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27/9/07 – How The Iraqi Oil Grab Went Awry

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Burmese Military Cracks Down On Escalating Protests
By Sujeewa Amaranath

The military in Burma (Myanmar) unleashed its troops yesterday on unarmed demonstrators in a bid to stamp out mounting protests against the junta’s stifling rule, and price rises that have made life for broad layers of working people unbearable

Lift The Siege On Hamas
By Ahmed Yousef

Policies whose aim is the isolation or marginalization of Hamas will not only fail but will also set the stage for the spread of extremist thinking in occupied Palestine. Allowing Hamas to participate in the Palestinian political process will encourage the growth and development of pragmatic ideas and instruments of political action. It will also allow tolerance and respect for pluralism and diversity to strike root in Palestinian political culture. The West should ask itself whether it wants the moderation and realism of Hamas or the dogmatism of radical groups that subscribe to the clash of civilizations theory

How The Bush Administration’s Iraqi Oil Grab Went Awry
By Dilip Hiro

The Bush administration’s failure to achieve its short-term objectives does not detract from the overarching fact — established by the copious evidence marshaled in this article — that gaining privileged access to Iraqi oil for American companies was a primary objective of the Pentagon’s invasion of Iraq

David And Goliath: Palestinian Artist Spreads Hope
By Ramzy Baroud

“David and Goliath” reflects a symphony of emotions. Rana Ghassan masterfully brings together elements of accurate drawing, mood coloration, and phenomenal composition, capturing subtle emotions sometimes hidden within a live scene or photograph, and expresses the struggle of life under oppression in an inspiring light of courage and struggle

Bush Makes Mockery Of UN Declaration Of Human Rights In NY Speech
By Matthew Rothschild

At his speech to the UN, Bush had the audacity to invoke the Universal Declaration of Human Rights several times, despite the fact that he’s been violating it over and over again

Bush At The UN: A War Criminal Lectures The World On “Human Rights”
By Bill Van Auken

Bush’s appearance before the UN General Assembly was an entirely predictable exercise in imperialist arrogance, rank hypocrisy and double-talk in service of American big business. In the final analysis, his speech was probably more significant for what it omitted than for the American president’s absurd posturing as a crusader for human rights and universal liberation. Behind the virtual silence on Iraq and Iran, new and more terrible crimes are being prepared

Full Text Of Ahmadinejad’s Remarks At Columbia University
By Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Speech at Columbia University were almost entirely boycotted by western and specially US media; while he spoke of such crucial issues as Iran’s nuclear program and the Holocaust which have always been at the center of western media’s attention, almost the only point the US press mentioned about Ahmadinejad’s address at Columbia university pertained to a few seconds of his answer to a question about the rights of homosexuals in Iran

Presidential Candidates Diverge
By David Swanson

There are now two types of Democratic presidential candidates, the ones who promise to end the occupation of Iraq, and the ones who say they may very well keep it going for another four years

Fear of Freedom: On The Left And The Right
By Jorge Majfud

Is it that we Uruguayans, who are so proud of our democratic tradition, are still not able to overcome the mental parameters of the dictatorship? Why such fear of freedom?

Metaphor For Pakistan’s Problems And Their Solution
By Isa Daudpota

The park and its surroundings gives numerous examples of what’s wrong with our society and those who manipulate its laws and institutions. Only the intervention of the Supreme Court can correct the injustices and ills in and around the park, and help create a model for change in the country. That would truly honor the person after which it is named

Land After Thirty Years Of ‘Entitlement’
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Story of Land Reclamation of Dalits in village Rupchandrapur

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