Dotcommie Essays By William Bowles – Yfm Radio, Johannesburg South Africa 1999-2000

These essays were written whilst I worked at the youth radio station Yfm, developing the Website for the station (the site that exists now has no relationship to the site we built back 2000. Here’s a sample of the section I’m most proud of initiating that I thankfully saved, Rapactivity, the online incarnation of the live show Rap Activity Jam. The content was put together by the two young guys, Madala and Khoi who hosted the show). Yfm was a revolution for Black South African youth radio. It built its reputation by promoting the Soweto music style Kwaito.

by William Bowles
25: Spinning a yarn on the Web?
24: Dot Kommunism
23: Flatulence rules okay!
22: Designing Freedom
21: A level playing field?
20: The fantasy of the faraway place
19: Electronic Syndicalism
18: Netspeek Peep Feedback
17: YWorld Kultur Kums of Age
16: Dot Commie’s Law #3: All the news that’s fit to print
15: Dot Commie’s Law #2: We know best
14: Dot Commie’s Law #1: The right to own the means of communication
13: Gobblelisation
12: BuppieWeb™? Peep Feedback
11: It’s the poor wot gets the blame
10: Working class heroes
9: The Information Highway – Africa Off-Ramp: closed for repairs?
8: Here comes the ‘New Economy’ – but where’s the old one gone?
7: Capital makes talent dance
6: Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink
5: StruggleNet?
4: E=MC2 = TCP/IP
3: Serendipity
2: Left-wing politics, Jazz and Science Fiction
1: The InternationalNet – A Catalyst for Change?
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