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24 March 2005


The Iranian Threat: The Bomb or the Euro?
Dr. Elias Akleh, Serendipit
Iran does not pose a threat to the United State because of its nuclear projects, its WMD, or its support to “terrorists organizations” as the American administration is claiming, but in its attempt to re-shape the global economical system by converting it from a petrodollar to a petroeuro system. Such conversion is looked upon as a flagrant declaration of economical war against the US that would flatten the revenues of the American corporations! and eventually might cause an economic collapse. In June of 2004 Iran declared its intention of setting up an international oil exchange (a bourse) denominated in the Euro currency (…) In its economical war Iran is treading the same path Saddam Hussein had started when he, in 2000, converted all his reserve from the Dollar to the Euro, and demanded payments in Euro for Iraqi oil…
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Two Years…
Baghdad Burning, Girl Blog from Iraq…
We’ve completed two years since the beginning of the war. These last two years have felt like two decades, but I can remember the war itself like it was yesterday. The sky was lit with flashes of red and white and the ground rocked with explosions on March 21, 2003 (…) We sit around sometimes, when there’s no electricity, or when we’re gathered for lunch or dinner and someone will say, “Remember two years ago when…” Remember when they bombed Mansur, a reside! ntial area… When they started burning the cars in the streets with Apaches… When they hit the airport with that bomb that lit up half of the city… When the American tanks started rolling into Baghdad…? Remember when the fear was still fresh – and the terror was relatively new – and it was possible to be shocked and awed in Iraq?…
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The Wolf at the door
’I’ll huff and I’ll puff and then I’ll blow your house up’
William Bowles
…Given that Wolfowitz was one of the key planners of the Iraq invasion, I’d say that based on the failure of the ’cakewalk’, the nomination of Wolfowitz could be viewed as largely bluff and bluster. This doesn’t mean however, that we should ignore it, far from it because along with the appointment of Bolton as ambassador to the UN, they represent a frontal assault on the two main opponents to the i! mperium’s plans for the future of the planet. Wolfowitz’s nomination has to be seen in the context of the growing (and increasingly organised) opposition to the imperium’s economic assault led by Venezuela, India, Brazil and to a lesser degree, Russia…
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The Undoing of America
Gore Vidal on war for oil, politics-free elections, and the late, great U.S. Constitution
Steve Perry, City Pages Media
…Well, let us say that the old American republic is well and truly dead. The institutions that we thought were eternal proved not to be. And that goes for the three departments of government, and it also goes for the Bill of Rights. So we’re in uncharted territory. We’re governed by public relations. Very little information gets to the people, thanks to! the corruption and/or ineptitude of the media. Just look at this bankruptcy thing that went through—everybody in debt to credit cards, which is apparently 90 percent of the country, is in deep trouble. So the people are uninformed about what’s being done in their name. And that’s really why we are in Iraq. Iraq is a symptom, not a cause. It’s a symptom of the passion we have for oil, which is a declining resource in the world. Alternatives can be found, but they will not be found as long as there’s one drop of oil or natural gas to be extracted from other nations, preferably by force by the current junta in charge of our affairs. Iraq will end with our defeat…
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Death at ‘immoral’ picnic in the park
Students are beaten to death for playing music as Shia militiamen run amok
Catherine Philp
THE students had begun to lay out their picnic in the spring sunshine when the men attacked. “There were dozens of them, armed with guns, and they poured into the park,” Ali al-Azawi, 21, the engineering student who had organised the gathering in Basra, said (…)Two students were said to have been killed. Standing over them as the blows rained down was the man who gave the order, dressed in dark clerical garb and wearing a black turban. Ali recognised him immediately as a follower of Hojatoleslam Moqtada al-Sadr (…) Far from disavowing the attack, senior al-Sadr loyalists said that they had a duty to stop the students’ “dancing, sexy dress and corruption”…
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Cultural Barbarism
The Nation
The sterile term “collateral damage” justifiably brings to mind the human tragedy of war. But the devastating and wanton damage inflicted on the ancient city of Babylon by US-led military forces gives another meaning to the term. In this case, we are witnessing violence against one of the world’s greatest cultural treasures. Babylon’s destruction, according to The Guardian, “must rank as one of the most reckless acts of cultural vandalism in recent memory.” When Camp Babylon was established by US-led international forces in April 2003, leading archeologists and international experts on ancient civilizations warned of potential peril and damage. It was “tantamount to establishing a military camp around the Great Pyramid in Egypt or around Stonehenge in Britain,” according to a damning report issued in January by the British Museum. The report, drafted by Dr. John Curtis—one of the world’s leading archeologists—documents that the military base, built and overseen by Kellog, Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, jeopardized what is often referred to as the “mother of all archeological sites”…
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Hijacking Democracy in Iraq
Scott Ritter, AlterNet
… The Iraqi elections have been embraced almost universally as a great victory for the forces of democracy, not only in Iraq, but throughout the entire Middle East. The fact, however, is that the Iraqi elections weren’t about the free election of a government reflecting the will of the Iraqi people, but the carefully engineered selection of a government that would behave in a manner dictated by the United States…
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Iraq war: The smoking gun?
Foreign Office official’s resignation letter reveals that Attorney General did change his mind on legality of Iraq war
Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor
Documentary evidence has emerged showing that the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, changed his mind about the legality of the Iraq war just before the conflict began. The damning revelation is contained in the resignation letter of Elizabeth Wilmshurst, a legal adviser at the Foreign Office, in which she said the ! war would be a “crime of aggression”. She quit the day after Lord Goldsmith’s ruling was made public, three days before the war began in March 2003…
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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 23 March 2005.
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.
In a dispatch posted at 12:12pm Mecca time Wednesday, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that US forces had completely sealed off the western Iraqi city of al-Hadithah at dawn on Wednesday, preventing citizens from entering or leaving it. The correspondent reported that the Americans surrounded the city with more than 60 tanks, positioned! on the four sides of the city. They also closed roads and the only two bridges in the city.
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Five Minutes With: Seymour Hersh
Elana Berkowitz
…You uncovered both My Lai and Abu Ghraib. My Lai and the Vietnam War had a really profound impact on students and student activism. Do you feel like Abu Ghraib has had the same impact? Are students as engaged with the issue? Well, I can certainly tell you students in the Middle East and Europe now responded as intensely as back then. If you’re talking about Americans I think you’re basically right – there wasn’t the same sort of overwhelming shock. But t! he importance of Abu Ghraib in terms of damage to our reputation is every bit as significant as in My Lai in Europe and the Middle East, where we’re really in big trouble and growing in deeper trouble. Abu Ghraib had a horrific impact, particularly in cultures like in the Middle East where they view us as sexually perverse…
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Rove’s Tricky Decoy Dump
Bernard Weiner, Co-Editort The Crisis Papers
…To smooth the way for a successful campaign on both the foreign and domestic fronts, the Administration must continue its policy of permanent war (the never-ending “war on terrorism”) in order to keep the populace in a state of constant anxiety and willing to grant the “Commander-in-Chief” pretty much whatever he wants in foreign/military policy, and in the domestic curtailment of constitutionally-guaranteed civil liberties under the Bill of! Rights…
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Iraq action ‘crime of aggression’
BBC News
The Iraq war amounted to a “crime of aggression”, the former deputy legal adviser to the Foreign Office has said. Elizabeth Wilmshurst made the claim before war in her resignation letter, obtained by the BBC News Website. But part of the letter has not been released. A report on Channel 4 claims it shows the attorney general changed his mind on the legality of the war. The attorney general’s spokesperson said Lord Goldsmith’s independent view was that action in Iraq was lawful…
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Buck Up, The World Hates Us More Than Ever
Why the Left Was Right After All
Ted Rall
…As far as I’m concerned, Bush deserves to be impeached for lying to his employers—us—about Iraq’s WMDs. He should face prosecution at a war crimes tribunal for the murder of the 100,000-plus Iraqis he ordered killed by U.S. troops. He deserves life in prison for ordering the torture, and allowing the murder under torture, of countless innocent Afghans and Iraqis…
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U.S. bars Italians from examining victim’s car
Associated Press
The U.S. military command in Iraq has blocked two Italian policemen from examining the car in which an Italian intelligence agent was shot to death in Baghdad, a newspaper said Wednesday. Corriere della Sera said that the policemen were about to leave when the Italian Embassy in Baghdad received an order from the U.S. command on Monday to abort the mission for security concerns…
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WTI-Portuguese Hearing was a success
The Portuguese Committee of WTI
…Finally, after a private meeting, the Jury Tribune presented their final Decision in which they confirm the facts of the Accusation, condemning the USA, UK and Portuguese governments for crimes against peace, crimes of war and crimes against humanity. The Decision also reproach the media organs, journalists and columnists who supported these criminal for not telling the truth to the people, as it is their duty…
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Iraqi Legal Calls for Trying Bush, Blair
Samir Haddad, IOL Correspondent
US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair should be tried as war criminals for their role in the heinous crimes and abuses, from the use of banned weapons, raping of Iraqi women to the stealing of the body parts of Iraqi resistance fighters, according to Iraqi legal experts. During a conference held in the Iraqi capital Baghdad Tuesday, March 22, the legal activists broadcast a video tape showing the scale of destruction caused by US occupation forces during its massive offensive on the western Iraqi city of Fallujah…
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The Amazing Hypocrites
Cindy Sheehan
…I feel so much compassion for her mother who has had to watch her daughter slowly waste away. My heart truly breaks for everyone in Terry Schiavo’s family. However, I have one question for Congress and for George (”When in doubt it is always better to err on the side of life” – Arizona, March 22, 2005) Bush, though: Why does Terry Schiavo deserve to live more than my son, Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan? (…) As far as I am concerned, the amazing hypocrites in our Government are not making up for killing thousands of innocent Americans and Iraqis by passing emergency legislation to save one life. Every member of Bush’s executive branch (past and present) and every member of Congress who voted to give George the authority to invade Iraq have innocent blood on their hands…
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Iraqi officials say 80 rebels killed in clash
Associated Press
A raid by U.S. and Iraqi forces on a suspected rebel training camp left 80 militants dead, the single biggest one-day death toll for rebels in months and the latest in a series of blows to the country’s insurgency, Iraqi officials said Wednesday…
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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 22 March 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.
…The meetings of Iraqi collaborationist parties that have been taking place on the grounds of the area around the Republican Palace – known to the invaders as the “green zone” – have reached an impasse in their efforts to chose a new puppet president and puppet prime minister to serve as front men for the US occupation regime. The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in Baghdad met with Amin Muhammad, a leader of the Shi’i chauvinist collaborationist “Islamic Da’wah Party” and asked him about the latest developments in the on-going discussions between Kurdish collaborators and Shi’i collaborators – two groups with distinct sectarian objectives under the umbrella of the American occupation…
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Iraqi fighters regain control of camp
About 30 to 40 fighters were seen at a lakeside training camp attacked by US and Iraqi forces, an AFP correspondent who visited the site has said. The correspondent, who travelled with other journalists to the camp at Lake Tharthar, 200km north of Baghdad, said he saw 30 to 40 fighters there on Wednesday. The remains of three burnt vehicles were seen on a dusty road leading to the camp in the village of Ain al-Hilwa. A few mud huts were partly destroyed and a few big craters gouged the ground…
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Iraq Checkpoint Killings Unchecked
Jeremy Scahill, NYC Indypendent
While much media attention has been focused on the torture at Abu Ghraib, two other strings of questionable killings by U.S. soldiers have been largely ignored by the American media and not a single soldier has faced any disciplinary action for the deaths. Since the beginning of the invasion in March 2003, the U.S. military has killed more than a dozen journalists in Iraq – more than the Iraqi resistance has. There have also been scores of civilians killed – including women, children and families – at US military checkpoints across the country. Yet not a single soldier has been charged or disciplined in any of these cases, and the internal investigations have become a conveyor belt for exonerations…
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