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Date: 28-31 AUGUST 2006

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Date: 31 August 2006


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Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? As Many As

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially
acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2639

Cost of America’s War in Iraq

See the cost in your community


MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann Speaks Truth to Power

Must watch 7 minute video

“The man who sees absolutes, where all other men see nuances and
shades of meaning, is either a prophet, or a quack. Donald H.
Rumsfeld is not a prophet.”

Click to watch. Windows Media

Behind the plan to bomb Iran

By Ismael Hossein-zadeh

There is strong evidence that the US administration’s recent public
statements that it is now willing to negotiate with Iran are highly
disingenuous: they are designed not to reach a diplomatic solution to
the so-called “Iran crisis”, but to remove diplomatic hurdles toward a
military “solution”.


Baluchistan and the Coming Iran War

By Luciana Bohne

Why should the news from Baluchistan interest us? I’ll let you
connect the dots by presenting a bit of context and concluding with
an article from the Carnegie Endowement, which, I think, will
underline the significance of the event for the prospected US attack
on Iran.

Hizbullah’s victory has transformed the Middle East

By George Galloway in Beirut

The defeat of the regional superpower could yet open the way to a
wider settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Worst Kind of Terror

Murder on Rucarb Street

By Eliza Ernshire

Palestine has been so reduced and so humiliated that it is now a
country where the Occupying force can walk into a main city on
nightfall, can walk down the main street of that city and kill a man
and then walk away again as if that is a damn right of theirs and no
one is going to blink an eye at it.

Can You Really Not See?

By Amira Hass

Let us leave aside those Israelis whose ideology supports the
dispossession of the Palestinian people because “God chose us.” Leave
aside the judges who whitewash every military policy of killing and
destruction. Leave aside the military commanders who knowingly jail
an entire nation in pens surrounded by walls, fortified observation
towers, machine guns, barbed wire and blinding projectors. Leave asi

Israel’s deceptions as a way of life

By Jonathan Cook

A clue where Israel might be heading next emerged this week when
Olmert’s trusted international ambassador, Shimon Peres, “revealed”
that Iran is trying to transfer its nuclear know-how to terrorist
organisations. Peres did not name Hizbullah but it is only time
before the link is made and a new casus belli established.

Iraq attacks kill at least 61 as U.S. occupation continues:

At least 43 were killed when a series of seven rocket and bomb
attacks were launched almost simultaneously against Shiite and
Christian districts of Baghdad shortly before the nightly curfew,
security officials said.

Iraq: At least 13 killed as U.S. Occupation grinds on:

A car bomb targeting an Iraqi police patrol killed four police
commandos and wounded 11 people, including six policemen

U.S. sniper kills family of four in Ramadi – witnesses:

A man, his wife and two children were walking home in al-Huz
neighborhood when a U.S. sniper shot them dead at 11:00 a.m. in
al-Ma’ared Street.

Marines admit to abducting, killing Iraqi:

Two Marines have confessed to kidnapping and killing a 52-year-old
Iraqi man in Hamandiya, west of Baghdad, a military prosecutor said
Wednesday at a preliminary hearing.

No Death Penalty for Marine:

The government will not seek the death penalty against a Marine Corps
private who is among eight service members charged with murder and
other crimes in the shooting of an Iraqi civilian, a military
prosecutor said Wednesday.,13319,111982,00.html

Another lie on Iraq:

WHEN President Bush declared last week that “nobody has ever
suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered” the
9/11 terrorist attacks, a large segment of the American public must
have been very surprised.

Australia: Iraq letter ‘suppressed’ lack of WMD evidence: –

A DAMNING six-page letter on the hunt for weapons of mass destruction
in Iraq was suppressed by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, according
to a former senior diplomat.

US military to pay $20 million for “more positive news” from Iraq:

“They want it [news] to be received by audiences as it is transmitted
[by them], but they don’t like how it turns out,” he said. As an
example, he said, there are complaints that reports from Iraq
sometimes quote Shiite cleric and militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr more
than military commanders.

Bush warns Iran, rejects Iraq withdrawal:

President George W. Bush warned Iran would pay a price for not
freezing sensitive nuclear work and predicted an apocalyptic future
if the United States hastily quits Iraq

Bolton: U.N. must now focus on sanctions :

President Bush said “there must be consequences” for Iran, adding
that the war between Tehran-backed Hezbollah militants and Israel
demonstrated that “the world now faces a grave threat from the
radical regime in Iran.”

Iran says report shows U.S. charges are baseless:

The confidential report by the Vienna-based body, leaked to Reuters,
said Iran had resumed enriching small amounts of uranium in recent
days. The agency said lack of Iranian cooperation had blocked its

Israel can’t be destroyed, ex-Mossad director says :

“Israel is indestructable for a variety of reasons,” he added.
“Israel can’t be eradicated. Whenever Israel has identified a threat
[to its existence], Israel has been able to take care of it.”

UN chief in Syria, blasts Israel over cluster bombs:

UN chief Kofi Annan has lambasted Israel for using cluster bombs
during its war with Hezbollah as he arrived in Syria for talks on
shoring up the truce in Lebanon.

Rabbis: Israel Too Worried Over Civilian Deaths :

America’s main organization of Modern Orthodox rabbis is calling on
the Israeli military to be less concerned with avoiding civilian
casualties on the opposing side when carrying out future operations.

Donors pledge over $940m for Lebanon :

International donors today pledged more than $940m (Ł490m) for early
reconstruction efforts in Lebanon and called on Israel to lift its
sea and air blockade of the country.

US May Cover Israel’s War Costs:

A senior Bush administration official said Wednesday that if asked,
the US is likely to grant Israel additional military aid to cover the
costs of its recent war against Hezbollah.

Ruin, despair in Gaza neighborhood after Israeli incursion :

An elderly mother spoke amid the rubble of her partially destroyed
home in the Shajaiya neighborhood of Gaza City, from where Israeli
occupation troops pulled out early Thursday after a four-day-plus
operation that killed 20 people.

Gaza children suffer as rich world meets to discuss aid:

Since 28th June, 44 children have been killed, electricity and water
infrastructure has been destroyed. Since 15th August, for example, no
humanitarian aid at all has been allowed through some gates and even
humanitarian workers have had their movements heavily restricted.

Armed man in UK Tel Aviv embassy :

An armed man is in the compound of the British Embassy in Tel Aviv,
threatening to kill himself on live television if he does not get

Israeli Police Storm British Embassy :

Israeli police commandos stormed the British Embassy late Thursday
and captured a Palestinian gunman who had scaled the fence and
demanded political asylum. There were no reports of injuries.,,-6050709,00.html

MP George Gallowa, says Israel poisoning West:

Galloway said Israel’s 39-year occupation of swathes of Arab
territory had spurred militants to attack the West.

Israel warns of terror attacks:

The southern part of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula was placed on a high
security alert on Wednesday after Israel warned its citizens of an
imminent terror attacks, said security officials

FBI Arrests Head of Israeli Security at Atlanta Consulate

Afghan, coalition forces kill 2 militants, cause civilian casualties

Afghan forces supported by coalition air strikes killed two
militants, but also caused civilian casualties on Thursday in the
southern Helmand province of Afghanistan, the Defense Ministry said.

Kidnapped Afghan soldiers tortured and killed:

Suspected Taliban fighters kidnapped two Afghan troops and then
tortured and killed them while another soldier listened over the
telephone, the US-led international military coalition in Afghanistan
said Thursday.

UK: Public ‘not told of real risk to troops in Afghanistan’:

In an unusually candid assessment, the official conceded that the
former Defence Secretary had “insufficiently communicated” the risks
soldiers would face in the lawless Helmand Province.

Evidence thin on some U.K. terror suspects :

Evidence is thin against some of the 25 Muslims British police
detained in the alleged plot to bomb U.S. aircraft, the Chicago
Tribune reports.

Labour will lose the next election if it isn’t brave enough to ditch
Blair now :

The party conference is the prime minister’s last chance to do the
right thing and announce his timetable for departure,,1861708,00.html

Kevin Benderman is Free, Home with Family :

Kevin Benderman was released last week from imprisonment at Fort
Lewis, Washington. He immediately flew home to be reuinited with his
wife Monica and the rest of his family in Hinesville, Georgia.

Australia: Thomas contact list rethink:

Mr Mowbray imposed the nation’s first interim control order on Mr
Thomas last weekend at the request of the AFP, restricting Mr Thomas’
travel, requiring him to report to police three days a week and
banning him from leaving Australia without permission.

The fight for democracy: The return of the Sandinista :

More than 20 years after the US ousted Daniel Ortega’s democratically
elected Government, the left-wing Nicaraguan has emerged as a
front-runner for the Presidency despite Bush’s attempts to undermine
his party.

Shocking Lancet Study:

8,000 Murders, 35,000 Rapes and Sexual Assaults in Haiti During
U.S.-Backed Coup Regime After Aristide Ouster

Video: Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson, Blasts President Bush:

Entire video

Burns Says Terrorists Drive Taxis by Day :

Republican Sen. Conrad Burns, whose recent comments have stirred
controversy, says the United States is up against a faceless enemy of
terrorists who “drive taxi cabs in the daytime and kill at night.”

Stephen Lendman : CNN’s Vice President of Racism and Associates :

Who might have guessed this well-thought of financial host would
transform himself into a raving racist never letting a program pass
without blaming all the country’s ills on the poor and desperate

NYT move to block Web to Britons raises questions:

A New York Times decision to block British online readers from seeing
a story about London terrorism suspects raises new questions on
restricting the flow of information in the Internet age, legal and
media experts say.

Most Americans Support Legalizing Drug Imports From Canada, Poll

Two-thirds of Americans strongly believe a law prohibiting
pharmaceutical imports from Canada and other countries is intended to
protect drug-company profits

Bush nominates 5 as appeals court judges: –

In a move to satisfy the GOP’s most conservative supporters,
President Bush on Wednesday nominated five people as appeals court
judges, including one whom Democrats have threatened to block with a

INN World report: Interview with first lawyer to subpoena Bush & NSA
over spying on Americans

Bruce Afran and Carl Mayer, the New Jersey attorneys who subpoenaed
the White House and the NSA on August 30, as part of the lawsuit on
Verizon over illegally giving phone records to the Bush

Law Enforcement Officials Search for U.S.-Born Terrorists:

Worried about American citizens attacking their own country, law
enforcement and intelligence officials are trying to learn how and
why extremist sympathizers cross a line and become operational

Humor: The Daily Show- Living In A Police State


Date: 30 August 2006

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You can include the headlines from this newsletter on your own
website free of charge

Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? As Many As

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially
acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2638

Cost of America’s War in Iraq

See the cost in your community

Return Of People Power

By John Pilger

The Lebanese resistance, armed and unarmed, is from the same
wellspring as other movements throughout the world. Each has learned
to put aside its sectarian differences in the face of a common enemy
– rampant empire and its proxies.

Why Are We In Iraq?

By Michael S. Rozeff

We are in Iraq because of empire. We have armed forces in Iraq
because of error. We have empire because we have a runaway state.

The Five Morons Revisited

Paul Craig Roberts

When the neocons launched the Bush administration’s invasions of
Afghanistan and Iraq and announced plans for invading Syria and Iran,
I labeled Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Rice “the five
Morons.” With the passage of time I see that I over-estimated their
mental capabilities.

Rummy’s Reverie: “The Media made me lose the War”

By Mike Whitney

“No offense, Mr. Secretary, but you’re losing the goddamn war and
you’re blaming it on some fictitious Islamic media which only exists
in your fevered imagination.”


The Lobby and the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon: Their Facts and Ours

By James Petras

The Jewish Lobby does work ‘day in and day out’ to make sure that
Israel can ethnically cleanse Palestine, drop 5-ton bombs on Lebanese
apartment buildings, bulldoze villages and isolate the US from even
its closest allies at the expense of the US taxpayers, our democratic
ideals and our sovereignty. And the American Jewish Committee has the
chutzpah (arrogance) to say that it is ‘our mutually beneficial
link’. Now that is a bit of political dishonesty!

This Is A Must Watch

Dispatches From The Killing Zone

Channel 4 Video Report

Dispatches reporter Sandra Jordan and producer Rodrigo Vasquez risk
their lives to reveal the shocking level of daily violence and
murderous hate in the Gaza Strip.

Click here to view.


Iraq: At least77 killed as bloody U.S. occupation continues:

A blast in the Shurja market left 24 dead and 35 wounded Wednesday
and came just two hours after rebels targeted an Iraqi army
recruitment centre in the Shiite town of Hilla, south of Baghdad,
killing 12 volunteers and wounding 38.

Iraqi minister says gunmen executed 13 soldiers:

The 12-hour gun battle on Monday was among the bloodiest between
Iraqi government forces and Shiite militiamen. The Defence Ministry
had said 20 of its soldiers were killed.

Five more US soldiers die in Iraq:

The US military announced the deaths of five US soldiers on Tuesday,
bringing to 13 the number of troops that have died over the past
three days.

Congressmember Murtha: “ Disappointed” by Hillary Clinton’s Refusal
to Endorse Troop Withdrawal Plan:

Democracy Now! interviews Congressmember John Murtha (D – PA) about
his position on the Iraq war, the Haditha massacre and Sen. Hillary
Clinton’s refusal to endorse his troop withdrawal plan.

Iraqi minister cancels truce with Shiite militia:

Iraq’s defence minister has declared the army’s truce with Shiite
militants in the central city of Diwaniyah null and void, and
demanded an inquiry into the killing of 13 soldiers.

Iraqi Hospitals Are War’s New ‘Killing Fields’:

Armed Shiite Muslim militiamen dragged the 43-year-old Sunni mason
down the hallway floor, snapping intravenous needles and a breathing
tube out of his body, and later riddled his body with bullets, family
members said.

Afghanistan: 18 Suspected “Insurgents” Killed :

Some 60 “insurgents” attacked the coalition troops with heavy
machine-guns and rocket-propelled grenades in Cahar Cineh district of
the southern Uruzgan province on Monday, statement said. There were no
coalition casualties.

Beheaded bodies of two Afghans found in Pakistan tribal area :

Pakistani authorities in a tribal region found headless bodies of two
Afghan refugees with notes saying they were spying for the US-backed
government in neighbouring Afghanistan

Israeli occupation forces kill 8 Palestinians in Gaza attack:

Among those killed was a 14-year-old boy who was shot dead. A
30-year-old man was killed by a heavy caliber bullet to the head as
he was on the rooftop of his house.

Annan: Israel must stop killing Palestinians:

In meeting with Palestinian President Abbas in Ramallah, UN
secretary-general slams Israel, says more than 200 Palestinians
killed since the end of June. He also calls on Israel to lift
blockade on Gaza, allow free transfer of goods,7340,L-3297757,00.html

The Palestinian Vice-Prime Minister kidnapped by Israel:

Former rector of the Faculty of Law at the National University of Al
Najah in Nablus, Mr Shaer is a moderate person. He does not belong to
any political party, and is not a member of Hamas as widespread in the

Report: U.S. Secretly Negotiated with Gaza Kidnappers

The U.S. secretly agreed to the “real demands” set by the group
behind the August 14 kidnapping of two Fox News journalists in Gaza,
according to a report in the pan-Arab newspaper al Hayat.

Israel spewed cluster bombs over Lebanon in last days of war:

UN: UN humanitarian chief Jan Egeland said Wednesday that thousands
of civilians were at risk in south Lebanon from unexploded cluster
bombs dropped by Israeli forces in the last three days of the war
against Hezbollah guerrillas.

Israel Rejects Annan Demand on Blockade :

Israel rejected demands Wednesday from visiting U.N.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan that it immediately lift its sea and air
blockade of Lebanon.

Annan: Israel responsible for most truce violations :

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Tuesday that Israel
was responsible for most of the violations of the UN-brokered
cease-fire that ended the 34-day conflict between Israel and
Hezbollah two weeks ago.

Lebanon will be last country to make peace with Israel :

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said Wednesday that he refused
to have any direct contact with Israel, and that Lebanon would be the
last Arab country to ever sign a peace deal with it.

Israel: 25% of families below poverty line:

26.2% of Israelis, comprising over 1.6 million people, were below the
poverty line in 2005 – a 1.7% jump from 24.5% in 2004.

Iran’s nuclear programme ‘legitimate’ if peaceful: Italian FM:

“If Iran is looking to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, it
is not only legitimate, but can also clear the way for cooperation”
with other countries, D’Alema said in an interview on Radio 1.

From Hype To Hysteria: Fox News Selling Preemptive War Against Iran:

Tomorrow marks the deadline for Iran to comply with U.N. demands to
suspend portions of its nuclear program. Fox is using the opportunity
to sell another preemptive war.

Donald Rumsfeld as the serpent :

Russia was asked to support a U.S. proposal to use intercontinental
ballistic missiles whose nuclear warheads would be replaced with
conventional ones to attack terrorists.

Uncensored Video News Reports From Across The Middle East

– Warning – This video may contain images depicting the reality and
horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience

UK: Three remanded on terror charges :

Three more men appeared in court today in connection with the alleged
plot to blow up transatlantic passenger jets.,,1861200,00.html

Venezuela, Syria `United’ Against US Aggression :

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday that his government is
united with Syria in strong opposition to the U.S. government’s
“imperialistic” aggression in the Middle East.

US accused of bid to oust Chávez with secret funds :

Millions of dollars have been provided in a “pro-democracy programme”
that Chávez supporters claim is a covert attempt to bankroll an
opposition to defeat the government.

Venezuela to seize golf courses

The mayor of Venezuela’s capital Caracas says he plans to expropriate
two exclusive golf courses and use the land for homes for the city’s

Mexico Leftist to Create Parallel Gov’t:

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, convinced he won’t be awarded the
presidency, has vowed to create a parallel leftist government and is
urging Mexicans not to recognize the apparent victory of the ruling
party’s Felipe Calderon.

Stephen Lendman : Courage and Resistance in Oaxaca and Mexico City :

It began on May 15 this year when teachers belonging to the 70,000
strong National Union of Education Workers in Oaxaca, Mexico took to
the streets for the first time to press their demands to the state
government to address their long-neglected needs

Judge probing Pinochet fortune suspended:

An appeals court effectively suspended a legal probe into the source
of former dictator Augusto Pinochet’s foreign fortune on Tuesday by
temporarily removing the judge handling the case.

Chris Floyd: NYT to Freedom of the Press: “Drop Dead!” :

Readers in the UK perusing the New York Times yesterday ran across an
intriguing headline about new facts coming out in the “bomb terror
plot” that recently shook the island kingdom

Neocons move against Information Clearing House.:

Articles for deletion/Information Clearing House.

Please provide your views.

Brain-injury funding may be cut:

Brain injuries are so common among U.S. troops that they’re called
the signature injury of the Iraq war, but Congress is poised to cut
military spending on researching and treating them.

The Man Who Has Been to America :

Why should Geneva Convention protections be applied to Guantanamo
detainees? One innocent man’s journey through the legal black hole of
the War on Terror—four prisons, three countries, two years—may be the
best argument yet.

Tom Rushing: Controlling the Masses: From Religion to Bernaise:

A brief overview of the methods used to assert control over the

In case you missed it: Video:

The Century of the Self :

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate
mass-consumer society.

Mike Whitney: The Great Housing Crash of ‘07:

How low will prices go? All tolled, the Bush-handouts amounted to
roughly $3 trillion dollars, the largest heist in history, and it was
carried out under the nose of the snoozing American public.

Data show one in eight Americans in poverty:

In the world’s biggest economy, one in eight Americans and almost one
in four blacks lived in poverty last year, the U.S. Census Bureau said
on Tuesday. The survey also showed 15.9 percent of the population, or
46.6 million, had no health insurance, up from 15.6 percent in 2004
and an increase for a fifth consecutive year

The Bush Record: More Poverty, More Uninsured :

New Census Bureau data show the real state of the current economy.
The Bush record on combating poverty and insuring more Americans is
an undisputed failure.

Full Report:

Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States:
2005 [PDF]

‘Don’t Feed The Homeless’:

Recent attempts in Las Vegas and Orlando to restrict sharing food
with poor and homeless people are only the latest examples of a
nationwide trend by cities to target homeless people.

Oil Company CEO Pay Averaged $32.7 Million in 2005, Study Says :

In 2005, the CEOs of the largest 15 oil companies averaged $32.7
million in compensation, compared with $11.6 million for all large
U.S. firms, according to the study, released today by the Institute
for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy.


In case you missed it:

Humor? President Bush: In an Emergency State Of The Union

4 Minute Video


Date: 29 August 2006

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News Syndication

You can include the headlines from this newsletter on your own
website free of charge

Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? As Many As

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially
acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2632

Cost of America’s War in Iraq

See the cost in your community

Corporate Globalization and Middle East Terrorism

By Charles Sullivan

It is ironic that the people who think they are the freest are the
most controlled people on earth. It is equally odd that those who
think they are part of the greatest democracy the world has ever
known do not participate in a democracy at all; nor do they recognize
one when they see it. These facts attest to how thoroughly the
American people have been propagandized by the corporate media.

Today’s ‘Islamic fascists’ were yesterday’s friends

By Brendan O’Neill

From the Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas: how the West and its allies
created a layer of anti-secular radical Islamism.

The Big Lie About ‘Islamic Fascism’

By Eric Margolis

The term “Islamofascist” is utterly without meaning, but packed with
emotional explosives. It is a propaganda creation worthy Dr.
Goebbles, and the latest expression of the big lie technique being
used by neocons in Washington’s propaganda war against its enemies in
the Muslim World.

Bigotry and Ignorance of Islam

By Charley Reese

President George Bush’s ignorance of the Middle East and its people
is well-known. So also is his habit of parroting words and sentences
given to him by other people. He hit a new low when he referred to
“Islamic fascists.”

Israeli Apartheid

Segregation, Control and the Creation of Bantustans in the Occupied
Palestinian Territories (OPT).

By Owen Powell

The creation of Palestinian enclaves or ghettos in the OPT bears a
striking resemblance to the South African policies during the
apartheid era which sought the establishment Bantustans as a means to
facilitate segregation and to secure privileges for an ethnic

Two scholars say pro-Israel lobby has warped U.S. policy

By Frank James

John Mearsheimer, a University of Chicago political science
professor, and Stephen Walt, a professor of international relations
at Harvard University’s Kennedy School, said the U.S. government’s
unstinting support for Israel’s recent war in Lebanon once again
placed the agenda of what they call the Israel lobby ahead of U.S.
strategic interests.

Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

C-Span Video

Two international affairs experts discussed pro-Israel lobbying and
its influence on U.S. attitudes toward the conflict between Israel
and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Topics included Israel and international
law, U.S. neutrality, defining terrorism, and $3 billion per year
U.S. aid to Israel.

Click here to view.

AIPAC, the Religious Right and American foreign policy

By Rodrigue Tremblay

Nobody can understand what’s going on politically in the United
States without being aware that a political coalition of major
pro-Likud groups, pro-Israel neoconservative intellectuals and
Christian Zionists is exerting a tremendously powerful influence on
the American government and its policies.

Bush Seeks Retroactive Laws to Protect Himself from War Crimes

By Paul Craig Roberts

Today the US and its last remaining non-coerced ally, Israel, are
almost universally regarded as the bad guys over whom John Wayne
would triumph. Today the US and Israel are seen throughout the world
as war criminal states.

Reclaiming The Issues: Islamic Or Republican Fascism?

By Thom Hartmann

In the years since George W. Bush first used 9/11 as his own
“Reichstag fire” to gut the Constitution and enhance the power and
wealth of his corporate cronies, many across the political spectrum
have accused him and his Republican support group of being fascists.


Iraq: Raging violence claims at least 91 lives as U.S. occupation

Police found the bodies of 20 men with gunshot wounds in two areas of
Baghdad on Tuesday

At least 100 die as militia force Iraqi troops out of town :

More than 10,000 Iraqis – the vast majority in Baghdad – have been
killed in the past four months alone, a figure that would send
shockwaves through the international community were it in any other
part of the world.

American toll is 10 killed in 2 days:

The U.S. military said today that nine U.S. soldiers were killed on
Sunday, eight of them in and around Baghdad and one in fighting in
Anbar province west of Baghdad. A 10th soldier died yesterday of
wounds sustained in a vehicle accident in Balad north of Baghdad.

Iraqi army agrees to truce with Shi’a militia:

Under the deal brokered by local political leaders, the army will
pull out of residential areas, while the Mahdi Army militia will
stand down its forces in the districts it seized during the fighting,
they said.

Attorneys want officials gagged in soldier’s murder – rape case: –

Federal officials should be barred from speaking about the case of a
former soldier charged with raping and killing a 14-year-old Iraqi
girl, defense attorneys said.

New ‘Caught Red-Handed’ Report:

Since the Iraq war began, the Republican-led Congress has spent more
than $300 Billion on President Bush’s failed policy. $18 billion has
been awarded to Halliburton, much of which was in “no bid” contracts
and $9 billion is missing.

Turkish general vows to rout PKK :

He described the Kurdish rebels as “terrorists” who used democracy
and human rights as a shield.

Rumsfeld: U.S. able to take new fight despite Iraq:

“It would be unfortunate if other countries thought that because we
have 136,000 troops in Iraq today, that we’re not capable of
defending our country or doing anything that we might need to do,” he
said in response to a question about military options for dealing with

The Spider’s Web:

More people than ever are dying in Iraq while the United States looks
on powerlessly. In the wake of its invasion of Lebanon, Israel is
driven with self-doubt, while Europe tries to establish peace. But
there is one country that is benefiting from every crisis in the
region: Iran.

War pimp alert:

Iran ‘central banker of terror’ :

“Iran is like the elephant in the room if you will … they are the
central banker of terror. It is a country that has terrorism as a
line-item in its budget,” said Stuart Levey, the department’s
undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.


War with Iran? Military Movements throughout Eurasia:

The United States is resolute on establishing dominance over this
area in a chess game that involves the heir to the Soviet Union—the
post-Soviet Russian Federation—the Peoples’ Republic of China, and

Iranian President: US, Britain Act Like ‘Owners of the World’:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad challenged President Bush to an
uncensored debate on world issues during a televised press conference
on Tuesday.

Bush wimps out:

White House rejects Irans Ahmadinajad offer for televised debate with
Bush :

The White House on Tuesday rejected an offer made publicly by Iranian
President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad to hold a televised debate with
President George Bush, saying the offer was a “diversion” from the
international concern over Tehrans nuclear ambitions.


Siavush Randjbar-Daemi: You Don’t Need to be Friends to Start Talking
: .

More than one regime insider has revealed in the past few months that
Iran’s top echelons of power are seriously interested in opening up
talks with the US.

Cheap Wars :

Capitalism, many radicals have long argued, needs war. It needs it to
expand its geographical reach; it needs it to open up new markets; it
needs it to access cheap raw materials; and it needs it to placate
opposition at home and pacify rebellious populations abroad

US threat ‘an insult to UN’ :

Iran says a US threat to form an independent coalition to impose
sanctions if the UN Security Council fails to act over Tehran’s
nuclear programme is an insult to the world body.

Rumsfeld: Critics Appease ‘New Type of Fascism’:

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Tuesday accused critics of
the Bush administration’s Iraq and counterterrorism policies of
trying to appease “a new type of fascism.”

AIPAC urges U.S. to shut Iranian Web site:

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is urging the
United States government to disconnect an Iranian news site from
American Internet servers, charging that the site has ties to
terrorist organizations.

AIPAC North: “Israel Advocacy” in Canada:

Given long-term Israel advocacy strategy and concern over popular
opinion, one strategic target was the school system. Where the Israel
advocacy apparatus had strong control, its pedagogical approach was
already on display.

Ambush, bombs kill 20 in occupied Afghanistan: –

U.S.-led forces in occupied Afghanistan killed 18 “suspected
Taliban”, the military said on Tuesday, while two Afghans died in a
suicide bombing of a NATO convoy — part of the worst violence since
the fall of the Taliban 5 years ago.

Four Dead in Afghan Blasts :

Two bomb blasts in southern occupied Afghanistan have killed two
civilians and two policemen.

Guantanamo’s oldest detainee returned to Afghanistan:

An Afghan man in his 70s who used a walker to get around the
Guantanamo Bay lockup has been sent home.

2 Palestinians killed by Israeli Occupation Forces near Gaza:

The Israel Air Force attacked the Sajaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza
City. Two people were killed and six injured as a result of the

5 year old shot in the back by Israeli occupation forces in Gaza:

A five year old boy sustained moderate to severe injuried from IOF
fire in a neighborhood east of Gaza City. According to the sources,
the boy was shot in the back.,7340,L-3297306,00.html

Gaza siege causing major health crisis:

Gaza hospitals are facing a crisis because of a western and Israeli
economic boycott, and an Israeli military offensive. The United
Nations has warned of an increasingly desperate humanitarian

Last embassy in Jerusalem announces move to Tel Aviv:

El Salvador is leaving. On Friday, El Salvador officially notified
Israel’s Foreign Office that its embassy would be packing up and
leaving for Tel Aviv.

Annan: Lebanon Blockade a ´Humiliation´ :

He also toured a bombed-out neighborhood in the Hezbollah stronghold
of south Beirut, where hundreds of residents booed him as he toured
the ruins Monday.

For Israel’s security?:

Arabs must not possess electricity, modern roads or water

Uncensored Video News Reports From Across The Middle East:

– Warning – This video may contain images depicting the reality and
horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience

Bashir links CIA to Bali bombings:

Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has accused America’s main
intelligence agency of involvement in the 2002 Bali suicide bombings,
which claimed the lives of 202 people, including 88 Australians.

CIA used ‘micro nuclear’ bomb in Bali: Bashir

In an interview tonight on ABC television’s Foreign Correspondent,
Bashir claims the device that killed most people in the Bali attack
was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “micro-nuclear” bomb

Grenades ‘caused Beslan tragedy’ :

A Russian investigator has said grenades fired by surrounding Russian
forces could have triggered the Beslan school bloodbath in September

Chavez allies say Venezuelan recipients of U.S. funding should be

Supporters of President Hugo Chavez are calling for the U.S.
government to identify all groups receiving U.S. support for
pro-democracy work in Venezuela, saying a policy of withholding many
groups’ names is improper and suspicious.

Bolivia’s Morales replaces head of state oil firm:

President Evo Morales replaced the head of Bolivia’s state oil
company YPFB on Monday and gave foreign energy companies a September
1 deadline to pay new taxes outlined in the country’s

Spanish oil firm threatens to sue Bolivia over raids on its offices:

Spain’s largest oil and gas firm, has threatened to sue the Bolivian
Government over raids on its offices in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and the
arrest of one of its executives.,,13130-2332328,00.html

China’s Wealth Woes:

With its dollar hoard rising at $17 billion a month and about to pass
the $1 trillion mark, Beijing is finding out that it is possible to
have too much money.

US housing slump fuels crash fears :

Foundering American property market could spark global slowdown worse
than dotcom collapse,,1859024,00.html

Housing Skid Worries Investors ; Optimism Falls to 9-Month Low:

Investor optimism about the outlook for the U.S. financial markets
fell in August to the lowest in nine months because of growing
concerns about the housing market, according to a UBS AG poll.

Behind the facade, a city left to rot :

As cafe society blooms in the tourist areas of New Orleans, poor
ex-residents struggle to survive,,1860225,00.html

Senate moves to give Bush more power to wiretap :

A statement released by the office of Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI)
states that Specter’s bill “gives him even more power than he has
asserted under his illegal NSA wiretapping program.”

Anti-War Candidates:

Where do YOUR candidates stand on the Bush Administration’s “War on


Date: 28 August 2006

All those who took part were first asked if they would be capable of
killing or inflicting severe pain on their fellow human beings. 100%
replied categorically ‘no’.

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Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? As Many As

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially
acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2628

Cost of America’s War in Iraq

See the cost in your community

Another bloody milestone for Bush’s war

By Rupert Cornwell

A miserable milestone was passed the other day. America’s (and
Britain’s) disastrous war in Iraq has now lasted longer than the US
involvement in the Second World War.

Where’s the outrage?

By William Neikirk

U.S. troops have been accused of committing atrocities in Iraq.
Americans should care.

Compliant and subservient

By John Preston and Melissa Kite

Jimmy Carter’s explosive critique of Tony Blair.

Putting Words in Ahmadinejad’s Mouth

By Virginia Tilley

Is Iran’s President Really a Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying
Islamo-fascist who has threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”?

You must first respect your foe

By Gilad Atzmon

It is now clear that as much as the Israeli Army doesn’t know how to
win a war, the Israeli people do not know how to lose one. Already
the late stages of the recent wave of hostility in Lebanon the
Israelis were desperately searching for a scapegoat, someone to
blame, someone who would take personal responsibility for the
humiliating Israeli collective defeat.

You Ask The Questions

Noam Chomsky:

Do you believe Israel is doing the West’s dirty work?

At least 99 killed in occupied Iraq:

Fifty gunmen and 20 Iraqi soldiers have been killed in clashes in
town of Diwaniya south of Baghdad, the Ministry of Defence spokesman
said in Baghdad.

At least 67 killed as militia seizes key town:

Shiite militiamen killed at least 20 Iraqi soldiers in two days of
fighting that also left seven civilians dead, defence ministry
spokesman Mohammed al-Askari said Monday.

Eight U.S. occupation soldiers among at least 60 killed: :

The deaths followed bombings and shootings Sunday that killed more
than 60 people across the country, from the northern city of Kirkuk
to Baghdad and Basra in the south.

25 Iraqi soldiers killed amid nationwide violence :

Mohammed Abdul-Muhsen of Diwaniyah general hospital said 34 bodies
were brought in – 25 Iraqi soldiers, seven civilians and two
militiamen. He said at least 70 people were injured.,,1859979,00.html

Baghdad violence cut by half: U.S. military:

Violence in Baghdad has dropped by nearly half since July, when
U.S.-led forces launched an operation to pacify the capital, a U.S.
general said on Monday

Two Iraqi units have refused deployment

Members of two Iraqi military units have refused orders to deploy to
heavily contested areas, a top U.S. military general said.

Bush ‘palace’ shielded from Iraqi storm:

Washington is sending a clear message to Iraqis: “We’re here to

With thousands of Iraqis killed at hand of US soldiers, only few
charged-report ;

A review of military cases has found that the majority of US
who served in Iraq and charged in the deaths of Iraqi civilians have
been acquitted, found guilty of relatively minor offenses or given
administrative punishments without trials.

“The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War Without
End.” Video:

Peter Galbraith discusses his book . He describes his experiences in
Iraq, his impressions of the current situation and the leaders in
Iraq & the administration.

Afghan market blast kills 17: –

A suspected suicide bomber killed at least 17 people and wounded
almost 50 in a crowded bazaar in southern Afghanistan on Monday, the
latest attack in a surge of violence in the Taliban heartland.

Gunmen Kill 4, Including 2 Police In W Afghanistan :

Three civilians remain missing after the attack near the Iranian
border, he said.

Violence Continues in Southern Pakistan :

A massive strike has virtually shut down the province and opposition
lawmakers in the Pakistani capital Islamabad have voiced outrage
the government action.

Troops use up ammo as war with Taliban claims 14th life:

British forces suffered their 14th combat death in Afghanistan
yesterday as commanders admitted that intense fighting against the
Taliban meant they were using up missiles, rockets and spares at an
alarming rate.

Blast Kills 3 In Turkish Mediterranean Resort:

Firefighters who put out a blaze ignited by the blast discovered two
burned bodies in the street, police spokesman Akif Aktug told the
state-owned Anatolia news agency.

Israeli Occupation Forces attacks in Gaza kill 5 Palestinians.:

Two members of a Hamas-led security force and two presidential
guards, were standing on a street in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood of
Gaza City when a missile hit them, witnesses said. The four were
severely burned and killed, Palestinian doctors said.

Israeli Occupation Forces kill 64-year-old man in Jenin :

Palestinian sources said Monday that Sabri Khalil worked as a night
watchman at a local school

Israeli Occupation Forces Kill Teen Killed :

Sources earlier on Monday afternoon reported an 18-year-old male was
killed by IOF fire in the Rafiah area of southern Gaza.

A policy of no-return:

Since April 2006, Israel has imposed a sweeping ban on the return to
the country of Palestinians of Western nationality, primarily

Lebanon opposition tells cabinet to quit:

Michel Aoun, the leader of Lebanon’s opposition parliamentary bloc
and Hezbollah’s main Christian ally,

Immanuel Wallerstein.: What Can Israel Achieve?:

Israel has always depended on its own military strength and an
outside force – first the Soviet Union, then France, and now the
United States – to achieve its security. Israel had better
that it needs Hamas and Hezbollah if it is to survive.

Are Christian Zionists Mentally Ill?:

The Jerusalem Syndrome: Video:

Jerusalem attracts foreign pilgrims in their thousands, but each
dozens are diagnosed with the psychotic disorder known as “Jerusalem

Israeli general plots war with Iran:

Israel has appointed a top general to oversee a war against Iran,
prompting speculation that it is preparing for possible military
action against Tehran’s nuclear program.

War pimp alert:

Iran may pull out of NPT;

U.S. weighing sanctions without UN : Iran may develop nuclear
and pull out from the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if
pressure against its nuclear program continues, a senior Iranian
official warned yesterday.

U.N. unlikely to punish Iran — experts :

“So far, the U.S. has had a lot of difficulty in wrangling U.N.
members, particularly Russia and China, to support sanctions,” said
Ilan Berman, vice president for policy at the American Foreign
Council in Washington.

Nasrallah describes ‘Israeli provocation’ Peretz bid for next war:

He said Israel was trying to press new demands such as the
of UN forces at Beirut airport, at Lebanese ports and on Lebanon’s
border with Syria.

Israel: ‘Defense demands could set standard of living back 20 years’

Defense officials are seeking NIS 30 billion, mostly in fiscal 2007
and 2008, for resupplying, reacquiring weapons systems damaged
the war and preparing for the next war.

UK: We didn’t send Iran equipment:

British-made equipment captured by the IDF this month in southern
Lebanon was not part of a consignment of high technology
gear shipped by the UK to Iran under a UN administered drug
interdiction program, British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett

Lebanese television channel airs new pictures of Ron Arad :

Lebanese television channel LBC displayed new photographs Monday of
captured Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad.

The Americanization of Canada by Harper:

You may like or dislike his act as the chief cheerleader for Israel
and the United States. You may even feel cheated that he had kept
ideology well concealed prior to and during the last election. But
least you know where he stands now.

Eric Margolis: Stalin and the Ukranian Massacre:

Almost unknown is the genocide of 2 million of the USSR’s Muslim
peoples: Chechen, Ingush, Crimean Tatars, Tajiks, Bashkir, Kazaks.
The Chechen independence fighters today branded “terrorists” by the
US and Russia are the grandchildren of survivors of Soviet
concentration camps.

Judges back Mexico poll result:

Mexico’s highest electoral court has dismissed allegations of
fraud in last month’s presidential election.

UN “Peacekeepers” Shoot Into Poor Neighborhood in Haiti :

On a quest to evaluate whether life in Haiti is improving under the
new presidency of René Préval, retired postal employee David Welsh
Berkeley, Calif. and Haiti Action Committee activist Ben Terrell of
San Francisco got a poignant answer – from the barrel of U.N.

Stephen Lendman : Cuba Under Castro :

Fidel Castro much earlier was a model for Hugo Chavez in how he
established essential social services for the Cuban people like
world-class free health care for all and free education through the
university level.

Bin Laden, Most Wanted For Embassy Bombings?:

Osama bin Laden is a longtime and prominent member of the FBI’s “Ten
Most Wanted” list, which notes his role as the suspected mastermind
of the deadly U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa on Aug. 7, 1998.
But another more infamous date — Sept. 11, 2001 — is nowhere to be
found on the same FBI notice.

Brown says White House wanted him to lie :

The ousted head of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency says
the White House wanted him to lie about the response to Hurricane

Experts warn U.S. is coming apart at the seams:

A pipeline shuts down in Alaska. Equipment failures disrupt air
travel in Los Angeles. Electricity runs short at a spy agency in

Spanish firm to build and run new PFI toll road in Texas :

Grupo Ferrovial, Spain’s construction, infrastructure and services
giant, had a busy summer acquiring airports in the UK and Peru. Now
it has a concession to build and operate a Texas superhighway.

Is this Bush’s secret bunker? :

As the Bush administration wages its war on terror, Mount Weather is
believed to house a “shadow government” made up of senior Washington
officials on temporary assignment.,,1859815,00.html

Judge blocks Fla. voter registration law

The 48-page ruling by U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz means that
state authorities cannot enforce the provisions of the law. It took
effect Jan. 1 and has been blamed by several labor unions and
nonprofit groups for effectively blocking voter registration drives
across the state because of the financial risk.

Evangelical Conversion-for-Parole Program Thwarted:

A Bush-funded prison initiative that fast-tracked parole for
Christian converts has been swatted down in the federal courts.

Professor’s 9/11 theories outrage NH leaders:

A tenured professor of psychology at the University of New Hampshire
believes an “elite” group within the federal government orchestrated
the September 11th attacks on America.


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