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2 March 2005


What Bush’s ‘Freedom & Democracy’ Means for Iraqi Farmers
John Spritzler, Axis of Logic
…If an Iraqi farmer shrewdly decides not to purchase seed from a corporation like Monsanto, but instead relies entirely upon traditional varieties, there is still no way for that farmer to prevent his crop from cross-pollinating with a corporate-owned variety planted up-wind from his farm. And once Monsanto finds “their” gene contaminating a farmer’s crop, the corporation can take the farmer to court and charge him with inte! llectual property theft, even if the farmer had only used his own seed and had no knowledge of the cross-pollination. [Jeremy Smith in The Ecologist] Because of this, Iraqi farmers, 97 percent of whom currently save their own seed, will eventually be prohibited from that ancient practice. Corporate control will have been established over this sector of the Iraqi population…

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An Interview With Dahr Jamail on Occupied Iraq
Derrick O’Keefe, www.dissidentvoice.org
…Basically Fallujah today closely resembles a concentration camp. The military maintains that strict cordon; any of the people who live there who want to go back into the city have to get a retina scan and get fingerprinted, and then get an I.D. card made. Then they go through a very strict checkpoint with full body searches, very intrusive searches. Then they‚re allowed into the city, where at least sixty percent of the city! ‚s been bombed to the ground. There‚s no electricity, no water, and of course no jobs. So, of the 350 000 people who lived there, roughly 25 000 have returned back to try to sort out what‚s left of their homes. It closely resembles a wasteland at this point…

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From Word Play to Gun Play.
The legitimacy of the state‚s right to rule
William Bowles
Many on the Œleft‚ may dismiss the arguments surrounding the Œlegal‚ basis that underpins the obviously (to me and most of the planet) illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq as no more than a lot of hot air and obsfucation, preferring to take the Œpolitical‚ road to judgement. But it is the ability of the state to create the fiction of its legitimacy to rule that in the final resort, is all that it has. Take away that leg! itimacy and Œall that‚s solid melts into air‚. So what, exactly, is the legitimacy based upon? Largely, it‚s the rule of law, especially when it comes to invading a sovereign state. But just what is the Œrule‚ of law?…

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Syria is doomed
…As James Wolcott has noticed, the old terrorist model will be rolled out again, with Hezbollah subbing for al Qaeda – watch for increasingly insane reporting from the disgusting American media on the great danger to the U. S. ‘homeland’ from Hezbollah, a group predominantly concerned with charitable, educational, and political actions in Lebanon – and Syria’s support of Hezbollah replacing Saddam’s mythical connections to al Qaeda. The fact that the current Syrian government has waged ! a bitter war against Islamist fundamentalists, and even offered to help the Americans by sharing their excellent intelligence on terrorist groups – an offer, needless to say, rudely rebuffed by the Americans – won’t faze the American propagandists one little bit. Syria is doomed…

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33 Things You Should Know About the Middle East and America
Sam Hamod, Ph.D.
…Suppose Syria told us to get our troops out of Iraq, their neighbor˜would we listen? Who gave America permission to invade Iraq? Certainly not the UN, though Bush keeps claiming the UN gave him authority. If this continues, then we will have a dog eat dog world, with the UN losing all authority and only the strong will survive˜and that means that in the near future China will overrun America or its power in the world or both. Why shou! ld more Americans and Iraqis get killed, or get traumatized for life by Bush‚s illegal and immoral war in Iraq?…

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The Splendid Failure of Occupation
Part 28: Imperialist expansions and 9/11
B. J. Sabri, Online Journal Contributing Writer
… Blair, Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld were already in Afghanistan before any investigation began, before anyone knew anything about who attacked the United States and why. And as widely reported, Bush ordered plans to invade Iraq just a few hours after the WTC came under attack. Categorically, 9/11 as an internal or external factor was inconsequential in relatio! n to the premeditated response that Bush and Zionists gave to the attack. In other words, the decision to occupy Iraq, as well as the decision to declare permanent war against the Asian Arab Middle East under the pretext that Arabs, Islam, and Muslim traditions are violent was already moving on tracks regardless of who committed 9/11…

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Bush Nation abroad
Luciana Bohne, Online Journal Contributing Writer
…Then there was the obligatory appeal to spreading democracy in the Middle East. Yeah, right. The means? Preventive war, collateral damage, collective punishment, more Fallujah-like destructions of cities, foul tortures (involving˜among other mentally retarded sado-masochistic, pornographic fantasies˜menstrual blood, no less!), “renditions,” indefinite detentions without charges, assassinations, war-profiteering, the trashing of international ! law, and the cultivation of worship of the leader, the folk, and their one-sided God. Such grotesque delusions may play well on Fox Channel, but they sound deranged to the survivors of the twentieth-century’s wars to make the world safe for democracy!…

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It’s a Family Affair
Uncle Bucky Makes a Killing
…While his older brother headed to Texas to make his name in the oil patch, Bucky returned to St. Louis, the Gateway City where the original Bush fortune had been built. He settled into a modest career as an investment banker and corporate consultant. Then, with his nephew poised to seize the White House, Uncle Bucky was offered a seat on the board of ESSI, a military support and defense electronics firm. ESSI’s compan! y prospectus describes it as “a diversified supplier of high-tech, integrated military electronics, support equipment and logistics services for all branches of America’s armed forces and certain foreign militaries.” (…) In 2003, the Defense Department gave ESSI a huge deal to provide the Army with equipment to search for Iraq’s non-existent chemical and biological weapons. Part of this package included a $19 million contract to provide protective tents for US troops from chemical bombs…

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Out of context, lists of presumptive triumphs in Iraq
Pierre Tristam
Most of us get them, those e-mails promising bushels of porn, the end of impotence, permanently flaccid mortgage rates or lucrative friendships with wayward African princes seeking bank accounts to bunk with. It’s harmless clutter. It’s also a reminder that marketing sugared in smut and guile always finds an audience, otherwise its retailers wouldn’t keep at it. So it’s natural for the merchants of Operation Iraqi Freedom to hitch their pipeline! to our in-boxes. They sell porn of a different kind — the pornography of war as a beautiful thing, as an orgy of good news the media just won’t show because, as one incensed e-mail has it, “a Bush-hating media and Democratic Party would rather see the world blow up than lose their power”…

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More Plaut Palaver
Kurt Nimmo
…Plaut may have property˜stolen from Palestinians ˜ but I own none here in the country Plaut has abandoned. As for “REAL Indians,‰ I spent three and a half years building educational web sites, more than a few for Navajo schools, while the delusional Plaut fancied I worked at Walmart. But even if I did work at Walmart as one of the “unwashed‰ Plaut has nothing but contempt for (and contempt for former Walmart workers who went to Iraq to kill Arabs for Plaut and his settler friends)! , it would be far more honest and honorable work than pretending to be an economics professor in a miserable “democracy‰ that racks up massive violations of international law…

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54 Towns Vote on Anti-Iraq War Resolution
Channel 3 News
Town Meeting Day in Vermont. A March snow storm does not deter democracy. Voters in Calais quickly pass their town budget, decide they need a used excavator, and they endorse re-appraising property. But outside issues make their way inside this town hall, too. “I think peace begins with love,” says Jack Russell. Calais is one of some 54 towns across Vermont debating a non-binding resolution on the United States’ war in Iraq…

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 1 March 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.
Iraqi Resistance forces fired seven Grad rockets into the US al-Warrar base west of ar-Ramadi in western Iraq‚s al-Anbar Province at 2pm local time Tuesday. The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in the area reported eyewitnesses as saying that the bombardment targeted the northern part of the camp and that it sent dense clouds of smoke and tongues of flame ri! sing into the sky for two whole hours…

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The one state solution as the liberation struggle for the Jews
Simon Jones
…Sharon‚s cynical march onto Temple Mount further made clear for even the most naive well-wishers (again excepting US presidents) that the real political agenda of Israel is nothing less than Greater Israel and the driving of all Palestinians “ Muslims and Christians “ out of Palestine. Ben Gurion‚s “It doesn‚t matter what gentiles say; it only matters what we do” became Sharon‚s “It doesn‚t matter what WE say; it only matters what we do! .” Road maps and peace processes continue to be touted – yes, the dog barks, but the caravan moves on. 911 merely drove the point home…

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Iraqi Health Ministry confirms use by American occupation forces of internationally prohibited weapons in its attacks on al-Fallujah
Mafkarat al-Islam
Dr Khalid ash-Shaykhli, a representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Health who was authorized to assess health conditions in al-Fallujah after the end of the major battles there, announced that the surveys and studies which a medical team did in al-Fallujah and subsequently reported to the Ministry confirm that US forces used substances that are internationally prohi! bited — including mustard gas, nerve gas, and other burning chemicals — in the course of its attacks on the city…

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Italian Media Shaken by Iraq
Elisa Marincola, Antiwar
…Inevitably, news on Iraq has slipped to the inside pages of newspapers. No one asks questions any more about relief money, or about the health of Italian soldiers posted in Iraq. Eight soldiers who returned from Iraq last year died of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, suspected to have been caused by exposure to depleted uranium. Italian media silence is extending also to silence over new legislation proposed to censor media covering the military. The proposed new legisl! ation would forbid anybody from giving out sensitive information on military issues, even on national territory, Elettra Deiana, deputy from the opposition party Rifondazione Communista and member of the Defense Commission, told IPS. It would bar for instance any reporting on the effect of depleted uranium on the health of troops, or of harassment within military barracks unless such reports are approved by military authorities. Military personnel or civilians who break the law could face up to 20 years in a military prison…

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2 Members of Hussein Tribunal Are Assassinated in Baghdad
A judge and a lawyer with the special tribunal that will try Saddam Hussein and former members of his government were shot and killed Tuesday by gunmen outside their home here, Iraqi officials said. It was the first time a member of the tribunal is known to have been assassinated, though a number of criminal and civil judges have been killed here in recent months…

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New Labour puts the National into Socialism
Edward Teague, Investigating Imperialism
It was evident at the time, and increasingly since, that the move to the invasion of Iraq commenced with the visit of Tony Blair to Crawford in April 2002. Recent speculation and leaks shows that the Whitehall legal dovecotes were flapping as a result of the leader‚s chummy get together in sunny Texas…

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The ancillary benefits of torture
Unknown News
There is nothing like the smell of burning enemy combatants in the morning. An electrode or two placed discreetly on sensitive areas of the human body hardly even leaves a mark. Add some electrical stimulation and an enemy combatant suddenly has a remarkable sense of rhythm. Even the most ardent of Islamists will sing like a Robin in the springtime…

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Did Negroponte sell his conflict-of-interest stocks?
John Negroponte, President Bush’s choice for intelligence chief, is a multimillionaire who promised last year to sell stock in companies that have business stakes in Iraq’s reconstruction, according to his financial disclosure reports. It is unclear from two April reports, Negroponte’s most recent filings, whether he followed through on sales of General Electric and other companies helping to rebuild Iraq, where he is U.S. ambassador. The Whit! e House did not immediately comment Monday…

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Rumsfeld Sued over Prisoner Torture
t r u t h o u t
When the Abu Ghraib photographs first surfaced, a wave of shock and revulsion rolled across the planet. Subsequent revelations indicated that senior Bush administration officials, including Alberto Gonzales and Donald Rumsfeld, actively pushed for the use of torture against individuals detained in the ‘War on Terror,’ and further sought to build firewalls between the administration and any legal consequences arising from said torture. Chief among these was the a! rgument, put forth by Gonzales, that the President of the United States is for all intents and purposes above the law. In the aftermath of these revelations, not one single senior military or civilian leader has been called to account for the torture, rape and murder of civilians in Abu Ghraib prison…

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After the Iraqi elections
U.S. scrambles to set up a stable puppet regime
Statement of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Feb. 8, 2005
Party for Socialism and Liberation

Can an election be “free and fair‰ under conditions of military occupation? The question seems almost too obvious to need an answer. Yet the corporate media in the United States unanimously hailed the Jan. 30 “election‰ in Iraq as “a historic step,‰ or “a turning point in the country‚s history.‰ Although Iraq has had a number of elections over the past 80 years, virtually every major media outlet maintained that this one was a first for the country…

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