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23 March 2005


Malcom Lagauche
Shortly after the illegal invasion of Iraq by the U.S. in March 2003, the Iraqi government broadcast a few pictures of U.S. prisoners of war. The prisoners stated their names and where they were from. Nothing more. “Foul!” called the U.S. “How dare the Iraqis parade our soldiers in front of a camera?” Then, the U.S. propaganda elaborated on the breaking of the rules of war and the Geneva Convention. Hypocrites all. Tens of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani prisoners of war (most civilian non-combatants) only wish that the only humiliation placed on them would to be put in front of a camera without being sexually embarrassed or tortured…
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Privatization, Corruption Mar Iraq‚s Recovery, New Report Finds
Chris Shumway, The NewStandard
Nearly two years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, according to findings issued last week by an international corruption watchdog, the reconstruction of Iraq’s dilapidated infrastructure and the revitalization of its economy are becoming models of cronyism, bribery and irresponsible privatization. An annual report on “Global Corruption” produced by Berlin-based Transparency International (TI) sharply criticizes the US f! or mismanaging Iraq‚s oil revenues and for using faulty procedures for awarding reconstruction contracts…
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Iraq – two years of American imperialism
Mai NK Fatty, Esq
…The Yankee and the Brits in their reckless and lunatic escapade against the sovereignty of Iraq and against all minimum standards of human-ness, destroyed over half the infrastructure of Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, children and women inclusive were assassinated; thousands of homes including hospitals, clinics and mosques were ruined. The total destruction inflicted by America and Britain combined in Iraq is estimated to be US$100 billion (…) In addition, Iraq was plumetted nearly 50 years back from where it was at the date of the aggression – two years ago. According to one Middle East expert, the American-British incursion in Iraq is worst than the Barbarian invasion of Europe which plunged Europe into the dark ages…
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UNITED STATES: Is Bush’s empire coming unstuck in Iraq?
Doug Lorimer,Green Left Weekly
…The Iraq war was supposed to be a test run of this new strategy ˜ with “precision” cruise missile strikes “decapitating” the Iraqi government and army, followed by a rapid march on Baghdad and with the US occupation force being reduced to 30,000 troops six months later. However, as the March 11 Los Angeles Times reported, “many defense department officials are acknowledging that an intractable Iraqi insurgency they didn’t fo! resee has undermined” this new military strategy…
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It’s Israeli occupation, stupid
…In his speech at the National Defense University this month, Bush said, “progress in the Middle East is threatened by weapons of mass destruction and their proliferation” referring to Iran which does not even possess these weapons. Most ironical for someone who destroyed Iraq on the pretext it possessed WMD. Again, he did not once mention a word about the rogue state in the Middle East which actually possesses hundreds of weapons of mass destruction and with which it t! hreatens not only its neighbours but countries in as far as Asia, Africa and Europe…
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IRAQ: Parliament meets, nothing changes
Rohan Pearce, Green Left Weekly
On March 16, Iraq’s new 275-member National Assembly met for the first time since US-sponsored elections were held on January 30. The parliament met inside Baghdad’s Green Zone – the US-controlled area that houses most of the occupation regime’s administrative apparatus and foreign embassies. Despite being the “safest place in Baghdad”, the convention centre hosting the meeting was attacked with mortars shortly before proceedings began. The meeting epitomised the essence of capitalist democracy – the newly elected parliamentarians made grandiose speeches, while outside US corporations and coalition troops ran the show…
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Navy SEALs Sue AP Over Detainee Photos
ROBERT JABLON, Associated Press Writer
A federal lawsuit filed by several Navy SEALs and the wife of a special forces member claims The Associated Press violated copyright and privacy laws and endangered the servicemen’s lives by publishing photographs of them with Iraqi prisoners. The lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court in San Diego, seeks unspecified damages. It also asks the court to bar the AP from further use of the photos and to require the news agency to protect the SEALs’ identities. It replaces a lawsuit filed in state court in December to add the federal copyright infringement allegations, said plaintiffs’ attorney James W. Huston…
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Responses to the laughable idea that the United States, and in particular, George Bush, is responsible for bringing democracy to the Middle East
…It’s necessary for progressives to have a little perspective before drinking the kool aid and following the ‘wingers into sanctifying Bush and his mission to bring freedom to all. Neocon plans for the world are no different than the usual American plans for the past fifty years, which have always involved world domination hidden under a thin veneer of bringing the form, but not the reality, of democratic choice to the citizens of various American client states…
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Army Raises Enlistment Age for Reservists to 39
The U.S. Army, stung by recruiting shortfalls caused by the Iraq war, has raised the maximum age for new recruits for the part-time Army Reserve and National Guard by five years to 39, officials said on Monday. The Army said the move, a three-year experiment, will add about 22 million people to the pool of those eligible to serve, from about 60 million now…
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Dispatches of War: A Dozen Questions for Dahr Jamail
Douglas Herman, STR
…STR: Iraqi girl blogger and Baghdad resident Riverbend writes that the water and power in Baghdad seems to be cut off for long periods, (photo) as a sort of collective punishment by the US or their Iraqi leaders, which is a war crime, according to the Geneva Convention, by the way. Is there any truth to what she writes? DJ: Definitely true. I have a friend who lives in a very pro-resistance area of Baghdad, and every time there is fighting there, his power and water are cut. If you need any photographic proof of Israeli military-style collective punishments, visit the photo images on my website. They’ve been ongoing since nearly the beginning of the occupation.
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Destroying Iraq Isn’t Enough for Bush
An Immoral and Illegal War
Rep. CYNTHIA McKINNEY, CounterPunch
…The American people, and our children over there fighting, still haven’t been told the real reason the US is at war with the Iraqi people. And against the people the US war machine has turned. Thousands of Iraqis, especially children, have been killed by our sanctions and our bombs. This is an immoral and illegal war and we need to bring our troops home now. Instead, they lay the groundwork to expand the war and destabilize Iran, Lebanon, and Syria. Destroying Iraq isn’t enough for them…
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Be Proud of What You’ve Achieved
John Pilger
…What all of you should remember on this second anniversary of the brutal assault on Iraq is that you are not alone: that you are part of a great worldwide movement that refuses to accept the dangers and moral indecencies of Bush and Blair and Howard. Yesterday, all over the world, people like you expressed their defiance and anger at the unprovoked attack on Iraq, a defenseless country, and the killing of more than 100,000 people and the theft of their resources and the poisoning of their land: all of it justified by demonstrable lies. Go back to a speech John Howard made early in February 2003. He spoke for 53 minutes and lied about weapons of mass destruction at least 20 times: 20 lies in less than an hour. Even Bush and Blair would have trouble topping that…
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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 21 March 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.
…In an interview with Mafkarat al-Islam, Dr. ad-Dulaymi called on all international bodies and news agencies to come to the city, take photographs, and assess the extent of the destruction left by the US forces in al-Fallujah. When asked about Iraqi human losses among the civilians, ad-Dulaymi said, “That is a difficult question to answer because the number is very much open. This is particularly true after last week when the Iraqi Resistance resumed activity on a significant level in the city”…
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