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CounterCurrents Update 22 July, 2009 – The Obama Doctrine In Iraq


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In Solidarity

The Obama Doctrine In Iraq
By Ashley Smith & Michael Schwartz

The mainstream media accepted without question the Pentagon’s claim that it was beginning the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by pulling out of the cities, but the reality is far different

Human Overpopulation, Boiled Frogs And Lipstick
By Mary Hamer C

Are we Homo Sapiens like boiling frogs —Unaware of gradual global negative changes that human overpopulation is causing to the planet Earth? Are we so unaware that a critical threshold of human population will become unsustainable and lead to Earth’s destruction? Are we Homo Sapiens going to be boiled alive because of our ignorance of the catastrophic changes our reproduction is forcing on the world?

Z Street: The New Zionist Extremist Group
By Stephen Lendman

In October on Washington streets, Z Street’s extremism will be vocal in full public view against J Street’s message of peaceful resolution and equity for all sides of the Middle East conflict

The Public Option: Political Laetrile
By John A. Murphy

If Americans are to have the same excellent, comprehensive healthcare enjoyed by the citizens of every other industrialized nation in the world then they are going to have to end the “War on Terrorism” which Howard Dean tells us is being waged to make life easier on women in Afghanistan. Anyone who believes Howard Dean when it comes to the war on Afghanistan or the “public option”, would also be excellent prospects for a sales rep with a special deal on Enron stock or a bridge in Brooklyn

Rape As An Instrument Of Politics
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

What Rita Bahuguna said was not an outburst but a continuous assumption of our patriarchical political thought that does not want to address the root cause but use the incident for political purposes

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