de Chile
MercoPress – Montevideo,Uruguay
The day’s events were frequently punctuated with chants of “Give the
Ocean to Bolivia,” and numerous flyers and posters promoted the event.

By Pete McCormack
Bolivia doesn’t. Bolivia also has an extensive contraband network and lax laws that make it the perfect place to dump these cars and still make a profit. Alejandro Numbela is a manager with Toyota Cars in La Paz. …


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