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Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
For those interested in keeping up with events in Palestine/Israel, there is no better digest than VTJP.

VTJP Archives | VTJP 2009
3 April, 2009

International Middle East Media Center

Two Journalists injured at the weekly Bil'in demonstration
3 Apr 2009 - The residents of Bil'in village, located near the central west Bank city of Ramallah, marched towards the wall today after Friday prayers. The protest was joined by Israeli and international activists. ... 

Six injured one seriously in Nil'in weekly protest
3 Apr 2009 - Scores of villagers from Nil'in, located near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, along with their international supporters held their weekly protest on Friday midday against the illegal Israeli wall being built on village land. ... 

Farming under fire: Israeli attacks in Gaza
3 Apr 2009 - Gazan farmers are having to harvest their crops under regular artillary fire from the Israeli army but still manage to celebrate life and Land Day out on their fields. Yesterday, women picking lentils were fired on by troops at the border. ...

Israeli Navy shells fishing boats, wounding one fisherman
3 Apr 2009 - Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Friday morning that a Palestinian fisherman was mildly injured when the Israel Navy shelled several fishing boats in the Palestinian territorial waters in Gaza. ...

Troops kidnap 361 Palestinians in Hebron since beginning of year
3 Apr 2009 - The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) in Hebron district stated in its monthly report that the Israeli army have kidnapped more than 101 Palestinians in several invasions in the province since last March. ... 

Israeli policemen deployed around Bat Ayin settlement
3 Apr 2009 - Israeli security sources reported Friday that extremist right-wing settlers might be planning retaliatory attack against the Palestinians following the Thursday attack which led to the death of a 13-year-old settler in Bat Ayin settlement, near Bethlehem. ...

Spanish prosecutors decide not to pursue investigation of 2002 Israeli bombing
3 Apr 2009 - The prosecutors who filed a case against the Israeli government for a 2002 bombing in Gaza have decided to delay their investigation of the bombing, after coming under attack from Israeli diplomats and lobbyists. According to the Israeli challenge, a foreign government may not move forward with a prosecution while the accused government (in this case Israel) is investigating the same case. ...

Hebron settlers occupy four stores in Hebron’s Old City
3 Apr 2009 - Palestinian sources in Hebron, in the southern part of the west Bank, reported that a group of extremist settlers attacked and occupied four stores in the Clothes Market in the Old City. The market is adjacent to the illegal Abraham Avinu settlement outpost. ...

PCHR Weekly Report: 3 Palestinians dead, 8 injured, 27 abducted this week
3 Apr 2009 - According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, during the week of 26 March- 01 April 2009, two members of the Palestinian resistance were killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip. A Palestinian woman died of injuries sustained during the recent Israeli forces offensive on the Gaza Strip. 8 Palestinian civilians, including a PCHR field worker, were injured by Israeli gunfire in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. ... 

Fateh and Hamas fail to achieve unity: agree to meet April 26
2 Apr 2009 - Egyptian sources reported on Thursday that delegates of Fateh and Hamas, who have holding internal talks in Cairo, have failed to achieve an agreement and only managed to agree to meet again on April 26. ... 

Ha'aretz Defense page

Father of Bat Ayin terror victim, 7, gets prison furlough to visit son
3 Apr 2009 - Ofer Gamliel, father of injured seven-year-old Yair, is imprisoned for planning to attack a Jerusalem Arab girls' school. 

U.S. green light for Israeli attack on Iran will have to wait
3 Apr 2009 - Obama's policy on a nuclear Iran differs from that of the Bush administration only in style. 

Israel fears Jewish extremists will avenge settlement murder
3 Apr 2009 - 13-year-old killed and 7-year-old wounded in West Bank after being attacked by axeman who fled. 

Haaretz exclusive: The man who bribed Indians for Israeli arms sales
3 Apr 2009 - Sudhir Choudrie is investigated for allegedly bribing Indian officials on behalf of Israeli firms. 

Netanyahu tells IDF: Make every effort to catch Bat Ayin murderer
3 Apr 2009 - 13-year-old killed and 7-year-old wounded in West Bank after being attacked by axeman who fled. 

'He tried to stab me. I kicked him, he kicked me.'
3 Apr 2009 - Avinoam, the passerby who confronted the axe-wielding terrorist after the attack, describes their struggle. 

Israel seizes load of handguns and rifles en route to West Bank
3 Apr 2009 - Suspicious cargo of cloths held up at Eilat border for three weeks, until sawed open by customs agents. 

IDF raps soldiers for images of dead Palestinian babies on t-shirts
3 Apr 2009 - In wake of Haaretz expose, Brig. Gen. Shermeister says soldiers' civilian clothes should match IDF values. 

Sharp rise in number of reports of soldiers harming Palestinian civilians
3 Apr 2009 - IDF's Criminal Investigation Division investigated 47 cases in 2008 in which soldiers allegedly harmed West Bank civilians. 

In Sderot, nighttime is wartime
3 Apr 2009 - Two months have passed since the Gaza op, but one family still struggles to return to a normal routine. 

Barak welcomes IDF decision to end Gaza misconduct probe
3 Apr 2009 - Military Advocate General says testimonies based on hearsay; Barak: Yet another proof IDF is moral. 

Noam Shalit: Netanyahu must outdo Olmert's attempts to release Gilad
3 Apr 2009 - Gilad Shalit's mother, Aviva , will be present at inauguration ceremony for the incoming government. 

'Dozens of Israeli jets and drones attacked in Sudan'
3 Apr 2009 - TIME Magazine cited Israeli sources as saying U.S. was notified of the attack but was not directly involved. 

Gaza probe / Either troops are liars, or the IDF is pure as snow
3 Apr 2009 - Speed at which army closed investigation into accounts of misconduct raises questions. 

Ma'an News

PA Police: 142,000 people visited Jericho in March
3 Apr 2009 - 

Report: 101 Hebronites taken by Israeli troops during March; 361 since Jan 1
3 Apr 2009 - 

UN: Access to Gaza buffer zone key to agricultural recovery
3 Apr 2009 - 

Israeli settlers in Hebron occupy four shops in Ash-Shuhada Street
3 Apr 2009 - 

Fisherman injured, three boats damaged by Israeli fire on Gaza coast
3 Apr 2009 - 

Gaza: One Israeli crossing open; Egypt destroys tunnels, delivers aid through Rafah
3 Apr 2009 - 

Two Hebronites freed from Israeli detention
3 Apr 2009 - 

Israel releases Hamas-affiliated PLC member
2 Apr 2009 - 

Arab League: Lieberman remarks a change in tone, not policy
2 Apr 2009 - 

Report: Fatah, Hamas have failed to reach unity deal
2 Apr 2009 - 

Two more counterfeit shampoo and detergents factories closed near Nablus
2 Apr 2009 - 

Thousands of dunums confiscated for Israeli settler road near Nablus
2 Apr 2009 - 

Gaza woman gives birth to quadruplets
2 Apr 2009 - 

Father of Bat Ayin victim is jailed settler militia leader
2 Apr 2009 - 

Palestine Telegraph

Hamas Gov to rub out war ruin in Gaza 
2 Apr 2009 - Gaza Strip, April 2, (Pal Telegraph) - The Hamas government in Gaza announced the start of an intensive debirs removal project today. The desructions resulted from Israels' latest agressive war on the Gaza Strip. Hamas worked to bring Gazans relief. Millions of...

Palestinian unity talks suspended
2 Apr 2009 - The rival Palestinian Hamas and Fatah factions have suspended unity talks in Cairo after they were unable to reach an agreement, sources say. The Egyptian-mediated process will resume in three weeks, Nabil Shaath, a senior Fatah official, said on Thursday. "There are...

Israeli settler killed in Hebron 
2 Apr 2009 - West Bank, 02 April (The Pal Telegraph) - Israeli occupation forces imposed a curfew on the village of Beit Umar, north of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday afternoon. The curfew started shortly after an Israeli settler was killed...

Jewish settlers take over a house of a Palestinian family in Jerusalem.
1 Apr 2009 - Occupied Jerusalem, 02 April (The Pal Telegraph)- Jewish settlers seized a house belonging to a Palestinian citizen at Al-Sa’diya quarter in the old city of occupied Jerusalem claiming its ownership.

Occupation killed 17 Palestinians in the last month
1 Apr 2009 - Gaza, April 1, 2009 (Pal Telegraph) - International solidarity for human rights said that 17 Palestinians including three children and a woman were killed by the occupation; in addition to 280 citizens arrested during the last month. In a press releases dispatched...

Siege gets harsher as crossings closed
1 Apr 2009 - Gaza, April 1, 2009 (Pal Telegraph) – Israeli authorities reopened  Kerem Shalom, Nahel Oz , and Al Muntar commerical crossing points on Wednesday. The crossings expected to operate on low capacity that will never bridge the gap of the needs of 1.5 million...

IOA kidnaps jurist in charge of female prisoners 
31 Mar 2009 - Ramallah - Al-Ahrar center for prisoners' studies strongly denounced the IOA for arresting Raja'a Al-Ghoul, who works for the center as a jurist in charge of female prisoners files.  The center holds Israel fully responsible for her life since she is in...

Israel drops Gaza war crimes probe
31 Mar 2009 - The Israeli military has closed an investigation into claims that Israeli troops shot unarmed Palestinian women and children during its 22-day war on Gaza.

A Rafah Border Crossing Story
31 Mar 2009 - Gaza, March 31, 2009 (Pal Telegraph) - Recently at the Rafah Border Crossing, out of the 600 patients that reached the border, only 50 were allowed to pass through.

Shalit’s father criticized Olmert’s performance concerning releasing his son
31 Mar 2009 - Gaza, 31 March (The Pal Telegraph)- Noam shalit, the father of the Israeli soldier captured by the Palestinian resistance during a military action in Gaza Strip nearly three years ago, criticized the efforts of resigning Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to secure his...


Israeli FM graft questions continue
3 Apr 2009 - Avigdor Lieberman questioned for second days over corruption and bribery claims.

UN appoints Gaza war investigator
3 Apr 2009 - Former war crimes prosecutor to focus on Palestinian victims of Israel's war.

Palestinian unity talks suspended
2 Apr 2009 - Fatah and Hamas halt negotiations with the two sides unable to reach an agreement.

Israeli boy killed in axe attack
2 Apr 2009 - Fatal assault in Jewish settlement south of Jerusalem prompts Israeli police manhunt.

UN agency warns Palestinian staff
1 Apr 2009 - Relief agency warns employees in the Gaza Strip to avoid politics, reports say.

Bashir in S Arabia despite warrant
1 Apr 2009 - Sudanese president makes fifth visit to a foreign country since war crimes charges.

Dutch couple kidnapped in Yemen
31 Mar 2009 - Couple seized by armed men but claim being treated well.

Arab-Latin American ties hailed
31 Mar 2009 - Second summit of the two blocs in Qatari capital discusses trade and investment flows.

Suicide bomber targets Mosul police
31 Mar 2009 - Bomber hits security checkpoint with explosives-laden lorry.

Former Chechen rebel 'assassinated'
31 Mar 2009 - Dubai police detain Russian suspected in killing of Chechen military leader.


OPT: Gaza solid waste management in dire straits 
2 Apr 2009 - GAZA CITY Monday, March 02, 2009 (IRIN) - The lack of technical means to transport and process solid waste in Gaza is posing a severe risk to people’s health in the enclave, experts say. Many Gazans, especially children, have developed breathing problems as a result of the stench emanating from rubbish dumps and the indiscriminate burning of waste.

OPT: Gaza orphans in the spotlight 
2 Apr 2009 - GAZA CITY Wednesday, April 01, 2009 (IRIN) - An estimated 1,346 children were left without one or more of their parents as a result of the recent 23-day Israeli assault on Gaza, according to Islamic Relief in Gaza.

In Brief: GPS and malaria 
2 Apr 2009 - DAKAR Wednesday, April 01, 2009 (IRIN) - Malaria control has long depended on incomplete infection mapping or “spatial medical intelligence”. But in recent years the Malaria Atlas Project (MAP) has used GPS (Global Positioning System) to plot malaria infections based on community surveys in 84 endemic countries.

Stop The Wall

Friday anti-Wall protests commemorate Land Day
3 Apr 2009 - March 29th, 2009 --, Large numbers of participants was a feature of this Friday’s actions, which were held in commemoration of Land Day. Protests against the Wall were held in the usual locations of Jayyous, Ni’lin, al-Ma’sra and Bi’lin. After a brief hiatus last week, violence is escalating again in Ni’lin, where a local youth was shot with live ammunition. [

List of Actions in Palestine for March 30 - Land Day and Global BDS Day
3 Apr 2009 - March 28th, 2009 --, The people in Palestine are mobilizing for the 32nd annual commemoration of Land Day, March 30. Land Day marks the date of the Palestinian demonstration in the Galilee against a wide-scale land confiscation, when Israeli forces killed 6 Palestinians, injured 96 and arrested 300. See the full list of actions here. [

PCHR Latest

Israel Closes Investigation into Alleged War Crimes Committed in the Gaza Strip
3 Apr 2009 - 

PCHR Contests Distortion of Gaza Strip Death Toll
3 Apr 2009 - 

PCHR Appeals for Action to Save Lives of Gaza Strip Patients
3 Apr 2009 - 

PCHR Demands Investigation into Death of a Civilian Tortured by Members of the Intelligence Services in Gaza
3 Apr 2009 - 

PCHR Weekly Report

(26 March -01 April  2008)
3 Apr 2009 - During the reporting period, IOF killed two members of the Palestinian resistance and injured two others in the Gaza Strip. A Palestinian woman also died of injuries she had sustained during the IOF offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Ha'aretz Diplomacy page

At least 12 killed in New York state shooting
2 Apr 2009 - A gunman opened fire at an immigration services center in downtown Binghamton on Friday, killing as many as 13 people before authorities found him dead, officials said. ...

Brown, Merkel urge Netanyahu to back two-state solution
2 Apr 2009 - The leaders of Germany and Britain have urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to support international efforts and agreements aimed at arriving at a two-state solution. ...

UN picks South African Jew to head Gaza war crimes inquiry
2 Apr 2009 - Richard Goldstone, a South African Jewish judge, will head an international fact-finding mission into allegations of war crimes by Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants in Gaza, the United Nations said on Friday. ...

Why is this haggadah different from others? Well, it's got Jesus
2 Apr 2009 - Here's a Passover riddle: When is a Haggadah not Jewish? ...

Jewish U.S. troops to get gefilte fish and matzot for an Iraq Pesach
2 Apr 2009 - Some 600 Passover kits will be shipped to Jewish soldiers serving in United States military units in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf next week. ...

The Guardian

Letter: Britain and the 'smuggling' of weapons to Gaza
2 Apr 2009 - I am puzzled by the lack of scrutiny afforded to the questions raised by Hazel Blears's assertion that "the prime minister has offered British naval support to stop the smuggling of weapons to Gaza" ( Letters , 26...

Michael Tomasky: Why no Palestinian Gandhi?
2 Apr 2009 - Many weeks ago on this blog, I asked rhetorically what we all thought might have happened in the occupied territories if the Palestinian resistance had been, since 1967, nonviolent. I ventured a guess that they might...

Seth Freedman: Israel's new foreign minister raises fears for peace
2 Apr 2009 - If Israelis think their foreign minister's ascent is an aberration, they're being disingenuous about the nation's rightwing forces Yesterday's tub-thumping tirade by Israel's new foreign minister and deputy prime minister sent tremors through political circles, both...

Doctors to reopen Yasser Arafat death investigation
2 Apr 2009 - Arab doctors to review information about 'strange death' of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat Arab doctors are to investigate the death of the former Palestinian president, Yasser Arafat, re-opening a four-year-old case which is still the...

Antony Lerman: Is Oliphant's cartoon antisemitic, or just offensive?
2 Apr 2009 - Complaints of antisemitism made against a recent cartoon simply confuse the issue and devalue the term Pat Oliphant, the most widely syndicated political cartoonist in the world, has been fiercely attacked by major American Jewish groups...

Avigdor Lieberman rules out 'concessions' to Palestinians
1 Apr 2009 - Israel never ratified 2007 Annapolis Middle East peace talks, new foreign minister says in debut speech Israel's new foreign minister dismayed the international community today with a rancorous analysis of the peace process and an announcement...

Rachel Shabi: Israel prefers to regard army malpractice as deviation, not the norm
1 Apr 2009 - Some may be shocked as the Gaza war crimes inquiry is closed, but Israel prefers to regard malpractice as deviation, not the norm You could all but hear the leftwing jaws thudding to the ground. Shortly...

Israeli exports hit by European boycotts after attacks on Gaza
3 Apr 2009 - A fifth of Israeli exporters report drop in demand as footage of Gaza attacks changes behaviour of consumers and investors Israeli companies are feeling the impact of boycott moves in Europe, according to surveys, amid growing...

Lyn Julius: The term 'Jewish Arabs' ignores the truth of Middle Eastern Jews' unhappy history in Arab lands
3 Apr 2009 - The term 'Jewish Arabs' ignores the truth of Middle Eastern Jews' unhappy history in Arab lands There is no denying that in Israel there is discrimination and an ethnic divide. Choice quotes from Israel's leaders in...

Jewish Chronicle pays £30,000 libel damages to peace activist
3 Apr 2009 - Peace activist accepts damages over false claims he harboured two suicide bombers A peace activist today accepted £30,000 libel damages and an apology at the high court over false claims made in the Jewish Chronicle that...

David Goldberg: I wanted to be among the few civilian Jews to visit Gaza since the invasion. It wasn't to be
2 Apr 2009 - I wanted to be among the few civilian Jews to visit Gaza since the invasion. It wasn't to be It all began promisingly. A former congregant of mine works for an international crisis agency in Jerusalem,...

Khaled Diab: Like the Palestinians, Middle Eastern Jews have fallen victim to political forces beyond their control
2 Apr 2009 - Like the Palestinians, Middle Eastern Jews have fallen victim to political forces beyond their control To the outside world, Israel is either (depending on your political perspective) a proud outpost of the west or a humiliating...

Gaza offensive: Israeli military says no war crimes committed
31 Mar 2009 - Investigation declares Israeli soldiers' confessions exaggerated stories of civilian casualties in Gaza The Israeli military has concluded that no war crimes were committed during its recent offensive in the Gaza Strip, dismissing as "hearsay" the testimonies...

Israel: horse trading in the Knesset
31 Mar 2009 - Who's who in the Israeli parliament

Ha'aretz National page

Israel's super-rich lost 40% of their fortunes in 2009
2 Apr 2009 - Israel's super-rich lost 40 percent of their fortunes in 2009, a list compiled by TheMarker of the country's 500 most wealthy citizens has revealed. ...

'Failure to appoint health minister is like outbreak of disease'
2 Apr 2009 - 

Police grill Lieberman for second time in three days
2 Apr 2009 - Police questioned Avigdor Lieberman as part of a corruption investigation on Friday for the second time since he was sworn in as foreign minister earlier this week. ...

IN PICTURES: Tel Avivians take to the streets to celebrate centennial
2 Apr 2009 - After a more dignified opening ceremony Thursday attended by the president, Tel Avivians took to the streets Friday to celebrate their city's 100th birthday in a more raucous manner. ...

Orthodox passover rebels do away with Ashkenazic ban on legumes
2 Apr 2009 - In Tel Aviv, shortly before Passover, David Cohen was mulling over his holiday menu. "I'm thinking of making sushi," he said. ...

Relief Web

OPT: UNRWA welcomes retraction of damaging articles
3 Apr 2009 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

Press conference by Security Council President
3 Apr 2009 - Source: UN Department of Public Information

New security challenges: Soft and hard, Address by Mr. Sergei A. Ordzhonikidze, Brussels
3 Apr 2009 - Source: United Nations

OPT: Richard J. Goldstone appointed to lead Human Rights Council fact-finding mission on Gaza conflict
3 Apr 2009 - Source: UN Human Rights Council

OPT: US envoy to return to Mideast soon
3 Apr 2009 - Source: Agence France-Presse

Report on Israeli settlement in the occupied territories Mar - Apr 2009
3 Apr 2009 - Source: Foundation for Middle East Peace

OPT: Fatah, Hamas adjourn unity talks
2 Apr 2009 - Source: Agence France-Presse

OPT: Moroccan medical delegation ends mission in Gaza
2 Apr 2009 - Source: Maghreb Arabe Presse

YNet News

Netanyahu vows to fight terror 'with full force' 
3 Apr 2009 - Prime minister calls parents of 13-year-old boy killed in Thursday's axe attack at Bat Ayin settlement, promises uncompromising war on terror. Meanwhile, security forces continue searching for terrorist 

Lieberman questioned for 2nd time since taking office 
3 Apr 2009 - New foreign minister interrogated for five hours by police's National Fraud Unit on suspicion of bribery, fraud; he is expected to be questioned once again 

Hamas says Shalit talks 'in a coma'
3 Apr 2009 - Islamist group member in charge of kidnapped soldier's case says negotiations for prisoner exchange deal will remain deadlocked until they are resumed by Netanyahu's government. 'The enemy has no choice,' he states 

Prisoner visits son injured in terror attack 
3 Apr 2009 - Accompanied by Prison Service official, but without handcuffs, member of extreme Jewish group Ofer Gamliel arrives at Jerusalem hospital to visit seven-year-old child hurt in Thursday's axe attack 

UN names Jewish judge to lead Israel-Gaza probe 
3 Apr 2009 - Richard Goldstone, former chief prosecutor for war crimes in Yugoslavia and Rwanda, to head high-level mission to investigate alleged crimes committed by IDF during Operation Cast Lead 


Punishment of policeman who killed Palestinian increased
31 Mar 2009 - The Israeli Supreme Court has increased the prison sentence of border policeman Yanai Lazla for the killing of 18-year-old ‘Imran Abu Hamdiya in 2002. Lazla and three other policemen threw Abu Hamdiya from a jeep moving at high speed after they had abduct

Gaza and Sderot: Life in spite of everything
30 Mar 2009 - B'Tselem has joined ARTE to continue the award-winning internet documentary series on the lives of civilians in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel. B'Tselem injected into the project attention to International Humanitarian Law.

Daily Star

Yemeni captors of Dutch hostages offer swap 
2 Apr 2009 - Yemeni tribesmen holding a Dutch couple offered on Wednesday to trade their captives for security chiefs and soldiers who allegedly attacked them last year, giving assurances the hostages were safe. "They are our guests. They are provided with food and are comfortable," tribal chief Ali Nasser al-Siraji told AFP by phone.

Leaders pledge $5 trillion to rescue global economy 
2 Apr 2009 - World leaders agreed on a huge raft of spending Thursday to combat the economic crisis, pledging to lay out $5 trillion by the end of 2010 as British Prime Minister Gordon Brown hailed a "new world order." The measures, agreed on at a one-day summit in London, would see tax havens named and shamed, new rules on corporate pay.

Fatah-Hamas talks break up again 
2 Apr 2009 - Talks between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah on a power-sharing government broke up on Thursday for a second time in a month without making any headway, Egyptian mediators said. The talks came to a halt just a day after they began in Cairo.Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said the two sides asked for more time. 

Axe-wielding attacker kills teen settler 
2 Apr 2009 - An axe-wielding Palestinian man attacked Israelis in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank on Thursday, killing a 13-year-old Israeli boy and wounding a 7-year-old, medics said. Israel's hawkish new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu swiftly condemned the attack warning through a spokesman that his government.

Police probe Lieberman on suspicion of bribery 
2 Apr 2009 - Israeli police questioned the new foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, for more than seven hours on Thursday on suspicion of bribery and money laundering. Lieberman, who became Israel's top diplomat on Tuesday, has denied any wrongdoing and has called the police probe into his affairs a smear campaign.

Egyptian villagers torch Bahai houses after TV remark 
2 Apr 2009 - Egyptian villagers have set fire to Bahai homes after a member of the religion said on television the village was "full of Bahais," the latest incident to reflect religious tensions in Egypt. Furious villagers rampaged through Sharoniyah, near Sohag in southern Egypt, on Monday and Tuesday, setting fire to and damaging four Bahai homes.

Arab League sees little change in Israeli government 
2 Apr 2009 - The head of the Arab League said on Thursday the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as Israeli foreign minister changed Israel's tone rather than its policy toward the Palestinians and a wider peace initiative. Secretary General Amr Moussa told a news conference at Arab League headquarters in Cairo that the previous Israeli government. 

Amnesty slams US arms shipment to Israel 
2 Apr 2009 - Amnesty International said late Wednesday that a US-chartered ship carrying a large shipment of munitions had delivered its cargo to Israel. In a press release, Amnesty said the Wehr Elbe, a German cargo ship chartered and controlled by US Military Sealift Command, docked and unloaded its cargo of over 300 containers.

Palestinian Information Center

Haneyya's gov't calls on Palestinian factions not to bow to external pressures
3 Apr 2009 - The legitimate PA government under Premier Ismael Haneyya has hailed the Egyptian efforts in sponsoring the inter-Palestinian dialogue in Cairo.

Hamas to Fatah: You should rethink agreements after Lieberman's statements
3 Apr 2009 - Hamas Movement has called on Fatah faction on Thursday to rethink all the "feeble" agreements it had signed with the Israeli occupation government "at the back of the Palestinian people" .

Odwan: An extremist Zionist government should push Palestinians for unity
3 Apr 2009 - Dr. Atef Odwan, the prominent political leader in Hamas Movement asserted Thursday that the presence of an extremist Zionist government Palestinian factions to unite.

Mansi: We will start removing rubbles in Gaza Strip by next week
3 Apr 2009 - The PA minister of Public Work and Communication Dr. Yousef Mansi has announced Thursday that his ministry will start removing the rubbles left by the cruel Israeli war on Gaza Strip by next week.

Palestinian kills Israeli settler, wounds another in an attack in Bethlehem
3 Apr 2009 - The Israeli occupation radio has announced Thursday that an Israeli settler was killed, and another one was seriously wounded after a Palestinian resistance activist succeeded in stabbed them.

Zionists: We hate you because you are evil, not because you are Jewish
3 Apr 2009 - Israel is so manifestly criminal and ugly that we don’t need to deny anyone’s suffering to prove this plain fact.

Al-Qassam: Israel will regret not fulfilling our demands for the swap deal
3 Apr 2009 - Al-Qassam Brigades warned that Israel will regret its intransigence regarding the prisoner swap deal, highlighting that it will never release Gilad Shalit before Israel complies with its demands.

Falk: The Palestinian people have the right to resistance
3 Apr 2009 - Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur on human rights, stressed that the Palestinian people have the right to resistance, self-determination and the establishment of their independent state.

Zahhar: Positive atmosphere in Cairo dialog
3 Apr 2009 - MP Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, one of the prominent Hamas leaders, has emphasized that the Cairo dialog among Palestinian factions was progressing in a positive atmosphere.

IOF soldiers round up 27 Palestinians including 11 from one village
3 Apr 2009 - Israeli occupation forces rounded up 11 citizens from the village of Arka, west of Jenin, at dawn Thursday following a raid, described by locals as the most violent in history of the small town.

Los Angeles Times

Israeli teen killed in West Bank attack 
3 Apr 2009 - A Palestinian enters a West Bank settlement and attacks two boys with a pickax, killing a 13-year-old. Settler groups and right-wing parties demand more restrictions on Palestinians. A Palestinian man slipped into a West Bank settlement with a pickax Thursday and killed an Israeli teenager, bringing Israel's new conservative government under pressure from the extreme right to react forcefully. 

Foreign minister says Israel not bound to follow two-state path 
2 Apr 2009 - Avigdor Lieberman's remarks draw criticism from Palestinians and show sharp disagreement between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government and the Obama administration. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman declared Wednesday that his nation's new government would not be bound by a U.S.-backed understanding to work toward establishing a Palestinian state. 

New York Times

Police Continues Questioning of New Israeli Foreign Minister
3 Apr 2009 - The questioning of Avigdor Lieberman, the new foreign minister of Israel, continued into Friday, as part of a longstanding investigation into suspicions of bribery, money laundering and breach of trust. 

National Briefing | South: Florida: Plea in Plot to Export Aircraft Parts to Iran
2 Apr 2009 - A second man has pleaded guilty in a Miami federal court to charges of scheming to illegally export military aircraft parts to Iran. 

Israeli Minister Dismisses Peace Effort
1 Apr 2009 - On his first day as s foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman said that “those who want peace should prepare for war.” 

Damascus Journal: Syria Finds Right Ingredients to Start a Stock Market From Scratch
2 Apr 2009 - For many Syrians, a newly opened stock exchange represents a long-deferred dream of economic liberalization and prosperity after decades of socialism and isolation. 

World Briefing | Middle East: Jordan: Inquiry Into Arafat’s Death
2 Apr 2009 - More than four years after Yasir Arafat died, Arab doctors will meet in Jordan this week to look into lingering suspicions that he was poisoned. 

World Briefing | Middle East: Yemen: 2 Convicted as Spies
31 Mar 2009 - A court sentenced two Yemeni Shiite Muslims to death after convicting them of spying for Iran. 

World Briefing | Middle East: Dubai: Arrests Made in Killing
1 Apr 2009 - Police officials in Dubai said they had arrested several suspects, including a Russian man, in the killing of a foe of President Ramzan A. Kadyrov of Chechnya. 

Iraqi Militants Show a New Boldness in Cities
31 Mar 2009 - Security officials say that jihadi and Baath militants are regrouping as a smaller but still lethal insurgency. 


Electronic Intifada
Gaza farmers commemorate Land Day
3 Apr 2009 - As farmer Jamal al-Bassyuni plucked a stalk of ripening wheat, a posse of young men danced in his field. The dancers were flanked by a lively crowd, many of them women wearing the traditional Palestinian embroidered thob dress. Despite the nearby rubble of destroyed houses, and tracts of land laid to waste by bulldozers and tanks, the mood was defiantly sunny. Local farmers and their supporters were celebrating Palestinian Land Day. 

Not an analogy: Israel and the crime of apartheid
3 Apr 2009 - With the expanding agreement that the term "apartheid" is useful in describing the level and layout of Israel's crimes, it is important that our understanding of the "apartheid label" be deepened, both as a means of informing activism in support of the Palestinian anti-colonial struggle, and in order to most effectively make use of comparisons with other struggles. Hazem Jamjoum comments for The Electronic Intifada. 

Aid groups work to care for Gaza orphans
3 Apr 2009 - Two-year-old Ahmed from the al-Tufa area of Gaza City lost his father during the recent Israeli assault on Gaza. His aunt (pictured) and uncle are now his primary caretakers. (Erica Silverman/IRIN) GAZA CITY, occupied Gaza Strip (IRIN) - An estimated 1,346 children were left without one or more of their parents as a result of the recent 22-day Israeli assault on Gaza, according to Islamic Relief in Gaza. An orphan is defined by Islamic Relief as a child under 18 who has lost the parent considered the head of the household, most often the father, according to Mahmoud Abudraz, a child welfare program manager, for Islamic Relief in Gaza. 

Israeli military cloaks abuses
2 Apr 2009 - JERUSALEM (IPS) - The Israeli army's Advocate General has summarily closed an internal investigation into allegations stemming from accounts by soldiers of abuses against Palestinian civilians committed during Israel's recent war on Hamas in Gaza. It took the military investigators just half the duration of the 22-day war in Gaza to bulldoze the accounts and to dismiss completely the serious allegations made by soldiers who had themselves taken part in the fighting. 

In Gaza
sharka street poverty
3 Apr 2009 - “This was empty yesterday before you came,” Fathiya said, pointing to the refrigerator now stocked with left-overs from a meal. “We didn’t know how we were going to buy food.” The 100 shekels ($25 roughly) I’d passed on to her husband, Saud, the day before had gone a long way, filling the fridge with fresh vegetables and even fish, what would be a luxury for the family. It wasn’t my money, and I’d told him as much. “This is from people outside of Palestine who want to support you, who know how Israel has crushed your economy and means of existence,” I’d said. [I managed this in broken Arabic!] I’d...

Palestine Chronicle
Iraqi Shoes Revisited: A Pair of Narratives
2 Apr 2009 - By Ramzy Baroud It’s remarkable how some in the media can cleverly manipulate a story by avoiding its essence and focusing on marginal details. The chucking of a pair of shoes at former President George W. Bush by an Iraqi journalist, Muntazer al-Zaidi during a Baghdad press conference, on December 14, 2008 is a case in point. Most Arab and Muslim media – and other media around the world, save mainstream western media – framed al-Zaidi’s deed within its proper context, that of a horrific, genocidal war, bloody and humiliating occupation and the colonial hubris of a superpower that gave itself the right and ‘moral’ justification to devastate a sovereign nation for the sake of oil, Israel and the desire for sheer hegemony. Nonetheless, in most – although, not all – mainstream Western media outlets, al-Zaidi’s story somehow became the focus of attention for it was, to a certain degree, amusing, and also allowed for the further dissection of Arab culture – throwing shoes, supposedly being the ‘ultimate’ Arab insult. For some, the dramatic act of a journalist’s shoes lobbed at a ‘liberating’ president in a farewell visit to a ‘liberated’ country was an indication of Arab ingratitude. Others sought less controversial topics, using the do's and don'ts in journalism as a unit of analysis, as if shoes thrown at smirking presidents are a recurring topic in the field of journalism. CBC correspondent, Richard Roth commented, a day after the incident, “Mr. Bush's message of progress was eclipsed in Baghdad...

Avigdor and Netanyahu: an Evil Marriage
2 Apr 2009 - By Mohamed El Mokhtar Sidi Haiba Taking office as Israel's new leader Tuesday, Benjamin Netanyahu promised to supposedly seek 'full peace' with the Arab and Muslim world while deliberately avoiding to even mention the only word that really matters here. The word that matters the most to the Arab and Muslim world .The word without which Israel will never, ever, live in peace. The word whose continuous negations will ultimately be dearly costly to Israel's very existence: “Palestinian state." "Under the permanent status agreement, the Palestinians will have all the authority to rule themselves, “Netanyahu said in comments echoing an old mantra of negationism and deep-seated racism at the core of the Likud political philosophy: There is no such thing as Palestine or Palestinian people. Netanyahu's hysterical obsession to carry on his father’s racist fascisto-zionist phantasms could put him at odds with his indispensable benefactor and much of the rest of the world. His refusal to embrace the idea of Palestinian statehood and decision to appoint ultranationalist politician Avigdor Lieberman as foreign minister don’t bode well for a hopeful time for peace in the Middle-East or the world for that matter. From the outset, he announced the true nature of his colors when he painted a grim picture of the future in the region by putting the onus exclusively on radical Islam and Iran which he describes in his acceptance speech as “the gravest threat to our existence since the war of independence.” A danger therefore that needs to be...

Changing the Rules of War
2 Apr 2009 - By George Bisharat The extent of Israel's brutality against Palestinian civilians in its 22-day pounding of the Gaza Strip is gradually surfacing. Israeli soldiers are testifying to lax rules of engagement tantamount to a license to kill. One soldier commented: "That's what is so nice, supposedly, about Gaza: You see a person on a road, walking along a path. He doesn't have to be with a weapon, you don't have to identify him with anything and you can just shoot him." What is less appreciated is how Israel is also brutalizing international law, in ways that may long outlast the demolition of Gaza. Since 2001, Israeli military lawyers have pushed to re-classify military operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip from the law enforcement model mandated by the law of occupation to one of armed conflict. Under the former, soldiers of an occupying army must arrest, rather than kill, opponents, and generally must use the minimum force necessary to quell disturbances. While in armed conflict, a military is still constrained by the laws of war - including the duty to distinguish between combatants and civilians, and the duty to avoid attacks causing disproportionate harm to civilian persons or objects - the standard permits far greater uses of force. Israel pressed the shift to justify its assassinations of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, which clearly violated settled international law. Israel had practiced "targeted killings" since the 1970s - always denying that it did so - but had recently stepped up...

State of the Nations - The Environment
2 Apr 2009 - By Jim Miles – Canada The first part of this series looked at the overall context of the economy , the war on terror , and the environment. The previous section focused on the military with its ties to terror and the economy globally. This final section looks at the environmental consequences of our consumptive society and some solutions that could be made for a long-term solution. The military effects on the environment are obvious to anyone giving it even a small amount of consideration. The many chemicals range from depleted uranium through to the by-products of the white phosphorous used by the military of Israel and the U.S., or to the chemicals purposely spread to destroy vegetation and human life. Unexploded ordinance is a lasting legacy of any military campaign, a legacy that affects mainly the people who work the land and the children who will be attracted to anything curious and new in the terrain. The destruction to civic structures that help society control some of the adverse effects of the environment can significantly alter landscapes, as witnessed by the sewage running into the Tigris River in Baghdad and the drying of the marshlands of the Tigris-Euphrates rivers. The sewage lagoons of Gaza, the lack of clean running water in most areas, the loss of energy for heat, light, fuel, and refrigeration and storage are further effects of the interaction of the environment and society in a war zone. Not Just Global Warming The earth’s resources are finite. They are...