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CounterCurrents Newsletter 27/01/08 – Why Palestinians Are Fleeing Gaza Concentration Camp

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Why Palestinians Are Fleeing Gaza Concentration Camp
By Dr Gideon Polya

About half the Occupied Palestinians are children and three quarters are women and children. Any person who knowingly ignores, denies, minimizes, excuses, obfuscates, supports, advocates or is other wise complicit in the gross abuses of woman and children has crossed the line between decent humanity and proto-Nazi barbarism. Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity

Worse Than A Crime
By Uri Avnery

The Gaza Strip is the largest prison on earth. The breaking of the Rafah wall was an act of liberation. It proves that an inhuman policy is always a stupid policy: no power can stand up against a mass of people that has crossed the border of despair

Coming To Terms With The Iraq War
By Emily Spence & Robert Braunstein

Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing that we know about living.” All considered, it is high time to learn again about the ways to live

Eight More Years?
By Ralph Nader

It has always been all about him, Now he sees another admission ticket to the White House through his wife, Hillary Clinton. EIGHT MORE YEARS without a mobilized, demanding participating citizenry is just that-EIGHT MORE YEARS. It’s small wonder that the editors of Fortune Magazine headlined an article last June with the title, “Who Business is Betting On?” Their answer, of course, was Hillary Clinton

Terrorists: Assassins Or Freedom Fighters?
By Gaither Stewart

While America-Empire allegedly searches for efficacious measures to combat terrorism, more sincere American leaders are advised to examine aspects of European experience as a guide to both what not to do, and to what can be effective. They should not be deluded: No security measures, no no-fly laws, Patriot Act measures, secret concentration camps and torture can eradicate what Power defines as terrorism and the oppressed define as resistance until America unites with the rest of the world

Christians Should Fear A Christian Nation
By Robert Weitzel

Regrettably, the 2008 presidential frontrunners of both parties are ignoring Jesus’ advice regarding the preferred relationship between church and state by professing—ad nauseam—their undying fidelity to the Christian Right’s version of morality and its vision of our nation as their exclusive fiefdom

In America They Came First For Dennis Kucinich
By Jerry D. Rose

Yes, they have “come for” Dennis Kucinich and, with his withdrawal from the presidential race, that eloquent voice is removed officially from a presidential debate from which de facto it had been removed by an active corporate media and their allies in the sleeping public. And now, there is the very likely prospect that the same combination of forces may deprive him of his congressional seat and from being heard in that forum as well. It is precisely among that legion of “sleepers” that any vestiges of independent thinking will be roused from their slumbers as the fascist powers come for “them.”

The Rule Of Lawyers?
By Hamid Golpira

The only bright spot was the emergence of a new trend in the political life of Pakistan, the lawyers’ movement. It was the lawyers’ movement that launched the protests that resulted in the temporary reinstatement of the Supreme Court chief justice

Importance Of Being Bilkis
By Kalpana Sharma

It took exceptional courage for Bilkis Bano to walk up to the police station and file a complaint, and persist with it

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