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  31/12/04 Replanting the olive trees of Jayyous
  31/12/04 Middle East Update
  30/12/04 Update From Electronic Intifada
  29/12/04 Update From Electronic Intifada
  26/12/04 Open Letter To Palestinian Public Opinion:
What We Want From The Elected President
  31/12/04 The Vanunu Campaign for Rector at Glasgow University
  31/12/04 Throwing the book at Tali Fahima By Orit Shohat
  29/12/04 Palestinians Worry About Cost of Peace By STEVEN ERLANGER
  23/12/04 First Palestinian Municipal Elections in 28 Years
Hindered by Israeli Arrests of Candidates, Checkpoints
  27/12/04 Blair’s Descent into ‘Poodledom’
  24/12/04 A Middle East Update, Christmas 2004
  22/12/04 Palestinian Students Need Army Escort By Ravi Nessman
  22/12/04 Path to Peace Runs Through Palestine By David Hirst
  22/12/04 A Cri de Coeur: Imagining Palestine By Kathleen Christison
  21/12/04 Our Friends in the US Progressive & peace Movements Should Fully
Support Our Resistance in Palestine & Iraq By Ibrahim Ebeid
  21/12/04 Update from the Electronic Intifada
  24/11/04 Israel’s Fight For Survival? A Pro-Palestinian
Response to Rep. Waxman (D-CA) by Adam Miller

URGENT ALERT: Presidential Candidate Attacked by Israeli Forces

  13/12/04 The Israeli Security Services (Shabak) inflict
physical punishment on Tali Fahima during her interrogation
  7/12/04 Discriminatory Treatment of Non-Jews by the Ministry of the Interior
  8/12/04 JPN: Israel-Palestine Cease Fire? AIPAC
Under Investigation; and A Crucial Mizrahi View of Israel
  10/12/04 Jewish Voice for Peace Statement on Divestment
  8/12/04 A Middle East Update
    Two Books by Palestinian Writers
  10/12/04 Palestinian Children Denied Their Human Rights by Haithem El-Zabri
  6/12/04 Poll: 127 of Palestinians for PA Presidency
  11/12/04 Palestine: The Story of Simha Tzabari
  29/11/04 A PALESTINIAN VIEW: Incitement on the ground by Nadia Naser-Najjab
  24/11/04 Bush And Sharon After Arafat By Uri Avnery
    TRACES OF POISON by Abu-Sitta
  19/11/04 Update from Electronic Intifada
    A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm – US/Israeli Strategic Document
  17/11/04 JPN: Report on Israel's Home Demolitions and American Vets
  16/11/04 The Passing of Abu Amar (Yasir Arafat)
  15/11/04 Update from Electronic Intifada
  06/11/04 Sharon's Gaza Pullout: Not Gonna Happen! by Tanya Reinhart
  10/11/04 Israel – An Apartheid State? A Discussion Paper by M. Machover
  08/11/04 The Karama Project
  08/11/04 There should be a limit to …indecency From the Palestinian General Delegation.
  05/11/04 Joseph Massad responds to the intimidation of Columbia University
(Electronic Intifada) I, a Collaborator (Direct e-mail) How peace
activists reinforce the structure of occupation Born-agains for Sharon  
( The increasingly open alliance between fundamentalist Christians and Israel
  02/11/04 Hamas prepares for post-Arafat era By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank
  01/11/04 Two 12-year-old boys shot and killed for throwing stones in Jenin and Nablus,
8-year-old girl shot and killed on her way to school in Khan Younis
  31/10/04 To those who have forgotten: Tali Fahima is still in prison
  29/10/04 Jewishness Versus Democracy examines the contradictions at the heart
of attempts to steamroll an Israeli constitution by Azmi Bishara
  28/10/04 A Message to the American Jewish Community from Professor Alan Dershowitz
  26/10/04 Israel Continues the Massacre in Gaza At
Least Seventeen Killed by Israeli Army in Khan Younis
  26/10/04 Israeli raid on Gaza kills 16
  24/10/04 Israel on the road to civil war By Uri Avnery
  24/10/04 Olive harvest marred by settler violence, closures say West Bank farmers
  20/10/04 The Launching of a New International Campaign of Sanctions Against Israel
  12/10/04 The Palestine Monitor – A PNGO Information Clearinghouse
Two Palestinian School Girls Shot in Gaza by Israeli Occupation Forces
Killing children is no longer a big deal By Gideon Levy
  16/10/04 Gazans survey devastation after Israeli operation
  16/10/04 Palestine: the assault on health and other war crimes by Derek Summerfield
  14/10/04 Gaza's Wars of Perception by Mouin Rabbani
  10/10/04 Machsom Watch – Women for Human Rights –
  10/10/04 Gaza Families Live In The Shadow Of Death By Laila El-Haddad in Gaza
  08/10/04 Heroism in the Holy Land: Chris Brown
beaten for walking children to school
by Alison Weir
  05/10/04 Palestinian Girl killed on her way to school
  06/10/04 JPN: Israeli Official Explains Why Sharon Works Against Peace
  06/10/04 What would Israel do without UNRWA? By Amira Hass
  27/09/04 Palestinian Intifada – 4th Anniversary Summary of Press Conference
  29/09/04 The Women and Children of the Jahalin Bedouins
  09/09/04 Toward a True Democratic State in the Middle East:
The Emerging Case for a Single-State Solution
By Todd May
  04/09/04 WALLS WON'T HELP — TOI-Billboard Sept.4, 2004
  03/09/04 Palestinians Have A Right To Go Home by Phyllis Bennis
  31/08/04 More than 4,000 prisoners enter 17th day of hunger strike
  23/08/04 Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions Summer Work Camp
  06/09/04 The Spider Web By Israel Shamir
  06/09/04 Noah Cohen’s Confusions by Assaf Kfoury
  30/08/04 Chomsky's “Realism” and “Advocacy” : Advocacy for what
and for whom?
Response to Chomsky's Response by Noah Cohen
  26/08/04 Advocacy and Realism A reply to Noah Cohen by Noam Chomsky
  21/08/04 Noam Chomsky and 'Left' Apologetics for Injustice in Palestine Noah Cohen Responds
  20/03/04 Justice for Palestine? Noam Chomsky Interview
  14/08/04 News From Nablus August 11-13 2004
  11/08/04 Reports from Rafah: 29 July - 11 August, 2004
  08/08/04 From Aaron of Redmond: Life under military rule
  13/08/04 An Exposé of an Exposé: Seymour Hersh and
the Missing Zionist-Israeli Connection
by James Petras
  12/08/04 Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israeli Prisons Begin Hunger Strike
  10/08/04 Road Apartheid/Woman CO's Struggle/Ex-Mossad Man vs IDF
  07/08/04 Arafat meets Gush Shalom/Sharon's Disengagement Plan
  08/08/04 For a Free Democratic Palestine Position paper of Abna elBalad
  04/08/04 Israel’s Use of Chemical Weapons
  08/04 People Under Occupation – A Periodical Deals With The Israeli Violations,
Issued by The Palestinian Council for Justice and Peace
  01/08/04 Chaos and devastation in Gaza – the army speaks of ‘failure’
  12/07/04 A Vision of Joint Life – Israelis Acknowledge Right of Return
  27/07/04 World Court's Ruling on Wall Speaks with Utmost Clarity by Nidal Sliman
  24/07/04 Ultra-right Establish a Fake Machsomwatch Website by Angela Godfrey-Goldstein
  23/07/04 Death in a cemetery By Gidon Levy
  22/07/04 In Hebron by Yitzhak Laor
  21/07/04 60 year old dies at military gate: Denied medical treatment
Four year old girl, two 16 year olds, a 19 and a 21 year old
boy among the Palestinian dead of the last ten days.
  30/01/30 Let Us Dream By Fausto Giudice Translated by Noel Ignatiev
  20/07/04 Disengagement and the Death of the Two-State Solution
A Panel Discussion with Hani Issawi and Yacov Ben Efrat
  July 2004 People Under Occupation: A Periodical Deals With The
Israeli Violations, Issued by The Palestinian Council for Justice and Peace
  13/07/04 From Gaza with love: The Story of the Seven Gates by Mona El Farra/Gaza
  14/07/04 Nick Pretzlik - In Memorium
  09/07/04 Commentary on the International Court of Justice ruling on the Wall by Neve Gordon
  08/07/04 [Refuseniks_Updates] Military Parole Committee
  08/07/04 The Militarist and Messianic Ideologies by Neve Gordon
  07/07/04 Repression of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Shata (Gilboa) Prison
  06/07/04 Is the Intifada over? (Reading Chaucer in the Holy Land) By Israel Shamir
  05/07/04 SLIPPING TOWARD ARMAGEDDON: Israel in Iraq By Mark Gaffney
  05/07/04 IAEA’s El Baradei visits Israel
  04/07/04 Foreseeing the future By Uzi Benziman
High Court decision grants the Israeli government a great deal of leeway for constructing the wall
  30/06/04 Standing against the claws of the wall By Tanya Reinhart
  19/06/04 “Irreversible mental damage” By Uri Avnery
  29/06/04 IDF blows up water wells in Kfar Yamoun
  21/06/04 PLAN B by Seymour M. Hersh
  30/06/04 JPN:The Jewish Divide on Israel
  24/06/04 US Congress Supports Illegal Israeli Settlements Shame on McDermott
  30/06/04 Shovrim Shtika – Breaking the Silence:
Soldiers Speak Out About their Service in Hebron
  27/06/04 An Interview with Dr. Mona El-Farra: Rafah – Looking Beyond the Abyss
  10/06/04 Stop the Wall Campaign
  10/06/04 Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project
  10/06/04 Jennie's time in Palestine
  03/06/04 Soldiers' exhibition opens Israelis' eyes to harsh reality of occupation By Sophie Claudet
  04/06/04 Eyewitness reports from Rafah families
'They have no humanity. They didn't even give us two minutes to get out' By Chris McGreal
  18/04/04 Three Days in jolly Biddu, by Mark from ISM
  14/04/04 Letter from Dov Weisglass to NSA Condoleezza Rice
  14/04/04 Why all the fuss about the Bush-Sharon meeting? Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada
  15/04/04 More on Biddu
  19/03/04 John Pilger on US/Zionist terror in Palestine
  07/04/04 Cantata for Rachel Corrie
  06/04/04 A PALESTINIAN VIEW Back to an existential fight by Ghassan Khatib
  28/03/04 Update on Men in Jayyous
  25/03/04 Rachel Corrie from a Refusenik
  30/03/04 US/Israel Links
  29/03/04 Iraq War Launched to Protect Israel – Bush Adviser by Emad Mekay
    A 'Greater Israel' In The Making: Palestinians are still suffering under U.S.-backed Israeli occupation
  25/03/04 Israel 'fabricated' child-bomber story By Khalid Amayreh
  23/03/04 Enough is enough  by Jaffer Ali
  24/03/04 Report from the West Bank
  22/03/04 Zionism And The Politics Of Assassination
On Extra-judicial Executions
By Mazin Qumsiyeh
  22/03/04 Murdered At Daybreak by Gilad Atzmon
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