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G20 Newslinks

Last Updated: Friday, April 3, 2009 7:56 PM

G20 Newslinks 2 April, 2009

President Obama Holds Press Conference at G-20
Washington Post – United States
President Barack Obama says the G-20 summit is a ‘turning point’ in the pursuit of global economic recovery. Comments that include profanity or personal …

Brazil Stocks, Real Close Higher On G20 News, Fund-Buying
Wall Street Journal – USA
Leaders of the G20 countries on Thursday agreed to a new stimulus package to kick-start the world economy. The package includes new lending for developing …

Did the handling of the G20 protests reveal the future of policing? – UK
This week police used ‘kettling’ – penning marchers in an area and refusing to let them out – to deal with the G20 demonstrations. …

IMF says G-20 pledge gives it enough ‘firepower’
Boston Globe – United States
The G-20 agreed to give the fund and other development bodies new resources of $1.1 trillion, exceeding most expectations, with the IMF’s coffers …

G20 eyes global regulation for big hedge funds
MarketWatch – USA
The G20 wants to set up a new Financial Stability Board, or FSB, which will have a stronger mandate and more member nations than its predecessor, …

G20:Systemically Key Institutions,Mkts Need Regulation
Wall Street Journal – USA
The group called on all G20 countries to “progressively adopt” the Basel II capital framework, which hasn’t been agreed by the US among others. …

Text of the communique of the G-20
The Associated Press
… important institutions, implementing our policies in line with the agreed G20 framework for restoring lending and repairing the financial sector. …

At G-20 summit, British tabloids take their shots at Sarkozy and …
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
The notorious tabloids always have it in for France and Germany, and the G-20 summit provided a chance for yet more derision as Sarkozy and Merkel…

Brazil Stocks Open Markedly Higher On G20 Stimulus Hopes
Wall Street Journal – USA
Brazil’s stocks with the greatest weighting in the Ibovespa index produce commodities, precisely the products likely to benefit from any G20 global economic …

US eases accounting rules as G20 acts
Reuters – USA
Optimism that G20 leaders meeting in London will find ways to temper the economic crisis drove stocks higher, overshadowing disappointment over a…

NGO Leaders Challenge G-20 Summit To Expand Scope
By The Huffington Post News Editors
NGO Leaders Challenge G-20 Summit To Expand Scope – The Huffington Post.

David Smith’s The G20 deal
By David Smith
David Smith’s EconomicsUK – all the economics you’ll ever need…

The London Summit: Latest news
We are committed to take all necessary actions to restore the normal flow of credit through the financial system and ensure the soundness of systemically important institutions, implementing our policies in line with the agreed G20 …

Jeffrey Sachs: G-20 Accomplishments Beyond Expectation
By Jeffrey Sachs
G-20 Accomplishments Beyond Expectation – The Huffington Post.

G20 leaders urged to protect the poor | Amnesty International
Eight of the world’s leading NGOs urge the G20 leaders to take long-term decisions in the interests of people and the planet this week.

Obama: G-20 summit a ‘turning point’ – Europe-
Apr 2, 2009 … President Barack Obama hailed agreements at the emergency meeting of world powers Thursday as a “turning point in our pursuit of global …

G20 to bulk up IMF in response to crisis | Reuters
Apr 2, 2009 … LONDON (Reuters) – World leaders will triple the war chest of the IMF to fight the worst economic crisis since the 1930s and impose new …

Obama, Brown say G-20 deal will fight recession
Doggedly optimistic in the face of doubts, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown predicted Thursday’s emergency G-20 economic …

Protesters clash with police at Bank of England
Chanting G-20 protesters clashed with riot police in central London on
Wednesday , overwhelming police lines, vandalizing the Bank of England and
smashing …

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