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18/10/07 – Nuclear-Armed Iran Risks World War:Bush

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Nuclear-Armed Iran Risks
World War:Bush
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg
President Bush issued a stark warning on Iran on Wednesday, suggesting that if the country obtained nuclear arms, it could lead to “World War III.”

Daughter Of East Returns -With West’s Backing
By Beena Sarwar
The much bruited ‘deal’ between Pakistan’s twice-elected, twice-deposed former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and President Gen. Pervez Musharraf has cast a shadow over her triumphal homecoming on Thursday, after nine long years of self-imposed exile

A Genetic Disaster
By Kate Mucci
By deploying DU weapon’s, we have forever altered the genetic structure of not only the human race, but of all life on earth. This travesty has been completely ignored by mainstream media in favor of nonsense about spoiled pop stars and self-aggrandizing politicians. The military has refused to acknowledge its part in what could well be the genetic destruction of the human race and has largely left its own American military victims to suffer and die without compassion or treatment. And of course the current presidential candidates have completely denied any knowledge of this issue

Nobel Hypocrisy
By Stephen Lendman
In point of fact, throughout his political life, Gore’s actions betrayed the public’s trust and still do. He and his wife live in two large energy-consuming homes: a 10,000 square foot, eight bedroom one in Nashville and a 4000 square foot one in Arlington, VA. The Gores also own a third home in Carthage, TN. In both Washington and Nashville, utility companies offer a wind energy green alternative to customers for a small per kilowatt hour premium. Gore can easily afford it, but public records show no evidence he’s does it in either residence

Formalizing Apartheid Packaged As Peace Initiative
By Neta Golan & Mohammed Khatib
Olmert, Bush, Blair and their accomplices in the “Quartet” have vast, sophisticated and boundlessly resourced PR machinery that, through unlimited access to an uncritical media, can put a compelling “peace spin” on an apartheid process. During the November meeting they will assure the world of their commitment to a Palestinian state (with the appropriate Abbas/Olmert/Bush photo ops). They will promise to commit millions of dollars, funding Palestinian “institution building” and humanitarian aid and arming troops in order to “keep the peace” inside the Bantustans. Arab states will normalize relations with Israel, strengthening the “moderates” of the entire region, thus softening the Arab street as a prerequisite for an American-led strike on Iran

The Show Goes On … And On
By Ali Abunimah
Unlike a few hours of theatrical escapism the producers of the Middle East Peace Process hope that the audience will actually believe that what they are viewing on stage, whether performed in Madrid, Oslo, London, Washington or Sharm al-Sheikh is real-life and even has the potential to end the conflict caused by a century of western-supported Zionist colonization in Palestine

Academic Freedom At Risk On Campus
By Saree Makdisi
The attack on intellectual freedom intended to shield Israel from criticism, not only threatens academic privileges on college campuses, it jeopardizes our capacity to evaluate our foreign policy. With a potentially catastrophic clash with Iran on the horizon and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict spiraling out of control, Americans urgently need to be able to think clearly about our commitments and intentions in the Middle East. And yet we are being prevented from doing so by a longstanding campaign of intimidation that has terminated careers, stymied debate and shut down dialogue

King Hemp V: Industrial Disease
By Rand Clifford
American prohibition of hemp was ushered in on the tawdry ruse of “Refer Madness”, but corporate profits were the real issue then, as they remain. Instead of protecting people from “The Evil Weed From Mexico”, hemp prohibition was engineered to “protect” The People from sharing in corporate profits

Judging Your Judges
By Subhash Gatade
A study about the subordinate judiciary covering six states, sponsored by the UNDP, has not received the attention it deserves.Interestingly Jharkhand, which is one of the six states, has come out with its report first. Monitored by a high court judge, the aim of the study was to find out barriers if any in providing access to justice for the underprivileged sections of our society

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