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Last Updated: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 11:34 AM

G20 Newslinks 13 April, 2009

G-20 summit: emergency rescue operation or PR exercise?
Party for Socialism and Liberation – USA
And international cooperation among the G-20 powers is showing strains, whatever the optimistic rhetoric coming out of the summit. As the crisis deepens, …

China’s G-20 Role Debated
Washington DC,USA
Speaking after the historic meeting of G-20 leaders in London on April 2, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said that President Hu Jintao’s proposals …

IIF’s Dallara: IMF Must Be Funded, Reformed To Address Crisis – Paris,France
“The challenge now is to translate the broad commitments on policy and funding that were made at the G20 summit into reality, and to do so with considerable …

TOPWRAP 4-China economy improves but deflation haunts Japan
Reuters – USA
US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will host both meetings, which come just weeks after the G20 leaders summit in London and before semi-annual…

G7, G20 finance chiefs to meet in DC on April 25
WASHINGTON (AFP) — Finance ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) and Group of 20 (G20) will hold talks in Washington on April 25 as they gather for the …

Geithner to host G7 and G20 meetings
Reuters UK – UK
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US Treasury Department announced on Monday that Group of Seven finance ministers will meet in Washington on April 24 and follow …

G-20 hype
The Current – St. Louis,MO,USA
One of the most important appearances our president has made so far was his appearance at London’s Group of Twenty Summit (G-20). This is probably ringing a …

‘Money Wars’ at the G-20
Human Events – Washington,DC,USA
The G-20 may even supplant the European-dominated G-8 as the most important global economic meeting of leaders—the G-20's larger, more diverse forum seems …

Outcomes of the G20 Summit – Implementation First
Alibaba News Channel – New York,NEW YORK,USA
Chinese economists welcome the outcomes of the G20 London summit, but worry about the implementation of the agreements made. FINDING A SOLUTION: US.…

After G-20: Not Quite A New World Order Yet | Atlantic Council
By Robert Manning
Now that the dust has settled from the London G20 meeting earlier this month, what did it add up to? The media was not kind to British PM Gordon Brown's boast that, °∞I think the New World Order is emerging. The Financial Times was a …

US to host G7/G20 Finance Ministers on April 24th | Forex News and …
By Greg Michalowski
It has been announced that the US will host the G7/G20 Finance Ministers on April 24th. Just FYI. These meeting will become the norm rather than the.

Building success from simplicity!: BBC: Hopes of world youth as …
By Juan Cajiao
That is the conclusion of a BBC poll of people in 24 countries, commissioned ahead of the G20 summit in London this week. Some 70% of those questioned said they thought major change was needed, while nearly two-thirds said they had been …

Robert Weissman: No Blank Check for the IMF
By Robert Weissman
The United States has pledged $100 billion of the $500 billion in new money that G20 countries said they would provide for the Fund (they also announced plans for an additional $250 billion through issuance of Special Drawing Rights, …

Schools celebrate 39th anniversary of Earth Day – Telegraph (Www …
By Admin
Despite the G20 protesters’ eclectic and sometimes contrary demands, they were united in disappointment at the underwhelming manner in which the assembled leaders addressed the green energy agenda. However, the event in London …

Obama’s G-20 confession: “I take responsibility” | Salon News
Apr 7, 2009 … World leaders may have struggled to reach consensus, but they did break new ground: Barack Obama admitted his country was responsible for …

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