6 February 2017 — williambowles.info

bill-portugal.jpgThis page was sorely in need of updating! When I launched this site in 2003, it was ‘hand-built’ by yours truly, but in 2010 I switched to using WordPress. This meant that my writing now existed in two forms; pre-Wordpress, ie ‘flat’ html pages or, stored in the WordPress database. But finally, last year, I completely reorganised all my essays, converting all of them to WordPress format and creating a new, dedicated site for my  writing alone at: https://investigatingimperialism.wordpress.com/

At the same time, I also updated and reformatted all my essays here: https://williambowles.info/category/william-bowles/

Unfortunately, the thousands of essays I’ve published here by other authors since 2003 have the same problem; two different formats.

For all pre late 2010 essays go to: https://williambowles.info/index-of-articles-by-month/ and for everything else either use the Post by Category or the various Search options available on the Menu.