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10 January 2005

Development CEC: STATEMENT ON THE 2005 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION (INCLUDES OFFICIAL RESULTS) Press Release, Central Election Commission, 10 January 2005

The 2005 Palestinian presidential election was held in an orderly fashion, thanks in great part to the cooperation received from Palestinian citizens. However, with respect to the electoral process to this point, the CEC makes the following two qualifications: 1. Israeli forces which continue to occupy Palestine imposed huge obstacles to the participation of Jerusalemite citizens in the elections. 2. On Election Day, the CEC received thousands of telephone calls from individuals whose names appear on the civil register, but who were unable to locate their polling centers. It became clear that this problem had the potential to deprive many voters of their voting rights.


Coverage Trends MEDIA GROSSLY EXAGGERATE PALESTINIAN VOTER TURNOUT Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 10 January 2005

How many Palestinians in the occupied territories actually voted in the January 9 election for president of the Palestinian Authority? Many major media organizations are reporting a turnout close to 70 percent. In fact the turnout was well below 50 percent as EI’s Ali Abunimah explains. The distinction between registered and unregistered voters is crucial to understanding the actual turnout figure, but it is a distinction the media have failed to grasp.


EI in the Press DEMOCRACY NOW!: EI DISCUSSES PALESTINIAN ELECTION RESULTS Ali Abunimah, Democracy Now!, 10 January 2005

EI’s Ali Abunimah was a guest on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman on 10 January 2005 to discuss the results of the election for president of the Palestinian Authority in the occupied territories. Abunimah said “Many Palestinians fear this is another setup so when the inevitable failure brought about by Israeli intransigence occurs, this will be another opportunity to blame the Palestinians, and accuse them of missing an opportunity once again.”


Opinion/Editorial WHERE IS THE BRIDE? Laurie King-Irani, The Electronic Intifada, 10 January 2005

Yesterday’s presidential poll, this stilted, shotgun wedding, had a strange energy — drained, anemic, and hesitant. No one seemed genuinely enthusiastic. The bride was not there, after all, but big issues and concerns were also missing. Universal human rights and international humanitarian law were not honored guests at this celebration. Inviting them might have elicited passions. Had that happened, Abu Mazen might have lost his title of “moderate candidate.” Yesterday’s elections did not choose a president so much as they formalized a rite of passage in the upper ranks of Fatah, passing the mantle of leadership of the Palestinian Authority (not the Palestinian people) from the late Yasser Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a., Abu Mazen.


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From sister site, Electronic Iraq:

Opinion/Editorial AMERICANS TALKING TO THEMSELVES IN FALLUJAH Nigel Parry, Electronic Iraq (9 January 2005)

In recent weeks, residents of Fallujah who fled the fighting in the city have been beginning to return, and even those who have not lost family members are finding utter devastation of their former lives. Fallujah, under a strict dusk-to-dawn curfew, has no running water, sewage system, or electricity, and that’s just the utilities. There is a good reason that the U.S. Administration would want to discourage any focus on Fallujah. The city is a disaster zone. eIraq’s Nigel Parry comments.



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