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1 October, 2009: An American Holocaust

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,339,771"

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:  4,662
Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 1,425

Cost of War in Iraq
Cost of War in Afghanistan
The cost in your community

When in Doubt, Keep Killing.
Starting Another Year of the War in Afghanistan
By Norman Solomon
In the White House, there’s no indication of a pane that’s facing the pain in Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries in the world, where the U.S. government continues to bring gifts: a dollar’s worth of warfare for a dime’s worth of everything else.

Bizarro World:
Karl Rove Blasts Obama for ‘Outsourcing Afghanistan’
By Jeremy Scahill
There are racist astroturf loons that appear to have recently landed on earth from planet Fiction and are navigating their way through the country, speaking in tongues, led by snakeoil salesmen like Glenn Beck.

Is This What “Shielding Afghans From Violence” Looks Like?
By: Derrick Crowe
Warning: The following video contains graphic images.

No Credible Evidence’ of Iranian Nuclear Weapons, says UN Inspector
By Julian Borger and Richard Norton-Taylor
The UN’s chief weapons inspector, Mohamed ElBaradei, said today he had seen “no credible evidence” that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, rejecting British intelligence allegations that a weapons programme has been going on for at least four years.

Top Things you Think You Know about Iran that are not True
By Juan Cole
Belief: Iran is a militarized society bristling with dangerous weapons and a growing threat to world peace. Reality: Iran’s military budget is a little over $6 billion annually. Sweden, Singapore and Greece all have larger military budgets. – Iran spends less per capita on its military than any other country in the Persian Gulf region with the exception of the United Arab Emirates.
A Truly Shocking Guantanamo Story:
Judge Confirms That an Innocent Man Was Tortured to Make False Confessions
By Andy Worthington
In four years of researching and writing about Guantánamo, I have become used to uncovering shocking information, but for sheer cynicism, I am struggling to think of anything that compares to the revelations contained in the unclassified ruling in the habeas corpus petition of Fouad al-Rabiah, a Kuwaiti prisoner whose release was ordered last week by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.

“Nothing Happening” in Honduras
Real News Video Report
Military shuts down all anti-coup radio and TV, silencing all reporting on the resistance movement.

An American Holocaust
“I Would Like To Apologize To The Dead”
By Congressman Alan Grayson
44,789 U.S. residents die every year because they have no health insurance.

John Murtha’s Pork Laden Airport
As the U.S. Stimulus Plan continues, just take a look at the way our politicians spend our tax money.

US Census Bureau report: 40 million living in poverty
By Kate Randall
The overall poverty rate in the US rose to 13.2 percent in 2008, as workers across all sectors of the economy became jobless and increasing numbers of families were forced into destitution, according to a new government report. Real median household income also declined by 3.6 percent.

22 Taliban fighters killed in Afghanistan:
The interior ministry said in a statement that Afghan and international forces killed 22 Taliban militants during the operation by Afghan police and army, backed by coalition forces, which lasted almost four hours.

U.S. Bombs Kill 6 or more Afghan civilians:
Ghulam Mohammad Khan, a tribal leader, said a local farmer, his wife and four children were among nine dead in the airstrike Wednesday evening. He said three guests at the compound also died, but he did not know their identities.

Afghan conspiracy theories:
The reaction to a video of police handing guns to Taliban fighters illustrates the fear of ethnic conspiracy gripping Afghanistan

Galbraith Fired, Refused to Hide Afghanistan Election Fraud:
The UN’s number two official in Afghanistan, Peter Galbraith, has been fired after a clash with head of mission Kai Eide over how to handle fraud in the recent presidential elections. Galbraith alleges that Eide is covering up massive corruption for reasons of expediency.

Somalia: 20 killed as Islamists battle for control of Kismayu:
Witnesses said al-Shabaab gunmen and their one-time allies from Hizbul Islam attacked each other at dawn, and that by mid-afternoon al-Shabaab appeared to control most areas.

Pakistan warns United States against drone attacks:
Pakistan has warned the United States that it will not allow drone attacks on suspected Taliban bases in its troubled Balochistan province, military sources have said.

‘Drone attacks in Balochistan will jeopardise US interests’:
Drone attacks in Balochistan will hamper the flow of goods and logistics to NATO troops in Afghanistan, Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani said, adding they will also jeopardise US interests in the region\10\01\story_1-10-2009_pg7_8

Pakistanis Continue to Reject U.S. Partnership :
The survey says that 76 percent of the respondents were opposed to Pakistan partnering with the United States on missile attacks against extremists by American drone aircraft.

Buying Pakistans Sovereignty:
US Congress triples Pakistan aid:
The aid money will not be directly handed over to Pakistan. It will be spent on different development projects through the US embassy in Islamabad.

At least a million widows struggle for survival in Iraq :
Under Saddam Hussein, despite the brutality of his regime towards so many of Iraq’s people, war widows were looked after by the state. Now, they are mostly hidden and vulnerable.

Maliki launches pan-Iraqi bloc:
The alliance will be called State of Law and will comprise of 40 political parties representing a variety of Iraqi religious sects and ethnic groups.- Analysts say the new bloc is unlikely to gain a majority in its own right and might need to join a wider coalition.

IAEA chief ElBaradei to go to Iran at weekend:
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed ElBaradei is to travel to Iran at the weekend to discuss the issue of arranging inspections of Iranian nuclear sites of concern to Western powers, US officials said Thursday.

EU envoy: IAEA to visit nuke plant soon:
A senior EU envoy says Iran has pledged to open its recently revealed uranium enrichment plant to U.N. inspectors perhaps in the next few a news conference last week.

IAEA letter thanks Iran over notification:
“With reference to the letter of 21 September 2009… from HE Ambassador Soltanieh to the Director General of the Agency Dr ElBaradei, I wish to thank the Islamic Republic of Iran for providing the Agency with information about Iran’s activities related to the construction of a new pilot enrichment plant,” read a letter by the IAEA to Iran

Report: Nuclear negotiations to be continued :
ISNA quoted an informed source close to the Iranian delegation in Geneva as saying that the two sides agreed that talks between Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeid Jalili and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana are to be continued before the end of this month.

U.S. and Iran meet at Geneva nuclear talks:
Washington had said it would not threaten further sanctions against Tehran at the one-day meeting but had prepared them in case the discussions made no progress

‘US Jews back military strike on Iran’:
Asked if they would support American military action, 56% of American Jews said they would, while just 36% opposed it, according to the American Jewish Committee’s 2009 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion.

France calls for December deadline for new Iran sanctions:
“If by December there is not an in-depth change by the Iranian leaders, sanctions will have to be taken,” Sarkozy said

Iran says no deal to import gasoline from Venezuela: lawmaker:
On Sept. 7, visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in a joint press conference with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that his country is ready to provide Tehran with 20,000 barrels of gasoline per day, Press TV reported.

It’s the Balance of Power, Stupid!:
Obama finds it so difficult to press Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai to change their policies may have to do with the fact that unlike many of the elites in Washington, the above and other foreign leaders have succeeded in deconstructing the current geo-strategic reality and recognized that the global balance of power has been shifting and that U.S. ability to exert its diplomatic and military leverage over them has been constrained.

Fatah to Abbas: no talks without settlement freeze:
The Palestinian party Fatah has declared to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who heads the movement, that he must not resume peace talks unless Israel freezes its settlement construction, a senior Fatah member said Wednesday.

UN: Poverty tripled in Gaza:
Poverty in the Gaza Strip has tripled this year under the Israeli blockade, according to the UN agency helping refugees living there.

Peace talks off if UN adopts Gaza report: Israel:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Thursday the United Nations would deal a “fatal blow” to prospects for peace if it endorsed a report critical of Tel Aviv’s 22-day assault on Gaza as Arab Israelis staged a general strike to protest for the right to live in dignity in their “homeland.”

Israel war crimes report one-sided, says Clinton:
“We believe that the mandate for the Goldstone report was one-sided and that many of the recommendations are appropriately dealt with by the institutions within Israel,” Ms Clinton told journalists.

Netanyahu nixes call for Israeli inquiry into Gaza war:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has nixed the idea of setting up an inquiry committee into alleged Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip as a means of dealing with the Goldstone Commission’s report.

Palestinians cry ‘blackmail’ over Israel phone service threat:
Israel is threatening to kill off a crucial West Bank economic project unless the Palestinian Authority withdraws a request to the International Criminal Court to investigate alleged Israeli crimes during last winter’s Gaza war.

Hamas source reveals contents of Shalit video tape:
The one-minute tape of Shalit, who has been held in Gaza since 2006, “was sent to Egypt on Monday with a Hamas delegation” which left Gaza for a meeting with Egyptian officials, the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

Israel denies diplomat expelled by Russia was a spy:
Foreign Ministry officials told Haaretz that the incident in question took place last week, when the Nativ official was apprehended by Russian security forces.

Ecuador Indians clash with police:
At least one person is thought to have been killed after police in Ecuador battled Amazon Indians protesting against laws they believe will threaten their lands.

Resistance silenced in Honduras:
In marked contrast to the front-page coverage given political protests in Iran, the U.S. news media also continues to treat the Honduran coup as a minor story.

EU and OAS pull ambassadors from troubled Honduras:
Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos and OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza made the announcement on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The move was made in support of Zelaya

Hugo Chavez Addresses the U.N. General Assembly:

Peru ex-president Fujimori sentenced to 6 years for illegal wiretapping and bribery:
Fujimori is to serve his sentence concurrently with the sentences from his three other convictions.

N.Y. Judge: CIA Can Keep ‘Torture’ Info Secret:
Agency Won’t Be Forced To Divulge Key Information On 2005 Destruction Of Tapes Of Interrogations

Judge’s order to release Kuwaiti detainee puts Obama in a bind:
A U.S. district court judge in Washington has ordered him released from the Guantanamo military prison, saying the government has presented no evidence of his guilt.
Alledged War Criminal may become president of Europe:
Blair to be named EU President ‘within weeks’ if Irish ratify Lisbon Treaty:
Mr Blair is among the favourites to become the first President of the European Union, a role that is chosen by the EU’s 27 leaders and not by voters. Such an appointment would restore him to the world stage as well as boost his long-term income.

Ireland: Vote “No” to the Lisbon Treaty:
Designed to consolidate a political, trade and military bloc to advance the interests of Europe’s imperialist powers worldwide, the constitution promoted the further privatisation of social services and the break-up of residual labour protection across the continent.

Democrats Go to War:
With the public option dead for now, the left is launching attack ads against centrist and Blue Dog Democrats-and Rahm Emanuel, the poster child for Netroots betrayal.

Detroit: Too broke to bury their dead:
Money to bury Detroit’s poor has dried up, forcing struggling families to abandon their loved ones in the morgue freezer.

Foreclosed On Homeowner Wanted Cops To Kill Him:
Kurt Aho’s home was sold at a foreclosure auction on Tuesday. When the new owners came by and asked him when he was going to vacate, he shot out their tires. He had a beer with a neighbor right before the police came:

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