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Date: 1-5 SEPTEMBER 2006

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Date: 5 September 2006

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Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? As Many As 250,000

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2656

Cost of America’s War in Iraq

See the cost in your community

Robert Fisk on His Interview with Former Iranian President Khatemi

“The IDF Could Not Protect the People of Israel”

On Sunday, Robert Fisk interviewed Khatemi. Fisk is the chief Middle East correspondent for the London Independent. Afterwards I had a chance to sit down with Fisk at the Chicago conference for an extended interview. He began by talking about his conversation with the former Iranian president. Real video and audio

Will Robert Fisk tell us the whole story?

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth

More than a little uncomfortably, I find myself with a bone to pick with one of our finest champions of humanitarian values and opponents of war.

Empire – A Tribe on Steroids

By Manuel Valenzuela

With a myriad number of governments, dictators and so-called kings in firm, clenched American control, with reward given them if they obey the Empire’s dictates, with punishment if they do not, the nations of the planet are but fiefdoms of the Empire, with proconsuls and chieftains and lord and masters guarding America’s lands and resources, with its garrisons and centurions and legions protecting her interests.

An interview with John Pilger

By Graeme Greene

The only way I can make sense of what’s happening in the world is in terms of empire and imperial ambitions. This situation in Lebanon is a classic example.

Another fatal day in the ‘war on terror’

By Patrick Cockburn

Yesterday was another black day in the “war on terror”. Across the Middle East, wave upon wave of violence engulfed the region and paid testament to the new, bloody reality five years on from 11 September.

Bush Aims to Kill War Crimes Act

By Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith

Why are they doing it, and how can they be stopped?

Iraq: At least 25 killed as U.S. occupation continues:

Police said they found the bodies of seven people in Baghdad with gunshot wounds to the head, five of them in the mainly Sunni area of Adhamiya, where insurgents are active.

U.S. occupation forces kill 5:

U.S. troops killed five men in a ground assault and air strike on what they called a “safe house”, targeting a person involved in moving money and foreign fighters into Iraq. A child was also killed in the fighting in Muqdadiya, northeast of Baghdad, the U.S. military said in a statement

3 U.S. occupation troops killed in Iraq fighting:

The deaths brought to eight the number of American troops killed in Iraq in combat-related violence over the past two days.

Iraq to extend state of emergency:

The measure has been in place for almost two years and grants security forces greater powers. It affects the entire country apart from the autonomous Kurdish region in the north

Dahr Jamail : U.S. Losing Control Fast:

The U.S. military has lost control over the volatile al-Anbar province, Iraqi police and residents say. The area to the west of Baghdad includes Fallujah, Ramadi and other towns that have seen the worst of military occupation, and the strongest resistance.

Iraqi parliament mulls federal break up:

Abbas al-Bayati, spokesman for the largest Shia bloc, the United Iraqi Alliance, predicted: “In the next few sessions the parliament will discuss the law for the formation of provinces.”

Shiite Revival or Majority Resistance?:

The Sunni-Shiite divide is a deplorable ploy that was implemented by the West to create a diversionary tactic. Regrettably, the people of Iraq have fallen prey to it, for violence begets violence.

Patrick Seale: Four American allies in deep trouble:

In Islamabad, Kabul, Baghdad and Jerusalem, four heads of government are facing grave, possibly terminal, difficulties — largely because of their alliance with the United States.

Documentary Slams U.S. Companies Working in Iraq:

He’s tackled Wal-Mart and Fox News with his scathing documentaries. Now, filmmaker Robert Greenwald is releasing a documentary which argues that private companies helping to fight the war in Iraq don’t have the nation’s best interests in mind.

Truth in a Time of War with Howard Zinn : Video:

Zinn’s talk explores the notion of “just” wars with his usual candor and critical understanding.

60 “Taliban militants” killed in S Afghanistan :

Around 60 Taliban insurgents were killed in the southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan in operation Medusa on Tuesday, an ISAF spokesman said.

700 Taliban under siege in southern Afghanistan,” :

NATO spokesman Major Innis told journalists more than 700 Taliban were besieged by their forces in the Panjwayee district of Kandahar province.

Pakistan, pro-Taliban forces agree deal:

The Pakistani government and pro-Taliban fighters have agreed a deal aimed at ending five years of conflict in Waziristan on the Afghanistan border.

The Taliban are back:

The Taliban have regained control over the southern half of Afghanistan and their frontline is advancing daily, warned The Senlis Council on the release of an evaluation report of the reconstruction of Afghanistan marking the five year anniversary of 9/11

Full report: Afghanistan Five Years Later – The Return of the Taliban :

Five Years On, the US-led International Community has Failed Afghanistan


I Is for Infidel: From Holy War to Holy Terror: 18 Years in Afghanistan :

The longest-serving Western journalist in the region, Gannon overturns simplistic understanding of the country’s politics in this eye-opening talk.

Pakistan: Friend or Foe?:

The U.S. shouldn’t prop up President Musharraf’s military regime.

In case you missed it: Richard L. Armitage: Keep Pakistan on Our Side:

On Sept. 12, 2001, the United States gave Pakistan a stark choice — be with us or against us. Understanding the dangers and opportunities of this choice, President Pervez Musharraf chose to stand with America

In case you missed it:

Video: Afghan Massacre : The Convoy of Death:

In Afghanistan, filmmaker Jamie Doran has uncovered evidence of a massacre: Taliban prisoners of war suffocated in containers, shot in the desert under the watch of American troops.

Bush won’t allow a nuclear-armed Iran:

President Bush said Tuesday a nuclear-armed Iran would blackmail the free world and raise a mortal threat to the American people.

Bush brands Iran leader a ‘tyrant’ :

US President George W. Bush branded Iran’s president a tyrant and compared leaders in Tehran to Al-Qaeda terrorists who cannot be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.

Alexander Cockburn: Will Bush Bomb Teheran?

Would the Democrats Do Anything Different?

Kremlin aide warns against military operation in Iran :

“We understand so far that the introduction of economic sanctions or a military operation…will result in the consolidation of the country’s population around its current authorities, and then all attempts to develop its nuclear program would be supported by the people,” Shuvalov said.

Russia says nuclear sanctions could inflame Iran:

China said earlier it still wanted major world powers to negotiate with Iran even after it defied a U.N. Security Council deadline of August 31 to stop enriching uranium.

Robert Fisk: Worrisome words from seer of Iran:

As the West’s “war on terror” burns across the Muslim world, one of Islam’s most principled leaders, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, issued a grave warning from the very heart of America, the country whose troops and allies are fighting Islamists across the Middle East in a war that is costing thousands of Muslim lives.

Four dead in Lebanon ‘assassination’ bid:

Four people have been killed and four others wounded in what is believed to be an assassination attempt on a leading Lebanese intelligence officer.

Israeli Occupation Forces: Withdraws From Five Lebanese Villages :

UNIFIL soldiers, followed by Lebanese troops, are reported to have moved in to the villages in the wake of the withdrawals. UNIFIL set up new checkpoints and patrols in the area after Israeli occupation troops pulled out

Annan: Israel To Lift Lebanon Blockade in 48 Hours :

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan told reporters in Cairo on Tuesday that he expects Israel will lift its blockade against Lebanon within the next 48 hours. Israel denied it.

Israel destruction in south Lebanon: initial survey:

Israel destroyed or damaged in south Lebanon 1489 buildings, 21 of 29 bridges over the Litani river, 535 sections of road and 545 cultivated fields during its 34-day military offensive, according to an EU assessment released today.

The Footrace to Rebuild Lebanon:

The militant Islamic group Hezbollah has seized an opportunity to show how much power it still wields by assuming a key role in the Lebanese reconstruction effort. With its generous assistance programs, the organization is shoring up its influence among the country’s Shiites.

Syria to rebuild three Lebanese towns:

The Lebanese National News Agency said that Speaker of the Lebanese parliament Nabeih Berri and Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad al-Siniora were informed about the Syrian decision of rebuilding the three Lebanese towns.

We will use full force in any conflict with Syria: Olmert :

“In case of a confrontation with Syria, we will lift all limits that we imposed on ourselves in Lebanon when it comes to using our force,”

Europe nixes landing rights for El Al planes with IDF cargo :

A number of European states are refusing to allow El Al cargo planes carrying Israel Defense Forces equipment from stopover landings in their airports.

Hamas on the brink of deal to lead new coalition in move to end funding crisis :

Rival Palestinian factions are close to forming a new power-sharing government which the militant group Hamas expects to lead, the Palestinian prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, said yesterday.

‘We know what we want’ :

An interview with the Palestinian prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, about his hopes for a national unity government

Comptroller: Probe Olmert for illegal appointments :

State comptroller recommends PM Olmert be investigated for illegally appointing Likud cronies to ministerial posts during tenure as Industry, Trade and Labor Minister,7340,L-3299208,00.html

AU to pull out of Darfur:

Khartoum – The African Union will pull its troops out of Darfur by September 30 unless Sudan drops its opposition to the deployment of a United Nations peacekeeping force in the war-torn region, said the group’s spokesperson on Tuesday.

Nationalism, not Islam, motivates most suicide terrorists:

Placing tens of thousands of U.S. troops in the Arabian Peninsula between 1990 and 2001 was the pivotal factor accounting for the Sept. 11 attacks.

Nine ‘terror’ suspects held in Denmark:

Nine men have been arrested in Denmark suspected of plotting to carry out a terrorist attack with explosives, police say.

Georgian, Russian Relations Strained Anew by Shooting:

Tension between Russia and Georgia, never far from the surface, flared anew Monday after a helicopter carrying the Georgian defense minister was shot at by separatists in a breakaway enclave supported by Russia.

Missile Fired At McCain’s Chopper, Officials Say:

Some U.S. senators had a close call on a trip to the former Soviet Union last week.

Prosecutors seek long prison term for lawyer in terrorism case:

Seeking a 30-year prison term for a lawyer convicted of supplying information to terrorists, prosecutors argued the attorney engaged for more than two years in “extremely dangerous and devious” conduct to help an Egyptian terrorist leader communicate with followers despite U.S. efforts to silence him.

Security in focus as congressional elections loom:

Congress returns this week from a month-long summer holiday, with Republican lawmakers looking to emphasize national-security issues in hopes of holding on to their majorities in the House and Senate in this November’s mid-term elections.

In case you missed it:

President Clinton wants Senate to hurry with new anti-terrorism laws:

While the president pushed for quick legislation, Republican lawmakers hardened their stance against some of the proposed anti-terrorism measures.

In case you missed it:

Americas Third World War: Video:

How 6 million People Were killed in CIA secret wars against third world countries. John Stockwell, spent 13 years in the CIA. He gives a short history of CIA covert operations.

Putin in Greece for Balkan oil deal:

Russia is on the verge of finalising plans to build an oil pipeline linking it to Greece via Bulgaria. The proposals for the 175-mile (280km) pipeline has been under negotiation for the past 14 years.

Mexico’s Calderon is president-elect: court draft:

Calderon’s victory would be a boost to the United States as he will be a key ally in Latin America, where several left-wing leaders critical of Washington have taken power in recent years.

Utah Mayor Speaks Truth To Power:

“We will not stand for it any more. No more lies. No more pre-emptive, illegal war, based on false information. No more God-is-on-our-side religious nonsense to justify this immoral, illegal war. We are here to say most fundamentally, no more inhumanity in the name of our nation.”

George Monbiot: The IMF is still the rich world’s viceroy :

What will be passed off as a democratisation is in fact a way of ensuring the poor global majority continue to have no say

Bush ‘Slush Fund,’ Courtesy of Canada:

Turning trade deal into Republican ammo? Softwood deal pours $450 million straight into White House, says U.S. lawyer


Date: 4 September 2006

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Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? As Many As 250,000

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2653

Cost of America’s War in Iraq

See the cost in your community

Genocide in Gaza

By Ilan Pappe

Nothing apart from pressure in the form of sanctions, boycotts and divestment will stop the murdering of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“You don’t see, you don’t feel, and you don’t look”

An Israeli Combat Soldier Breaks the Silence

By Daniel Sturm

When I was in the Occupied Territories, you could have said that I was an American soldier. After all, I owned an M-16 that wasn’t produced in Israel. I shot grenades that weren’t produced with Israeli money, but by American money. Everyone, and especially Americans, have a responsibility to know what’s going on in the world. And since I am from here, I am talking about here.

Bint Jbeil; Hezbollah’s Blood Victory

By Mike Whitney

There’s a sign at the entrance to Bint Jbeil that says: “Bint Jbeil—Capital of Freedom”. The cheery greeting contrasts dramatically with the vast devastation that lies just beyond. Bint Jbeil was a bustling hamlet in Southern Lebanon that became the central battlefield in Israel’s’ war of aggression.

The War Is Lost

By Paul Craig Roberts

The Pentagon’s latest quarterly “progress” report to Congress on Iraq is a grim tale of a lost war. The Pentagon told Congress what Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and propaganda organs such as Fox “News” never tell the American public, namely:

“It’s My Duty to Speak Out”

7 Minute Video

Marine Corporal Grant Collins describes what it was like to participate in the war in Iraq. He also describes what it is like to live with giving orders that resulted in the deaths of civilians.

A Time for Consciousness

By Kim Gongre

Standing amid the swirling ashes of our own destruction, we deny the cinders of the charred bodies even as we try in vain to wipe them from our eyes.

No innocent bystanders in America

By Mickey Z.

The excuse of ignorance is not valid when graphic images are available within minutes. It’s not lack of knowledge; it’s denial…or perhaps even acquiescence. There are no innocent bystanders when our money and/or rhetoric support the world’s most powerful military and the corporate status quo.

Breaking The Silence

A hard hitting special report into the “war on terror”
Award winning journalist John Pilger

This is a must watch video documentary

Economic Empire Building and Domestic Decay

By James Petras

While world attention has focused largely on Washington’s military interventions and violent covert operations as the most visible signs of empire building, they have overlooked the far more successful domestic and overseas economic strategies designed to enhance the US economic empire.

4 U.S. AND 2 UK Occupation Forces Soldier Among At Least 49 Killed :

The bodies of 33 men, some with their hands bound and bearing signs of torture, were found across the capital, an Interior Ministry source said. All had been shot.

21 Iraqis Die in Baquba Attacks :

Twenty one Iraqis have been killed — including two policemen and four children — in a series of attacks in Baquba northeast of Baghdad.

Kurdish leader threatens Iraq secession:

The leader of the Kurdish region in northern Iraq threatened secession Sunday as a dispute over flying the Iraqi flag intensified.

Iraq’s inflation rate hits 70%: minister:

Iraq’s inflation rate has soared to reach nearly 70 percent, the country’s planning minister said Sunday. The inflation rate from July 2005 to July 2006 stood at 69.6 percent, Ali Baban said.

4 NATO Soldiers Killed In S Afghanistan Fighting-Official :

Four occupation forces soldiers with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force were killed by enemy fire in heavy fighting in Panjwayi district, about 20 kilometers west of the city of Kandahar

Briton among at least 5 killed by Afghan suicide bomber :

A British occupation forces soldier has been killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan, along with at least four civilians as another Nato soldier died and others were wounded after coming under friendly fire during a major offensive to crush a resurgent “Taliban” in southern Afghanistan.,2106,3786559a12,00.html

U.S. warplanes in Afghanistan kill Canadian soldier in ‘friendly fire’:

Two U.S. warplanes accidentally strafed their own occupation forces in southern Afghanistan on Monday, killing one Canadian soldier and seriously wounding five others, NATO and the U.S. military said.

How U.S. dollars disappear in Afghanistan

To understand the failure — and fraud — of reconstruction in Afghanistan, you have to take a look at the peculiar system of U.S. aid for international development.

Returning Home Alive:

“Some soldiers come home missing limbs and other parts of their bodies. Still others will live with permanent scars from horrific events that no one other than those who served will ever understand.”

Gunman in Jordan kills tourist; 6 wounded :

Officials said the incident would be considered a terrorist attack unless Jaoura was found to be mentally unstable.

Iran, EU Tentatively Agree To Nuclear Talks In Vienna Wed :

The European Union’s top foreign policy chief and Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator tentatively agreed late Monday to meet in two days in Vienna in a last-ditch attempt to try and bridge differences over Tehran’s nuclear program

Europeans cautious about early sanctions on Iran:

Despite mounting U.S. pressure for sanctions against Iran, the European Union said today it is too early to punish Tehran for its failure to halt uranium enrichment by the U.N. Security Council’s deadline

Germany rules out military option for Iran :

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there is “no military option” for handling Iran’s nuclear program, her spokesman told reporters here on Monday.

War pimp alert:

Crime boss brokered nuclear-delivery missile sale to Iran:

It has been disclosed that the system was sold to Iran by a former senior member of the Ukrainian security service. The deal was brokered by an organised crime boss and, it is feared, contributed to the Iranian nuclear programme that is now the subject of an international confrontation.

Iran plans bill to block atomic inspections :

The Iranian parliament plans to counter probable sanctions by the United Nations Security Council by blocking inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a leading Iranian MP said Monday.

A commission to investigate the occupatio:

During the past two months, July and August, 251 Palestinians were killed in Gaza and the West Bank, all of them by Israel Defense Forces fire. About half of them were civilians, including women, children and the elderly.

Kucinich visits Lebanon & Israel and finally ‘gets it’-

“This is diabololical!”

Israeli warplanes bomb Palestinian refugee Camp:

Israeli warplanes bombarded a house in Jabaliyah refugee camp in occupied northern Gaza Strip, said a security source on Monday.

Gaza doctors encounter ‘unexplained injuries’ :

Doctors in Gaza are reporting what they say are unexplained injuries among the dead and wounded in operations by the Israeli military, which have killed more than 200 Palestinians in the past nine weeks.

Israeli officials ‘face war crimes risk’:

Israel’s public officials have been told to watch what they say in public about the Lebanese and Palestinian conflicts for fear of being prosecuted for war crimes, political sources say.

Israel To Build New Illegal Settlements In occupied Gaza: —

Israel announced Monday intentions to build 690 multi-unit residential buildings in occupied Gaza.

Israel soldier to be swapped for 1,400 Palestine prisoners-sources:

Israel and Palestine have reached an agreement on the exchange of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who was seized by Palestinian gunmen near the Gaza Strip border on June 25 for 1,400 Palestinian prisoners.

Amira Hass: The Silent Expulsion :

Palestinian businessmen wonder why Israel wants them out of the territories

Israeli committee data reveals courts soft on human trafficking :

According to the committee, sentences handed out to people convicted of human trafficking were considerably lower than the maximum permitted.

10 killed in Somali airport clashes:

10 people have been killed in fighting between police and militia fighters in the Somali town of Baidoa, the current seat of the national government.

Sudan ‘agrees’ to let AU troops stay :

Sudan has agreed to let African troops remain in Darfur, but only if they stay under African Union control and not that of the UN.

An unimaginable loss of life:

Since 1997, approximately 4 million people have been killed as a result of the civil war (and foreign interventions) in the Congo. That comes down to approximately 444,000 per year or 37,000 per month or about 1,200 per day.

Mexican leftist says will never accept rival’s win:

Mexico’s leftist opposition leader said on Sunday he will never recognize his right-wing rival as president and vowed a “radical transformation” of the country by setting up a parallel government.

Training camps link to anti-terror arrests :

A group of men arrested in south London by anti-terrorist police had been under surveillance for months at alleged training camps across the country, the Guardian has learned,,1864327,00.html

Britons threaten Muslim beheadings in footage:

FAR-RIGHT extremists have adopted the tactics of “Islamic” jihadis by posting videos on the internet in which they threaten to behead British Muslims.
9 Minute Video: Planet of The Arabs:

A trailer-esque montage spectacle of Hollywood’s relentless vilification and dehumanization of Arabs and Muslims.

New Video by Azzam the Black Propaganda Operative :

“Californian Adam Gadahn, wearing a white robe and turban, introduces the message by calling on Westerners to convert,” reports CNN. “We invite all Americans and believers to Islam, whatever their role and status in Bush and Blair’s world order,” Gahahn declares. “Decide today, because today could be your last day.”

Terror prosecutions falling back to pre-9/11 levels:

The federal government has fallen back to prosecuting international terrorists at about the same rate it did before 9/11, according to a study based on Justice Department data.

Bush’s performance has been poor, but his packaging is exemplary :

After 9/11 and Katrina, reality intruded on the president’s finely honed image – and both times he was missing in action,,1864123,00.html

Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw These

I thought the news images we had seen from New Orleans during the worst days of Katrina were fundamentally unvarnished. And then I saw these.


Date: 3 September 2006


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News Syndication

You can include the headlines from this newsletter on your own
website free of charge

Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? As Many As

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially
acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2644

Cost of America’s War in Iraq

See the cost in your community

War is not a solution for terrorism

By Howard Zinn

Beyond the futility of armed force, and ultimately more important, is
the fact that war in our time inevitably results in the indiscriminate
killing of large numbers of people. To put it more bluntly, war is
terrorism. That is why a ``war on terrorism” is a contradiction in

Why I am a Terrorist

By Charles Sullivan

A government must not be allowed to require any of its citizens to
engage in immoral or criminal behavior on its behalf. When a
government behaves like a crime syndicate it does not mean that the
people should follow its example—they must provide a better
alternative, and refuse their allegiance to it.

Going to War with the Leaders you have

By Mike Whitney

It is impossible to grasp how someone can be raised in America,
matriculate at American universities, participate in the American
political system, and spend the bulk of his life breathing in the
same American customs and mores as the rest of us, and yet, be so
completely divorced from the most essential values of the culture.

US Army Contemplates Redrawing Middle East Map to Stave-off Looming
Global Meltdown

By Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

09/02/06 “Dissidentvoice” In a little-noted article printed in early
August in the Armed Forces Journal, a monthly magazine for officers
and leaders in the United States military community, early retired
Major Ralph Peters sets out the latest ideas in current US strategic
thinking. And they are extremely disturbing.

The Great American Oligarchy

By Stephen Fleischm

The war in Iraq is the best example of an oligarchy at work-produced
and managed to make money and to secure the remaining reserves of oil
in the world. As they say, the world’s oil has “peaked”. It’s all down
hill from here, so we better grab it before somebody else does. To do
this, we’re got to keep a perpetual war spinning in the best
oil-producing areas, the Middle East and the Caspian region.

War is Sell

Documentary By Brian Standing

How do you sell a war? How do the techniques of government
propagandists, public relations consultants and commercial
advertisers work, and why are they so effective? How did the United
States become a master of domestic war propaganda over the course of
the twentieth century? Click here to view

Gaza’s Darkness

By Gideon Levy

Gaza has been reoccupied. The world must know this and Israelis must
know it, too. It is in its worst condition, ever. Since the abduction
of Gilad Shalit, and more so since the outbreak of the Lebanon war,
the Israel Defense Forces has been rampaging through Gaza – there’s
no other word to describe it – killing and demolishing, bombing and
shelling, indiscriminately.

When Napoleon Won at Waterloo

In Israel nothing changes, except the past.

By Uri Avnery

NAPOLEON WON the battle of Waterloo. The German Wehrmacht won World
War II. The United States won in Vietnam, and the Soviets in
Afghanistan. The Zealots won against the Romans, and Ehud Olmert won
the Second Lebanon War. You didn’t know that? Well, during the last
few days the Israeli media has paraded a long series of experts, who
did not leave any room for doubt: the war has brought us huge
achievements, Hizbullah was routed, Olmert is the great victor.

The Iron Wall

Video Documentary

This documentary follows the timeline, size, population of the
settlements, and its impact on the peace process. This film also
touches on the latest project to make the settlements a permanent
fact on the ground; the wall that Israel is building in the West Bank
and its impact on the Palestinian people. Click to view

Up To 200 “Taliban” Killed:

NATO and Afghan forces have reportedly killed 200 “Taliban militants”
in a series of air and artillery strikes in Afghanistan.

Nato plane “crash” kills 14 British troops:

Aljazeera’s correspondent in Afghanistan on Saturday quoted Taliban
sources as saying that the group’s fighters downed a warplane
belonging to multinational forces over Banjwai in Kandahar province.

District police chief, 3 guards killed in west Afghanistan :

Suspected Taliban insurgents gunned down a district police chief and
his three bodyguards in the relatively peaceful Nimroz province in
west Afghanistan, provincial governor Ghulam Dastgir Azad said

Three Canadian occupation soldiers killed in S Afghanistan: report :

Three Canadian occupation troops were killed in the past 24 hours in
Operation MEDUSA

Afghan opium production makes new record with 50-pct rise :

Opium production in Afghanistan has reached a new high of 6,100 tons
this year, witnessing a rise of nearly 50 percent year-on-year, said
a senior UN anti-drug official on Saturday, who asked the Afghan
government to exercise iron control over the illegal business.

4 U.S. Occupation soldiers among at least 25 killed:

U.S. and Iraqi forces have arrested the second most senior figure of
al Qaeda in Iraq and killed 20 fellow “militants”, Iraq’s national
security adviser said.


Iraq: At least 31 killed as U.S. occupation grinds on:

Fourteen South Asian pilgrims were ambushed and killed on their way
to Shi’ite Muslim sites in Iraq, hospital, Interior Ministry and army
sources said.

More Than 300 Killed as sectarian attacks soar in Iraq :

Sectarian violence in Iraq this week has killed more than 300 Iraqis,
including 64 in a series of coordinated attacks Thursday night in
Baghdad, which has been the target of a U.S.-Iraqi campaign to
improve security.

I no longer have power to save Iraq from civil war, warns Shia

The most influential moderate Shia leader in Iraq has abandoned
attempts to restrain his followers, admitting that there is nothing
he can do to prevent the country sliding towards civil war.

Sistani tells Maliki to ‘impose security’: al-Sistani said:

“If the government does not do its duty in imposing security and
order to the people and protecting them, it will give a chance to
other powers to do this duty and this is a very dangerous matter.”

Iraq: A Sweeping, Secret New Report:

Bush administration policymakers and their congressional backers may
get some unwelcome news from a new analysis on Iraq that the office
of intelligence czar John Negroponte will soon produce.

4 Minute Video: No Bravery:

A nation blind to their disgrace

Kurdish leader attacks Arab politicians over Iraqi flag:

The president of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region has launched a
scathing attack on Iraqi Arab leaders Sunday over their opposition to
his order banning the national flag from public buildings.

U.S. asserts Iran stirring up trouble in Iraq, but evidence less

Most of that aid appears to go to the same Shiite parties in Iraq
that the American government supports and that are part of the
government. The more militant Shiite groups are equally critical of
U.S. and Iranian influence in the country.

‘Why did Blair send my teenage son to fight an illegal and dishonest
war?’ :

Mrs Hamilton-Bing said that anger at seeing her son sent to fight a
dishonest war had driven her to take action, adding that many other
military families shared her views.

UK: ‘Deluded’: Extraordinary attack on Blair by Cabinet :

‘Self-indulgent’ PM urged to ‘end the pantomime’ as senior ministers
meet to hasten his departure

Rebels kill 5 Turkish soldiers:

Separatist Kurdish militants attacked two military outposts along the
Iraqi border in southeastern Turkey, killing five Turkish soldiers and
wounding two others, local authorities said on Saturday.

Military option against Iran open, says US:

The consequences of an Iran with nuclear weapons are not only the
capability they’re seeking to deliver them through ballistic
missiles, but also the possibility they could transfer a nuclear
weapon to a terrorist group.”

Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria:

“THREATENED” by a potentially nuclear-armed Tehran, Israel is
preparing for a possible war with both Iran and Syria, according to
Israeli political and military sources.

Selling a war:

We should nuke Iran:

Put boldly and simply, we have to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran.

Gordon Prather: John Bolton: Mission accomplished?:

This year, Bonkers Bolton and his Gang of Three – the British, French
and Germans – have managed to get the other members of the
Interna-tional Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors and the United
Nations Security Council to commit ‘assisted’ suicide, seriously
undermining – as intended – the authority and effectiveness of the
United Nations itself.

US carries out subcritical nuclear test:

Many activists and experts argue that the tests undermine the
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on nuclear weapons and that the Bush
administration is carrying them out to use them to boost its efforts
to develop new nuclear arms.

Khatami: U.S. Policies Trigger Terrorism :

``Public opinion can be rescued from the grips of ignorance and
blunder and the domination of arrogant, warmongering and
violence-triggering policies will end,’’ he said.

Israeli occupation forces kills three Palestinians in Gaza attacks:

Israeli occupation forces shot and killed a father and his son when
they raided a house in the Gaza Strip overnight, and a third
Palestinian was killed by occupation troops near a Gaza “border”
crossing, medics and witnesses said.

Gideon Levy: Just try to imagine :

Two brothers. Their parents and siblings were all killed while they
were sleeping. Only the brothers were saved from the inferno caused
by two missiles dropped by a Israeli plane on their house in the
middle of the night. Awad, 19, is seriously injured; Mohammed, 20,
uninjured, tends him. Their parents and all seven of their younger
siblings, including a disabled sister, were killed.

Turkey threatens to withdraw troops if required to disarm Hezbollah:
PM :

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that his
government will withdraw all Turkish troops from Lebanon if they are
required to disarm Hezbollah.

UN Human Rights Council to probe Israeli civilian killings in Lebanon

“The United Nations Human Rights Council today named three members of
the High-Level Commission of Inquiry probing what the Geneva-based
body termed ‘systematic targeting and killings of civilians by
Israel’ in Lebanon,”

Amnesty International: Israel must disclose details of cluster bomb
attacks and accept a full investigation:

Publishing new accounts from the victims of unexploded cluster bombs,
the organization also called on Israel to cooperate in a full and
impartial investigation into their use of such munitions during the
recent conflict.

The price of Israel:

Israel’s war on Lebanon has exposed once and for all that its
security will be bought even at the cost of war crimes and mass

Noam Chomsky : Their View of the World is Through a Bombsight:

American support for Israel’s unwinnable aim of destroying Hizbullah
only boosts its support in Lebanon and beyond

Israel Lobby Watch :

“There’s a deep schizophrenia in some of the Jewish community, and
people who are at the forefront of every single rights issue, from
racial justice in the United States to the ethnic cleansing in
Darfur—on Israel, it crumbles, and there is all this hand-wringing,”
says Sarahleah Whitson of Human Rights Watch. “And everyone [who is
critical] is successfully marginalized.”

Pig at the trough:

Critical congressman tours Israel :

A Democratic congressman who came under fire after calling for an
immediate cease-fire during Israel’s Lebanon war visited Israel.

Mexican leftists storm Congress:

In a historic rebuke, opposition lawmakers seized control of Mexico’s
congressional chamber Friday and blocked President Vicente Fox from
delivering his final State of the Nation address.

Sophie McNeil: New Report Raises Concerns Over Mexican Elections:

A new report released today raises serious concerns over the decision
by the Mexican Electoral Tribunal (TRIFE) not to have a total recount
of all the votes in the country’s disputed presidential elections,
reportedly won by conservative PAN candidate Felipe Calderon by just
243 thousand votes.

Venezuela: Chavez alleges coup plot:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez alleged he has discovered a plot to
overthrow his government, state-run television VTV reported Saturday.

Mickey Z. : The Other 9/11 :

Since September 11, 2001, there has been a marked increase in the
comfort with which those in power openly discuss military
interventions and pending. This shift is particularly obvious when
examining the “other 9/11.”

Latin America round up:

Legal process in Mexico’s election heads toward a potentially rocky
conclusion … U.S. – Venezuela rift deepens as American embassy ships
explosives, chicken in diplomatic pouch … U.S. meddles in elections
in Nicaragua

Jason Miller: It’s the American Way or the Highway:

Despite the United States presenting the American Way as an offer the
rest of the world can’t refuse, increasing numbers of nations and
groups are successfully resisting. Since opposition threatens their
relentlessly acquisitive agenda, the US power elite demonize leaders
like Hugo Chavez and nations like Iran. In reality, those who reject
the dictates of the American Empire are worthy of respect.

An end in sight?:

A truce between the Lord’s Resistance Army and Uganda’s government
could signal the end a long and murderous conflict. But the crimes of
the rebel group’s leaders may go unpunished

Al-Qaeda urges Americans to convert:

He described the “West” as the civilisation which enslaved Africa,
slaughtered native Americans and bombed Tokyo, Falluja and nuked
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned:

Lawyers Point to Fine Line Between Sting and Entrapment

In case you missed it:

Joshua Frank: : The Mansion the War Bought:

We constantly hear about Dick Cheney’s ties to Halliburton and how
his ex-company is making bundles off US contracts in Iraq. But what
we don’t hear about is how Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein and
her husband are also making tons of money off the “war on terror”.

3 Minute Video: No One Cares:

One in three homeless men in America is a veteran

First Time Released Documents Expose Subservient Congress :

“National Security” Converts the United States into a Monarchy

Robert Fisk: American and Muslim: Six million people in search of an
identity :

Daniel Pipes is a bÍte noire, as is Steven Emerson, a freelance
journalist who grinds out article after article about the “American
jihad” for such august papers as The Wall Street Journal, which, by
the way, more and more reads like The Jerusalem Post.

Jewish Community Protests Ex-Iraq President’s Speech:

The Washington area’s Jewish community is asking the Washington
National Cathedral to withdraw its invitation to former Iranian
president Mohammad Khatami to speak Thursday at the Episcopal

Eric Margolis: A letter to Rummy

I know the president’s new buzzword is “Islamo-fascist.” It
focus-groups well in the Bible Belt and Miami. But I’m deeply
disappointed you would stoop to such cheap, insulting
Dr.-Goebbles-style propaganda.

John Dean on Rumsfeld: 7 Minute video

Report Urges F.A.A. to Act Regarding False 9/11 Testimony :

The acting inspector general, Todd J. Zinser, whose office acts as
the department’s internal watchdog, found in a new report that the
F.A.A. executives, as well as a third official who is now retired,
learned after the fact that false information was given to the
commission in May 2003


Date: 1 September 2006

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Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America’s War? As Many As

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially
acknowledged) In Bush’s War 2642

Cost of America’s War in Iraq

See the cost in your community

Goats and Hussars: A British Harbinger of American Defeat

By Chris Floyd

“British forces evacuated the military headquarters without
coordination with the Iraqi forces,” Dhaffar Jabbar, spokesman for
the Maysan governor, told Reuters on Thursday, as looters began
moving into the camp in the wake of the British withdrawal. A unit
Iraqi government troops mutinied when told to keep order at the base

and instead attacked a military post of their own army.

Killing in the Name of Democracy

By James Bovard

The U.S. government’s first experience with forcibly spreading
democracy came in the wake of the Spanish-American War. When the
government declared war on Spain in 1898, it pledged it would not
annex foreign territory. But after a swift victory, the United
annexed all of the Philippines.

“Fascism” Frame Set Up by Right-Wing Press

Analysis by Jim Lobe

The aggressive new campaign by the administration of President
W. Bush to depict U.S. foes in the Middle East as “fascists” and its
domestic critics as “appeasers” owes a great deal to steadily
intensifying efforts by the right-wing press over the past several
months to draw the same comparison.

For Whom the Heart Bleeds Not

Paul Craig Roberts

Can we take seriously the Democrats’ concern with Alaskan wolves
Democrats voted overwhelmingly to support Israel’s massacre of
Lebanese women and children and the Bush regimes’ massacre of tens
thousands of Afghan and Iraqi civilians?

Holy Land churches condemn Christian Zionism

By Matthew Tostevin

The Vatican’s envoy in the Holy Land and bishops from three other
churches have launched a rare joint attack on the Christian Zionist
movement, accusing it of promoting “racial exclusivity and perpetual

Is Hamas a Terrorist Organization?

by Mike Whitney

Removing Hamas from the State Department’s list of terrorist
organizations is a “win-win” situation for everyone. It legitimizes
the Palestinian election, it moves Israel closer to a negotiated
settlement with the PA, and it elevates the Bush administration in
the eyes of its critics. Washington can still play a central role in
this long-running conflict, but it will take bold action and

Rupert Murdoch’s Victims

The Life and Crimes of a Global Goebbels

By Richard Neville

In the editorial pages of Murdoch’s antipodean flagship, The
Australian, the bombing of Beirut is presented as “Israel doing
Lebanon a favour” and restive Arabs are described as “Nazis”. None
this should be surprising, as Murdoch revealed to the Hollywood
Reporter that his media ventures are “not as important to me as
spreading my personal political beliefs”

The Mayor and the President; A View in Salt Lake City

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Mr. Bush knows that unlike the story of the boy who cried wolf too
many times, he can drive home his message successfully. It is the
repetitiveness of his messages that will eventually give them
authenticity. Once the people hear them often enough, they will not
question their veracity. He is beating the drums – another war –
WMD to be destroyed, he claims. Bush is taking us to war again. More
lies, more deaths.

At least 5 killed in as U.S. occupation continues:

A roadside bomb killed three Iraqi policemen in Baghdad’s southern
Doura district on Friday, police said.

16 Children among 72 killed in Baghdad blast:

The blasts flattened a multistory apartment building, buried women
and children under mounds of rubble and sent terrified shoppers
fleeing out of a major bazaar, authorities and witnesses said. The
death toll included 16 children, an Iraqi police official said

Two U.S. occupation forces soldiers killed in Iraq:

An Army specialist from Minneapolis was among four soldiers killed
when a bomb exploded while they were on a foot patrol in Iraq.

U.S. force in Iraq at 140,000 :

The United States has expanded its force in Iraq to 140,000 troops,
the most since January and 13,000 more than five weeks ago, the
Pentagon said on Thursday, amid relentless violence in Baghdad and

Pentagon: Conditions ripe for civil war in Iraq:

“Conditions that could lead to civil war exist in Iraq, specifically
in and around Baghdad, and concern about civil war within the Iraqi
civilian population has increased in recent months,” it said in a
quarterly report to Congress on U.S. efforts to stabilize the

Speaking from his home in clouded cuckoo land:

Bush says Iraq the central front in war on terror:

“We will fight the terrorists overseas so we don’t have to fight
here at home,” he told the veterans and current military personnel
attendance at the Salt Palace.

Bush as “John The Revelator” – Depeche Mode: 3 Minute Video:

Unofficial animated music video for Depeche Mode’s latest single
from their album “Playing The Angel.”

Kurdish leader bans Iraqi flag:

The leader of northern Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region has ordered
officials not to fly the Iraqi national flag, in a further sign of
the country’s separatist tensions.

Halabja: Anger boils in Iraq’s “town of martyrs”:

They said Kurdish leaders had exploited Halabja for their political
ends, and that donations and investment from outside had not
translated into better schools, roads or services.

Peter W. Galbraith: The true Iraq appeasers:

The appeasement of Saddam Hussein by the Reagan and first Bush

Iraq WMD inspector accuses Govt of cover up: Video report:

The second Australian scientist who worked on the fruitless hunt for
Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction has broken his silence. John Gee
has followed Rod Barton in claiming he gave the Government early
warning in 2004 that no weapons would be found.

Israel kills resistance commander, Gaza rockets resume :

Israeli troops killed a resistance commander in the West Bank on
Thursday, while Palestinian fighters in Gaza renewed rocket attacks
that had stopped during Israel`s war on Lebanon.

The humiliation of occupation:

Israeli military court sends “captured” Hamas leaders for trial :

Speaker of Palestinian parliament is shackled : The group, 12 of
elected members of the parliament, appeared in court at Ofer Camp on
the occupied West Bank.

Report: Deal to release Shalit in progress:

Senior Arab source says Israeli delegation in Cairo making progress
in reaching deal for release of IDF soldier in exchange for release
of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.,7340,L-3298409,00.html

Israel Pegs Its Pullout to Release of Captives:

Israel signaled Wednesday that it would not lift its air and sea
blockade of Lebanon or withdraw the rest of its troops until two
Israeli soldiers seized by Hezbollah were freed.

UN wins Syrian backing for Lebanon resolution:

Following Damascus meeting, UN Secretary-General Annan says Syria
promised to ‘take all necessary measures’ to implement arms embargo
on Hizbullah. Syrian President Assad says he supports release of
three IDF troops in exchange for Syrian prisoners jailed in Israel,7340,L-3298400,00.html

Hurtling towards the Next Intifada: An Interview with Jonathan Cook:

Most educated Israelis are made uncomfortable by the idea that
is simply a Jewish state; it sounds a little too like an Afrikaner
state or a Catholic state. So the “democratic” is added as a kind of
public denial that Israel is an ethnic or religious state.

Uncensored Video News Reports From Across The Middle East

– Warning – This video may contain images depicting the reality and
horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience

How Israel Casts Its Dark Shadow Over Horn of Africa:

There also has been an inclusive agreement between the two countries
that was signed officially in March 1993 by Israel’s Prime Minister
Yitzhak Rabin and Eritrean President Afewerki.

“The Jerusalem Declaration On Christian Zionism”:

We categorically reject Christian Zionist doctrines as false
teaching that corrupts the biblical message of love, justice and

German Jewish leader accuses Merkel minister of anti-Semitism :

Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of German Jews,
has been angered over calls by Development Aid Minister Heidemarie
Wieczorek-Zeul for a United Nations probe into Israel’s use of
cluster bombs in military strikes on Lebanese and Hezbollah targets.

Jews irked city key went to Palestinian leader:

Jewish leaders in Santa Cruz asked the mayor to apologize for giving
a ceremonial city key to the Palestinian ambassador after the
visiting leader called Lebanon’s Hezbollah “an amateur in terrorism
compared to Israel.”

In the camp of Israel’s enemies:

One can attack George W. Bush, but not at Israel’s expense. Van
Hollen’s district in Maryland is very pro-Democrat, and is also
populated by many Jews. Some of them may reconsider their
congressional choice.

Criticize Israel? You’re an Anti-Semite!:

How can we have a real discussion about Mideast peace if speaking
honestly about Israel is out of bounds?

U.K. Occupation Forces Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan:

A British soldier was killed and another was seriously wounded in an
“insurgent” attack in southern Afghanistan, the U.K. Ministry of
Defence said.

Militant Attack On Afghan Town Sparks Intense Fighting :

The militants used mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy
machine guns in the attack on Naw Zad, in volatile Helmand province
around 8:00 a.m., said Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Zahir Azimi.

Opposition leader: Canadian troops out of Afghanistan:

The leader of an opposition party has called for the withdrawal of
Canadian troops fighting a “George Bush-style counterinsurgency war”
in Afghanistan, saying the conflict kindles insecurity here.

Highly enriched uranium found at Iranian plant :

The global nuclear monitoring agency deepened suspicions on Thursday
about Iran’s nuclear program, reporting that inspectors had
discovered new traces of highly enriched uranium at an Iranian

Iran will not cede on nuclear issue:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, has repeated his stance
that Iran will not give up “one iota of its nuclear rights,” in
reaction to an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report
published on Thursday.

Russia rejects Iran sanctions :

European Union foreign ministers, meeting in Finland, want further
dialogue with Iran rather than sanctions after Tehran defied
Thursday’s UN deadline to stop work that the West fears could be a
prelude to making a nuclear bomb, officials said.,2106,3784142a12,00.html

Gingrich opposed to attacking Iran:

“I am opposed to a military strike on Iran because I don’t think it
accomplishes very much in the long run,” The Washington Times

Why the U.S. Is Holding Its Fire on Iran:

The U.S. knows it must avoid harsh rhetoric and ease any fears of
military action in order to have any chance at getting Russia and
China to agree to sanctions in the nuclear standoff,8599,1515873,00.html

Khartoum rejects UN troops in Darfur:

The UN security council has approved a resolution authorising the
deployment of up to 17,000 peacekeepers to Darfur, with the Sudanese
government swiftly rejecting the plan.

Police State?:

Blair to tackle ‘menace’ children :

Tomorrow’s potential troublemakers can be identified even before
are born, Tony Blair has suggested. He said teenage mums and problem
families could be forced to take help to head off difficulties. –
There could be sanctions for parents who refused to take advice, he

Navy Lawyer Charged In Classified Information Leak:

A Navy lawyer at the Naval Air Station-Jacksonville is facing a
military trial that could put him behind bars for 30 years after
officials charged him with passing along secret information while he
was stationed at Guantanamo Bay.

Pentagon moves toward monitoring media:

The U.S. command in Baghdad is seeking bidders for a two-year, $20
million public relations contract that calls for monitoring the tone
of Iraq news stories filed by U.S. and foreign media.

Channel 4 courts controversy with mock Bush assassination :

Channel 4 is set to spark a furore in the US this month when it
unveils a documentary-style film in which George Bush is


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