Tuesday, March 1, 2005 7:45 PM

Welcome to the March issue of ColdType

Main features this month include:

1. George W. Bush goes to Belgium
. . . where he meets thousands of angry young demonstrators who’d have preferred it if the President had stayed at home. We’ve got 12 pages of photographs from Brussels by Han Soete, with pithy commentary from Joe Bageant, our favourite homeboy in Winchester, Virginia.

2. Lost in Cyberspace
Why the mainstream media are losing the credibility battle against the new internet alternatives, by Bill Bowles in London

3. Two Essays  from Edward S. Herman
Class Warfare:
How George W. Bush plans to implement am agenda that will hurt the interests of the majority of the people who gave him their vote; and The Elections In Iraq: The US propaganda machine is still working in high gear.

4. Poor, White & Pissed
A guide to the white trash planet for urban liberals. From the inimitable Joe Bageant.

5. South Africa and the Politics of Risk
Stan Winer
believes those on the “liberation” side of the South African struggle have been sacrificed to the interests of risk aversion and post-apartheid reconciliation.  

Plus our usual columnists Norman Solomon, John Pilger, Michael I. Niman, George Monbiot, Danny Schechter and Uri Avnery

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Tony Sutton, Editor

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