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Date: 1 SEPTEMBER 2006

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Date: 1 September 2006

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Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? As Many As

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially
acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2642

Cost of America’s War in Iraq

See the cost in your community

Goats and Hussars: A British Harbinger of American Defeat

By Chris Floyd

“British forces evacuated the military headquarters without
coordination with the Iraqi forces,” Dhaffar Jabbar, spokesman for
the Maysan governor, told Reuters on Thursday, as looters began
moving into the camp in the wake of the British withdrawal. A unit
Iraqi government troops mutinied when told to keep order at the base

and instead attacked a military post of their own army.

Killing in the Name of Democracy

By James Bovard

The U.S. government’s first experience with forcibly spreading
democracy came in the wake of the Spanish-American War. When the
government declared war on Spain in 1898, it pledged it would not
annex foreign territory. But after a swift victory, the United
annexed all of the Philippines.

“Fascism” Frame Set Up by Right-Wing Press

Analysis by Jim Lobe

The aggressive new campaign by the administration of President
W. Bush to depict U.S. foes in the Middle East as “fascists” and its
domestic critics as “appeasers” owes a great deal to steadily
intensifying efforts by the right-wing press over the past several
months to draw the same comparison.

For Whom the Heart Bleeds Not

Paul Craig Roberts

Can we take seriously the Democrats’ concern with Alaskan wolves
Democrats voted overwhelmingly to support Israel’s massacre of
Lebanese women and children and the Bush regimes’ massacre of tens
thousands of Afghan and Iraqi civilians?

Holy Land churches condemn Christian Zionism

By Matthew Tostevin

The Vatican’s envoy in the Holy Land and bishops from three other
churches have launched a rare joint attack on the Christian Zionist
movement, accusing it of promoting “racial exclusivity and perpetual

Is Hamas a Terrorist Organization?

by Mike Whitney

Removing Hamas from the State Department’s list of terrorist
organizations is a “win-win” situation for everyone. It legitimizes
the Palestinian election, it moves Israel closer to a negotiated
settlement with the PA, and it elevates the Bush administration in
the eyes of its critics. Washington can still play a central role in
this long-running conflict, but it will take bold action and

Rupert Murdoch’s Victims

The Life and Crimes of a Global Goebbels

By Richard Neville

In the editorial pages of Murdoch’s antipodean flagship, The
Australian, the bombing of Beirut is presented as “Israel doing
Lebanon a favour” and restive Arabs are described as “Nazis”. None
this should be surprising, as Murdoch revealed to the Hollywood
Reporter that his media ventures are “not as important to me as
spreading my personal political beliefs”

The Mayor and the President; A View in Salt Lake City

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Mr. Bush knows that unlike the story of the boy who cried wolf too
many times, he can drive home his message successfully. It is the
repetitiveness of his messages that will eventually give them
authenticity. Once the people hear them often enough, they will not
question their veracity. He is beating the drums – another war –
WMD to be destroyed, he claims. Bush is taking us to war again. More
lies, more deaths.

At least 5 killed in as U.S. occupation continues:

A roadside bomb killed three Iraqi policemen in Baghdad’s southern
Doura district on Friday, police said.

16 Children among 72 killed in Baghdad blast:

The blasts flattened a multistory apartment building, buried women
and children under mounds of rubble and sent terrified shoppers
fleeing out of a major bazaar, authorities and witnesses said. The
death toll included 16 children, an Iraqi police official said

Two U.S. occupation forces soldiers killed in Iraq:

An Army specialist from Minneapolis was among four soldiers killed
when a bomb exploded while they were on a foot patrol in Iraq.

U.S. force in Iraq at 140,000 :

The United States has expanded its force in Iraq to 140,000 troops,
the most since January and 13,000 more than five weeks ago, the
Pentagon said on Thursday, amid relentless violence in Baghdad and

Pentagon: Conditions ripe for civil war in Iraq:

“Conditions that could lead to civil war exist in Iraq, specifically
in and around Baghdad, and concern about civil war within the Iraqi
civilian population has increased in recent months,” it said in a
quarterly report to Congress on U.S. efforts to stabilize the

Speaking from his home in clouded cuckoo land:

Bush says Iraq the central front in war on terror:

“We will fight the terrorists overseas so we don’t have to fight
here at home,” he told the veterans and current military personnel
attendance at the Salt Palace.

Bush as “John The Revelator” – Depeche Mode: 3 Minute Video:

Unofficial animated music video for Depeche Mode’s latest single
from their album “Playing The Angel.”

Kurdish leader bans Iraqi flag:

The leader of northern Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region has ordered
officials not to fly the Iraqi national flag, in a further sign of
the country’s separatist tensions.

Halabja: Anger boils in Iraq’s “town of martyrs”:

They said Kurdish leaders had exploited Halabja for their political
ends, and that donations and investment from outside had not
translated into better schools, roads or services.

Peter W. Galbraith: The true Iraq appeasers:

The appeasement of Saddam Hussein by the Reagan and first Bush

Iraq WMD inspector accuses Govt of cover up: Video report:

The second Australian scientist who worked on the fruitless hunt for
Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction has broken his silence. John Gee
has followed Rod Barton in claiming he gave the Government early
warning in 2004 that no weapons would be found.

Israel kills resistance commander, Gaza rockets resume :

Israeli troops killed a resistance commander in the West Bank on
Thursday, while Palestinian fighters in Gaza renewed rocket attacks
that had stopped during Israel`s war on Lebanon.

The humiliation of occupation:

Israeli military court sends “captured” Hamas leaders for trial :

Speaker of Palestinian parliament is shackled : The group, 12 of
elected members of the parliament, appeared in court at Ofer Camp on
the occupied West Bank.

Report: Deal to release Shalit in progress:

Senior Arab source says Israeli delegation in Cairo making progress
in reaching deal for release of IDF soldier in exchange for release
of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.,7340,L-3298409,00.html

Israel Pegs Its Pullout to Release of Captives:

Israel signaled Wednesday that it would not lift its air and sea
blockade of Lebanon or withdraw the rest of its troops until two
Israeli soldiers seized by Hezbollah were freed.

UN wins Syrian backing for Lebanon resolution:

Following Damascus meeting, UN Secretary-General Annan says Syria
promised to ‘take all necessary measures’ to implement arms embargo
on Hizbullah. Syrian President Assad says he supports release of
three IDF troops in exchange for Syrian prisoners jailed in Israel,7340,L-3298400,00.html

Hurtling towards the Next Intifada: An Interview with Jonathan Cook:

Most educated Israelis are made uncomfortable by the idea that
is simply a Jewish state; it sounds a little too like an Afrikaner
state or a Catholic state. So the “democratic” is added as a kind of
public denial that Israel is an ethnic or religious state.

Uncensored Video News Reports From Across The Middle East

– Warning – This video may contain images depicting the reality and
horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience

How Israel Casts Its Dark Shadow Over Horn of Africa:

There also has been an inclusive agreement between the two countries
that was signed officially in March 1993 by Israel’s Prime Minister
Yitzhak Rabin and Eritrean President Afewerki.

“The Jerusalem Declaration On Christian Zionism”:

We categorically reject Christian Zionist doctrines as false
teaching that corrupts the biblical message of love, justice and

German Jewish leader accuses Merkel minister of anti-Semitism :

Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of German Jews,
has been angered over calls by Development Aid Minister Heidemarie
Wieczorek-Zeul for a United Nations probe into Israel’s use of
cluster bombs in military strikes on Lebanese and Hezbollah targets.

Jews irked city key went to Palestinian leader:

Jewish leaders in Santa Cruz asked the mayor to apologize for giving
a ceremonial city key to the Palestinian ambassador after the
visiting leader called Lebanon’s Hezbollah “an amateur in terrorism
compared to Israel.”

In the camp of Israel’s enemies:

One can attack George W. Bush, but not at Israel’s expense. Van
Hollen’s district in Maryland is very pro-Democrat, and is also
populated by many Jews. Some of them may reconsider their
congressional choice.

Criticize Israel? You’re an Anti-Semite!:

How can we have a real discussion about Mideast peace if speaking
honestly about Israel is out of bounds?

U.K. Occupation Forces Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan:

A British soldier was killed and another was seriously wounded in an
“insurgent” attack in southern Afghanistan, the U.K. Ministry of
Defence said.

Militant Attack On Afghan Town Sparks Intense Fighting :

The militants used mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy
machine guns in the attack on Naw Zad, in volatile Helmand province
around 8:00 a.m., said Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Zahir Azimi.

Opposition leader: Canadian troops out of Afghanistan:

The leader of an opposition party has called for the withdrawal of
Canadian troops fighting a “George Bush-style counterinsurgency war”
in Afghanistan, saying the conflict kindles insecurity here.

Highly enriched uranium found at Iranian plant :

The global nuclear monitoring agency deepened suspicions on Thursday
about Iran’s nuclear program, reporting that inspectors had
discovered new traces of highly enriched uranium at an Iranian

Iran will not cede on nuclear issue:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, has repeated his stance
that Iran will not give up “one iota of its nuclear rights,” in
reaction to an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report
published on Thursday.

Russia rejects Iran sanctions :

European Union foreign ministers, meeting in Finland, want further
dialogue with Iran rather than sanctions after Tehran defied
Thursday’s UN deadline to stop work that the West fears could be a
prelude to making a nuclear bomb, officials said.,2106,3784142a12,00.html

Gingrich opposed to attacking Iran:

“I am opposed to a military strike on Iran because I don’t think it
accomplishes very much in the long run,” The Washington Times

Why the U.S. Is Holding Its Fire on Iran:

The U.S. knows it must avoid harsh rhetoric and ease any fears of
military action in order to have any chance at getting Russia and
China to agree to sanctions in the nuclear standoff,8599,1515873,00.html

Khartoum rejects UN troops in Darfur:

The UN security council has approved a resolution authorising the
deployment of up to 17,000 peacekeepers to Darfur, with the Sudanese
government swiftly rejecting the plan.

Police State?:

Blair to tackle ‘menace’ children :

Tomorrow’s potential troublemakers can be identified even before
are born, Tony Blair has suggested. He said teenage mums and problem
families could be forced to take help to head off difficulties. –
There could be sanctions for parents who refused to take advice, he

Navy Lawyer Charged In Classified Information Leak:

A Navy lawyer at the Naval Air Station-Jacksonville is facing a
military trial that could put him behind bars for 30 years after
officials charged him with passing along secret information while he
was stationed at Guantanamo Bay.

Pentagon moves toward monitoring media:

The U.S. command in Baghdad is seeking bidders for a two-year, $20
million public relations contract that calls for monitoring the tone
of Iraq news stories filed by U.S. and foreign media.

Channel 4 courts controversy with mock Bush assassination :

Channel 4 is set to spark a furore in the US this month when it
unveils a documentary-style film in which George Bush is


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