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21 November 2005

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We don’t need no terrorism
Truth About Iraqis
… Lieuteant-General Buchanan said that was a lie. Iraqi deaths are staged. To make America look bad. “I would tell you first off I don’t believe most of it and I am very much aware that some of that has been staged,” said Lt. Gen. Walter E. Buchanan III, Commander of the 9th U.S. Air Force and U.S. Central Command Air Forces. Buchanan, speaking to The Associated Press on the sidelines on the annual Dubai Air Show, said the U.S. Air Force was doing everything necessary to minimize civilian casualties. Does this man have children? Because I would like to send them pictures – thousands of pictures of dead Iraqi children, burned, maimed, limbs hanging loosely to plaster on their walls. Yes, bring down the Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan posters, and put these instead.
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UK’s deadly legacy: the cluster bomb
Ben Russell, Political Correspondent, The Independent
Tony Blair is facing fresh fury over the use of controversial munitions in the Iraq war. Campaigners lambasted the Ministry of Defence over its use of deadly cluster bombs and shells during the invasion, warning that they could contravene international law. MPs are to table a raft of new questions today over the affair amid fears that thousands of bomblets released during the war will leave a deadly legacy for Iraqi civilians. They warned that any unexploded bomblets could kill or maim civilians for years to come…
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White House used ‘gossip’ to build case for war
Rupert Cornwell
The controversy in America over pre-war intelligence has intensified, with revelations that the Bush administration exaggerated the claims of a key source on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, despite repeated warnings before the invasion that his information was at best dubious, if not downright wrong. The disclosure, in The Los Angeles Times, came after a week of vitriolic debate on Iraq, amid growing demands for a speedy withdrawal of US troops and tirades from Bush spokesmen who all but branded as a traitor anyone who suggested that intelligence was deliberately skewed to make the case for war…
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What the US does to prisoners
No Right Turn
This is a woodcut from Joost De Damhoudere’s Praxis Rerum Criminalium, a guide to criminal law as it stood in the 16th century. The woodcut illustrates “the water cure”, a method of interrogation. The victim is tied down, their face covered with a cloth, and water is poured into their mouth. It produces a sensation of drowning and asphyxiation, and so encourages the victim to talk. Hence the scribe, ready to take down the confession. According to numerous sources within! the CIA, this is exactly what the US does to “high-value” detainees…
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Saddam’s Lawyer: Iranian Intelligence is Threatening and has Murdered our Colleagues
Al Malaf, Almendhar
The defense lawyer for the ousted Iraqi president Saddam Hussein has accused the Iranian intelligence of being behind the assassination of other defense lawyers. In a phone call with Reuters from an unknown location on Sunday, the lawyer Khalil Al Dulaimi, head of the defense team, said that he and his colleagues desire to attend the trial session of Saddam next week, in case the government responded to their demands for securing appropriate protection, despite the increasing threats against their lives…
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Spinning the News: Fallujah
Rowan Wolf, Project for the OLD American Century
On the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on November 16, 2005, they ran a report “Weapons Controversy.” While it is excellent that the issue of the use of chemical weapons – particularly white phosphorus – in the attack on Fallujah make the corporate press, the report contained inaccuracies and spin. I made my own transcript of the report, which you can find in full at the end of this article. Miklaszewski starts off the report with t! he statement: The accusations first aired by Italian television claimed the U.S. military used chemical weapons – specifically incendiary white phosphorus munitions- against Iraqi civilians in the battle of Fallujah one year ago. This is patently not true. There were reports in June 2005 that the U.S. used chemical weapons in its assault on the city…
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GI Special 3D21A: Report From Australia – November 21, 2005
…In town today is one of the world’s biggest war criminals. He is here to tell the Australian government the expectations of the US self-appointed global policeman, to brief the Deputy-Sheriff. Calling Rumsfeld an international war criminal is not a piece of rhetoric – the evidence is clear and damning of his career as a bureaucrat of torture and pre-emptive war. Rumsfeld is the director of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, which has so-far killed tens of thousands of Iraqis as well as over 2000 US and 100 British troops. That invasion has advanced the barbaric program of refining the technology of mass murder, such as the use of depleted uranium, which has been tested in Australia…
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DU vet: ‘My days are numbered’
Gerard Matthew has broad shoulders and beefy hands. He’s built like a bear. Yet as sturdy as this 31-year-old may look, he is a very sick man. Matthew suffers, for example, from facial swelling, double and triple vision, muscle weakness, bouts of extreme anger that sometimes cause him to lash out at his wife, erectile dysfunction and, most serious of all, a tumor in the pituitary gland at the base of his brain. “And these are just the big ones,” he told the audience at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club Japan in Tokyo earlier this month…
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Iraq war brings back memories of Vietnam defeat
The US public’s souring mood over the war in Iraq is something US military leaders have seen before and learned to dread. In Vietnam, it foreshadowed a humiliating defeat. Steadily mounting casualties, anti-war protests, crumbling public support and the open political warfare that erupted this week in Washington over Iraq have only heightened the sense of deja vu. “This is following a political trajectory very similar to Vietnam,” said Loren Thompson, a military analyst with the Lexington Institute, a Washington think tank…
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Advice on how to drive your car in Baghdad
Imad Khadduri, Free Iraq
…The below sign states: ‘Please, A Very Serious Warning – We are authorized to fire on any vehicle that approaches the convoy less than 50 meters’. Sovereignty is : There is a 50 meters distance between you and death every time you leave your home in your own country…
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US Soldiers Kill Iraqi Family
Prensa Latina
US troops opened fire on a civilian vehicle Monday at a checkpoint near the city of Baquba, killing five members of an Iraqi family including children, as US forces launched a new offensive in Ar Ramadi, Anbar province. An Iraqi police report said two men and three children were killed and two women and a child were wounded in the shooting. Some witnesses were quoted as saying that the family was traveling to a funeral at the time of the attack…
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Lies and Official Secrets
We Must Hold the Scoundrels Accountable
The BBC reports (Nov. 17) that two former British government employees have been charged with violating the Official Secrets Act. The Official Secrets Act is useful for protecting the British government from accountability. Anyone who reveals wrongdoing by government officials can be charged under the act. The two men are charged with leaking a harmless memo, “Iraq in the Medium Term,” that expresses British Foreign Office doubts about US tactics in Iraq. The real crime is not the leak but her Majesty’s government’s continuing support for a policy that the British government knows to be illegal and bulging with war crimes. It is Prime Minister Tony Blair and his ministers who should be facing charges…
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On Common Ground with Bush
Bill Clinton’s Hypocrisies on Iraq
When Bill Clinton told a group of students in Dubai recently that the Iraq war had been a “big mistake”, champions of the current White House occupant were quick to accuse him of hypocrisy. For once, they had a strong point. To be clear, Clinton’s criticism was confined to the conduct of the war, not its premises or ethics. “We never sent enough troops,” the former president lamented, “and didn’t have enough troops to control or seal the borders”…
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Open Letter to George Bush from Kevin Benderman November 20, 2004 followed by Open Letter to George Bush One Year Later By Monica Benderman
Kevin and Monica Benderman –
…Dear Mr. Bush – Over one year ago, my husband showed the integrity of a true leader by facing everything he had committed to for you, in the name of – well, first there was national security, then it was freedom from tyranny for the Iraqis, then it was terrorism, then it was freedom for the American! people, and what is it now???? Don’t worry – we know. It hasn’t changed. First it was oil, then it was saving face for a president who has never faced responsibility for his actions – EVER. But now, you are a president who has nowhere left to hide – you’ve seen for yourself, the doors are locked you cannot escape us. You and your army of commanders could not allow my husband to have his voice – you actually thought you could control him – and the TRUTH he had to speak. You put him in prison, and thought you could take him away from me. You dared to believe we would go away quietly and leave you to your war…
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New revelations of US military use of white phosphorus in Iraq
Tom Carter, WSWS
A week after RAI, the Italian state television network, aired footage of the American military deploying white phosphorus munitions against the population of Fallujah and their grisly effects on innocent residents, more evidence has come to light confirming that the US is using chemical weapons against the Iraqi people. The report on Italian television sparked angry protests outside the US embassy in Rome. Despite denials by top Penta! gon and state department officials that white phosphorus, a napalm-like substance, is being used as a chemical weapon in Iraq, facts are continuing to emerge that confirm the opposite…
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On John Murtha’s Position
Gilbert Achcar and Stephen R. Shalom
There is much of which to approve in the recent speech of Rep. John P. Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, on Iraq. The hawkish Murtha had been critical of the Bush administration’s handling of the war for some time, but until now his solution had been to call for more troops. On November 17, however, he recognized courageously that U.S. troops “can not accomplish anything further in Iraq militarily. IT IS TIME TO BRING THEM HOME.” (…)
Nevertheless, the anti-war movement needs to be careful not to confuse Murtha’s position with its own…
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It is Time to Unite and to Ensure Peace
Final Declaration of Brussel’s Peace Conference
Axis for Peace
A military coalition has launched itself into an unbridled exploitation of the world’s resources and energy reserves. Fuelled by neo-conservatives, it has increased its attacks, practicing all forms of interference, from forcing changes in regimes to colonial-style expansionism. This coalition continually violates the principles of international law as they were established by the conference of the Ha! gue and laid out in the San Francisco Charter…
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A De-Classified Report from the US Department of Defense calls WP “CHEMICAL WEAPONS‰
Gabriele Zamparini, The Cat’s Dream
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Chemical hypocrisy
Nermeen Al-Mufti
Before US troops began their offensive on Falluja in November-December 2004, the occupation authorities asked news networks to provide their correspondents with masks and special outfits to protect them from chemical weapons. By then and to date no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were found. The request was considered “classified” information and it sent a message that the occupation forces may use non- conventional weapons against the city…
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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 20 November 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
…In what appeared to be an application of “Israeli” tactics, US forces on Thursday, 17 November raided and searched numerous areas in the vicinity of ad-Dulu’iyah, dragging people from their homes and breaking their limbs. Quds Press reported that the American raids followed a Resistance attack on a vehicle in which three American officers had been killed…
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The Dirty War
Trevor Royle, Diplomatic Editor, Sunday Herald
…A year ago at Fallujah, the smokescreen laid down by US forces eventually cleared into thin air. In the same way the stink about WP will also die down and gradually be forgotten – except, perhaps, by the victims who were left with burns so deep that even their bones were exposed. Surgery might help to make them whole again but no amount of politician’s bluster will explain why the fire support element of the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd US Infantry locked and loaded WP in their artillery pieces and fired them into an Iraqi city to “shake and bake” its unwitting inhabitants…
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Yosfiya: The 21st Century Nazis Are Here
Sabah Ali, BRussells Tribunal
…-”I want the government to hear my question and answer me: why were we treated like this? The police brigades broke even the electricity converters, we do not have power for 40 days, of course water pumps do not operate and the plants are all dead. Our animals were killed, our women humiliated. They ask the women where did you hide the men, they grabbed the children from their hair and throw them to the ground. Riyadh’s mother was crying and begging them to leave her son; they hit her with the gun’s end, they smashed his head with a brick in front of her eyes, now she is dying. When his body was found it was skinned… Abbass was so old that he could not even walk, how he would be a terrorist!! He was beaten to death on the spot and his body was thrown in the drainage. When they searched the houses they did not find any indication that any of them had any thing to do with terrorism or weapons, so why? The government is working on turning every body against it. It is encouraging ordinary people to resist by treating them so savagely. They have no mercy. We have nothing left now, nothing”…
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Hugo Chavez and the Crawford Madman
Mike Whitney
Hugo Chavez seems to take great pleasure in tweaking George Bush’s nose. He’s repeatedly called Bush a “terrorist” and disparaged the US as a “terrorist state”. Just last week, Chavez fired off another broadside saying, “The planet’s most serious danger is the government of the United States…The people of the United States are being governed by a killer, a genocidal murderer, and a madman. He got that right…
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US Official, reflecting the latest attitude of the US government, calls for Regime Change in Syria “Diplomatically if Possible by Force is Necessary”
Speaking before students and faculty at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University on Thursday November 17, 05, the Director of Public Diplomacy for Middle Eastern and MEPI Affairs at USAID the Honorable Walid Maalouf reflected the latest attitude of the US government! towards Syria by publicly demanding regime change in Syria–an unprecedented demand by any US official. Mr. Maalouf’s diplomatic, yet strong criticism of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s latest speech at the University of Damascus is indicative of US frustration with Syria’s lack of cooperation with regard to UN Security Council Resolution 1559, calling for a complete withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, closing terrorist groups offices in Damascus, securing its border with Iraq, and disarming terrorist militias (i.e. Hizbullah and Palestinian camps.)…
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The Salvadoran Option II
Whiskey bar
…It’s apparent — both from this story and from reports by human rights groups (note the date on that one) — that the U.S. and U.K. embassies have been aware for some time that Iraq’s Ministry of the Interior has been turned into what the old National Guard used to be in El Salvador, or the Presidential Intelligence Unit in Guatemala, or the National Directorate of Investigation in Honduras, which is to say: death squad central…
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Michael Rivero’, What Really Happened
…Did the government of the United States lie to the American people, more to the point, did President Bush and his Neocon associates lie to Congress, to initiate a war of conquest in Iraq? This question has been given currency by a memo leaked from inside the British Government which clearly indicates a decision to go to war followed by the “fixing” of information around that policy. This is, as they say, a smoking gun. But the fact is that long before this memo surfaced, it had become obvious that the US Government, aided by that of Great Britain, was lying to create the public support for a war in Iraq.
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Germans: Bush misused data to justify Iraq war
Bob Drogin and John Goetz, Special to The Morning Call
The German intelligence officials responsible for one of the most important informants on Saddam Hussein’s suspected weapons of mass destruction say that the Bush administration and the CIA repeatedly exaggerated his claims before the Iraq war. Five senior officials from Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, or BND, said in interviews with the Los Angeles Times that they warned U.S. intelligence authorities that the source, an Iraqi defector code-named Curveball, never claimed to produce germ weapons and never saw anyone else do so…
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Willie Pete and the Theo-logicians of Empire
Lila Rajiva,
The distant horror of roasting human beings alive translated comfortingly into a kitchen smell. It was the characteristic smell of garlic that betrayed the mushroom clouds over Fallujah as the dissemination of white phosphorus. And I mean dis-semen-ation. One soldier said, “I heard the order to pay attention because they were going to use white phosphorus on Fallujah. In military jargon, it’s known as Willie Pete. Phosphorus burns bodies; in fact it melts the flesh all the way down to the bone. … I saw the burned bodies of women and children. Phosphorus explodes and forms a cloud. Anyone within a radius of 150 meters is done for”…
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More lives than a cat
Bogeyman Zarqawi reportedly killed, again. The Jerusalem Post reports that Jordanian terror guy Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead again (…) The ghostly terrorist has been killed and maimed so many times that it’s hard to keep track — all while being blamed with most every bomb blast in the Middle East. In March of 2004, the Associated Press reported that Zarqawi was killed “some time ago”…
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Intelligence Authorities and Mafias Run the Iraqi Secret Detention Camps
Al Malaf, Al-Mendhar
Iraqi sources have disclosed a number of undiscovered secret prisons, where Iraqi detainees are exposed to the cruelest types of torture, which is a plain violation of humanitarian laws and traditions. On the other hand, the corpse of a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars, who has been previously detained by the Iraqi interior ministry forces, has been found. 17 corpses have also been found in a tunnel, which be! longs to the interior ministry. Al Malaf Net sources have stated the locations of these other prisons, which resemble Al Jadiriyah detention camp, where the American forces found 200 detainees in a cellar, including women, who were illegally detained without specific charges. They were exposed to beating, torture and very cruel and inhumane treatment…
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Urgent! Urgent! Breaking news.
The blood thirsty US army thugs attack a school girls in Mosul
A special blog from Mosul –
The US blood thirsty invaders have launched a massive attack against a girls secondary School in the City of Mosul 350 miles north of Baghdad. Informed sources asserted this very morning, that the US gangsters army surrounded and attacked few hours ago the Um al Mu’minin girls secondary school in the village of Sindjar detaining and holding as hostages some 200 teen age school girls, and started to aggress and molest the Director..
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Urgent! Urgent! Breaking news :
The blood thirsty US invaders execute, in cold blood, civilians in the streets. – Al
Informed sources affirmed today that the blood thirsty US murderers execute in cold blood Iraqi civilians in the streets of Iraqi towns and villages. The same sources ascertained that following the explosion of an IED near the Iraqi farmers town of Haditha, west of Iraq, the US thugs sent their war jets to bomb and destroy tranquil Iraqi houses on the heads of their inhabitants in a blind and hysterical revengeful act…
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With friends like these, who needs enemies?
Imad Khadduri, Free Iraq
There is no longer any doubt that the men that the United States has installed in power in Iraq are monsters. Not only that, but they are monsters armed, trained and supported by George W. Bush’s administration. The very same Bush administration that defends torture of captives in the so-called War on Terrorism is using 150,000 U.S. troops to support a regime in Baghdad for which torture, assassination and other war crimes are routine…
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Silent exodus leaves 500,000 Iraqi refugees in Syria in need of protection and aid
Report, Refugees International
Little known to the rest of the world, the recent war in Iraq has created large numbers of refugees who have fled to Syria, escaping the lawlessness, harassment, and persecution that has followed. Iraqis, some accused of supporting the Americans, cite attacks, kidnappings, and threats of murder by insurgent groups upon themselves and their families as reasons for their flight. “I was threatened that if I didn’t quit [a job with U.S. supported employer], they would kill me. For our security, I brought my family to Syria,” one recent arrival told Refugees International (RI). Others were maimed by the war, lost family members, and could not find employment, making the likelihood of their survival alone amidst the general insecurity in Iraq a near impossibility…
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The Advocate
Andrew Stromotich, Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches
…Although generally unreported, this physical and psychological genocide is well underway and is being carried out by a U.S. Administration and Pentagon learned in the powers of terrorism and civil divide. It is a leadership willing to rape, torture, and murder much in the same way the U.S. war machine did in Vietnam, and as in Vietnam (which saw over 4 million direct deaths and countless others who continue to die from the arbitrary use of the WMD Agent Orange), this current illegal and emboldened occupation will likely post similar genocidal tallies if not made to immediately account for its activities and be held responsible for these actions…
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Saddam defence says ready to attend Nov. 28 hearing
Suleiman al-Khalidi, Reuters
Lawyers defending Saddam Hussein and his aides are willing to attend next week’s trial hearing, despite threats to their lives, if the government provides them with proper protection, the team’s leader said on Sunday (…) Dulaimi accused his opponents in the judiciary of spreading rumours that the defence was boycotting the trial so that they could appoint their own defence lawyers…
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GI Special 3D20: Rumsfeld Could Care Less – November 20, 2005
…The debate over the use of white phosphorus in the battle of Fallujah took a new twist when it emerged the US Army teaches senior officers it is against the “laws of war” to fire the incendiary weapon at human targets. A section from an instruction manual used by the US Army Command and General Staff School (CGSC) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, makes clear that white phosphorus (WP) can be used to produce a smoke screen. But it adds: “It is against the law of land warfare to employ WP against personnel targets”…
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The Dirty War: Torture and mutilation used on Iraqi ‘insurgents’
Kim Sengupta
…But more than two years after President George Bush officially declared a victorious conclusion to the war in Iraq, the body count continues to rise. Faced with an insurgency that shows no signs of abating, the US and Iraqi government rely more and more on the paramilitaries. Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, has said units such as General Adnan’s commandos are among “forces that are going to have the greatest leverage on suppressing and eliminating the insurgency”. Those on the receiving end of some of this “leverage”, however, describe terrifying experiences. Ahmed Sadoun (not his full name) was arrested in the middle of the night at his home in Mosul by government paramilitaries accompanied by American soldiers. He was held for seven months before being released without charge and left Iraq as soon as he could…
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I can’t think of a title for this post!
Khalid Jarrar, Tell Me a Secret
So… Did you read about the Torture house? ya, I am sure you did. Just wanted to remind you of some of the reasons why people attack Police and national guards.
Did you see the Italianos film about the use of chemical weapons in Falluja? yeah probably. just wanted to remind you that a bunch of nice readers called me a liar when I said that chemical weapons were used in Falluja, and also in the airport battle in Baghdad, when I wrote about the pictures that I saw of people burned while their clothes remained intact. I knew about the use of chemical weapons in Falluja, because simply everyone in Iraq knows, and everyone that was in Falluja knows it, and I remember them describing it to me too…
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A Constitutional Referendum that Wasn’t
Dahr Jamail
Did anyone else find it interesting that the results of the vote on Iraq’s constitution passing (which occurred ten days earlier) were released on the same day of the announcement of the 2,000th US soldier having been killed in Iraq? On October 25, the first news of the day about Iraq across most corporate media outlets in the US was that Iraq was celebrating the approval of a new constitution. Just hours after this news, Mr. Bush made a pre-emptive propaganda move in an attempt to blunt the blow of the incoming news of the 2,000 milestone, by telling a group of military wives at an air force base in Washington “This war will require more sacrifice, more time and more resolve”…
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Tomgram: An American Tipping Point?
Tom Engelhardt
It’s finally Wizard of Oz time in America. You know — that moment when the curtains are pulled back, the fearsome-looking wizard wreathed in all that billowing smoke turns out to be some pitiful little guy, and everybody looks around sheepishly, wondering why they acted as they did for so long…
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‘Peace Mom’ Sheehan to Release Book
The Associated Press
…In a chapter called “The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford, Texas,” Sheehan chronicles the daily events of the protest, such as being bombarded with media interviews, the campsite wedding of two peace activists and visits from celebrities Martin Sheen, Joan Baez and the Rev. Al Sharpton. She also writes about her critics. “The right-wingers are really having a field day with me,” she wrote. “… What really hurts me the most is when people say that I am dishonoring Casey by my protest in Crawford. By wanting our troops to come home alive and well, that I am somehow not supporting them”…
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