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CounterCurrents Update 13 November, 2009: Greenland Ice Loss 'Accelerating'

In Solidarity

Greenland Ice Loss ‘Accelerating’
By Richard Black

The Greenland ice sheet is losing its mass faster than in previous years and making an increasing contribution to sea level rise, a study has confirmed

Blue Dogs Feast On Healthcare Money,
Support HR 3962
By Billy Wharton

If a bill is passed on Capitol Hill, money is sure to have changed hands. There is not much “School House Rock” idealism left in Washington these days. Bills do not become laws through a democratic process of debate, compromise and ratification. Money greases the skids, shapes the end product and determines what is or isn’t debated from the floor. No surprise then that a large money trail has been left in the wake of the House of Representatives approval of HR 3962, The Affordable Healthcare Act for America

US-China Tensions Overshadow
Obama’s Trip To Asia
By Peter Symonds

US President Barack Obama arrives today in Tokyo at the start of his first trip to Asia. While he will also stop off in South Korea and attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Singapore, the central focus of the tour is China and the underlying economic and strategic rivalry between Beijing and Washington

A Science Fiction Story
By Fidel Castro

Obama’s trip to Asia seems like a science fiction story

Almost 200 Million Children Undernourished
In Poor Countries
By James Brewer

There are currently 195 million children under five years of age in poorer countries whose growth is stunted due to chronic malnutrition, according to a UNICEF (United Nations Childrens’ Fund) report released on Wednesday

Myths Of Our Time : Morality vs. Material Interests
By Paul Craig Roberts

For whatever the reason, morality has shown itself to be an impotent force in 21st century America. Americans show no remorse at over one million dead Iraqis and four million displaced Iraqis due entirely to an American invasion based on lies and deception. The lies and deception are now well proven. Yet, there has been no apology for the horrors that Americans inflicted on Iraq

Fort Hood Tragedy Sparks Islamophobic Response
By Stephen Lendman

Leaving Iraq occupied, letting conditions there fester, and expanding the Afghan-Pakistan theaters promise enough growing resentment in the ranks to perhaps cause the type Vietnam breakdown Col Heinl described. One no Islamophobic media response can hide or prevent

Lebanese Students Advise President Obama
How To Get It Right
By Franklin Lamb

At a recent meeting in West Beirut, a group of students, young and old, gathered at a seminar to discuss the image of America in the Levant. A US Embassy representative was invited but bowed out at the last minute and advised the group to ‘send us an email and we will look it over.” So far there has been no reply from the Embassy but below are some of the suggestions from Lebanese University students to the White House, State Department and US Congress, updated on 11/12/09

Trying To Win With A Lousy Hand
By Case Wagenvoord

We must be cautious before we draw a parallel between Afghanistan and Vietnam. There are some crucial differences. Back in the sixties we were still a democracy with a functioning and independent press that wasn’t embedded in Pentagon briefing rooms. This is no longer the case. Back then, we had a citizen army that had to believe in what it was fighting for. Alas, no more. A professional army fights because it is paid to do so

The “Gusher Up” Theory Of Economics
By Jeff Berg

Today we have a new variant of the “trickle down” theory that I would like to call the “Gusher Up” theory. In this economic model the government sprays massive amounts of money directly upwards into the pockets of the investor class. It is justified by claiming that the end result of this massive geyser of money will be – in the long run – to make everyone wealthier. This time around no one is saying out loud that this wealth will then “trickle down”. No doubt afraid that the terminology might create negative associations for what is already a hard sell. It is nonetheless relentlessly implied

The Disastrous Presidency Of Mahmoud Abbas
By Rannie Amiri

Though it appears doubtful the quisling Abbas will actually resign, its mere suggestion should still be cause for celebration among Palestinians. Even if it ultimately does not come to pass – at least for now – let them rejoice

Edward Said And Barak Obama
By Prof. Haidar Eid

An Open letter from a Palestinian Resident of Gaza to the President of the United States of America, Mr. Barak Hussein Obama

Procrastinating On Hindutva Terror
By Subhash Gatade

As things stand today, it is just a matter of time when the Goa blasts would be forgotten much on the lines of Nanded blasts or Kanpur blasts (August 2008) and similar other blasts involving Hindutva terrorists.Perhaps a much bigger tragedy would awaken us from our selective amnesia vis-a-vis terrorism of the Hindutva kind

An Open Letter To R. R. Patil
By Ravikiran Shinde

Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar will not be at your service this time. Neither will be the heroes like Tukaram Omble. Remember their sacrifice and pay them tribute with your exceptional performance this time around

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