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Military Resistance
Last Updated: Friday, January 1, 2010 8:40
Military Resistance (formerly GISpecial) is by far the best (and most consistent) daily roundup of news and information on the situation on US wars around the planet (shades of War Report for those of you who remember the paper put out by a bunch of Brit journalists fed-up with ‘news’ coverage of the 1990-2003 Gulf War), and it’s all the work of one person, Thomas Barton, who has been putting out MR consistently since March 2003.
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December 2009
Military Resistance 7L21 31 December, 2009: New Years Resolutions
Military Resistance 7L20 30 December, 2009: Splendiferous!
Military Resistance 7L19 28 December, 2009: Wrong As Usual
Military Resistance 7L18 26 December, 2009: "Shigal Is Peaceful"
Military Resistance 7L17 25 December, 2009: Imperial Holiday Greetings
Military Resistance 7L16 22 December, 2009: The Waking Dream
Military Resistance 7L15 21 December, 2009: The Truce
Military Resistance 7L14 20 December, 2009: Do It Now

Military Resistance 7L12 20 December, 2009: Bleak

Military Resistance 7L13 19 December, 2009: The Letter
Military Resistance 7L11 15 December, 2009: The Once And Future Soldiers
Military Resistance 7L10 14 December, 2009: "Frustrated And Betrayed"
Military Resistance 7L9 13 December, 2009: The Most Screwed Up Mess
Military Resistance 7L8 12 December, 2009: Danger
Military Resistance 7L7 9 December, 2009: Think Tanks
Military Resistance 7L6 8 December, 2009: Progress! Two-Thirds Of Military Age Americans Oppose Sending More To Die In Obama’s War
Military Resistance 7L5 7 December, 2009: Yes He Did
Military Resistance 7L4 6 December, 2009: Where It Counts
Military Resistance 7L3 5 December, 2009: The Future Is Here
Military Resistance 7L2 3 December, 2009: The Enemy Domestic
Military Resistance 7L1 1 December, 2009: This Sgt. Is Our Future
November 2009
Military Resistance 7K25 30 November, 2009: WTF?
Military Resistance 7K24 29 November, 2009: Bloody Sangin
Military Resistance 7K23 28 November, 2009: FTA 2009
Military Resistance 7K22 27 November, 2009: Supply Line Threatened
Military Resistance 7K21 26 November, 2009: The Eagle Died

Military Resistance 7K20 25 November, 2009: Blackhawk Up (and Blackwater)

Military Resistance 7K19 24 November, 2009: Real Breaking News
Military Resistance 7K18 22 November, 2009: An Unknown Soldier
Military Resistance 7K17 22 November, 2009: Terrified Of T-Shirts
Military Resistance 7K16 20 November, 2009: Random Thoughts
Military Resistance 7K15 19 November, 2009: A Message To Command
Military Resistance 7K14 16 November, 2009: Fear
Military Resistance 7K13 15 November, 2009: A Soldier's Truth
Military Resistance 7K12 14 November, 2009: Shadowland
Military Resistance 7K11 12 November, 2009: Numbers

Military Resistance 7K10 11 November, 2009: Sounds Of War

Military Resistance 7K9 10 November, 2009: Americans
Military Resistance 7K8 9 November, 2009: "We've Lost All Our Friends"
Military Resistance 7K7 9 November, 2009: A Mother Condemns The War
Military Resistance 7K6 8 November, 2009: Pain
Military Resistance 7K5 7 November, 2009: National Guard Special
Military Resistance 7K4 6 November, 2009: Spc. Adler Gets It Right
Military Resistance 7K3 3 November, 2009: The Mission
Military Resistance 7K2 2 November, 2009: "I'm Not Much For This War"
Military Resistance 7K1 1 November, 2009: Obvious
October 2009
Military Resistance 7J23 October 31, 2009: "I'm Sick Of This Shit"
Military Resistance 7J22 30 October, 2009: "We Were Lucky Today"
Military Resistance 7J21 29 October, 2009: The Chickens Come Home To Roost
Military Resistance 7J20 28 October, 2009: Battlefield Regression
Military Resistance 7J19 26 October, 2009: Genocide
Military Resistance 7J18 25 October, 2009: Baghdad Burning
Military Resistance 7J17 25 October, 2009: The Name Of The Body
Military Resistance 7J16 24 October, 2009: Kunduz Gone
Military Resistance 7J15 21 October, 2009: 59%
Military Resistance 7J14 20 October, 2009: Fun Times At Fort Drum
Military Resistance 7J13 19 October, 2009: The Ice Begins To Crack
Military Resistance 7J12: Rally At Fort Lewis Gates Sunday!
Military Resistance 7J10 14 October, 2009: Trick
Military Resistance 7J9 13 October, 2009: What The Soldiers Say
Military Resistance 7J8 12 October, 2009: "Obviously Useless"
Military Resistance [GiSp] 7J7 11 October, 2009: Herman Munster
Military Resistance 7J6 10 October, 2009: "It's Too Dangerous"
Military Resistance [GiSp] 7J5 7 October, 2009: Cards
Military Resistance [GiSp] 7J4 5 October, 2009: Action West Point
Military Resistance [GiSp] 7J3 4 October, 2009: Eight More
Military Resistance [GiSp] 7J2 3 October, 2009: Fury
Military Resistance [GiSp] 7J1 2 October, 2009: Lots Of Smiles
September 2009
Military Resistance [GiSp] 7I14 28 September, 2009: Half Being
Military Resistance 7I13 28 September, 2009: Meet The Insurgents

Military Resistance [GISp] 7I12 27 September, 2009: Preparing For War

Military Resistance [GISP] 7I11 26 September, 2009: Censoring Helmand
Military Resistance 7I10 25 September, 2009:The Sun
Military Resistance 7I9 25 September, 2009: Unprepared
Military Resistance 7I8 21 September, 2009: The Perfect Day
Military Resistance 7I7 20 September, 2009: Gooodbye GI Special Hullo Military Resistance

GI Special 7I6 19 September, 2009: The Company Man

GI Special 7I5 16 September, 2009: The Officers Cannot Read
GI Special 7I4 12 September, 2009: Military Resistance

GI Special 7I3 4 September, 2009: Be Advised

GI Special 7I2 3 September, 2009: Firestorm
GI Special 7I1 2 September, 2009: A Son In Afghanistan
August 2009
GI Special 7H25 30 August, 2009: The Noose Tightens
GI Special 7H24 29 August, 2009: The Day The Future Happened
GI Special 7H23 28 August, 2009: Crunch Time Now
GI Special 7H22 27 August, 2009: The Kandahar Follies Roll On
GI Special 7H21 24 August, 2009: Hippie Wigs On Bald Heads
GI Special 7H20 24 August, 2009: MAKING IT HAPPEN: A Military Resistance Organizers’ Conference
GI Special 7H19 23 August, 2009: Left Behind
GI Special 7H18 23 August, 2009: The Possibilities Seen Endless
GI Special 7H17 22 August, 2009: Their Lies Don't Work Anymore
GI Special 7H16 21 August, 2009: Baghdad Red
GI Special 7H15 20 August, 2009: The Stirring At Fort Hood
GI Special 7H14 17 August, 2009: Making It Happen
GI Special 7H13 16 August, 2009: Attention

GI Special 7H12 15 August,: "A Hole In The Captain's Nose"

GI Special 7H11 15 August, 2009: To You

GI Special 7H10 14 August, 2009: Obama Throws The Bombs

GI Special 7H9 12 August, 2009: Super-Stupid In Command
GI Special 7H8 10 August, 2009: The "Democracy" Fraud
GI Special 7H7 9 August, 2009: Breakthrough Fort Hood
GI Special 7H6 8 August, 2009: Heartbreaker
GI Special 7H5 7 August, 2009: Obama's War
GI Special 7H4 6 August, 2009: The Price Of Their Folly
GI Special 7H3 4 August, 2009: Haditha Point Of View
GI Special 7H2 2 August, 2009: How About More?
GI Special 7H1 1 August, 2009: "A Sudden Coolness"
July 2009
GI Special 7G20 27 July, 2009: What A Shocking Surprise!
GI Special 7G19 26 July, 2009: Boiling Point
GI Special 7G18 25 July, 2009: Charlie Mike?
GI Special 7G17 22 July, 2009: Taliban: "Their Strategic Target Is The Mind"
GI Special 7G16 21 July, 2009: Slow Down!
GI Special 7G15 20 July, 2009: "Our Good Earth"
GI Special 7G13 17 July, 2009: Three Steps From Disaster: Resistance Cuts Off Land Sustainment To Marines In Helmand Valley
GI Special 7G12 16 July, 2009: NEW TRAVELING SOLDIER NOW!
GI Special 7G11 15 July, 2009: "They Forget About You"

GI Special 7G10 13 July, 2009: A Potential Ally

GI Special 7G9 12 July, 2009:Trapped: Marines “Stranded For Three Days On A Single Stretch Of Road In Southern Afghanistan”
GI Special 7G8 11 July, 2009: The One Flag Pole Salute
GI Special 7G7 8 July, 2009: Outreach To Active Duty GIs
GI Special 7G6 6 July, 2009: "Like Stepping Into A Sewer"
GI Special 7G5 5 July, 2009: Burning In Obama's Hell
GI Special 7G4 4 July, 2009: "We Need The Storm"

GI Special 7G3 3 July, 2009: A Wonderful Celebration

GI Special 7G2 2 July, 2009: "Every Step"
GI Special 7G1 1 July, 2009: Blood Brothers
June 2009
GI Special 7F17 28 June, 2009: The Asterisk President
GI Special 7F16 27 June, 2009: "The Other Four Were Dead"
GI Special 7F15 24 June, 2009: “Americans, Your Interventions Have Brought Us Tyranny And Death”

GI Special 7F14 22 June, 2009: Sarbaze Irani (Iranian Soldier)

GI Special 7F13 21 June, 2009: The Obvious

GI Special 7F12 21 June, 2009: “The Actual Authorities Are Losing Control Of What’s Happening On The Streets”

GI Special 7F11 19 June, 2009: Democrat Congressional Slime Vote $106 Billion For Imperial Wars

GI Special 7F10 17 June, 2009: Reaction Force: “Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama”
GI Special 7F9 14 June, 2009: Nazi

GI Special 7F8 12 June, 2009: “We’ve Had More Injuries From Machine Gun Fire Than From IEDs”

GI Special 7F7 11 June, 2009: “You Wouldn’t Believe How Low Morale Has Sunk”

GI Special 7F6: An Appeal From Fort Lewis 8 June, 2009: Fort Lewis G.I. Coffeehouse Appeals For Financial Support

GI Special 7F5 7 June, 2009: Nobody
GI Special 7F4 6 June, 2009: 80%
GI Special 7F3 4 June, 2009: U.S. Military: Heavily Armed And Drugged To The Teeth

GI Special 7F2 3 June, 2009: June National Guard Special

GI Special 7F1 2 June, 2009: Revolt

May 2009

GI Special 7E25 31 May, 2009: The Countdown

GI Special 7E24 30 May, 2009: Behold The Dawn Of Day That Breaks Upon The World: Fort Hood Active Duty Soldiers March Against The Wars

GI Special 7E23 30 May, 2009: “Most Soldiers Know” “There’s Stupid” “And Then There’s Army Stupid”

GI Special 7E22 24 May, 2009: Can This Be The End?

GI Special 7E21 25 May, 2009: Rage

GI Special 7E20 23 May, 2009: Mules
GI Special 7E19 22 May, 2009: Welcome To Obamaworld

GI Special 7E18 21 May, 2009: Deadline: JUST 10 DAYS LEFT! For The Splendiferous Spring 2009 GI Special Fund Raising Raffle

GI Special 7E17 19 May, 2009: “Until Soldiers Refuse” - “Almost Every Soldier I Know Is Disillusioned With These Wars”
GI Special 7E16 18 May, 2009: Fort Stewart A Priority For Establishing Contact With And Providing Support For U.S. Soldiers Opposing Wars Of Empire
GI Special 7E15 17 May, 2009: Nag Nag Nag — 15 DAYS LEFT! For The Splendiferous Spring 2009 GI Special Fund Raising Raffle
GI Special 7E14: Barack Obama, The Butcher Of Granai

GI Special 7E13 15 May, 2009: The Dwindling

GI Special 7E12 14 May, 2009: Help Wanted

GI Special 7E11 13 May, 2009: Torture

GI Special 7E10 13 May, 2009: New Traveling Soldier Now!
GI Special 7E9 11 May, 2009: Prison For Principles

GI Special 7E8 10 May, 2009: 30,000 Defective Helmets

GI Special 7E7 9 May. 2009: Little Girls And Boys

6 May, 2009: Gentle Reminder: The Splendiferous Spring 2009 GI Special Fund Raising Raffle
GI Special 7E5 5 May, 2009: Last man to die in Iraq
GI Special 7E4 4 April, 2009: +25000 - Who Could Have Believed It?
GI Special 7E3 3 May, 2009: "Taliban In Every Village"
GI Special 7E2 2 May, 2009: No Pot To Piss In
GI Special 7E1 1 May, 2009: Noble Anniversary
April 2009

GI Special 7D22 30 April, 2009: Indonesian Soldiers In Revolt

GI Special 7D21 29 April, 2009: No Longer Silent Witness

GI Special 7D20 28 April, 2009: One More Loathsome Betrayal

GI Special 7D19 27 April, 2009: Lindy's Great Escape

GI Special 7D18 26 April, 2009: "Stop Stoploss"
GI Special 7D17 26 April, 2009: They Built Hell
GI Special 7D16 25 April, 2009: Betrayal In The Field
GI Special 7D15 24 April, 2009: Blindfolded
GI Special 7D14 23 April, 2009: An Uncertain Trumpet

GI Special 7D13 20 April, 2009: "Pay Stop-Lossed IRR"

GI Special 7D12 18 April, 2009: "In Resistance We Are United"

GI Special 7D11 17 April, 2009: "Paddling In Toxic Waste" Pirates? “We Don’t Consider Ourselves Sea Bandits.  We Consider Sea Bandits Those Who Illegally Fish And Dump In Our Seas”

GI Special 7D10 15 April, 2009: KIA

GI Special 7D9 13 April, 2009: Sometimes Dreams Come True

GI Special 7D8 12 April, 2009: Thin Ice - Thai Soldiers Don’t Stop Anti-Government Demonstrators

GI Special 7D7 11 April, 2009: We Know Where They Live

GI Special 7D6 9 April, 2009: Yes He Can: “Obama Has Approved The Deployments Of About 30,000 More Troops To Afghanistan This Year”

GI Special 7D5 8 April, 2009: The Troops Aren't Coming Home

GI Special 7D4 5 April, 2009: Betrayed And Abandoned

GI Special 7D3 5 April, 2009: Up To His Neck In Blood
GI Special 7D2 4 April, 2009: Obamaville's

GI Special 7D1 3 April, 2009: National Guard Special

March 2009

GI Special 7C24 31 March, 2009: Cruel Stupid Vicious

GI Special 7C23 30 March, 2009: Just One More Betrayal

GI Special 7C22 29 March, 2009: Been There Done That

GI Special 7C21 28 March, 2009: George Bush Lite

GI Special 7C20 26 March, 2009: The Cowards Got It Wrong

GI Special 7C19 25 March, 2009: Courage In The Face Of The Enemy

GI Special 7C18 23 March, 2009: "They Don't Even Give Us A Chance"

GI Special 7C17 22 March, 2009: How It Is

GI Special 7C16 21 March, 2009: A War He No Longer Believes In

GI Special 7C15 20 March, 2009: Dream Cut Short
GI Special 7C14 16 March, 2009: Soldiers Join Malagasy Revolution
GI Special 7C13 15 March, 2009: “Nobody Wants To Tell Us Anything”

GI Special 7C12 14 March, 2009: Who He Belongs To

GI Special 7C11 14 March, 2009: One Front Too Many

GI Special 7C10 12 March, 2009: War Profiteers KBR Knew Oregon National Guard Soldiers Were Being Poisoned During Operation “Restore Iraqi Oil”

GI Special 7C9 12 March, 2009: Troops In Madagascar Defy Dictator!
GI Special 7C8 10 March, 2009: At It Again U.S. Imperial Military Dictator Odierno Has Decided U.S. Troops Can Stay Fighting Insurgents In Mosul “Past A June 30, 2009 Deadline”

GI Special 7C7 8 March, 2009: Guardsman Says "I'm Against The War"

GI Special 7C6 7 March, 2009: “Obama Said With A Straight Face, ‘Our Combat Mission In Iraq Will End’” “Why? Because Obama Chooses Not To Call It Combat”

GI Special 7C5 6 March, 2009: National Guard Special
GI Special 7C4 6 March, 2009: White House Mail
GI Special 7C3 5 March, 2009: "A Horrible Place To Put A Base"
GI Special 7C2 4 March, 2009: Love, Dad

GI Special 7C1 1 March, 2009: Which Side Are You On?

February 2009

GI Special 7B18 28 February, 2009: "We've Found The Enemy"

GI Special 7B17 27 February, 2009: It's Official
GI Special 7B16 25 February, 2009: Not Soon Enough
GI Special 7B15 23 February, 2009: The Future Confronts The Past

GI Special 7B14 21 February, 2009: More Change You Can Believe In

GI Special 7B13 19 February, 2009: Re-Invade Afghanistan!

GI Special 7B12 17 February, 2009: Martial Law - They Are Considering It

GI Special 7B11 16 February, 2009: The War Comes Home

GI Special 7B10 15 February, 2009: My Baby My Husband

GI Special 7B9 14 February, 2009: Blinding Flash Of The Obvious Dept.

GI Special 7B7 12 February, 2009: Betrayal At The Top

GI Special 7B6 9 February, 2009: None More Honorable

GI Special 7B5 8 February, 2009: Cockroaches

GI Special 7B4 7 February, 2009: The Obama Suicide Soldier Plan

GI Special 7B3 6 February, 2009: National Guard Special

GI Special 7B2 2 February, 2009: The Touchdown

GI Special 7B1 1 February, 2009: You Got Mail

January 2009
GI Special 7A18 31 January, 2009: Used Up, Thrown Away
GI Special 7A17 30 January, 2009: The Golden Toilet
GI Special 7A16 29 January, 2009: The Emperor Chooses War
GI Special 7A15 27 January, 2009: FTA Is Back!
GI Special 7A14 25 January, 2009: The Other Guantanamo
GI Special 7A13 25 January, 2009: New Traveling Soldier Now!
GI Special 7A12 24 January, 2009: Obama's War
GI Special 7A11 22 January, 2009: Change You Can Believe In
GI Special 7A10 20 January, 2009: Regime Change

GI Special 7A9 18 January, 2009: Words Change, War Goes On

GI Special 7A8 18 January, 2009: "A Jew To Zionist Fighters"
GI Special 7A7 17 January, 2009: "We Can Say No"
GI Special 7A6 15 January, 2009: Notes From A Lost War
GI Special 7A5 13 January, 2009: Two Homes
GI Special 7A4 12 January, 2009: "Unrest Takes Different Forms"
GI Special 7A3 11 January, 2009: War
GI Special 7A2: Notice: GI Special will resume publication 9 January
GI Special 7A1 1 January, 2009: Peace Speaks From The Mirror
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