2 June 2018

Long before I moved over to WordPress, I had been collecting and publishing independent news on Haiti. Hundreds if not thousands are on this server but can’t be accessed directly from WordPress. Yes, I could move them over to the WordPress database, if I had the time and the inclination. Instead, you can access them all from here! I have no idea how many there are, hundreds at the very least, possibly thousands if you include all the links.

News and Analysis on Haiti

Haiti News Archives 1995-1996 & 2005 Newslinks|2004 Documents| 2005 Documents
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May 2009

Haiti’s hunger made in USA By G. Dunkel

Haiti Report for May 23, 2009
HLLN 22 May, 2009: Obama still denies Haiti TPS – Flooding kills at least 11 in Haiti | J’Accuse! CNN Distorts and Twists the News
April 2009
Who is Representing Who? The Haitian People Need a Lobbyist By RICHARD MORSE
Media Coverage of Haiti’s Sham Elections By Stephen Lendman
What is Canada Doing in Haiti? By Jean Saint-Vil

Haitians Reject Electoral Sham By Stephen Lendman

Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas Banned, Voter Apprehension Widespread By Jeb Sprague

Electoral Sham in Haiti By Stephen Lendman
Electoral Exclusion in Haiti By KEVIN PINA
Haiti: Canada’s Bloody Hands By JOHN MAXWELL
U.S. behind fraudulent election in Haiti
March 2009
Haiti Report for March 31, 2009
U.S. threatens to expel 30,000 Haitians By G. Dunkel
September 2008
  Haiti Report for September 30 2008
  Haiti Report for September 24 2008
18/9/08 Haiti’s Lingering Agony By Bill Fletcher, Jr.
18/9/08 On the situation facing the Haitian people
3/9/08 Haiti Emergency Hurricane Appeal Rebuild a Village
August 2008
  Haiti Report for August 6, 2008
7/8/08 SAVE SOPUDEP SCHOOL in HAITI!! Please circulate this far and wide!!
30/8/08 HLLN: Sustainable plantain production in Haiti is an important step towards food security | Haiti food aid lags, hunger deepens by Jonathan M. Katz | Lè marasa, lè mo e lè miste, Haitian cosmology
January 2008
28/01/08 Rudolph Boulos, A US citizen of Arab decent, from the wealthy and most powerful coup d’etat Boulos family in Haiti, faces charges of fraudulent gaining political office in Haiti, imminent expulsion and risks arrest and prosecution
28/01/08 Dr. Maulana Karenga on “Haiti and Africa Inside Us”
13/01/08 HLLN Letter from Hector Luis Rivera (Welfare Poets) | FBI on fishy fishing expedition…
13/01/08 HLLN Pentagon’s troubling role in Haiti

Where are we with the search to find Lovinsky Pierre Antoine alive, and who is this man with the black glasses in the photograph?


HLLN’s response to two Jean H. Charles’ commentaries on Caribbean Net News 6/1/08

05/01/08 Lies, Propaganda, Exploitation, Abuse and Strumming Fratricide in Haiti – the tried and true colonial blueprints – A study of Leth’s Ghost of Site Soley
05/01/08 HLLN – For the first time since Haiti’s independence in 1804 from France, now ‘Lele’ occupied Haiti will be visited by French President Nicolas Sarkosy …
03/01/08 Haiti keeps alive the truth of past evils By Jacqueline Charles 2/1/08
02/01/08 Haiti News-links 2/1/08 – 31/12/07
02/01/08 HLLN – 2/1/08 Personnalité Sociale de L ’Année Colette Lespinasse ou la ferveur d’une battante!
02/01/08 HLLN – 2/1/08 Blan Mannan by Feliks Moriso Lewa
02/01/08 HLLN – 2/1/08 Liberty or Death – Haiti’s founding father, Jean Jacques Dessalines addresses the nation on Independence Day, Jan. 1, 1804
02/01/08 HLLN – 2/1/08 Dietrich Fisher’s take on the demobalization of Haitian army and Lovinsky Pierre Antoine …
02/01/08 HLLN – 2/1/08 – Haiti’s 1804 Proclamation of Independence by General Jean Jacques Dessalines
01/01/08 HLLN – Part 2: January 1, 2008 – Another Haitian independence day under occupation
December 2007

HLLN – 31/12/07 Another Haitian independence day under occupation | Kenbe la fre e se mwen, pa lage

31/12/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 31 December 2007
30/12/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 30 December 2007
27/12/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 26 December 2007
27/12/07 Haiti News-links 24-27 December, 2005
24/12/07 Haiti News-links 23-24 December, 2005
24/12/07 Haiti Liberte’s This Week in Haiti 19-24 December, 2007
23/12/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 22 December 2007

Haiti News-links 21-22 December, 2005

21/12/07 The 7 Black Miami Suspects Charged With Conspiring With ‘Al Qaeda’ To Attack The USA wins a shocking Mistrial
18/12/07 Wyclef & Akon in Haiti | Contact numbers to demand justice for the Katrina victims and to protest arrest and treatment of Attorney Bill Quigley
20/12/07 HLLN Amnesty International’s Urgent Action: Wilson Mésilien and Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine – Fondasyon Trant Septanm

Haiti News-links 14-20 December, 2005

20/12/07 HLLN – Message de fin d’année du Président Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Representant National de l’Organisation Politique Fanmi Lavalas
19/12/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 19 December 2007

A local immigration lawyer and a 65-year-old grandmother risk their freedom and more to save Haitians from the desperation of poverty and violence by Jeffrey Barg

16/12/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 16-2 December 2007
16/12/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 16 December 2007

Haiti Liberte’s This Week in Haiti 12/12/2007

10/12/07 Haiti News-links 8-10 December, 2005

HLLN 10/12/07 Returning to their unwholesome colonial past: Older white women preying on poverty in Haiti and joins in Kenya’s sex tourists | Europeansaccused of kidnapping Chad children to sell as orphans in Europe….

10/12/07 HLLN 9/12/07 La Conspiration Du Silence – Genocide in Haiti by mass vaccination| USAID’s former mission director rewrites history of Haiti…
9/12/07 Haiti News-links 8-9 December, 2005
7/12/07 Haiti News-links 5-7 December, 2005
4/12/07 Haiti News-links 3-4 December 2007
3/12/07 An Interview with Worobey Reveals the Scientist is Not so Sure about the origins of AIDS
3/12/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 3 December 2007
3/12/07 Haiti News-links 1-3 December, 2005
2/12/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 2 December 2007
1/12/07 Haiti Support Group Briefing #61
November 2007
30/11/07 Haiti News-links 28-30 November, 2007
28/11/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information 28 November 2007
24/11/07 HLLN – Haiti News and Information
24/11/07 Damning the Flood – Haiti, Aristide, and the politics of containment by Peter Hallward
25/11/07 La responsabilité de l’Union Européenne dans la déstabilisation d’Haïti pendant les années, les mois et les jours qui ont précédé et suivi le coup d’État du 29 février 2004
18/11/07 Haiti News-links 10-18 November, 2005
12/11/07 Suggestion to change Haiti’s constitution ignites bitter controversy
12/11/07 Did WHO Gave Aids to the World? Follow the accuser’s thumb says history
11/11/07 The nearly naked and the almost dead by John Maxwell | Join Danny Glover and others in a 24 hour fast for the safe return of Haitian human rights activist, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine
10/11/07 Don’t let new AIDS study scapegoat Haitians by Edwidge Dandicat | Pye Kout Pran Devan: Is there a contaminated vaccination program being launched in Haiti, right now?
9/11/07 Haitians May Sue Over HIV Research Claim
10/11/07 Haiti News-links 6-10 November, 2005
8/11/07 The Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE) Respond toWorobey’s theory |Journalist Guy Delva facing death threats that may be linked to the rich Boulos MREs | In memory of the Arawaks and Tainos of Haiti, the Island’s name is Haiti, not Hispaniola as the newscastersinsist, Columbus’s sailors brought syphilis to the Island and decimated the Amerindians population, not the converse…
7/11/07 HIV/AIDS Origin | The WHO Vaccine Conspiracy & Monkey Business
7/11/07 HLLN asking for (Acquatabs and food donations) to Help the victims of Storm Noel in Site Soley |Action de solidarite avec Cite Soleil- projet-Evel FANFAN | Haiti storm survivors say government has abandoned them
6/11/07 Haiti News-links 1-6 November, 2005
6/11/07 Haiti Report for November 5, 2007
5/11/07 More on the ‘AIDs originated in Haiti’ Tale
2/11/07 When Racism Masquerades as Science | Haitians critical of HIV report
3/11/07 Media’s specious coverage of Worobey’s farfetched conjectures on Haiti and AIDs/HIV
3/11/07 Over 101 Sri Lankan peacekeepers in Haiti charged with sexually and abusing Haitian population, including minor children
1/11/07 Haiti Report
– Preval’s Proposed Constitutional Changes Spark Political Debate
– UN Experts Visit Dominican Republic to Assess Racism
– Maryse Narcisse, Second Lavalas Leader Kidnapped and Released; Pierre-Antoine Still Missing
– Tropical Storm Noel Leaves Flooding, Mudslides and At Least 58 Dead
– Swiss Filmmaker Kidnapped and Freed
– Haiti Takes a Step Towards the Caribbean Community Single Market and Economy
– UN Peacekeepers Give Aid to Mark United Nations Day
– OAS Calls for Improved Coordination of Aid Programs
– UN Peacekeepers Talk of Transition from Operative to Eminently Preventative Mission
– Dominican and Venezuelan Governments to work on Border Highway
– Brazilian Defense Ministry Wants to Send More Troops to Haiti
– Report on Origin of AIDS for US Creates Controversy
– Federation of the Friends of Nature Statement in Wake of Dean
October 2007
29/10/07 Haiti: The UN Occupation Continues By BEN TERRALL
27/10/07 Haiti News-links October 24-27, 2007
25/10/07 Haiti News-Links 17-25/10/07
20/10/07 Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network 20/10/07
18/10/07 Randall Robinson on Haiti’s Tortured Past, Troubling Present
21/10/07 Haiti Report
– Campaigning Against the EU Economic Partnership Agreement
– UN and Activists Call for Renewed Investigation into Disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine
– US Customs Discovers $852k Hidden in SUV Headed for Haiti
– President Preval Calls for Constitutional Amendment
– CARICOM Office Reopens in Haiti
– UN Extends Haiti Peacekeeping Mission with Additional Police
– Flooding Follows Heavy Rains
– STRIKING WHILE THE IRONY IS HOT: Acknowledging Haiti’s aid during the American Revolution
7/10/07 Haiti News-Links 1-7/10/07

Haiti Report
– US and Other Donors Support Education
– Countries Call for Extension of UN Peacekeeping Mission, Deadline is October 15
– Improved Environment for Freedom of Expression
– DR to Lead Hemisphere Fight Against Rubella
– New Border Forces Have Taken Control of Haiti-DR Border
– Promoting Renewable Energy in the Caribbean
– Sektè Popilè Belè Commemorates Victims of Bel-Air Assault
– Increased Access to Health Care in Central Plateau
– Cell Phones in Haiti, Digicel Signs up More Than 1 Million
– from Jubilee USA: Haiti: Digging Through A History of Economic Violence

7/10/07 HLLN: Edwidge Danticat recalls uncle’s immigration ordeal for Congress
Democracy Now!: Edwidge Danticat Chronicles Death of her Uncle at Federal Immigration
6/10/07 The African Trickster, a spoken word performance poetry monologue by Marguerite Laurent
6/10/07 Ezili Dantò’s note: Bwa Kayiman 2007 and the case of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine, by Ezili Dantò

Haiti Report

– President Preval Says Haiti No Longer a Failed State
– Prime Minister Alexis Says Haiti Creating Environment for Investors
– President Preval Supports Independent Committee Investigation for Unsolved Journalist Murders
– Brazil’s Top Diplomat Says Haiti’s Security Climate Requires Development
– Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier Issues Apology; Preval Says Court will Try to Recover Stolen Millions
– US Embassy Bars Personnel from Flying Caribintair, a Domestic Airline Grounded in Haiti
– Dominican Republic Deploys New Force to Protect Border
– Former Prime Minister Latortue Speaks Out on Behalf of Dominican Republic
– Corruption Investigation Leads to Mixed Reactions


Haiti Report

– Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti is Two Years Old
– Navy Ship Comfort Visits Haiti as Part of Effort to Counter Chavez
– New Literacy Campaign Announced
– Nine Latin Americans with Peacekeepers in Haiti Support One-Year Extension of Mission
– Dominican Republic Denies People of Haitian Descent Birth Certificates
– Dr. Paul Farmer Commentary in Forbes

Haiti Documents 2006
October 2006
9/10/06 HLLN joins the SF Bayview and grassroots activists in Oakland, in California and throughout the global village, urging KPFA to do a live broadcast of the 40th anniversary of the Black Panther Party reunion | Letters from activists to KPFA management
8/10/06 Caricom and Haiti: The raising of the Caribbean’s ‘Iron Curtain’ – Cultural activist and Haitian human rights defender, Myrtha Desulme’s positive contributions to Haiti all the way from Jamaica
8/10/06 Chapo Ba Sonia Pierre! e MUDHA – Dominican Born Haitian Rights Defender, Sonia Pierre, wins 2006 RFK Human Rights Award by Robert F. Kennedy Memorial | Edwidge Dandicat speaks on “The Dew Breaker” and Edwidge Dandicat on torture and President Bush’s use of it as a key tool in War on Terror | Sign House Speaker Hastert must go petition | Haitian Drum and Dance Company celebrates 25 years, Oct. 20th in Brooklyn | Uri Avnery on Israel as “America’s Rottweiler”
September 2006
30/9/06 Action Alert: Write letters urging UN to Protect civilians and human right workers in Gran Ravine/Martissant
30/9/06 Mark Foley – The US Congressman who insulted the Haitian majority by sponsoring a Congressional bill to honor the Gerald Latortue for his hatchet job as the unconstitutional Prime Minister in Haiti, and who sponsored HR611 which gives coup d’etat USAID more support in Haiti, has just RESIGN from Congress over “improper conduct” with a teenage boy!
28/9/06 Mesi Papa Desalin | Percée Dessalinienne…UN APPEL DEVANT LE CONSTAT D’ECHEC (Haiti En Marche) | Stop the re-colonization of Haiti and contraction of Dessalines’ legacy – Rename the Island: Quisqueya, not Hispaniola. Call “Restaveks” what they are legally: indentured servants, not slaves!!! Stop diminishing the unparallel feats of Jean Jacques Dessalines
28/9/06 Haiti Report for September 28, 2006
24/9/06 HLLN Alert: Evel Fanfan radio interview on WBAI regarding the Esterne Bruner execution ? please listen to this important report
22/9/06 Esterne Bruner, the Community Coordinator for the Gran Ravine Human Rights Council was assassinated | A few months ago, in a video testimony from Haiti and on Haitian radio, Mr. Bruner named the Machete Army gang members responsible for the two Gran Ravine Massacres. According to his family, these same forces murdered Mr. Burnet today right after leaving the offices of AUMOHD, where he was seeking human rights help and legal counsel for the victims of the Machete Army
22/9/06 Note from Evel Fanfan to HLLN on Bruner (Kreyol with English translation) – some additional information on the killing of Bruner | Please support Evel Fanfan/AUMOHD’s work with the victims of Gran Ravine massacre
19/9/06 October 17, 2006 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of Haiti’s founding father, Jean Jacques Dessalines. Join HLLN in remembering his life, triumphs and three greatest ideals and philosophical contributions for a more humane and united world
16/9/06 Bush Administration facing possible defeat on U.N. vote next week… | HLLN urges Haiti not to succumb to US strong-arm pressures, do the right thing: vote for Venezuela!
14/9/06 Haiti’s Dirty Little Secret: the Problem of Child Slavery
12/9/06 Haiti Report for September 12, 2006
10/9/06 We will fight from one generation to the next: Remembering Genevieve “Kòkòt Laguerre, her living legacy, remembering a proud Haitian continuum
8/9/06 Heading South, a film depicting White Women predators-imperialist sex tourism/exploitation of young, black and poor Haitian men |US-supported Latortue Regime’s massive corruptions and alleged embezzlements unveiled |Haiti appoints commission to oversee UN-backed disarmament | Lancet caught up in row over Haiti murders | US-Haitian candidates who supported the illegitimate Latortue and the 2004 coup d’etat lost in last tuesday’s Miami elections, the one winner won without the Haitian vote…

Haiti Report 3/9/06 – Tropical Storm Ernesto Damages Homes and Kills Two
– Rape Victim Testifies in Hearing for Emmanuel “Toto” Constant
– Cuban-Venezuelan Operation Miracle in Haiti
– Rene Civil is Rearrested
– Rape Victims March in Port-au-Prince
– Canadian Troops Implicated in Human Rights Survey
– Analysts Advocate for Reparations of Haiti’s Independence Debt

6/9/06 Haitian women Recount Gang Rape, Abuse at hearing against Death Squad Leader, Toto Constant | Rape Victims in Haiti To March Through Capital | UN commits to apply DDR with social programs for disarming outlaws in Haiti…will death squad leaders, Guy Philippe, Jean Tatoune, Chamblain, Lame Timanchet also be EXCLUDED from this new UN DDR and in the same manner being proposed by Mullet for the Stanley Lucas/HDP top four Site Soley targets?
August 2006
28/8/06 Haiti Report for August 28, 2006
17/8/06 Resolution 1702: UN Security Council extends UN mission to Haiti for six months
15/8/06 Bwa Kayiman 2006-The Day So Ann was Liberated! | RFK Memorial Takes Treasury Department to Court to Determine US Role in Denying Loans Vital to Haiti’s Perilous Public Health | The Fleecing of Haiti: Haiti’s native son, Harry Fouche, gives details, facts and figures and notes revelations made by Senator Bastien, Fortune, Beazile and Deputy Coffy and Astrel and others from Haiti’s new parliament. Mr. Fouche further points out that the Latortue/and coup d’etat’s folks were grandstanding with the Miami suit against Aristide, Says that suit would have been dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and evidence. But, a suit filed AGAINST Alexander/Latortue/Henri Bazin in Miami Federal court would find a proper venue as “all their assets and proceeds of the crimes committed in and against Haiti are indeed in Miami.”
15/8/06 So Ann has been released from prison, is RIGHT NOW going home! | HLLN Background info on So Ann imprisonment | Haiti Democracy Project’s flyer indicates sponsors who do not sponsor HDP – Haiti Democracy Project is scheduled to be in New York on August 19, 2006 – Already they are being labelled “liars” and “frauds”
13/8/06 Chèn sa pap janm kase!: Ezili Dantò Performance ritual ending the Bwa Kayiman celebrations
July 2006
27/7/06 Haiti: The Return Brian Concannon, Jr.
30/7/06 The extent of US politicians’ contempt for the innocent and defenseless people of Haiti is bottomless and beyond repulsive: Congressman Foley of Florida proposes a House bill to honor Latortue, Haitians in Haiti and at HLLN honor Prime Minister Yvon Neptune especially as the oustered Prime Minister whose job Latortue unconstitutionally stole, We honor Yvon Neptune by issuing, for the first time in English, Neptune’s Letter to US Ambassador James B. Foley dated August 2004 | We honor Haitian resistance by remembering folksinger So Ann still incarcerated | Mobilisation contre la présence des militaires étrangers
28/7/06 Yvon Neptune Released from Prison | Kidnapper from wealthy families linked to Lame Ti Manchet | Kidnappers from wealthy families complicit in their own kidnappings |Fleecing Haiti 1) Latortue continues to fleece Haiti at $15,000 per month? 2) Multinational corporation wants $2 million in damages from Haiti’s new government for stolen canons and heritage looting under the Latortue IMPOSED government
25/7/06 Haiti Report for July 25, 2006
16/7/06 Ezili Danto Witness Project reports direct from Haiti: 1. On the Gran Ravine Massacre, 2) New Wave of violence in Gonaive said to be led by Coup D’etat’s Guy Phillip soldiers 3) New wave of Port au Prince violence led by the Coup d’etat’s Lame Timanchet and 4) The UN takes these coup d’etat led violence as opportunity to slaughter Haitian civilians| Solda Nasyonzini yo ap tire sou moun yo lan Port au Prince | Sitiyasyon an sho lan Gonaives tou
14/7/06 Demand UN and coup d’etat police in Haiti not kill the peaceful demonstrators tomorrow | Coup d’etat assassins bring illegal arms shipments to Haiti while UN ignores this, there are reports of UN mobilized to attack tomorrow and/or give cover to Haitian police attack on peaceful demonstrators against the coup d’etat’s continued oppressions | New Press and Communications Director speaks out on partisan Haitian press
14/7/06 Failed Solidarity – the Reactionary role of US Labor in Haiti and Venezuela | The lies about Lavalas official involvement in the killings at Guacimal in 2002 Exposed by Jeb Sprague
14/7/06 European Union says Haiti’s electoral council FAILED |Zam elegal mesye koudeta yo te debake lan ladwan |Another Black Market Arms Shipment to Coup D’etat assassins arrives in Haiti | Initial reports of MINUSTHA intimidating Haitian populace to stop the July 15th planned demonstrations against the continued coup d’etat repressions | Should Haiti Declare ‘War on Terrorism’ Against the U.S.? Haitian Terrorist Arrested in Long Island | Remembering all the kidnapped victims, remembering Jacques Roches
13/7/06 Haiti Report for July 13, 2006
13/7/06 Haitian Death Squad Leader Arrested in US – For Mortgage Fraud
8/7/06 Coup d’etat Lame Timanche victims’ count mounts to almost 40 dead for July 6, 2006
8/7/06 Message from AUMOHD -On July 6, 2006, as Haitians protested and mourned the UN massacre of July 6, 2005, on this one-year anniversary, more than 20 Haitians were massacred yesterday, July 6, 2006 in Gran Ravine, Haiti
6/7/06 July 6, 2006: Remembering the Victims, Remembering the Haitian children put in chains| Nou genyen nan liy nan ak nou Dread Wilme (Dred Wilme Speaks) | Ayiti beswen traktè pa chadegè – Nou mande pou okipasyon ak represyon Nasyonzini an SISPANN | Haiti needs tractors, not UN war tanks: End UN occupation and repression of Haiti | New York picket in front of UN from 3 to 7pm, July 6, 2006, 1st Avenue, between 42nd and 43rd
5/7/06 Messaged faxed to Kofi Anan- Mande Pou Okipasyon ak Represyon Nasyonzini an Sispann | Haitian Picket line in front of UN on July 6, 2006 from 3 to 7pm
4/7/06 The Director of the PAPDA calls on Haitians to mobilize to obtain cancellation of Haiti’s debt
2/7/06 Celebrating the life of Emmanuel “Drèd” Wilmè who was hunted in Haiti for 18-months by the world’s most powerful militaries and finally summarily executed, along with many of his family, friends and neighbors in Site Soley, by the firepower of 300 UN troops on July 6, 2005
28/6/06 Action Alert: Remember the July 6, 2005 UN massacres of Site Soley civilians and Demand UN out of Haiti, Expose the lies of International Community about Haiti, its people and resources |N’envoyez pas de l’argent, mais des techniciens | World Social Forum Resolution on Haiti | Second parliamentarian complains of mistreatment by MINUSTAH | AUMOHD list of Victims from Site Soley
27/6/06 Ezili Danto Spoken Word Dance Theater’s “Art With the Ancestors” offerings and bookings| Voting Rights Act Nailed to the Burning Cross | “Aspirational Rather than Operational” – 7 Arrested in Miami Terror Plot | Demand the International coup d’etat supporting countries and enforcers, not Preval, set the political prisoners free, end the UN occupation
25/6/06 Meeting to Discuss Organizing Response to the Liberty City Raid | Breaking news on Bush secret bank data intrusion (purposely?) eclipsed by Miami 7 arrests – the uses of Haitians continue…
24/6/06 Haiti back in Caricom – Former Canadian group-sex leader kidnapped in Haiti
23/6/06 The Search for Justice for Haiti’s Yvon Neptune and His Fellow Inmates: All Political Prisoners
18/6/06 Haiti Report for June 18, 2006
12/6/06 Brad, Angelina and the rise of ‘celebrity colonialism’ | Ezke Lagrandyab ka Mare Lespri Zanset yo’ Non | Demand freedom for all the political prisoners in Haiti
12/6/06 ‘In Haiti killers of journalists enjoy 100% immunity’ Duncan Campbell
10/6/06 Haiti Report for June 10, 2006
26/5/06 Reconstruction of Haiti – Part II Mario Osava
30/5/06 Ayisyen, Leve Kanpe | Boukman’s Prayer | Demand freedom for all the political prisoners in Haiti
30/5/06 ‘Black People Remain Oppressed’ | Lendman’s soup is seasoned with sincerity, sanity as well as lots of hope…
25/5/06 RCMP backs murderous Haitian Police force| Group Denounces Political Prisoners Still Behind Bars| Latortue in Florida | Reaction to killing of Haiti’s former first lady, Lucienne Heutelou Estimè | Katherine Dunham, Trailblazing dancer and an activist for Haiti
24/5/06 Site Soley Youth Activist say: We are not the one who are the Kidnappers, we did not kidnap the UN soldier as reported. The whites call peace negotiations then trap, arrest and kill us (English translation & Kreyol audio) Ezili Danto Witness Project | The neo-liberal shock therapy – Haiti as an example of failed policies | USAID spent more than 10million to Decimate Lavalas Party in Haiti, USAID/OTI Haiti Program used for regime change
23/5/06 Katherine Dunham dies at age 96: Promoted Haitian Dance
16/5/06 Letter from Haiti “Jesus Was a Zombie?” By ANNIE NOCENTI
17/5/06 Guatemalan diplomat replaces Valdes | AHP news, May 15 | Inauguration 2006: Giant Crowds Hail Preval and Demand Aristide’s Return | Preval’s inaugural speech (English text)| Answer the Call, May 18, 2006
16/5/06 Preval’s Inauguration Speech, (Kreyol) | Venezuelan Oil Arrives | Canada’s Disastrous role in Haiti |Canada a financé la minorité anti-Aristide | New Orleans was changed forever by the Haitian revolutionaries
15/5/06 Rene Preval becomes Haiti’s 55th President | Riot breaks out at Haiti’s Main Prison
13/5/06 René Préval: Haiti May Get One Last Chance in Spite of Washington’s Best Efforts
14/5/06 On May 18, 2006 ANSWER THE CALL: Help protect the Feb. 7th vote, say no to Protectorate | Repon-n Apèl la: ede pwoteje vòt 7 fevriye 2006 la kote tout Ayisyen tal vote
14/5/06 Prison killings and bloodbath mark and launch Preval’s inauguration | COHA: RenéPréval: Haiti May Get One Last Chance in Spite of Washington’s Best Efforts
11/5/06 Legislature sworn in amidst foul coup stench | Underwater archaeological site in Haiti and pillage and plunder while under UN occupation
7/5/06 Haiti Report for May 7, 2006
5/5/06 AUMOHD Press Conference demanding Justice and reparations against UN soldiers and coup regime’s “armed men’s” violence in Site Soley and Pele (Kreyol and English)
1/5/06 THIS is what democracy looks like |Election in Haiti: Interviews on the street |China punished Haiti by supporting the Coup at the UN Security Council because of diplomatic relations with Taiwan: threatening Preval’s govt.
30/4/06 Haiti Report – Legislative Elections | Preval and Chavez Announce Haiti is Joining Petrocaribe | Three Political Prisoners Released | Preval Satisfied with Reestablishing Cooperation with Cuba | Medicins Sans Frontiers at the Choscal Hospital in Cite Soleil | Theft from Underwater Research Site at Ile-a-Vache
29/4/06 The corrupt US/UN-backed Boca Raton regime robbing Haiti blind: pillage and plunder – gold, bronze cannons, emeralds stolen (article in French & English) | The rigged Legislative elections in Haiti
27/4/06 New Haiti leader seen able to control legislature | Failures of the US-backed Boca Raton Regime in Haiti Report | Three political prisoners freed in Haiti | African woman, jailed, strip-searched, wins $65,000 settlement Immigration officer told her, “Go back to the jungle” | Message from Haiti’s Grassroots Leadership to the International Community
25/4/06 President Preval’s LESPWA party leading in Haiti Legislative vote results (11 Senators, 21 Deputies) | Extreme Low turn out, yet many Haitian Voters who wanted to vote couldn’t cast votes
21/4/06 Update on Haiti’s Parliamentary SELECTIONS, not elections | What they want is Haiti’s newly discovered oil reserves in La Gonave, gas reserves near Aquin and Haiti’s gold mines in the Northeast
19/4/06 Equal Treatment for Haitians: Mass Rally in Miami to ask for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), Stop Deportations to Haiti | US/Euros funding of Haitian overseers (ANAMAH, Forum Citoyen, CONAP, Group 184, ENFOFANM) and Foreign NGOs sponsoring tyranny in Haiti, Wives of political prisoner, Paul Raymond and Yvon “Zap Zap” Antoine speak, UN Role in terrorizing innocent and very poor Haitians outlined
19/4/06 No justice, no celebrations for Haitians: 3 out of over thousands of Political Prisoners released but also released were more police officers involved in the Gran Ravin civilian massacres | Letters from Political Prisoner, Yvon Neptune to Rene Preval and Julion Simon (English and French) | AUMOHD press conference to denounce MINUSTHA soldiers abuses (inFrench with English summary)
19/4/06 Journalist (RSF) denounced for accepting funding from CIA front organizations |Asylum, Amnesty, Justice Denied Haitians Worldwide: Breaking Sea Chains |200 Haitians Wrongfully put in detentions
16/4/06 Decoding the ‘Haiti Democracy Project’ by Dominique Esser | HLLN’s links HDP, the Haiti Death Project and how the most powerful countries and peoples in the world are hurting the poorest and most powerless
14/4/06 Foreign interests taking Gold and Copper out of Haiti under UN protection |Preval meets with Castro| Seeking An “Even Playing Field”: Washington and the UN Work to Create Anti-Lavalas Coalitions by Jeb Sprague | Who really killed Jean Dominique and Jacques Roches?
14/4/06 International Lawyers Calls on UN to Respect Haiti’s Sovereignty, Interim Government to Free Politic all Prisoners (in English and French) | HLLN’s Media Campaigns to help free the Political Prisoners, Respect the Feb. 7th vote, Respect Haitian sovereignty
13/4/06 Open Letter to Wyclef Jean and Samuel Dalembert | Haiti’s Election Failed Rural Voters | TiPapa Lucian, age 11: “Now I live in the streets”
8/4/06 April 7, is 203rd anniversary of Toussaint Louverture’s Death in France | Report about Haitian Rts in DR | Canadian officials planned military intervention weeks before Haitian coup | KEEP pressuring media to push US/UN to free political prisoners under a gov. they uphold in Haiti
5/4/06 HLLN’s Urgent Action Request to the UN/US/France/Canada/OAS – RELEASE THE POLITICAL PRISONERS before surrendering Haiti back to a duly elected President!
3/4/06 How important is Jean Dominique? by Michèle Montas and Jan Dominique | Rape as weapon of war: World cried out for Bosnia, why not Haiti? |Machete Massacre perpetrators released-political prisoners still locked up |Haiti and Human Rights Watch
1/4/06 Giving Haiti’s New President a Good Launch
28/3/06 Haiti Report for March 28, 2006
30/3/06 Canada’s Aid to Haiti: Commendable or Making Amends for a Discredited Anti-Aristide Strategy?
29/3/06 Less Poverty, More Hope by Renè Garcia Preval | Haitian Activists Speaks out Against Deibert | Answer Call: Join list of sponsors | AHP News – March 27, 2006 – The mainstream Press has gone home again, Support AHP, Support HLLN’s work
21/3/06 Join the list of sponsors for the Free Haiti Movement’s International Solidarity Day With Haiti, May 18, 2006
19/3/06 Is United States Institute of Peace any different than Haiti Democracy Project or National Endowment for Democracy in undermining authentic democratic movement and promoting US dominance, intervention and neoliberalism? No. | Letter and Message from Yvon Neptune – Release Political Prisoners Before Preval takes office
18/3/06 HDP’s Timothy Carney exits, Janet Sanderson presents credentials as new US Ambassador to Haiti – Who is Janet Sanderson?
8/3/06 Elusive Victories in Haiti By BRIAN CONCANNON, Jr.
16/3/06 UN-Latortue Accord |Can the Devil bind Gods and Goddesses?: No UN protectorate for Haiti | Interview with Samba Boukman and Mackandal | HLLN appeals for support to AUMOHD to help liberate 64 young people | Ezili Danto Witness Project, radio interview direct from street of Site Soley
5/3/06 HAITI WATCH announces: Delegation Investigating International Aid to Haiti
4/3/06 Haiti Report for March 4, 2006
3/3/06 Fraud and Scandal in Haiti’s Presidential Election: Preval’s Victory and the UN’s Disgrace by Michael Keefer
3/3/06 Rene Preval’s Impossible Mission | Why aren’t the international electoral observers talking, countering the media accounts about the fraud done to Preval and people of Haiti?
2/3/06 Why we cannot forget the past by Harry Comeau, A letter to Washington, Ottowa, Paris and international media from a Haitian man | Please circulate widely, join HLLN media campaign against anti-democratic forces refusing to tell truth about Haiti’s sufferings at hand of Washington, its mainstream media and coup d’etat allies
1/3/06 The Puzzling Alliance of Chavannes Jean-Baptiste and Charles Henri Baker
28/2/06 HLLN’s Media Letter Writing Campaign: Stop Mainstream Media libelously railroading President Preval and the people of Haiti -Keep writing, denouncing these false accusations
27/2/06 Demo Feb. 27 in Washington: HDP must be stopped | Message to Dobbins: Haiti not a US Colony, we are tired of benefactors and do-gooders | Lalane calls 5% of people in Site Soley exterminated!

Feb. 26, 2006 is the 200th anniversary of General Dumas: Bicentenaire du gènèral Dumas & COMMUNIQU… DE PRESSE: Lancement d’une consultation pour une úuvre en hommage au Gènèral Alexandre Dumas | Compte-rendu d’un observateur | Democracy Triumphs in Haiti; US Must Stand AsideBY THE EDITORS | The Bard Observe

24/2/06 Mainstream Media Disinformation Campaign Against Haiti (New York Times, LA Times, Miami Herald, Associated Press) emboldens: The Washington Chimères and Haiti Democracy Project coup d’etat plans against Haiti even before President Preval takes office!
23/2/06 US Embassy’s (Tim Carney of the Anti-Democratic Haiti Democracy Project) Selective and racist use of US Federal power undermines the institutionalization of Haitian law, justice and democracy | Letter to USA Today on Haiti Democracy Project’s Powerful Bush Government – State and Defense Department connections from Anthony Fenton | Pres. Aristide Ready for Return to Haiti
22/2/06 Jacques Bernard, the Frenchmen accused of ballot stuffing and electoral fraud in Haiti is Welcome to the US by Haiti Democracy Project and Scheduled to Address HDP Seminar | J.Bernard, another Zealot, like Manus and Paquiot, HDP will use to destabalize Haiti’s elected President | Se Pép ki bay pouvwa!
17/2/06 Haiti’s Elections: Right Result for the Wrong Reason By Brian Concannon Jr., Esq.
20/2/06 Rendez-vous à Villers-Coterêts (Aisne) dimanche 26 février 2006 – Bicentenaire du général Dumas (1806-2006) | Stop interfering in nation’s politics by Ira Kurzban | CKUT Radio: Haiti – A Week of Special Programming [Feb. 20th-24th] | STOP Haiti Democracy Project and Tim Carney’s destabalizing Preval’s presidency even before it begins…
20/2/06 Jacques Bernard, the Electoral Council’s director accused of stuffing ballots with blank votes, flees Haiti – Haiti Election Chief Flees Country | Le directeur exécutif de l’organisme ‘lectoral’ quitte le pays à la cloche de bois cloche (also HLLN English translation)
16/2/06 Warning of new Haiti intervention US troop deployment sparks protests in Dominican Republic
17/2/06 Pozisyon Prensip Sou Respe Vot 7 Fervriye 2006 La |Haiti election authority says fraud tainted vote |Haiti unrest reminded me of apartheid – Tutu | Haïti aux Haïtiens! MANIFESTATION le 25 février
17/2/06 Joy, but Most Likely Trepidation as well, Ahead for Haiti
17/2/06 Haiti’s election crisis was made in Washington but transfomed by the people of Haiti: HLLN questions MINUSTHA’s credibility, OAS and Washington’s credibility, willingness and ability to legitimately support and safeguard the Haitian people’s landslide mandate to President Rene Preval
16/2/06 Haitian Election Sends World a Message by John Maxwell
16/2/06 Préval declared winner in Haiti, CBC News 16 Feb 2006
14/2/06 Haiti: mass protests erupt over vote count By Jonathan Keane
15/2/06 The Smoking Gun – Photos of STOLEN ballots found in garbage dump in Haiti | Brazil backs Preval as victor in elections | Smashed ballot baxes found in Haiti, et al
14/2/06 HLLN details how CEP violated its own laws | If blank votes are to be counted, they are to be counted at the polling stations not by the CEP | Top Haiti Candidate to Challenge Vote
14/2/06 Burned ballots inflame Haitian election tensions | Congresswoman Waters Denounces attempts to steal election | AUMOHD Open Letter to CEP (in French) | Plan of the Deceivers by Dr. Frantz Large, Haitian Senate Candidate, Lespwa Party, et al…
13/2/06 Brazil calls for Urgent UN Meeting on Haiti | Witnesses said Jordanian U.N. soldiers opened fire on peaceful protestors, killing two and wounding four, AP reports |The people take over the Montana Hotel | MINUSTHA soldiers accompanies Preval to Port-au-Prince
13/2/06 Haiti NewsLinks 1-13 February 2006
13/2/06 HAITI NEWSLINKS 30-19 January 2005
13/2/06 Urgent Alert: HLLN mande MINUSTA pa tire sou pép la ki pran lari-a pou pwoteje demokrasi e vòt yo! | HLLN ask the UN not to shoot the demonstrators, write to media and your congressperson- Demand US/Canada/France supported Boca Raton regime in Haiti respect the people’s Feb. 7th vote
13/2/06 Haiti – Preval lead slipping, allegations of fraud
12/2/06 Official tally gives Preval 49.6% with 72% stations COUNTED but Fequiere, another member of the CEP say Preval already has the ABSOLUTE majority…Could this be because of what the NYT called US “mixed signals!” in Haiti?
11/2/06 “Blan an ap eseye anile vótpép la, ankó!” – Official partial result show Preval (at 50.26%) without necessary 51% to take election on first round | Haiti takes to the streets to denounce electoral fraud of Bush/IRI/McCain Boca Raton Regime
11/2/06 Haiti Report for February 11, 2006
9/2/06 Bonne Chance, Ti René! par Claude Ribbe | Unofficial Translation: Traduction par Kawonabo, ‘L’autre changement de régime’ par Max Blumenthal | Kreyol Radio Programs
7/2/06 HLLN’s Radio Interview on Preval and Haiti elections | Rapport de l‚AUMOHD sur les élections du 7 Février 2006
7/2/06 Initial Reports on elections in Haiti: Elektyon an Gate, the elections are ruined!!! – Sham Elections to be followed by politique de doublure, Patrick Elie interviewed on Haitian history…HLLN notes 3 scenarios for these selections, et al
6/2/06 Haiti Support Group press release: On the Haitian elections, and beyond – 6 February 2006
4/2/06 Haiti Report for February 4, 2006
3/2/06 New York Times Editorial: No Help to Democracy in Haiti
3/2/06 Botched Job: The UN and the Haitian Elections
31/12/06 Did Bush plan coup in Haiti? Max Blumental
29/12/06 Father Jean Juste released, transfered to Miami Hospital |Demand New York Times apology to Haitians for disseminating untruth coining coup d’etat as a “popular uprising” | With NY Times’ “Democracy Undone” renew demands for Congressional investigation into US role in Haiti’s current lawlessness
30/12/06 The World Can’t Wait: Answer the Call To Drive Out the Bush Regime
30/12/06 Haiti Report for January 30, 2006
29/12/06 Democracy Undone – Mixed U.S. Signals Helped Tilt Haiti Toward Chaos By WALT BOGDANICH and JENNY NORDBERG
24/12/06 Letter from Father Gerald Jean Juste, political prisoner dying senselessly in a Haiti under US/UN tutelage
22/12/06 Haiti Report for January 22, 2006
18/12/06 Haiti News Links 1-18 January 2006
12/12/06 Haiti Report for January 12 2006, Part 2
12/12/06 Haiti Report for January 12 2006, Part 1
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