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CounterCurrents Newsletter 15 April,2009 – Climate Risks: Lessons From The Financial Crisis


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In Solidarity

Climate Risks: Lessons From The Financial Crisis
By Robin Hahnel
Since both the probability of a climatic black swan and the magnitude of the damages are far greater, the rational choice is to pay our precautionary premiums to insure ourselves against climate change. Arguments that the expected value of our insurance policy may be negative are beside the point. There are times to maximize expected value and there are times to buy insurance. Now, as we are deciding how to respond to climate change, is surely a time to buy a life insurance policy for our planet. Haven’t we learned our lesson yet?

Investigating Israeli War Crimes in Gaza
By Stephen Lendman
Independent investigations and convincing testimonies, on both sides, provide compelling evidence of Israeli war crimes in Gaza. It’s time to hold the guilty accountable

Hindutva: Projections And Reality!
By Ram Puniyani
One is happy to know that the new RSS chief knows the word emancipation. So far so good, as he can’t go beyond parroting this word as the meaning of the word is totally against the agenda of RSS, which is opposed to emancipation and stands for suppressing the low caste, and women in perpetual subjugation

Parachinar: The Valley of Death
By Ali Jawad
Tensions began in April 2007 when a procession of Shias came under fire from fanatical Wahhabis who view Shia Muslims as heretics. What followed on from that initial attack however, has been a systematic attempt to wipe out Parachinar of its’ Shia presence

White House Pushing GM Toward Bankruptcy
By Jerry White
The Obama administration is aggressively pushing General Motors into bankruptcy, the New York Times reported Monday. The White House wants to use bankruptcy courts, the newspaper said, to break up the century-old industrial icon and sell off its profitable parts to private investors. Meanwhile, the company’s undesirable assets, including health-care and pension obligations, would be liquidated in drawn-out bankruptcy proceedings

No Coincidences in Iraq
By Dahr Jamail
Following George W. Bush’s example of keeping war funding off the books, President Barack Obama is seeking $83.4 billion in additional “emergency” funding for the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which, if approved, would bring the 2009 funding to around $150 billion and the overall costs of the two wars to nearly $1 trillion

Pro-Zionist Western Genocide Denial
By Gideon Polya
It is useful to compare current examples of “holocaust minimizing” and the differential responses of lying, racist, holocaust-ignoring Mainstream media, academics and politicians of the Western Murdochracies

Human Need And The Economy
By James Keye
We will only be able to change the present total domination of almost every detail of our lives by an exchange token economy by being able to meet the most essential of our needs by our own efforts: that is the bad news. And it is also good news since there is nothing more rewarding than to be in real control of even a short life compared to being the disenfranchised observer of a life owned by an economic system

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