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Obama in the Media 21-23 September, 2008

September 23, 2008

Obama team ships money to battleground states; Florida, Colorado tops
Chicago Sun-Times – United States
By Lynn Sweet on September 23, 2008 12:46 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) WASHINGTON—The Obama campaign sent the Florida Democratic Party a $250000 check on …

Is ‘aloof’ Barack Obama over-prepping for the first debate? – United Kingdom
If Barack Obama doesn’t do well in Friday’s first presidential debate with John McCain, he won’t be able to blame a lack of preparation. …

Obama: Wall St. bailout may delay spending programs
Reuters – USA
By Steve Holland NEW YORK (Reuters) – Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama said on Tuesday a $700 billion Wall Street rescue plan would likely delay …

Racism may cost Obama the election – UK
On this front, the question is whether Obama will win the presidency. And this comes down to whether he will gain enough support from white Democrats, …

Obama says he may rein in spending plans
eTaiwan News – Taiwan
By STEVEN R. HURST AP Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Tuesday the deepening American financial crisis and prospect of a massive…

The Clintons And Obama
Atlantic Online – USA
Still no word as to when Bill Clinton will campaign for Barack Obama. His first appearance will inevitably be a huge news event. …

Obama ‘confident’ Americans will overcome crisis
CHICAGO (AFP) — Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama said Monday the United States will overcome the financial crisis that has sent shockwaves …

Barack Obama says bailout would put his spending plans on hold
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Obama says that if he is elected president, the massive federal bank rescue package could force him to delay some of the programs he has advocated during …

Washington, not just Wall Street, bankrupt: Obama
GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (AFP) — Democrat Barack Obama Monday warned the Wall Street meltdown was no mere “accident of history” but proved the need for sweeping …

Political Wisdom: Is Obama Another Dukakis?
Wall Street Journal Blogs – New York,NY,USA
Barack Obama doesn’t seem to be capitalizing on the financial markets mess has Christopher Hitchens, writing on Slate, making a comparison the Democrats …

Obama may scale back promises
By (Mike Allen)
Cost of the bailout plan may cause Obama to rein in his ambitious policy plans. See also: Bailout, Cheney.

Ayers and Obama
By Peter Kirsanow
Three takeaways: * Obama had a long-term working relationship with William Ayers. * The Chicago Annenberg Challenge (’CAC’), the only executive experience on Obama’s resume, was an objective failure despite the expenditure of millions …

9/23 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 49, McCain 43
By DemFromCT
Today’s Daily Kos Research 2000 tracking poll has Obama up over McCain, (Likely Voters, MoE +/- 3). All trackers are data from three days prior to posting, with R2K (ours) from today and the others from yesterday. …

Biden criticizes Obama ad hitting McCain as technologically inept
By (Jonathan Martin)
Blog: Biden criticizes Obama ad hitting McCain as technologically inept.

CNN Poll: GOP takes brunt of blame for economy, Obama gains
By rsinderbrand
The nation’s economic woes appear to be taking a toll on McCain. WASHINGTON (CNN) – A new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll suggests that by a 2-to-1 margin, Americans blame Republicans over Democrats for the financial crisis that …

22 September, 2008

AP-Yahoo News poll uncovers white bias against Obama
Chicago Sun-Times – United States
The poll suggests that Obama’s support would be as much as 6 percentage higher if there were not white racial prejudice. Most blacks won’t be surprised by …

Obama: McCain wants to ‘gamble’ with Social Security
Barack Obama is accusing Sen. John McCain of wanting to “gamble with Social Security,” a charge the Republican presidential nominee rejects as fear …

Focus on Economy Should Be a Gift for Obama
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
By Gloria Borger At the start of Barack Obama’s presidential bid, the candidate was all about change—the kind we can “believe in. …

Bill Clinton: Hillary Never Wanted to be Obama’s VP
ABC News – USA
In June, soon after conceding the primary to Obama, Hillary Clinton told New York lawmakers that she would accept the veep slot if it was offered.…

Obama feeds America a junk food diet with Biden choice.
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
Barack Hussein Obama has put himself and the nation on a strict diet of political junk food by choosing Joe Biden as the Democrat vice presidential…

McCain leads Obama 51-41 in rural US contests – poll
Reuters – USA
By Charles Abbott WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican presidential nominee John McCain leads Democratic rival Barack Obama by 10 percentage points,…

Did McCain/Palin Outdraw Obama in Green Bay?
National Review Online – New York,NY,USA
The crowd for Obama, speaking today: “The Resch Arena, which can hold more than 11000, appeared to be about two-thirds full for the event. …

Bailout needs some regulations: Obama
New Zealand Herald – New Zealand
Barack Obama. Photo / AP Democrat Senator Barack Obama said there should be several conditions on an emergency US$700 billion ($1 trillion) government plan …

Obama gets early endorsement
Boston Globe – United States
After the New York Post endorsed Republican John McCain two weeks ago, the Seattle Times came out Sunday for Democrat Barack Obama. “An economic Katrina is …

Poll: Barack Obama Could Lose Six Percentage Points on Election …
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
By Corky Siemaszko Six percentage points is the price Barack Obama could pay on election day for being black. That disturbing calculation was found in a …

McCain ad takes on Obama and ‘Chicago machine’
By Newsdesk
Posted by Rick Pearson at 9:45 am Last week, Illinois Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich warned home-state presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama was falling into a Republican trap by siding against the governor’s rewrite of a state …

Obama Getting Less News Coverage
Remember that sneaking suspicion the media was swooning over Barack Obama this summer? Time magazine covers, coverage of Obama with Germans rediscovering their love for mass rallies, etc. Turns out, based on media mentions, …

Obama might keep Paulson
By (Mike Allen)
Obama said Sunday that, if elected, he would involve Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in his transition.

Senator Obama’s Statement of Principles for the Treasury Proposal
By Amanda Scott
Ordinary Americans are now paying the price. The events of this week have rendered a final verdict on that failed philosophy, and it is a philosophy I will end as President of the United States,” said Senator Barack Obama.

Obama calls bailout a ‘blank check’
By (Mike Allen)
Obama heaped criticism on Bush’s mortgage-bailout plan. See also: Obama expands health care attack.

21 September, 2008

Obama Reaches Out to Women Voters
Voice of America – USA
By VOA News Presidential candidate Barack Obama has addressed issues important to women, as he tries to appeal to a critical voting bloc. …

Obama to head south to prepare for debates
The Associated Press
CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama planned to head to Florida this week for three days of preparation for the first debate of …

Racism hurts Obama’s campaign – UK
Deep seated Racial prejudices held by some US voters, are hurting Barack Obama’s campaign for the white house. A new poll has found that one third of white …

5 days to first debate, Obama climbs in polls
GMA – Quezon City,Metro Manila,Philippines
WASHINGTON – Five days from their first presidential debate, Democrat Barack Obama has climbed in the polls as Republican John McCain fumbled his response …

In August, Obama Donations Shatter Records
New York Times – United States
By Michael Luo Senator Barack Obama collected more than $13.7 million in the last four days of August during a record-shattering fund-raising month,…

Poll: Racial misgivings of Dems an Obama issue
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — Deep-seated racial misgivings could cost Barack Obama the White House if the election is close, according to an AP-Yahoo News poll that …

Fact check: Obama’s economic “adviser”
Dallas Morning News – Dallas,TX,USA
A McCain campaign video that claims former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines gave Barack Obama economic advice is “exaggerating wildly,” The Washington Post …

Barack Obama to hunker down in Florida for debate prep this week
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Barack Obama will spend more time there this week, as he sets up his debate camp in an important battleground state to prepare for the general election’s …

Michelle Obama: A rising star, she aims to stay grounded
Detroit Free Press – United States
BY SUZETTE HACKNEY • FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER • September 21, 2008 When a newly elected Barack Obama arrived on Capitol Hill in 2004, his wife, …

Obama continues aggressive campaigning in Florida
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
Barack Obama made the calamity on Wall Street the central theme of his case against John McCain on Saturday, invoking the crisis to pound his rival on…

By Kathryn Jean Lopez
Now a literal rock star.

The discussion on race Obama didn’t want
By (Avi Zenilman,Ben Smith)
It may not be in Sen. Barack Obama’s political interests, but the national conversation on race may have only just kicked off.

9/21 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 49 , McCain 42
By DemFromCT
Today’s Daily Kos Research 2000 tracking poll has Obama up over McCain by 49-42 (LV, MoE +/- 3). All trackers are data from three days prior to posting, with R2K (ours) from today and the others from yesterday. …

HAPPENING NOW: Obama in Jacksonville
By CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney
Watch Obama’s event on (CNN) – Barack Obama is holding a campaign rally in Jacksonville, Florida this hour — his second stop of the day in the perennial battleground state. Watch the event on Earlier: Obama …

Young adult authors for Obama
By Cory Doctorow
Lauren McLaughlin sez, “Young Adult author Maureen Johnson launches new Obama social networking website. Many YA authors will be blogging there, including Judy Blume, Scott Westerfeld, Meg Cabot, Holly Black and many more. …


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