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Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006

ABRAMOFF inspires Congressional ethics
Quad City Times – Davenport,IA,USA
The federal grand jury that indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff apparently has done more than expose a web of corruption with direct ties to Congress. …

SOME key Dems are keeping donations tied to Abramoff Houston Chronicle – United States
… Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, have refused to join the crowd from both parties that is dumping contributions from fallen lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his …

‘FRIENDS’ of Jack Abramoff
… White House would even want the media focusing on how it is doing in Iraq perhaps a sign of just how much it does not want anyone talking about Jack Abramoff. …

CANTWELL to donate funds tied to Abramoff Seattle Times – United States
… Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., responded to the growing scandal involving lobbyist Jack Abramoff by announcing Friday that she will donate more than $17,000 in …

A Tribe Takes Grim Satisfaction in Abramoff’s Fall Washington Post – United States
By Peter Whoriskey. ELTON, La. — The dizzying downfall of lobbyist Jack Abramoff means more than just another Washington political scandal in this rural …

JACK Abramoff News – The New York Times
News about Jack Abramoff. Commentary and archival information about Jack Abramoff from The New York Times.

Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006

THE true scandal in the abramoff affair—with its shades of ‘The … Houston Chronicle – United States
… Indians. By Washington standards, the Jack Abramoff scandal is about as theatrical as you can get without having sex in the headline. … www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/editorial/outlook/3572435.html

DISAPPEARING Jack Abramoff: Why This Scandal Will Fizzle PEJ News – Victoria,BC,Canada
PEJ News – CL Cook – Having missed my chance to play New Year’s prognosticator, I’ll throw my hat in here: My animal entrails tell me, Jack Abramoff, the man …

TRIBE rejoices at Abramoff guilty plea
Monsters and Critics.com – Glasgow,UK
ELTON, LA, United States (UPI) — Members of an Indian tribe that helped bring down lobbyist Jack Abramoff are pleased with his guilty plea to fraud, money …

SCOTTISH Tories helped to convict US lobbyist Abramoff The Sunday Times – UK
EVIDENCE from Conservative MSPs helped to bring down Jack Abramoff, the American lobbyist on corruption charges. David McLetchie … www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2090-1975599,00.html

WHY Abramoff was one lobbyist to get caught The State – Columbia,SC,USA
… campaign finance. What makes it work is discretion. What has blown off the lid is lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s excesses. There are … www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/nation/13576240.htm

ABRAMOFF scandal spurs lobbying reform
Christian Science Monitor – Boston,MA,USA WASHINGTON — In the wake of lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s guilty plea on corruption charges, one point seems clear: Congress is now keenly interested in looking …

ABRAMOFF Is a Curable Symptom
Human Events – USA
… movements. And so it goes with the conservative movement and the Republican “revolution,” for which Jack Abramoff is mirror and metaphor. … www.humaneventsonline.com/article.php?id=11368

LOOKING back to Abramoff’s youth
Boston Globe – United States
With his menu of guilty pleas this week, the lobbyist Jack Abramoff seems a high-profile embarrassment for former friends in the GOP leadership. …

ABRAMOFF Questions: What the hell is the “scandal” I keep hearing … Jawa Report – Arlen,TX,USA
… That is, I know that there is this guy named Jack Abramoff, that he has been indicted for some reason or another, that he has admitted to guilt, and that he …

BUSH Wants Abramoff Photos Back
OfficialWire – New York,NY,USA
WASHINGTON, DC — (OfficialWire) — 01/08/06 — Jack Abramoff who according to several accounts including his own has collected more than $120,000 on behalf of …

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006

ROHRABACHER Defends Abramoff, a Friend
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
… Dana Rohrabacher offered a rare defense Monday of longtime friend and lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who pleaded guilty last week to influence peddling charges that …

JACK Abramoff & The Religious Right, Cont. Political Cortex – New York,NY,USA
Last week, on the eve of GOP superlobbyist Jack Abramoff’s guilty pleas in a widening federal corrupstion probe, I summarized the relationship between Abramoff …

ABRAMOFF Probe: System is at fault
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
… appearance. That will become obvious as investigations progress into lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his ties to congressional leaders. … seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/255010_abramed.asp

POMBO defends himself over reports on FDIC probe, Abramoff case San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
… The report on the Hurwitz case comes as the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal has focused attention on lawmakers taking official actions that appear to benefit …

ABRAMOFF Probe Turns Focus on DeLay Aide Washington Post – United States
With disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s cooperation secured, federal prosecutors are turning up the pressure on a former senior aide to Rep. … www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/01/09/AR2006010900952.html

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006

IS there any good in Jack Abramoff?
Jerusalem Post – Israel
An ocean of articles have already been written about how Jack Abramoff, the shamed Republican lobbyist, was an Orthodox Jew. Indeed … www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=113636105

ABRAMOFF lobbying scandal could change Washington rules San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
… And new reforms wouldn’t necessarily stop another Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist at the heart of the current scandal: He simply broke the old rules and laws. …

LETTER may link DeLay to Abramoff tribal client MSNBC – USA
… House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tried to pressure the Bush administration into shutting down an Indian-owned casino that lobbyist Jack Abramoff wanted closed …

THE lesson of Abramoff for Indians
Christian Science Monitor – Boston,MA,USA … Jamestown, Pocahontas, and John Smith. Rather, the modern-day Indian exploiter was lobbyist Jack Abramoff. He, like many early European …

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006

GOP Group to Donate Abramoff-Related Funds Forbes – USA
… of the Republican Governors Association said his group will donate to charity $500,000 in campaign contributions linked to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. …

JACK Abramoff: Altering the Image of Black Raincoats The Conservative Voice – Kernersville,NC,USA The time has come to address the Abramoff Scandal. Let me make it clear: I know nothing about the workings of the scandal. As far … www.theconservativevoice.com/articles/article.html?id=11453

SOURCES: Two lawmakers could face charges in Abramoff probe CNN – USA
Jack Abramoff leaves federal court in Washington after pleading guilty to conspiracy, tax and fraud charges. WASHINGTON (CNN) — Up … www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/01/11/abramoff.probe/

REPORT: Hayworth part of federal Abramoff scandal investigation Phoenix Business Journal – Phoenix,AZ,USA … Harry Reid of Nevada, among the first group of federal lawmakers being looked at in a federal investigation revolving around business lobbyist Jack Abramoff. …

ABRAMOFF And The Israeli Connection
DisInfo.com – New York,NY,USA
… of corruption that is Washington, DC, is writhing and roiling these days with the news that super-lobbyist and Republican fundraiser Jack Abramoff has pleaded …

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006

REPUBLICAN governors to give up Abramoff-related donations Boston Globe – United States
… Romney says the Republican Governors Association will give away $500,000 it received from a donor involved in the probe of Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff. …

THE Abramoff money trail
As influence peddler Jack Abramoff gets ready to be the governmentŒs star witness in its probe into congressional corruption, a sleazy lobbying firm dies a …

Scripps Howard News Service – Washington,DC,USA Now that former uber-lobbyist and Republican operative Jack Abramoff and his partner Michael Scanlon have pleaded guilty to corruption charges involving their …

RETURNED Abramoff donations erase national debt People’s Weekly World – USA
Politicians in Washington hurried today to dump trillions of dollars worth of campaign donations from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, giving the money to the …

TAYLOR won’t return campaign donations from Abramoff, tribes News 14 Carolina – Raleigh,NC,USA
… US Representative Charles Taylor says he won’t return about $2200 in campaign donations from Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who’s pleaded guilty to federal …

Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006

DON’T Punish Tribes for Jack Abramoff
Newswise (press release) – USA
Newswise — When the story on Jack Abramoff broke, it was reported that in ostensibly helping them to pursue gaming interests, he had defrauded at least four …

ABRAMOFF’S OC Pal: What’s He Thinking?
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Let’s consider the possibilities, in order, given that Rohrabacher felt the urge this week to offer a defense of longtime friend Jack Abramoff, the radioactive …

HAROLD Ford denies accepting donations with Abramoff scandal ties WMC-TV – Memphis,TN,USA
(AP) – Congressman Harold Ford Junior of Memphis says reports that he has received donations with ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff are scurrilous and false. …

JACK Abramoff gives America a chance for reform Redwood Falls Gazette – Redwood Falls,MN,USA The national media, as it uncovers details about Washington insider and powerful lobbyist Jack Abramoff, act as though it never knew there was money and …

BIGGER than Abramoff
Reno Gazette Journal – Reno,NV,USA
Even before disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff struck his plea deal with federal prosecutors this week, 2006 promised to be interesting in Washington. …

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