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The uncovering of the under cover agents – on video w w w . g u s h – s h a l o m . o r g

The uncovering of the under cover agents - on video
Report of May 3 press conference on IDF land grab methods as exposed in Bil’in events

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Following the brutal attack on the non-violent demonstration in Bil’in village on April 28, a press conference was called by the organizations that had taken part. Some dozen foreign correspondents attended the conference, which was held at the office of the Alternative Information Center in Jerusalem.

After Elan Frenkel (AIC) analysed the land grab in this area, Uri Avnery (Gush Shalom), Yonathan Pollack (Anarchists Against the Wall) and MK Gamal Zahalkeh (Balad) described in detail the events during the demonstration and pointed out that:

– The security forces had prepared in advance a trap for the demonstrators. One of the purposes was apparently to try out new methods of the Massada unit of the Prison Service as well as new weapons.

– The sole incidents of violence against the security forces came from the undercover agents of the Prison Service disguised as Arabs. It was pointed out that the Prison Service admitted the next day that its agents had indeed thrown the stones, and that this is their way of merging in the crowd.

– The use of “Arabized” undercover agents (”Mista’arvim”) is designed to sow suspicion between Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and between the Palestinians themselves, in order to sabotage joint solidarity demonstrations. Every demonstrator can suspect the person next to him as an undercover agent.

– In the course of the demonstration it was apparent that for the Prison Service unit, which has never been used for such a purpose, this was a training exercise, and that it was trying out new methods.

– The officers present lied through their noses throughout the demonstration/ They promised to release the prisoners within 10 minutes after the ending of the demonstration. When the demonstrators dispersed, the prisoners were not released.

Sharon Dolev, one of the demonstrators hit by salt bullets, a registered nurse, showed the two wounds on her belly. Five days of the action, she still had black and red wounds. She complained of pains, and it seems that one of her ribs has been damaged.

During the conference, a documentary filmed by Shay Pollack and Imad … was shown. The film shows clearly that the security forces shot many dozens of gas grenades at the demonstrators without any provocation. The demonstrators were not violent at any stage.

In particular, the film shows how the undercover agents, who look in the beginning like ordinary demonstrators, suddenly take off their masks, don police caps and draw revolvers, using ferocious violence to arrest the persons next to them, for no apparent reasons. This, too, looks like a training exercise.

The foreign journalists posed many questions. Among other, they asked if such means were ever used against right-wing Israeli demonstrators. (The answer: No.)

MK Zahalkeh announced that he is calling for a meeting of the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs to discus the grave events, and that he will demand the appointment of an official inquiry committee.

The films can be viewed on the Gush Shalom website

About Bil’in today :

12:12 Police arrest 5 left-wing activists during Bil`in anti-fence protest (Israel Radio)

Anti-fence demonstrators tie themselves to olive trees
Hebrew report including map

+ we just received an announcement of another joint Palestinian-Israeli protest due Friday as well as a report  from  ”International Solidarity Movement” << on today’s confrontation.

Wed, 04 May 2005 10:17:13 -0000

Eleven arrested in attempt to non-violently stop olive trees being uprooted by Israeli Military in Bil’in

Eighty five olive trees are currently being uprooted by the Israeli Military in the West Bank village of Bil’in to make room for the illegal annexation wall.

As part of a Palestinian Non Violent resistance campaign against The Wall sixteen people including nine Palestinians chained themselves into the olive trees this morning in Bil’in while fifty others demonstrated.

After a stand off that lasted four hours the Israeli military cut the chains and dragged away twelve of the non-violent protesters.

Yesterday the residents of Bil’in received notice from the Israeli Army about the uprooting and demolition of the ancient olive trees and rallied International and Israeli supporters to demonstrate alongside them today.

The Military police used excessive force during the arrests. One of the arrestees, a woman from Greece, suffered a blow to the head while being beaten by Israeli soldiers. An Israeli protestor was kneed in the groin and a Norwegian protestor had his legs forcibly spread to a 180 degree angle.

Of the eleven arrested there were two Americans, two Swedish, one Norwegian one Greek and five Israelis. (All the Palestinians who were initially detained were all released.)

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