Palestine Monitor Subject: One Palestinian Child Killed, Two Men Assassinated – Israel violates ceasefire again


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One Palestinian Child Killed, Two Men Assassinated – Israel violates ceasefire again 16 February 2005

In Beitunia, Ramallah area, two Palestinian boys were shot yesterday by Israeli security personnel, one of them killed. Two men were also assassinated in Nablus area by Israeli Occupation Forces in direct violation of the ceasefire.

15-year-old ‘Ala Hani Dr. Khalil and 14-year-old Osama Hamid were allegedly throwing stones at Israeli military vehicles on a bypass road near Ramallah yesterday when they suddenly came under live fire. Witnesses believe they were shot by an Israeli settlement guard who was passing by in his car. ‘Ala was shot in the neck and died later in the hospital. Osama was hospitalized with a bullet wound in his shoulder.

Around 9:00 p.m. last night, two Palestinian men were assassinated by Israeli Occupation Forces in Nablus in direct violation of the ceasefire declared last week at Sharm el-Sheikh. They were members of the al-Aqsa Brigades, a branch of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party.

Assam Hamza Mansour, 27, from Balata refugee camp and Mahyoub Halkini, 24, from Kufar Qalil were killed near Kufar Qalil village in an empty home they used as a place of refuge. The Israeli soldiers apparently knew their habits and ambushed the two men. When Mansour and Halkini entered the house, Israeli soldiers followed and killed them both.

After they assassinated the two men, Israeli soldiers imposed a curfew on the area and prevented an ambulance from reaching the bodies. After four hours the ambulances were allowed to pass, and doctors determined by the appearance of the wounds that they had been killed by several live bullets to the head and chest at close range.

Such extrajudicial executions stand in direct violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and constitute a war crime. Along with ongoing construction of settlements and the Apartheid Wall, also illegal under international law, such actions by Israel are intolerable acts of incitement and a severe and direct threat to prospects for justice and peace in the region.


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