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When Israel’s Likud Party tried allying with Mussolini & Hitler By Lenni Brenner


Sisters & brothers,

Those who read about the Board of Deputies of British Jews’ attempt to pressure AmazonUK into censoring the publisher’s promo for my book, 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis,

should know of the Board’s reply to my challenge to debate Zionism’s role.

I wrote the Board, “As you insist that what the documents show is open to debate, I challenge the Board to exactly that. Let us arrange a public debate as to whether or not they prove that the Zionist movement collaborated with Hitler.”

Below is Director General Jon Benjamin’s response.


5 27 05 Dear Mr Brenner

Thank you for your fulsome reply. You clearly accept that yours is just one view of history, open to debate, and you will appreciate the difference between historical materials and the interpretation of them. You will no doubt have ample opportunity to debate these issues in scholarly circles, as is right and proper for any historical proposition.

Our concern is simply the security and well being of the Jewish community today.


Translated from his native language, double talk in fast forward, he says we ain’t debating you. But in reality the Board pleads guilty to unwillingness to engage in scholarly debate over the role Zionists played while almost 6 millions Jews were murdered. Thanks, brother Benjamin, for demonstrating the B of D’s incompetence.

Since they aren’t up to defending Zionism, I extend my challenge to representatives of any grouping affiliated to the World Zionist Organization. As the Likud Party is the dominant element in Israel’s present ruling coalition, I particularly dare it to defend its members’ role in the age of the dictators.

Readers will note that Benjamin’s excuse for not debating Zionism’s role is precisely that it is debatable.

“You clearly accept that yours is just one view of history, open to debate, and you will appreciate the difference between historical materials and the interpretation of them.”

He just juggled words, debate, historical materials & interpretation. If I say that Hitler murdered as many Jews as he could, that’s fact because we agree. But when the book’s promo material says Zionist documents prove “the disservice that the Zionists did to Jews before and during the Holocaust,” that’s mere interpretation because Benjamin disagrees. Of course what it says is read the historical material, rock-hard facts, make up your own mind.

So let’s cut to the chase. Below are 2 key ‘Zionist-Revisionist’ documents. Founded by Vladimir Jabotinsky in 1925, Revisionism evolved into today’s Likud. Intros are provided, giving enuf info so readers can understand their context, dated references, etc. Read them. Make up your own mind.

Jabotinsky had been an organizer of the Jewish Legion, created by the British to help them conquer Palestine from the Turks in 1917. But by the 30s he realized that London was merely using Zionism against the Palestinian natives & had no intention of creating a Jewish state. He looked for a substitute to take over the League of Nations mandate from Britain.

A virtuoso linguist, he had been a student in Italy. He liked the government that Mussolini overthrew. For him, IL Duce was a “head buffalo.” But his wish for a mandatory led Revisionism into Mussolini’s camp. The Italian invited Jabotinsky’s Betar youth group to set up at his Maritime School at Civitavecchia, in 1936.

Jabotinsky told them not to take sides for or against Mussolini. But at least 30 joined the Gioventý Universitaria Fascista, the University Fascist Youth. During his invasion of Ethiopia, the cadets marched alongside Mussolini’s soldiers in an Italian pro-war demo.

For all his subjective hostility to the leader principle, Jabotinsky knew that his movement’s financial director, Wolfgang von Weisl, had proposed him as Revisionism’s Duce. The 1st document, “Dr. von Weisl Believes in Fascism,” was in the 6/12/34 World Jewry, a London Jewish establishment journal.


The French newspaper in Bucharest, the “Moment,” which is regarded as one of the organs of the Roumanian Foreign Ministry, has published an interview with the Revisionist leader, Dr. von Weisl.

The Revisionist leader accused the Zionist leaders of Socialist sympathies, and he declared that, although opinions among the Revisionists varied, in general they sympathized with Fascism, and they were strong opponents of Socialism and Communism.

He, personally, was a supporter of Fascism, and he rejoiced at the victory of Fascist Italy in Abyssinia as a triumph of the White races against the Black. He also asserted the Revisionists wanted to bring to Palestine, within the next ten years, 900,000 Jews from Poland, 300,000 from Roumania and 300,000 from Germany.

Finally, he stated that the Revisionists had no desire to colonize Jews in Abyssinia, and that, in his opinion, it would be well for the Arab strike in Palestine to continue for several weeks more, as by then the authority of the Arab leaders would be completely broken for a number of years.


Mussolini initially saw Hitler as a rival for domination of Austria. But with the 1936 Spanish civil war, he realized that a left victory there would inspire his workers to try to overthrow him. On its own, Italy wasn’t strong enuf to help Franco beat the left. IL Duce realized that he had to ally with Der Führer in order to get the job done. But Hitler wouldn’t consider him an ally if he was friendly to any Jews. So he kicked all Jews out of his party, instituted anti-Jewish racial laws on German lines, & closed down Betar’s squadron.

Jabotinsky returned to the British fold & backed the empire against Hitler in 1939. But a Revisionist minority, led by Avraham Stern, had become so committed to Fascism that they rationalized away their Italian hero’s renunciation of them: He had shown his good will towards Zionism. Yet the Jews, those ingrates, still opposed him. So what could he do but turn on them?

When war came, Stern decided to prove that there were Fascist Jews, worthy of Hitler’s patronage. Their proposal was written in late 1940, when Stern still called his group the ‘real’ Irgun, Revisionism’s military underground in Palestine, from which they had split earlier that year. Later they called themselves Lohamei Herut Yisrael, Fighters for the Freedom of Israel. They are, however, universally known by the name the British gave them: The Stern Gang.

Their document was presented to 2 German diplomats in early 1941, in Lebanon, run by Hitler’s Vichy French ally. They deposited it in their embassy in Turkey, where it was found after the war.

The Sternists were a small minority of the broad Zionist movement. But when Yitzhak Shamir, 1 of 3 leaders who ran the FFI after the British killed Stern, became Israel’s Prime Minister (1983-84/86-92), their document took on its present significance in the eyes of serious scholars. Shamir is now a Likud Party elder statesman.


“Fundamental Features of the Proposal of the National Military Organization in Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Concerning the Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe and the Participation of the NMO in the War on the Side of Germany,” (in) David Yisraeli, The Palestine Problem in German Politics 1889-1945, Bar Ilan University (Israel), 1974.

It is often stated in the speeches and utterances of the leading statesmen of National Socialist Germany that a prerequisite of the New Order in Europe requires the radical solution of the Jewish question through evacuation (”Jew-free Europe”).

The evacuation of the Jewish masses from Europe is a precondition for solving the Jewish question; but this can only be made possible and complete through the settlement of these masses in the home of the Jewish people, Palestine, and through the establishment of a Jewish state in its historic boundaries.

The solving in this manner of the Jewish problem, thus bringing with it once and for all the liberation of the Jewish people, is the objective of the political activity and the years-long struggle of the Israeli freedom movement, the National Military Organization (Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Palestine.

The NMO, which is well-acquainted with the goodwill of the German Reich government and its authorities towards Zionist activity inside Germany and towards Zionist emigration plans, is of the opinion that:

1. Common interests could exist between the establishment of a new order in Europe in conformity with the German concept, and the true national aspirations of the Jewish people as they are embodied by the NMO.

2. Cooperation between the new Germany and a renewed folkish-national Hebraium would be possible and,

3. The establishment of the historic Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, bound by a treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of a maintained and strengthened future German position of power in the Near East.

Proceeding from these considerations, the NMO in Palestine, under the condition the above-mentioned national aspirations of the Israeli freedom movement are recognized on the side of the German Reich, offers to actively take part in the war on Germany’s side.

This offer by the NMO, covering activity in the military, political and information fields, in Palestine and, according to our determined preparations, outside Palestine, would be connected to the military training and organizing of Jewish manpower in Europe, under the leadership and command of the NMO. These military units would take part in the fight to conquer Palestine, should such a front be decided upon.

The indirect participation of the Israeli freedom movement in the New Order in Europe, already in the preparatory stage, would be linked with a positive-radical solution of the European Jewish problem in conformity with the above-mentioned national aspirations of the Jewish people. This would extraordinarily strengthen the moral basis of the New Order in the eyes of all humanity.

The cooperation of the Israeli freedom movement would also be along the lines of one of the last speeches of the German Reich Chancellor, in which Herr Hitler emphasized that he would utilize every combination and coalition in order to isolate and defeat England.

A brief general view of the formation, essence, and activity of the NMO in Palestine:

The NMO developed partly out of the Jewish self-defense in Palestine and the Revisionist movement (New Zionist Organization), with which the NMO was loosely connected through the person of Mr. V. Jabotinsky until his death.

The pro-English attitude of the Revisionist Organization in Palestine, which prevented the renewal of the personal union, led in the autumn of this year to a complete break between it and the NMO as well as to a thereupon following split in the Revisionist movement.

The goal of the NMO is the establishment of the Jewish state within its historic borders.

The NMO, in contrast to all Zionist trends, rejects colonizatory infiltration as the only means of making accessible and gradually taking possession of the fatherland and practices its slogan, the struggle and the sacrifice, as the only true means for the conquest and liberation of Palestine.

On account of its militant character and its anti-English disposition the NMO is forced, under constant persecutions by the English administration, to exercise its political activity and the military training of its members in Palestine in secret.

The NMO, whose terrorist activities began as early as the autumn of the year 1936, became, after the publication of the British White Papers, especially prominent in the summer of 1939 through successful intensification of its terroristic activity and sabotage of English property. At that time these activities, as well as daily secret radio broadcasts, were noticed and discussed by virtually the entire world press.

The NMO maintained independent political offices in Warsaw, Paris. London and New York until the beginning of the war.

The office in Warsaw was mainly concerned with the military organization and training of the national Zionist youth and was closely connected with the Jewi sh masses who, especially in Poland, sustained and enthusiastically supported, in every manner, the fight of the NMO in Palestine. Two newspapers were published in Warsaw (The Deed and Liberated Jerusalem): these were organs of the NMO.

The office in Warsaw maintained close relations with the former Polish government and those military circles, who brought greatest sympathy and understanding towards the aims of the NMO. Thus, in the year 1939 selected groups of NMO members were sent from Palestine to Poland, where their military training was completed in barracks by Polish officers.

The negotiations, for the purpose of activating and concretizing their aid, took place between the NMO and the Polish government in Warsaw – the evidence of which can easily be found in the archives of the former Polish government – were terminated because of the beginning of the war.

The NMO is closely related to the totalitarian movements of Europe in its ideology and structure.

The fighting capacity of the NMO could never be paralyzed or seriously weakened, neither through strong defensive measures by the English administration and the Arabs, nor by those of the Jewish socialists.


If you are interested in getting a copy of the book &/or getting the facts re Zionism’s Holocaust role out before the public, contact me at

Stay well, give ‘em hell,

Lenni Brenner

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