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International Holocaust Day By Dr. Elias Akleh



  The late decision of the General Assembly of the United Nations to designate 27th of January as an annual International Holocaust Day to remember the victims of the Holocaust, accompanied with the plans to establish a program of outreach on the subject of the Holocaust, and to mobilize civil society for Holocaust remembrance and education for the hope to help prevent future acts of genocide, is a pure racist decision.

  Although Nazi Germany had persecuted and massacred many other minorities – inferior by the Nazi standards- including the Gypsies, mentally and physically handicapped, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, and massacred Poles, Soviet prisoners and many political opponents, the decision of the General Assembly had excluded all these and singled out the Jews only as the victim of genocides.

  One may argue that the tragedy of the Jewish people was unique because “millions” of them were murdered. Others may counter argue that millions more of the native North American Indians were slaughtered (about 80 millions) by the “American pioneers”. Millions more of the native South American Indians were also slaughtered by “Spanish conquistadors”. Whole indigenous nations in some Caribbean Islands were totally annihilated – present day Haiti and Dominican Republic, and replaced by slaves to work the land. Let us not forget the millions of Moslem and Christian Arabs who were massacred by the Crusaders, the millions of Moslem victims in Bosnia, Hercegovina and Sarajevo, the victims in Rwanda, in Darfur, and in Chechnya. The worst human genocide in the whole history of mankind is the dropping of the atomic bombs by the American administration on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where millions of Japanese citizens (270 thousands) were obliterated in just few seconds. Is there any greater tragedy than this? Yet none of these nations, or others, is remembered by the holocaust day.

  While all these genocides are recognized internationally by all historians, there is still some controversy about the realities of the Jewish Holocaust. One cannot help but wonder why many historians, throughout history, had questioned the number of Jewish victims. They even had questioned the existence of death “gas chambers”, and argued that mass murder in these “small” gas chambers is impractical. They claimed that the small gas chambers were used to kill the germs on prisoners’ and soldiers’ clothing, and the “crematory chambers” were used as efficient sanitary way of getting rid of dead bodies. They argued that the Nazis had enslaved the Jews and others into “labor concentration camps” to keep the German war industry functioning as replacements for German workers, who had to go to war. Nazis could be cruel and cold hearted yet they were also industrial and not foolish to murder any working force. The decision of the General Assembly establishes the Holocaust as a given fact, and rejects any historical research or study that may lead to its denial or straightening the facts about it. The hallow of the Holocaust is to be maintained.

  It is a fact known by many, including many fundamentalist Jews, that Nazi Germany had cooperated with the Zionist Movement to incite anti-Semitism to drive the Jews to Palestine to establish Israel. German banks had facilitated Jewish money laundering from Germany to Jewish Banks in Palestine. The Zionists had spread anti-Semitic hatred throughout Europe and North Africa, encouraging some terrorist attacks against Jews in order to coerce them to leave the countries they were living in, and were part of, and to immigrate to Palestine. Later on Zionist Israeli political and religious leaders had used anti-Semitism and the Holocaust to attract Jews to “hatred-free, peaceful God’s promised land” of Israel. They also used the Holocaust to blackmail other European governments, who stood by or participated in the persecution of Jews. Israel is still collecting “preparation” money from Germany, and “repossessing” Jewish Swiss bank accounts and artifacts. The Holocaust has been made a moral sin in the global psyche to oblige other nations to succumb to the “Jewish Israeli” needs and to justify Israel’s aggression and terrorism against Palestinians as a need for security.

  Jewish Holocaust does not justify Israelis perpetrating another holocaust on other nations. With the blind racist and prejudiced religious ideology of “god’s chosen people in god’s promised land” Jewish terrorist militias, such as Stern and Hagana, had massacred thousands of Palestinians, razed hundreds of Palestinian cities, and drove millions of Palestinians out of their home land to establish the terrorist state of Israel. Throughout the last 57 years Israel has been carrying out a “graduated” annihilation of Palestinians. Israelis had seized Palestinian land to build their own illegal colonies, stole Palestinian waters and agricultural resources, destroyed their economy, built a wall to jail them into “exterminating concentrating camps” to be bombarded and raided routinely, poisoned their water and food, radiate them with cancer generating nuclear rays while passing through “check” machines installed on border crossings, and routinely demolish their homes. This Israeli terror had eventually provoked many international communities to a degree that a Security Council resolution 3379 had equated Zionism with racism. American administration had exerted political pressure that led the UN to annul this resolution in the 90’s. This American pressure had eventually turned the UN 180 degrees in its policies to come up with the International Holocaust Day, equating anti-Israeli criticism with anti-Semitism. This gives Israel a free hand to finish off the Palestinians.

  With such a decision Israel had gained a monopoly over human suffering and injustice. Other historical genocides lose their importance next to the Jewish Holocaust. This in itself is a crime. Many member countries had their own reservation about the decision. They wanted to modify the wording of the decision to include other nations who suffered from genocide. Yet the European nations, under the American pressure, did not want to listen to or take into consideration such reservation.

  The General Assembly had asked Secretary General Annan to set up a budget for educational purposes in an attempt to prevent such an evil from happening again. The aim is to watch out for any revival of anti-Semitism and any ideology based on hatred to put an end to it. I wonder if the General Assembly would consider the rising anti-Islamist sentiment, incited by the American administration, to drive its military plans to change the political map of the Arab World, as a hate ideology similar to anti-Semitism. Would any Arab accept his government enforcing a scholastic curriculum that sympathizes with Jewish Holocaust when Israeli Jews are murdering Palestinians every day, threatening to destroy Al-Aqsa mosque, one of the most sacred Islamic sites, discriminating between Palestinian Christians and Moslems in an attempt to incite religious hatred, and are plotting to disrupt and destabilize all the neighboring Arab countries to in order to occupy or control them in a step to build their dream of Great Israel?


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