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20 March 2005


Petition for the Release of Mr Tariq Aziz
George Galloway
George Galloway MP has launched this petition today for the RELEASE OF TARIQ AZIZ and ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS in Iraq. The Petition will be widely circulated, in order to have the greatest number of prestigious and influential signatures. By the end of this year, the petition will be sent to the United Nations, the British Government, and the American Congress…
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Preparing for Saddam`s Trial
Jude Wanniski
…To be absolutely honest with you, Mr. Clark, I have actually hoped from time to time that Saddam was guilty of war crimes, committing genocide, etc., and not acting as head of state in a region where hardliners are the rule, not the exception (witness Ariel Sharon). It would make it much easier to close this chapter on the Middle East book and feel that the great loss of life connected to Saddam‚s regime ˆ the two wars and all that happened in between — was primarily! his, not ours. To date, I‚ve found no such hard evidence…
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US Administrations Bonded With Zionism
Ibrahim Ebeid, Al-Moharer
…We hope that the international community, and the anti war movements understand that Zionism and US Imperialism are one and the same. They are the reason behind the trouble and insecurity in the World. To be a peace loving movement and a progressive organization you have to take a very clear stand against Zionism and imperialism. You have to be on the side of the liberation movements in the World especially in Iraq and Palestine. The Palesti! nian State must be on the entire historic land of Palestine, from the river to the sea. Iraq must be liberated and its legal government and institutions must be restored…
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The US doesn‚t want intruders in Iraq
Geert Van Moorter, Anti Imperialist League
…The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) accuses the US of wanting to control and intimidate the media in Iraq. According to the IFJ, so far there has not been any serious explanation or investigation into the death of thirteen journalists ˆ almost all of them not Œembedded‚ ˆ who were killed in Iraq by US soldiers. Can all these be ascribed to Œerrors‚ or Œcoincidence‚?…
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Pentagon Hides Halliburton Fraud; Fall Guy Chosen
The Pentagon continues to protect the frauds of the Bush Regime’s crony capitalist pals at Halliburton. Most recently California Congressman Henry Waxman has accused the Pentagon of hiding a report from its own auditors on a $108.4 million overcharge by Halliburton for its services in Iraq. In a letter to President Bush, Waxman said that the Defence Contract Audit Agency’s audit was completed last October before the election. Over 12 separate req! uests to the Pentagon to see the audit reports on Hallibirton’s $2.5 billion contract to supply fuel and other services in post-war Iraq had been ignored…
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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi:
The Dead Voice of “al Qaeda” in Iraq
What Really Happened
When you hear Zarqawi mentioned in the news just have a think about the following… A Jordanian extremist suspected of bloody suicide attacks in Iraq was killed some time ago in U.S. bombing and a letter outlining plans for fomenting sectarian war is a forgery, a statement allegedly from an insurgent group west of the capital said. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in the Sulaimaniyah mountains of northern Iraq “during the! American bombing there,‰ according to a statement circulated in Fallujah this week and signed by the “Leadership of the Allahu Akbar Mujahedeen‰…
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Iraq invasion may be remembered as start of the age of oil scarcity
Robert Collier, San Francisco Chronicle
Instead of inaugurating a new age of cheap oil, the Iraq war may become known as the beginning of an era of scarcity. Two years ago, it seemed likely that Iraq, with the world’s third-largest petroleum reserves, would become a hypercharged gusher once U.S. troops toppled Saddam Hussein. But chaos and guerrilla sabotage have slowed the flow of oil to a comparative trickle…
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The corpse of American culture
Where all the heroes are fake and the icons are revered for their lies
John Kaminski
…As popular culture of the Sixties mobilized to oppose the senseless war in Vietnam, numerous popular artists earned vast followings by standing up to the government‚s sadistic slaughter of those who were called “gooks.‰ (…) Where are the songs about Fallujah that could rival Gil Scot-Heron‚s great classic “Johannesburg,‰ a riveting lament about the black fight for freedom agai! nst the oppression in South Africa? Fallujah. The place braindead American zombies gunned down old people and children to the smiles of their superiors, and American newspapers covered it up. Covered up the gas, covered up the napalm, the destruction of hospitals, the prevention of medical care, then covered up the soldiers going back in and destroying the evidence that they used gas and napalm, and God knows what else…
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Iraq’s Fallujah, Samarra in deep waters two years after war
Jiang Xiaofeng, Li Jizhi – Xinhuanet
Two years after theUS-led war on Iraq, urban life in Iraq’s insurgency-ridden Sunni Triangle has been paralyzed due to the hard-core military operations. Only a small number of some 200,000 citizens that fled Fallujah ahead of a US massive assault have returned to the war-battered city, residing in partially opened neighborhoods and leaving otherparts occupied by the American troops. In thousands of refugee camps o! utside the town, people are still living off aids and make-shift tents have become children’s classrooms(…) Situations are no better in Samarra, another once rebel-controlled city that had been stormed by US and Iraqi forces last summer…
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No time for rejoicing as Iraq toll keeps climbing. 50000 GIs in Iraq with serious medical conditions
The Sun-Herald – Liberty Forum
Two years after the invasion of Iraq the rate of US soldiers being killed is averaging 18 a week, almost double the rate in the first year after the war. The country is far more dangerous than 12 months ago, say security experts, and reconstruction has slowed to a crawl. Between 40,000 and 50,000 US military personnel are in Iraq despite serious medical conditions that should have! ruled them out of combat, according to the National Gulf War Resource Centre…
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From Harlem to Fifth Avenue, marchers say,
ŒBring the troops home now!‚
Deirdre Griswold, Workers World
As the brutal occupation of Iraq grinds on after two years of death and destruction, its toll on working-class youth and the growing impoverishment of already oppressed communities is reshaping the anti-war movement in the United States. A demonstration here on March 19, the anniversary of the day two years ago when the Pentagon began its “shock and awe” campaign, reflected this change when i! t began in Harlem, the historic cultural center for African Americans…
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U.S. frees kidnappers to spy on Iraqi fighters
A media report revelas that American intelligence and military police officers in Iraq are routinely freeing dangerous criminals in return for a promise to spy on anti-occupation fighters. According to the Independent on Sunday (IoS) documents show that in one case police rescued a doctor after a gun battle with his kidnappers and arrested two of the kidnap gang, who made full confessions. But the U.S. military police took over custody of the two men an! d let them go (…) “The Americans are allowing the breakdown of Iraqi society because they are only interested in fighting the ‘insurgency’,” said a senior Iraqi police officer…
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Sam Hamod
…What have they done in two years: 1. Bush and Rumsfeld have orchestrated the total destruction of the physical, medical, educational and emotional infrastructure of Iraq (…); 2. U.S. troops have suffered massive losses to life and limb; at least 7000 killed according to educated guesses outside the lies told by the Pentagon, and over 15,000 maimed for life physically and mentally with no end in sight for the battles in Iraq and Afghanis! tan; 3. Ashcroft and his friends like Alberto Gonzales and others have almost totally dismantled the American Constitution, Bill of Rights and have gone on a spree of breaking the Geneva Conventions…
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Father who lost son in Iraq war plans to challenge Blair in election
Prime Minister Tony Blair faced another challenger in the upcoming general elections after the father of a military policeman killed in Iraq pledged to stand against him in an upcoming election. Reg Keys, 52, said he would battle Blair in the prime minister’s constituency of Sedgefield, northern England, as part of a campaign for justice after the death of his son in June 2003 (…) The bereaved father told AFP at the London rally that he w! as demonstrating against government lies. “I stand here a betrayed man by my government who lied to me about the need to send my son to war,” he said…
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Sydney, 20 March 2005, International Day of Action Against the War in Iraq
“Bring the troops home!” Rally and march
Nick Possum
Sydney’s event started at 12 Noon in Hyde Park, heard from introductory speakers, then marched through the retail heart of the Central Business District via Park, George, King and Elizabeth streets to returned to Hyde Park for more speakers…
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Orphans of Tall Afar What 15 seconds did to the Hassan family˜and to the men of Apache Company.
Owen Matthews, Newsweek
Army investigators in Iraq have cleared Apache Company’s soldiers of any wrongdoing. The men did what they were trained to do under the circumstances. Yet that’s small comfort to the Hassan orphans. “If it were up to me, I’d kill the Americans and drink their blood,” says Jilan, 14. Her 12-year-old brother, Rakan, was discharged from Mosul General Hospital this month. Doctors s! aid his best hope of walking again is to seek treatment outside Iraq. At least he can move his legs. As far as he knows, his parents are in the hospital, recovering from the shooting. No one dares to tell him the truth…
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Insurgent Attacks Flare on a Violent Day in Iraq
Insurgent attacks flared across Iraq today, exactly two years after the American military began its campaign to topple Saddam Hussein. The attacks showed that the guerrilla war still burns fiercely here, long after President Bush proclaimed major combat operations to be over and despite a high turnout among Iraqis in the Jan. 30 elections. In what appeared to be a pitched battle, insurgents and American forces fought at noon on the outskirts of! Baghdad. The American military said that 24 insurgents were killed and seven wounded, and six American soldiers were injured. It did not give more details…
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Iraq: The Trail of Disinformation
What Really Happened
Let’s start with a simple fact. The United States invaded and conquered Iraq on the basis of lies. Even the official report of the United States Senate admits as much. So, where did all this bad information come from? While the culprits would like to pin the blame on the Central Intelligence Agency, the facts point in a different direction. To cite just one example, the now-discredited claim that Saddam was trying to buy “Yellow Cake” Uranium from Niger came! from the Pentagon, specifically from Paul Wolfowitz, using information the CIA stated was unreliable. Wolfowitz, and his assistant Douglas Feith, set up a special office called the “Office of Special Plans” in 2001, that fed information to the White House to urge the attack on Iraq…
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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 19 March 2005.
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.
…US forces released the children they had kidnapped to use as human shields on Friday, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa‚im reported Saturday. The mother of one child said her son had been bruised on his face and back as a result of beatings inflicted by the American troops. The child, ŒUmar al-Faruq ŒAbd al-Haqq, ! who is not more than nine years old, said “the Americans started asking us about our fathers and what they do and whether they like the Resistance or not‰…
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Editorial: Baldwin – no blank check
The Madison Capital Times
Most members of Congress have ceased to function as serious legislators. They simply walk through the motions, collect their checks and then vote as the White House tells them they must. This is not a complaint merely about most Republicans in the House and Senate – whose unwavering allegiance to even their president’s maddest schemes mirrors that of Sancho Panza to Don Quixote. The Democrats are just about as bad, as was illustrated by their support t! his week of the administration’s demand for another $81.4 billion to maintain the U.S. occupation of Iraq…
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Blair ‘Could Not Be Honest About Iraq War’
Karen Attwood, PA
…Robin Cook MP also told the programme that Mr Blair was not frank with the British people. He said: “I think the real dishonesty of the government‚s position is that Tony Blair could not be frank with the British people about the real reason why he believed Britain had to be part of an invasion, which was to prove to the United States President that we were his most reliable, most sound ally. “His problem was, he could not be honest about that with e! ither the British people or Labour MPs, hence the stress on disarmament‰…
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