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Iraq News and Information

Iraq News-links 29-31 January 2008

Last updated: Thursday, January 31, 2008 13:44


US, Iraq working on security accord
Seattle Times – United States
The US and Iraq announced Nov. 26 their intention to conclude a replacement agreement, a so-called framework agreement or “status of force” agreement…

Bomb kills journalist – first in Iraq this year
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Alaa Abdulkareem Fartusi, 29, is the first journalist to be killed this year in Iraq, in what has become the world’s deadliest place to cover a story, …

Iraq Govt to reap $19b in oil revenue: report
ABC Online – Australia
The prediction is suggested by figures set out in the latest quarterly report from Stuart Bowen, Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction who is …

Marie Cocco 10 more months of poor choices?
Indianapolis Star – United States
The bombings in Iraq continue, whether the carnage is shown on American television or not. A crisis erupted in Gaza just after Bush returned from his …

George Packer: “Hillary Clinton will hedge her bets on Iraq”
By Red Wind
(I was going to work this into a bigger piece on JRE and Iraq, but, well, events got ahead of me, so I’ll just report on this point that seems to have, like so many substantive points in this race, gone underreported.) …

Sen. Clinton And Iraq
By Oliver Willis
Clinton just echoes John Kerry in her version of her position on the Iraq War. Certainly 2008 is not 2004 and the votes on the war won’t loom as large. But this sort of mythology just won’t pass the smell test. …

News & Views 01/30/08
By dancewater(Cervantes)
The last complete census in Iraq conducted in 1997 found 4.05 million households in the country, a figure ORB used to calculate that approximately 1.03 million people had died as a result of the war, the researchers found. …

Thur Night: Iraq Vets Invite Antiwar Activists to Protest Outside …
By Iraq Veterans Against The War(LA IMC)
Join Iraq Veterans Against the War and Military Families Speak Out The World will be Watching…. Help Make the Anti-war Voice Heard… The War Is Still The Issue: Protest Outside the CNN-Politico-LA Times Democratic Debate WHEN: Thurs. …

US Commanders in Iraq Favor Pause in Troop Cuts
Washington Post – United States
There are about 155000 US troops in Iraq now, with about 5000 leaving every month; the proposed freeze would go into effect in July, when troops levels…

Brain injuries ‘are not key factor in Iraq veterans’ health problems’
Scotsman – United Kingdom
TRAUMATIC brain injury, described as the “signature” wound of the Iraq war, may be less to blame for soldiers’ symptoms than doctors once thought. …

Iraq says Mosul to be “cleansed” of al Qaeda
Reuters South Africa – Johannesburg,South Africa
By Michael Holden BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq said on Wednesday it was determined to “cleanse” its northern city of Mosul of al Qaeda fighters but its US …

Bomb takes death toll of journalists in Iraq war to 126
Independent – London,England,UK
AP By Patrick Cockburn in Baghdad Iraq confirmed its reputation as the most dangerous country in the world for journalists this week when a roadside bomb …

5 Killed in Iraq Based at Fort Carson
The Associated Press –
(AP) — Five soldiers killed when a roadside bomb blew apart their vehicle during an ambush in Mosul, Iraq, this week were based at Fort Carson, the military …

Iraq Security Guards Getting New Rules
The Associated Press –
WASHINGTON (AP) — Under pressure to exercise greater control over private security contractors in Iraq, Bush administration officials outlined stricter …

31 January Iraq Updates
After returning to areas I had been to repeatedly since 2003, the dominant impression I drew was that of a military campaign systematically breaking ‘al-Qaeda’ in Iraq’s hold on the Sunni population and driving the extremists into smaller …

TBI rate among Iraq war soldiers may be lower than previously thought
By Ron Graham(Ron Graham)
“Traumatic brain injury, described as the signature wound of the Iraq war, may be less to blame for soldiers’ symptoms than doctors once thought, contends a provocative military study that suggests post-traumatic stress and depression …


The Iraq Recession: Debate Raging Over War’s Economic Impact
By Sam Stein
Within the halls of Congress and on editorial pages of the country’s newspapers, questions are being raised as to whether the Iraq war bears responsibility for the looming economic recession. Among opponents of the war the answer seems …

President Bush flips Congress the bird on Iraq
By Hanlon
In a rare demonstration of both his contempt for Congress and his desire to keep us in Iraq forever, the President declared (via a signing statement, of course) that a Congressional provision preventing him from establishing permanent …

Coalition Forces in Iraq Kill Four Suspected Terrorists, Detain 18
Voice of America – USA
By VOA News US and Iraqi forces have killed four suspected terrorists and detained at least 18 others during operations in central Iraq Wednesday.…

Concussion Raises PTSD Risk for Iraq Vets
Washington Post – United States
30 (HealthDay News) — Researchers report that soldiers who have suffered concussions during their time in Iraq are more likely to experience post-traumatic …

Australian Foreign Minister Confirms Plans to Leave Iraq to US
Voice of America – USA
During his visit, Smith made clear that the new Australian government will go ahead with its plan to withdraw its troops from Iraq within six months.…

Iraq ‘set for oil price windfall’
BBC News – UK
Increasing oil production and higher oil prices mean Iraq could be set for an influx of extra money towards reconstruction, a report has said. …

More GIs to stay in Iraq?
Chicago Tribune – United States
By Aamer Madhani | WASHINGTON BUREAU January 30, 2008 WASHINGTON – While trumpeting progress on the ground in Iraq and projecting the gradual reduction of …

US Teams Seek Progress in Iraq Provinces
The Associated Press –
QARRAYA, Iraq (AP) — The head of an Iraqi electricity plant ranted about lack of help from officials in faraway Baghdad. The local governor grumbled about …

Big Mac’s Iraq Hundred Years’ War
Yahoo! News – USA
After all, this is the same John McCain who told New Hampshire voters that he could see American troops staying in Iraq for “… maybe a hundred years” as …

Iraq Security Guards Getting New Rules
The Associated Press –
WASHINGTON (AP) — Under continued pressure to exercise greater control over private security contractors in Iraq, Bush administration officials will outline …


CHRONOLOGY: Journalists killed in Iraq
Reuters – USA
Iraq is the most dangerous place in the world to report. At least 122 journalists and 41 media support staff have been killed in Iraq since the US-led …

Iraq Forever With A Broken Army?
By Cernig
The NY Times notes that Bush is preparing the way for halting troop withdrawals from Iraq at the 20000 combat troops already announced. Which would leave more US troops in Iraq post-Surge than there were before it, and leave them there …

Interpreting the surge in Iraq
By Rodger(Daniel Nexon)
The post I’ve just linked mentions that the civilian violent death rate in Iraq has declined to 2005 levels, which were worse than 2004 levels. This month, about 24 people per day are dying violent. The January 2008 number will likely …

Missing Voices in the Iraq Debate
By dzarkhan
This March 19 will be the fifth anniversary of the shock-and-awe air assault on Baghdad that signaled the opening of the invasion of Iraq, and when it comes to the American occupation of that country, no end is yet in sight. …

Ilan Goldenberg: NSN Iraq Daily Update 1/30/08
By Ilan Goldenberg
Bush administration is sending strong signals that US troop reductions in Iraq will slow or stop altogether this summer. This would increase the strain on already overused Army and Marine Corps and revive debate over an open-ended US …

US soldier dies of wounds from Iraq roadside bomb last summer
By gcarter
(CNN) — An American soldier wounded more than six months ago in Iraq has died, the US military said Tuesday. The soldier died Sunday at the National Naval Medical Center, in Bethesda, Md. He was wounded in Baghdad on July 9 “when the …

Australia Announces Troop Withdrawal From Iraq
In a severe blow to US efforts to bring about stability in war-torn Iraq, Australia has announced its decision to withdraw its military troops from the country…

4. The state of Iraq
Date Posted: 01/29/2008, 12:00 am Five years after the US invasion of Iraq, Bush is asking for patience. CNN’s Arwa Damon reports (January 29) Runtime: 03:19 Free.

McCain Wins Florida, and What Does He Say about Iraq?
… whispered conversations and tap codes” while he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He called for lower taxes. He denounced activist judges. He said not a word about Iraq. Nothing about ending the war. Nothing about winning the war. …

Fight for north Iraq will be long, US commander says
Detroit Free Press – United States
By BRADLEY J. BROOKS and STEVEN R. HURST AP MOSUL, Iraq — The top US commanders in northern Iraq predicted Tuesday that the battle to oust Al Qaeda in Iraq …

Trial opens in man’s alleged role as spy for Iraq
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Heinz said Benjamin was to “penetrate and monitor” expatriate Assyrian Christians, a minority group in Iraq perceived to be hostile to Hussein.…

In Iraq, 2 killed in bombing of car carrying journalists
By joesterling
The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory said it obtained information on the incident from al-Forat TV, affiliated with the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, the powerful Shiite political party. The bombing happened Tuesday night in Balad, …

Crying for the women of Iraq.
By The Diva
It’s been a long time since NPR made me cry, but Tuesday night, the magnificent Anne Garrels (above) filed a report that brought me to tears in the parking lot of Target. It was a sweeping evaluation of where women in Iraq are since the …

Flashman and Iraq
There are absolutely legitimate questions to ask about the quality of our intelligence about Iraq – from before the first Gulf War until today. There are absolutely legitimate questions to ask about whether an invasion was the …

Iraq income up five years after war as oil production slowly …
By Iraq Oil Report
New data from Iraq’s oil export arm finds increased production and high prices raised revenues by 31 percent to $39.8 billion in 2007, compared with 2006, United Press International reports. Improved output and security of the northern …

Bomb Explodes Near US Patrol in Iraq
New York Times – United States
The attack is the latest sign that the main front of the insurgency has shifted to northern Iraq. On Monday, the Sunni Arab guerrillas ambushed the American …

More GIs to stay in Iraq?
Chicago Tribune – United States
By Aamer Madhani | Washington Bureau 10:58 PM CST, January 29, 2008 WASHINGTON — While trumpeting progress on the ground in Iraq and projecting the gradual …

Higher oil prices could be boon to Iraq and rebuilding program: report
The Canadian Press –
Iraq’s oil production during the last quarter averaged 2.38 million barrels a day, the highest level since the 2003 US-led invasion, though still below…

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 3941
The Associated Press –
29, 2008, at least 3941 members of the US military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. …

Religion and Counterinsurgency in Iraq Today
Insurgents in Iraq have turned mosques into fortified strongholds, forcing US troops to weigh the public relations costs of desecrating sacred space against the benefits of operational failure. Why are Muslim insurgents willing to …

‘al-Qaeda’s’ Deathbed Stance In Iraq
By AJStrata
Major operations against al Qaeda have begun in northern Iraq. Al Qaeda is in serious trouble. These are not ad hoc operations, but are deliberate, systematic, well-planned and working. I’ve been watching this unfold for months but have …

News & Views 01/29/08
By dancewater(Cervantes)
This week on War News Radio, we hear about an ongoing initiative to re-integrate former soldiers into Iraq ‘s new military. Then we hear from soldiers on active duty who are also actively against the war. Also, we learn how US service …

By Stephanie
No matter how long we stay in Iraq it will not be long enough to prevent a civil war. No matter how long we stay in Iraq we cannot impose democracy on a people with no history of it. There are more of them than we can send. …

Iraq and AIDS Treatment are the “Stickiest” Part of Bush’s Legacy
But two very different initiatives to which the President referred last night will be much harder than the others to walk away from: the Iraq invasion and the PEPFAR initiative to offer AIDS treatment to people in 15 of the worst …

Be Patient on Iraq, Bush Tells Americans
Arab News – Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
Here’sa look about what Bush said about his foreign policy, Iraq and the Middle East peace process. Bush’s speech was dominated by his description of a …

A Report From Iraq
Atlantic Online – USA
In January of 2007, as five new American brigades surged into Iraq, the national gloom was pervasive. Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, declared that …

Iraq Plugs Oil Flow to SK Energy
Chosun Ilbo – Seoul,South Korea
Austrian oil group OMV has been denied oil exports from Iraq for the same reason. SK Energy said, “We’re holding talks with the Iraqi government on the …

Chaos in Iraq
By Mattb79(Mattb79)
On the ground in Iraq, the state of the union – Bush’s legacy – translates into a completely shattered nation with up to 70% unemployment, a 70% inflation rate, less than six hours of electricity a day and virtually no reconstruction, …

Iraq addressed too late in State of the Union
28: In his last State of the Union address, President Bush pressures Congress on spending, defends the Iraq troop surge and warns Iran on nukes. By Lt. Col. …

Severed heads and bodies found in Iraq field
Reuters UK – UK
But Major-General Mark Hertling, commander of US troops in northern Iraq, cautioned against such descriptions of the fight against al Qaeda, …

Army unit probed following allegation of detainee deaths in Iraq
Stars and Stripes, a military newspaper that first reported on the investigation, said the Schweinfurt-based unit saw heavy fighting in Iraq, suffering 59 …

Forces Struggle to Push ‘Al-Qaida’ from Iraq
AFP/Getty Image, January 28, 2008 · What Bush Said: President Bush tried to focus on a narrow part of the so-called “surge” of troops in Iraq.…

Flow of Weapons to Iraq Still a Problem
The Associated Press –
While US commanders have made progress in controlling the flow of tens of thousands of munitions into Iraq, “there still remains work to be accomplished,” …

Another Fort Riley soldier killed in Iraq
Kansas City Star – MO,USA
AP A 40-year-old Fort Riley soldier was killed by an explosive in Baghdad over the weekend. The Department of Defense announced today that Maj. …

President Bush Focuses On Economy, Iraq In Final State Of The … – USA
The second half of the speech was dominated by foreign affairs, mostly Iraq, where the president seemed relieved to deliver the news that his controversial …

Bodies, heads found in northern Iraq
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Violence gripped northern Iraq on Tuesday as a suicide bomber killed at least one person in Mosul and authorities found nine bodies …

On Iraq, Bush Shows a More Restrained Optimism
New York Times – United States
By ALISSA J. RUBIN and RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr. President Bush left his comments on Iraq until nearly halfway through his final State of the Union address on …

Bush legacy is Iraq fiasco
National Post – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
President Bush’s last State of the Union address was an attempt to heroically recast a presidency that will be forever marred by the blunder in Iraq. …

Max Bergmann: NSN Iraq Daily Update 1/29/08
By Max Bergmann
Rebuilding failures by American construction company Parsons, one of the most heavily criticized companies working in Iraq, were much more widespread than previously disclosed, according to a report released Monday by a federal …

In Iraq, 18 ‘insurgents’ seized in coalition raids
By joesterling
southwest of Baghdad and in Sharqat. “Each capture is another step forward on the path to an Iraq free from ‘al Qaeda’s’ violence,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman, in a reference to ‘al Qaeda’ in Iraq.

Car Bomb Explodes Near US Patrol in Iraq
New York Times – United States
The attack was the latest sign that the main front of the insurgency has shifted to northern Iraq. On Monday, the Sunni Arab guerrillas ambushed the…

Smith pledges more aid for Iraq
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
AUSTRALIA has agreed to step up its civilian commitments of aid and expertise to help with the reconstruction of both Iraq and Afghanistan, …

Bush targets Iraq, economy
The president used his final annual State of the Union address to defend his deeply unpopular handling of what US voters say are their top two concerns: The nearly five-year-old Iraq war and economic turmoil. …

Rambo And Iraq
By Andrew Sullivan
…the word “Iraq” appears nowhere in the movie, and neither do “Al Qaeda,” “Islam,” “9/11,” or “bin Laden.” The writer/director/actor told Ain’t It Cool News that he did this because “the idea of Rambo dealing with Al-Qaeda, …

Suicide car bombing wounds 15 in N Iraq
Xinhua – China
MOSUL, Iraq, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) — A suicide car bomb attack targeted a US patrol in the northern province of Nineveh on Tuesday, wounding some 15 people, …

8. New territory in Iraq
Date Posted: 01/28/2008, 12:00 am CNN’s Michael Holmes visits a part of Iraq where US troops have never been before. (January 28) Runtime: 03:58 Free.

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