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26 March 2005


Remember Fallujah: demonising place, constructing atrocity
Stephen Graham
… In this construction of people as inhuman ‘terrorist’ barbarians understanding little but force, and urban places as animalistic labyrinths or ‘nests’ demanding massive military assault, Islamic cities, and their inhabitants, are, in turn, cast out beyond any philosophical, legal, or humanitarian definitions of humankind or civilisation’. Civilian inhabitants of cities such as Fallujah are thus denied the protection of international law. Their piling-up bodies remain unworthy, largely invisible, unrecorded, and uncounted. And their deaths are rendered of no account. Like the inmates of Abu Ghraib, Basra Airbase, or Guantanamo Bay, such dying civilians and resistance fighters become examples of Agamben’s homo sacer (sacred man) or ‘bare life mere zoological organisms to be targeted through force and disciplinary measures, who are completely devoid of political or human rights. Derek Gregory has termed such people “the half-human detritus of Bush’s Holy War”…
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The magic plane theory
…”This hole shows where a depleted uranium shell passed through, Manning said, ‘burning’ holes through walls rather than knocking them down outright. Manning said so much depleted uranium’s been deployed in Falluja and Iraq that the whole nation will be afflicted with radiation poisoning.” Reminds me of the neatly-edged holes in the Pentagon on September 11. Although many airplanes have depleted uranium in them, including in the nose cone, the Boeing 757 does not. It’s particularly interesting that the plane apparently went right through the building starting with a neat little entrance hole (…) and then made an equally neat exit hole, as if the building itself had very little effect on its wall-cutting ability…
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On the Campaign Trail, Tony Blair Cannot Escape from Iraq
Jacques Duplouich, Le Figaro – t r u t h o u t
…Today, Britons are once again asking themselves about the conformity of the military intervention to British and international law. The opportunity to do so has been given them by the publication of the resignation letter – partially blacked out – of Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Assistant Legal Councilor to the Foreign Office, three days before the conflict began. In this letter – the black-outs filled in, thanks to opportune leaks – the lawyer emphasizes that, in the absence of a new resolution from the UN’s Security Council, a war against Iraq would be equivalent to a “crime of aggression” against a sovereign state…
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‘Support our troops?’
Don Monkerud
…Where does “support the troops” end? Do we support the gung-ho young troops who threaten and brutalize Iraqi citizens because they enjoy it? Do we forget the Nuremberg trials and claim that soldiers only “follow orders” and bear no personal responsibility for their actions? Do we support torture because Bush said the U.S. doesn’t have to follow any rules? Do we support our soldiers when they shoot innocent people?…
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The Bigot confessing to Idol Zion
Abu Assur, Al-Moharer
Once a week the bigot sees Idol Zion, his confessor. Before any session, a remote controlled tele-evangelical advisor, in a video confession meeting, advises him on every matter and on every move. Mr. Bigot carries on his hands the blood of millions of innocent Iraqis he killed. He kneels in front of a confessional cupboard, where Idol Zion is awaiting him. The Bigot to begin with, trembles and his limbs shake with fright but not for the atrocities, the tortures, the killings, the rapes of innocent Iraqis, which are on his conscience. He has no conscience to begin with…
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Major Battle North of No Government any Time Soon in Iraq
Juan Cole
The formation of a government in Iraq has been put off yet again, possibly until April 1 or beyond, according to AFP. The Shiites and the Kurds say they are close to agreement. But they could remain only close to an agreement for a long time. Parliament may meet again in the meantime…
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A Wolfowitz in Sheep’s Clothing?
Democaracy Now!
…So the appointment of Wolfowitz in this context is a very clear message from the Bush administration. They’re sending in one of their top ideologues, somebody who is a true believer in the so-called Washington Consensus, and we know this because Wolfowitz was, of course, the architect of the postwar plan, such as it was, in Iraq, which was itself a radical experiment in precisely these policies. Wolfowitz oversaw the move to privatize Iraq’s entire economy, to fire 500,000 state employees, based on this same thinking, that if Iraq becomes a utopia for foreign corporations, then everything else will be solved in the trickle-down…
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The Missing WMD Report
David Corn
… It seems that Pat Roberts, the Republican chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, wants to break the promise he made last year to investigate whether the Bush administration misrepresented the prewar intelligence on WMDs. What a surprise. Before the November election, Roberts said this was an important subject warranting examination but that his committee could not mount an inquiry until early 2005. How politically convenient. Now he wants to forget all about it. This matter has so far received little media coverage…
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Sgrena’s car
The United States promised ‘full cooperation’ to Italian authorities in their investigation of the attack on the car carrying Giuliana Sgrena to the Baghdad airport. Apparently, ‘full cooperation’ doesn’t include allowing the Italian investigators to actually see the car in which she was being driven, as the Pentagon has barred two Italian policemen from examining the car. This is the respect the Americans show their ally Italy, whose citizens are dying in the place of Americans in the illegal and immoral American occupation of Iraq. Of course, the Americans can’t show the Italians the car, as the bullet holes in it would clearly demonstrate that it was not the subject of some unfortunate checkpoint misunderstanding, with bullets flying everywhere from terrified American soldiers, but a carefully planned and executed ambush engineered to kill only one person, Giuliana Sgrena…
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Turkmen hold anti-US rally in Kirkuk
Turkish Press
About 250 Turkmen chanting anti-American slogans demonstrated in the northern Iraqi oil city of Kirkuk on Friday, calling for the release of Turkmen detainees in US custody. “No, no, America. Death to American spies,” demonstrators from the Turkmen Front of Iraq party chanted following Friday prayers. “Down with federalism. Kirkuk is Iraqi”…
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Naomi Klein Reveals New Details About U.S. Military Shooting of Italian War Correspondent in Iraq
Democaracy Now!
Three weeks after being shot by US forces in Iraq, veteran Italian war correspondent Giuliana Sgrena is released from a military hospital. New details are emerging about the killing of the Italian agent who saved her life. We speak with independent journalist Naomi Klein, who just returned from meeting with Sgrena in Rome…
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British MPs accuse U.S. of grave rights violations
The United States committed “grave violations of human rights” against detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq, the Foreign Affairs Committee of Britain’s parliament said on Friday. In its annual report on human rights, the committee also demanded the British government to make clear whether it uses intelligence provided by other states that may have been obtained by torturing suspects…
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Army Probe Finds Abuse at Base Near Mosul
MATT KELLEY, Associated Press Writer
An Army investigation found systematic abuse and possible torture of Iraqi prisoners at a base near Mosul just as top military officials became aware of abuse allegations at the Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad, documents released Friday showed. Records previously released by the Army have detailed abuses at Abu Ghraib and other sites in Iraq as well as at sites in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The documents released Friday were the first to reveal abuses at the jail in Mosul and are among the few to allege torture directly (…) “They show the torture and abuse of detainees was routine and such treatment was considered an acceptable practice by U.S. forces,” ACLU lawyer Amrit Singh said…
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New Casualty Count Trend
Raed Jarrar, Raed in the Middle
The new pathetic trend of the US adminstation in announcing casualty figures for the US army and their suppoting forces started last week. The official body counts started to include the number of Iraqi resistance fighters, or the insurgents as the bush adminstration call them, in the body counts. This new trend is not ment to be more sensitive towards the tens of thousands of Iraqis killed by the occupation forces, it is just a way for trying to reduce the effect of the big numbers of casualties in Iraq by putting them in comparison to more numbers of murdered Iraqis…
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How Do We Resist This Ruinous War?
No Troops; No Wars
Since the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, 1,524 US soldiers have died (as of March 22, 2005), and 11,220 US soldiers have been wounded in action (as of February 26, 2005). Iraqi casualties are even larger. A study published in The Lancet last November estimated at least “100000 excess deaths” in Iraq since March 20, 2003. Who is killing Iraqis? The White House would have us believe, through the “Good News” propaganda planted in the media by the Pentagon and the State Department, that the US military is only protecting Iraqis and reconstructing Iraq. Nothing is further from the truth…
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Bomber kills 11 Iraqi police; 5 translators slain
The Associated Press
A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-laden vehicle near the central city of Ramadi, killing 11 Iraqi policemen and wounding 14 other people including two U.S. Army soldiers, the U.S. military said Friday. In eastern Baghdad, unidentified attackers killed five female translators working for the U.S. military late Thursday, said Iraqi police Capt. Ahmed Aboud…
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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 24 March 2005
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.
…US occupation forces distributed leaflets in ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad, on Thursday calling on the people for help in finding an American soldier taken prisoner by the Iraqi Resistance. The leaflets, one of which was obtained by the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam said that the soldier, “Steve,” a US Marine was taken prisoner in fighting a week ago in eastern ar-Ramadi. The US military offered a reward of US$500,000 for anyone providing information that helps to find “Steve”…
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No proof for claim Iraq killed 85 rebels.
Government now says battle not a major incident
Steve Fainaru, Washington Post
New details from an intense battle between insurgents and Iraqi police commandos supported by U.S. forces cast doubt Thursday on Iraqi government claims that 85 insurgents had been killed at what was described as a clandestine training camp. Accounts of the fighting continued to suggest that a major battle involving dozens of insurgents had occurred Tuesday on the eastern shore of Lake Tha! rthar, about 50 miles northwest of Baghdad. But two U.S. military officials said Thursday that no bodies had been found by American troops who arrived later at the scene…
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War crimes overseas, peace crimes at home
Two years ago, on March 19, 2003, the government of the United States launched an illegal, immoral, impractical and totally unnecessary war against the people of Iraq, whose country 6,000 miles away from the United States posed absolutely no threat to our country (…) International law considers launching a war against another country to be the most grievous of war crimes, because out of that act follows — almost as a natural progression — all other possible war crimes. This latest war follows the pattern well. Indiscriminate shooting of non-combatants, retaliatory measures against civilians and even entire communities, torture, violation of the rights of prisoners, direct attacks on hospitals and medical personnel; all of these have been systematically carried out by many American troops…
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The USA’s Tragic Withdrawal From the Rule of Law: Pentagon Confirms Unilateral Pre-emptive Strikes Are Now U.S. Policy
Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D., Today’s Alternative News
The Pentagon has released a new strategic plan that explicitly endorses unilateral preemptive strikes. This is yet another indication that the Bush administration is dramatically accelerating away from longstanding doctrines that are upheld by both general international law and seemingly-important transatlantic coalitions like NATO. Alarmingly, this plan also equates respected international organizations, such as the International Criminal Court, with … terrorism…
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Against the flow …
Al Faraby (translated by Robert Thompson, Axis of Logic
At Falujah, 50 km to the west of Baghdad, encounters took place in the Jolan quarter, to the north of the town, and the sound of automatic arms could be heard. According to the person in charge of a health centre in the quarter, four Iraqi soldiers were killed. In Baghdad, five resistance fighters, one soldier and two civilians died in different incidents…
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