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21 March 2005


The Head of the Compensation Committee reveals in numbers the Fallujah Tragedy
Islam Memo – Free Iraq, English translation by Imad Khadduri
Dr. Hafidh al-Dulaimi, the head of “the Commission for the Compensation of Fallujah citizens” has reported the following destruction that has been inflicted on Fallujah as a result of the American attack on it:
– 7000 totally destroyed, or nearly totally destroyed, homes in all districts of Fallujah.
– 8400 stores, workshops, clinics, warehouses, etc.. destroyed.
– 65 mosques and religious sanctuaries have been either totally demolished and leveled with the ground or whose minarets and inner halls have been demolished…
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The Loyal Opposition: March 19 US Antiwar Protests
Amer Jubran
…The failure of the US antiwar movement to make a political campaign in support, not of the troops, but of the Iraqi people, also helped to strengthen the position of Bush. Iraqis fighting for their survival are confused about why this wealthy movement failed to provide them with funds, volunteers, medicine, food, and political support for their right to resist. The pacifist majority of the movement limited its recognition of the Iraqis to their being “victims of violence.” The Iraqi resistance should have been considered an ally of the US antiwar movement, but it is almost never mentioned or praised…
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Malcom Lagauche
…Some collaborators have chosen slavery. They do not realize that by cooperating with the U.S. occupier, the country’s fate has been sealed for decades. The resistance has taken the sacrifice route. The members have sacrificed their own careers and family ties to ensure that Iraq does not fall into total slavery. When Saddam Hussein stated that “the mother of all battles has begun” on January 17, 1991, he was ridiculed. He knew his military would not be able to fare well against the U.S., but it was a stance that someone had to take in fighting imperialism. He also knew that this was only the beginning of a long struggle that could last for years or decades…
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Fallujah: A “Horrid” Case of a Crime Against Humanity
Kurt Nimmo
…Unfortunately, millions of Americans are unable to accept the fact their government is engaged in massive war crimes in Iraq. It does not matter what evidence is presented˜they continue to believe what the Bush Ministry of Lies and Propaganda tells them. If not for brave souls such as Jamail, I would not be able to “state [my] horrid case about [my] own country as if it were fact.” Fox News sure the hell does not report the truth about what is really happening “on the ground” in Iraq…
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Iraq’s national assembly shows its subservience to Washington
Peter Symonds, WSWS
For all the rhetoric about “democracy”, the first session of Iraq’s National Assembly last Wednesday could not hide the body’s subservience to the US occupiers, its impotency and its deep-seated factional differences. Even under the British Raj, the leaders of the Indian Congress last century used the limited representative forums to challenge their colonial masters. At last week’s assembly, there was not a hint of opposition or protest as the representatives of various parties, all of which supported the US invasion, took their seats…
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Official Transcript of Communiqué No.7
Letter to the American People
The Mujahideen Army,
…Your representatives, & their media, have portrayed an image that an insurgency is in effect & that it is led by elements of foreign fighters entering from Syria & neighboring countries; yet we assure you, that it is only a continuation of what Bush once claimed “Mission Accomplished”. This resistance movement was prepared for, & is only the second chapter of this War. And we are mostly if not all Iraqis, proud Iraqis who kept their oaths to defend people & country. And because this war may last longer than what the invaders anticipated, we have all promised to make their stay long, costly & painful (…) As for the declared casualties, this is an epic on it’s own. We assure you that the figures are far higher than declared…
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Let Them Eat Yellowcake
The Gorilla in the Room
One thing I’ve always found rather bothersome (among many things in the Bush administration) is the lack of a serious investigation of the origins of the forged documents purporting to be about uranium yellowcake sales from Niger to Iraq. Those documents didn’t create themselves — someone forged them, and someone had a motive to forge them. Someone was carrying out a deception operation to try to convince the U.S. (and the West more broadly) that the Baathist regime in Iraq had restarted its nuclear program. But who? We know that they entered the pipeline through Italian military intelligence (SISMI) in late 2001, and echoed around Western intelligence agencies, including the CIA and MI6, in the months after that…
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Neocons and Oil (like oil and water, they just don’t mix)
The Gorilla in the Room
…The plan the neocons favored went like this, in a nutshell: privatize Iraqi oil assets, then get a lot of capital in quickly, push production way up, “break” OPEC, and push Saudi Arabia into financial collapse. Saudi Arabia is thought of as a rich country, but on a per capita basis, their wealth had been declining for many years (until the high oil prices since 9/11 gave them a reprieve). Starve the Arab world financially, that was the neocon plan…
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Iraq, the U.S., and the Challenges to the Global Peace Movement
Walden Bello, ZNet
…The truth is that the US is losing the war in Iraq, both politically and militarily. Over the last few months, at least 10 allied governments have withdrawn or indicated they are withdrawing their troops. Indeed, the so-called “Coalition of the Willing” is now so reduced that the Pentagon has dropped the term and started using “multinational forces” instead. The 135,000 US troops are stretched thin, their numbers unable to stop the wildfire rise of a guerrilla insurgency…
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The Anti-Empire Report, No. 19
William Blum, Investigating Imperialism
…As to what happened in Iraq in January — Imagine if during the Cold War, Hungary had held an “election” under Soviet occupation, in which the voters did not know the names of the candidates or what they stood for, and no candidate or party called for the withdrawal of Soviet troops. The American media would have had a field day poking fun at this farce…
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The Big Picture
William Bowles, Investigating Imperialism
It’s an interesting observation I think, that the great majority of ‘left/progressive’ Websites concentrate on the evil doings of the imperialists but aside from the more academically oriented sites, very few pose or investigate directions forward. It is after all, much easier to tear apart the policies and actions of the imperium and although exposing the workings of capital is undoubtedly important, it seems to me that after a lifetime of involvement in ! the ‘cause’ in one way or another, the current situation is crying out for a structured and realistic way forward. So what lessons can we draw from the past, especially the last fifteen or so years?…
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Two Years Later: Was Bush Right?
Firas Al-Atraqchi,
…Many Iraqis told Arab media that when they would show up to receive their food rations of rice, tea, and so on, they were quietly told to vote or lose their rationing privileges. Furthermore, the media also failed to report that Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, the leading Shiite cleric in the world who is currently residing in Iraq, issued a fatwa˜or theological decree˜that those who did not vote would burn in hell (…) The media also failed to rep! ort that armed US patrols went into neighborhoods with megaphones ordering residents to come out and vote, that several polling stations in Baghdad and Mosul were closed, that international media only had access to five polling stations throughout the country (…) One astonishing tidbit to emerge from the elections was the number of ballots received with Saddam’s name written on them…
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U.S. Using Anti-Terror War to Gain World Oil Reserves – Soviet Intelligence Chief
On the pretext of fighting international terrorism the United States is trying to establish control over the world’s richest oil reserves, Leonid Shebarshin, ex-chief of the Soviet Foreign Intelligence Service, who heads the Russian National Economic Security Service consulting company, said in an interview for the Vremya Novostei newspaper (…) Referring to his meeting with an unnamed al-Qaeda expert at the Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research organization in the U.S., Shebarshin said: “We have agreed that [al-Qaeda] is not a group but a notion”…
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Mike Whitney: ‘Wolfowitz and the coming wars’
Mike Whitney
…Wolfowitz’s resume is bound to draw brickbats from anti-war Europeans. He brings with him the baggage of two unprovoked wars, 100,000 dead and a constellation of gulags strung out across the globe; not the type of qualifications we normally expect for leadership in the World Bank. So far, his nomination has been greeted with either exasperation or derision, and many believe that his personal history should preclude him from the top position. The ACLU h! as condemned the nomination citing recently discovered FBI documents that confirm that Wolfowitz “specifically authorized torture techniques” for interrogations at Guantanamo…
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On the Second Anniversary of the US Invasion of Iraq
Serving, Refusing, Impeaching
MIKE FERNER, CounterPunch
…Veterans for Peace is calling for impeachment because it is our responsibility as citizens to do so (…) It is our responsibility to impeach this criminal leadership. As citizens, every one of us is complicit with its crimes. By virtue of that complicity, we are compelled not only by the law but by human morality and by history to do whatever we can to stop this war of aggression; stop these crimes against humanity. The Nuremberg Tribunals following WWII did not favorably judge the first nation the world determined had waged a war of aggression, nor its “good citizens” who obeyed their government…
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Hundreds of injured veterans are facing the sack
IAN BRUCE, The Herald
HUNDREDS of British soldiers are expected to be sacked because wounds or injuries suffered in Iraq have left them unfit for frontline service, The Herald can reveal. Up to 2000 veterans have been permanently medically downgraded and many are being assessed for compulsory discharge on the grounds that they are no longer capable of fulfilling operational roles…
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“it’s like the Nazi death camps, eventually the mass graves and the mass murder can’t be hidden”
Editor Comment,
194,000 men, women, and children in Iraq and Afghanistan have been murdered by the radical American republican ‘right’. Although the corporate media has been fairly successful at damage control, in hiding this mass slaughter from the American people, it’s like the Nazi death camps, eventually the mass graves and the mass murder can’t be hidden or white washed or labeled as ‘a war ag! ainst terrorism’, anymore. Eventually the true horror of the Bush regime’s megalomania will be known to all including the dumbed down American masses. The radical right is aware of the stench of death that now surrounds them…
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Shocked and awed into ‘freedom’
Pepe Escobar
Two years after being shocked and awed into “freedom”, freedom on the ground is a meaningless concept for large swathes of the Iraqi population. Sunnis and Shi’ites alike tell Asia Times Online of a brutalization of every-day life. Highways in and out of Baghdad are suicidal: the Americans can’t control any of them…
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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 20 March 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.
…The Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ Scholars announced on Sunday that at 10am Saturday US forces accompanied by members of the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” stormed into a number of mosques in the al-’Abayiji area of at-Tarimiyah, namely the ar-Rasul Mosque, the al-Yaqin Mosque, the al-Badawi Mosque, the al-Faruq Mosque, and the ar-Rahmah Mosque. The statement said that the invader troops broke down doors and arrested mosque care takers and guards, claiming that they would be released if people came to the puppet city council to request it, but as usual, the statement said, the Americans did not fulfill their promises…
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What Have John Kerry and Giuliana Sgrena Got in Common?
Fintan Dunne, Editor
Giuliana Sgrena was not targetted for any insider knowledge of Fallujah war crimes. Far too many independent journalists already have the goods on the USA in that regard. Giuliana was to be taken out as part of a much more sinister gameplan. Like John Kerry, she had become an icon for leftist anti-war hopes. Her death was designed to be a downfall akin to Kerry’s – and with the same devestating psychological w! arfare effects on the opposition to the Iraq occupation…
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Street battle erupts in western Iraqi city of Ramadi
Street battles broke out Monday between US troops and militants in the center of the western Iraqi city of Ramadi, witnesses said. “Powerful explosions and heavy gunfire resonated throughout the city as fighters and US soldiers used different weapons in the fierce street battles that lasted several hours,” local residents told Xinhua…
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