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Just In Time Terrorism: Al-Qaeda in Palestine by Kurt Nimmo


May 23, 2005

Good old al-Qaeda. It is a mostly illusory booga-booga terrorist “network” that can be conveniently pulled out of a hat and flapped in the face of millions of people who tend to forget—or rather who are not sufficiently preoccupied with so-called terrorism in the name of never-ending war and mass carnage—and remind us this whole mess (so profitable for the likes of Lockheed Martin and Halliburton) will last generations, longer than the so-called Cold War, for a few generations minimum, as promised by our dour and unelected leaders.

Of course, in order to be effective, al-Qaeda (a contrived terror outfit with brand name pull) needs to come out of the woodwork at the appropriate time and place. One such place is occupied Palestine where people have struggled for decades to throw off Israeli invaders and colonialist occupiers. Naturally, the Israelis are unable to stomp out Palestinian nationalism and no matter what they do—short of rounding up every last Palestinian and shipping them to Jordan or an empty Iraqi desert—the determination of the Palestinians increases with every generation, blooming into more severe and tenacious radicalism.

Enter al-Qaeda.

“Al-Qaeda has established a foothold in Palestine with a new militant group based in Gaza formed by extremists who have become disillusioned with Hamas and Islamic Jihad,” Annette Young reports for the Scotsman. “Amid the biggest flare-up of violence in Gaza since a ceasefire was declared three months ago by Palestinians and Israelis, the Jerusalem Post has quoted unnamed Palestinian Authority security officials as saying that a new group called Jundallah or ‘Allah’s Brigade’ had links to the terrorist organization headed by Osama bin Laden.”

There are two rather loud tocsins in the above paragraph: first, this bit of “news” appeared in the Jerusalem Post, a well-known and “influential” Strausscon newspaper, and second the untrackable reliance on “unnamed Palestinian Authority security officials” who cannot be reached to corroborate the article’s rather damaging assertion that at least part of Palestinian nationalism is owned by the mercurial (and conveniently dead) Osama bin Laden.

It would appear this little tidbit of info is designed to spin Ariel Sharon’s alleged “withdrawal” from Gaza:

Khaled Abu Toameh, a journalist for the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s oldest and most respected English-language daily, has interviewed PA officials who said the establishment of Jundallah confirmed suspicions that al-Qaeda was attempting to gain a foothold in Gaza ahead of the planned Israeli withdrawal beginning on August 15.

In other words, al-Qaeda opportunists will fill the vacuum left behind as the IDF departs, either creating an excuse for future military actions in Gaza or building an argument that there can never be a Palestinian state because it will devolve into an al-Qaeda state or a state with “rogue regime” elements. In 2002, a few months after nine eleven, al-Qaeda (through Sulaiman Abu Gaith) allegedly confirmed “our continuation in working to attack Americans and Jews, and targeting them, both people and buildings,” according to the Anti-Defamation League, quoting a report appearing in the “pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat.” As well, we are told al-Qaeda’s sub-title is: “the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders,” as if to underscore the purpose of the shadowy organization (first, to kill Jews, second to kill “Crusaders,” that is to say Americans).

“Abu Abdullah al-Khattab, who identified himself as the spokesman for Jundallah [al-Qaeda] in Gaza,” writes Annette Young, “denied his group was linked to al-Qaeda but hinted that as well as Israeli targets, the group was planning to target US interests in the region.”

But on the record, PA officials were yesterday reluctant to confirm links between Jundallah and al-Qaeda, with senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, casting doubt on ties. “It is very unlikely that al-Qaeda would be operating in Gaza,” he told the Scotland on Sunday… The emergence of a new militant group in Gaza, especially one with reported links to al-Qaeda, was not surprising, said Ra’anan Gissin, an aide to prime minister Sharon.

Of course not. But it should be remembered Gissin deemed as “sheer nonsense” the accusation, made in late 2002, that Israeli intelligence had set-up a fake al-Qaeda cell in Gaza. Gissin told the BBC that the Palestinian accusations were propaganda and disinformation put out by officials trying “to exonerate themselves from the allegations they are collaborating and participating with terrorists.” Sophie Claudet, reporting for the Sydney Morning Herald in Gaza City on December 9, 2002, quoted a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry as declaring: “There is no need for Israel to make up something like this because [the hardline Islamic movements] are all the same as al-Qaeda.” In other words, all Palestinians working against Israeli occupation are “the same as al-Qaeda,” a not surprising comment considering the source.

No doubt Gissin and his anonymous colleague at the Israeli Foreign Ministry believe Rashid Abu Shbak, the head of preventive security in Gaza, is a liar and a mountebank for telling the media that the PA “had traced back to Israel mobile phone calls and emails—purportedly from Germany and Lebanon—asking Palestinians to join al-Qaeda. One email had even been ’signed’ by the al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden… The Palestinians [arrested by preventive security] … were then paired, unbeknown to them, with Israeli collaborators in Gaza, and received money and weapons.” In short, the fake al-Qaeda cell was a false flag operation, behavior Israeli intelligence has a long and sordid history of engaging in. “Ninety-five percent of the work of the intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation,” Andreas von Bulow, who served on the parliamentary commission which oversees the three branches of the German secret service while a member of the Bundestag (German parliament) from 1969 to 1994, told Christopher Bollyn soon after nine eleven. “Von Bulow told AFP that he believes that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, is behind the Sept. 11 terror attacks. These attacks, he said, were carried out to turn public opinion against the Arabs and boost military and security spending,” Bollyn writes. Obviously, a fabricated al-Qaeda cell in Gaza, emerging as Israel “withdraws” from the Gaza Strip (where poverty, unemployment, and poor living conditions remain in their wake), would be a propaganda boon for Israel, a colonial state with a high stake in characterizing Palestinian Arabs as maniacal killers who want to push the Jews into the sea. Israel will never allow a Palestinian state and will do all in its power to convince the world the Palestinians are incontrovertible terrorists.

It is indicative this latest fake al-Qaeda cell story emerged on the pages of the Strausscon controlled Jerusalem Post, formerly owned by Hollinger International (a co-publisher of the National Interest, a Strausscon rag) and not long ago boasted Conrad Black as its CEO (until he was caught with his hand in the corporate cookie jar). “Black, who became a member of the British House of Lords in 2001, is closely associated with a number of influential neoconservative figures and right-wing think tanks. He is a close associate of Richard Perle, who serves on Hollinger’s board, and is on the board of trustees of the Hudson Institute and the Nixon Center,” explains Right Web. Last year the Jerusalem Post was sold to CanWest Global Communications Corp. (its CEO is the son of the late media mogul Israel Asper, who “was unyielding in his support for the Zionist cause,” as the Ottawa Citizen reported in 2003) and an Israeli media corporation, Mirkaei Tikshoret.

Of course, it does not take an al-Qaeda to foment violent opposition to the brutal Israeli occupation in the Gaza and West Bank. In fact, all it takes is continued IDF “operations” (attacks on civilians) in places like the Jabalia camp, Beit Hanoun, and other crowded places in the Gaza where “swathes of agricultural land were leveled and there was widespread damage to public and private property—homes, schools, commercial interests—and public infrastructure [roads, sewage, and electricity lines] “ (see UNRWA Gaza Field assessment of IDF Operation Days of Penitence). “Across the territory as a whole, demolition rates have reached alarming levels in 2004: 1,360 Gazans per month, or 45 persons each day, have been made homeless as a result of IDF demolition operations. Whilst Operation Days of Penitence was ongoing in Northern Gaza, 482 persons were made homeless in Rafah, as the IDF continue to hack away at Palestinian areas along the Egyptian border.” As Human Rights Watch reported last year, “16,000 people had been made homeless in Rafah during raids and incursions over the last four years and that the Israeli Defense Forces had exaggerated the threat posed by weapons smuggling tunnels under the Rafah-Egypt.” In 2002, well before the cruel depredations of last year, Human Rights Watch characterized IDF actions as violating “provisions in international law against collective punishment, the destruction of private property, and the use of force against civilians.” But then Ariel Sharon and the Likudites, much like Bush and the Strausscons, don’t do human rights.

Andrew Phillips, or Lord Phillips of Sudbury, writes of his recent visit to the Rafa refugee camp in the Guardian:

One vivid exposure to the real state of things was my visit in the Rafa refugee camp to a UN school (one soon realizes that without massive UN help the occupied territories would collapse). A class of 50 bright-eyed, articulate 13-14-year-olds visibly bridled when I asserted that renewed suicide bombings and Palestinian independence were incompatible. ‘How are we to defend ourselves?’ blurted a tearful girl whose father, I was told, had been ‘murdered’ by the Israelis. Another had had a brother killed and another a father. Thirteen had had their houses destroyed. Many families were in their third ‘home’ since being forced out in 1947/8. Yet despite such plangent demonstrations of passionate defiance, the key picture I gleaned from my trip was of a people yearning for peaceful closure for both sides. One illusion is to think the path to that goal is not strewn with dangers and setbacks. Another is that military might, and walls, can permanently end suicide bombings and worse.

Phillips’ hopeful optimism aside (considering the rock hard intransigence of the well-funded and organized Zionist endeavor), if indeed al-Qaeda does exist, the above is more than enough to push desperate (and homeless) Gazans into the clutches of the so-called terrorist “network” initially created by the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI, for desperation breeds violence, even suicidal violence.

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