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Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
For those interested in keeping up with events in Palestine/Israel, there is no better digest than VTJP.

VTJP Archives | VTJP 2009
21 September, 2009


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli military kills two Palestinian fighters, injures three in Gaza
20 Sep 2009 - Two Palestinian men were killed by Israeli tank shells east of Jabaliya refugee camp, in northern Gaza, on Sunday evening.  Palestinian resistance factions claimed that the two men were members of different factions of the Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation. 

Settlers destroy Palestinian owned lands and the military kidnapped four farmers
21 Sep 2009 - A group of armed Israeli settlers destroyed on Monday Palestinian owned lands in northern West Bank while the military kidnapped four farmers how tired to stop the attack.

Israeli forces attack the village of Bil'in
21 Sep 2009 - Israeli forces invaded on Monday at dawn the village of Bil'in central West Bank and attacked a number of homes there. 

Army shells tunnels area in Rafah
21 Sep 2009 - The Israeli air force shelled early on Monday morning the 'tunnels' border area' in Rafah, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. 

IAEA demands that Israel open nuclear facility to inspection
20 Sep 2009 - The International Atomic Energy Agency passed a resolution Thursday calling on the state of Israel to open its nuclear facility in Dimona to international inspection, and to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  This is the first time in 18 years that such a resolution has managed to pass the IAEA General Assembly, as it has been blocked in previous years by Israel and the US. 

Israel refuses plea to allow humanitarian items into Gaza
19 Sep 2009 - As Muslims around the world, and in the besieged Gaza Strip, celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Fatr this weekend, Gazans remain without many of the key items used to celebrate the holiday, including dates, sweets, food, and new clothes and shoes for children.  Israel refused to allow these items to enter the Strip due to "security concerns". 

Israeli military set to demolish 55 Palestinian homes in Nablus
19 Sep 2009 - Despite the outcry raised by Palestinian and international human rights organizations, the Israeli military announced this weekend it plans to go ahead with 55 home demolitions in Nablus -- a city deep inside the West Bank which is supposed to be under the control of the Palestinian Authority. 

Ha'aretz Defense page

Barak tells Gates: All Iran options still on table
21 Sep 2009 - Danny Ayalon's comments come after Russia president said Peres told him Israel wouldn't attack Iran. 

IDF commanders likely to reach plea deal over hazing abuse
21 Sep 2009 - Evidence shows commanders caught hazing new recruits had been hazed themselves, in yearly ritual. 

Goldstone: IDF must punish officers for Gaza war crimes
21 Sep 2009 - UN investigator tells Ch. 2 Israel should have investigated itseld; J Street urges Israel to hold internal probe. 

IDF Chief: Israel must free terrorists for Shalit
21 Sep 2009 - Ashkenazi calls Goldstone report biased as it ignores rocket fire; says IDF moral, avoided harming civilians. 

Brzezinski: U.S. should forcibly stop IAF flying over Iraq to reach Iran
21 Sep 2009 - Carter's ex-security advisor: Israel should be stopped, even at the cost of a 'Liberty in reverse.' 

Ma'an News

Haniyeh: World must back Goldstone's Gaza report 21 Sep 2009

Two projectiles fired from Gaza 21 Sep 2009

DFLP: Abbas should apologize for folding on settlements 21 Sep 2009

Fayyad holds Eid prayer at site of nonviolent protests 21 Sep 2009

Islamic cleric: Avoid kissing during Eid to stop swine flu 21 Sep 2009

Israeli shelling leaves two dead in north Gaza 21 Sep 2009

Eight Palestinians injured in Jerusalem traffic accident 21 Sep 2009

Israeli forces seize man at Tulkarem checkpoint 21 Sep 2009

Israeli warplanes bomb Rafah tunnels 21 Sep 2009

Sources: West Bank closure to be lifted at midnight 21 Sep 2009

PLO applauds Obama's stance on negotiations, settlements 21 Sep 2009

Bil'in activists evade week's second Israeli arrest raid 21 Sep 2009

Israeli PM's office: Netanyahu views settlers as brothers 21 Sep 2009

Barak: Obama presidency an opportunity for Palestinians 21 Sep 2009

White House seeks to lower expectations ahead of Abbas-Netanyahu meet 21 Sep 2009

Obama to hold summit with Netanyahu, Abbas 21 Sep 2009

The National

Obama downplays chances for peace talks 
21 Sep 2009 - Barack Obama is expected to achieve little more than provide further proof that his US presidential leadership remained committed to seeking Middle East peace when he meets Israeli and Palestinian leaders today.

Netanyahu and Abbas agree to Obama talks
21 Sep 2009 - Israeli and Palestinian leaders to meet the US president during the UN General Assembly.

Al Qa'eda spreads its terror web
20 Sep 2009 - Analysis The brazen attempt to assassinate Prince Mohammed bin Naif in Jeddah focuses attention on the re-emergence of al Qa'eda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Ayatollah Khamenei calls Israel fake state' 
20 Sep 2009 - Iran's supreme leader criticises Israel and western countries over their charges that the country was trying to build nuclear weapons during an address to state officials.


Israeli forces kill Gaza fighters
20 Sep 2009 - Two die as mortars and tank shells are fired at Palestinians close to border fence.

Israel 'not planning Iran strike'
20 Sep 2009 - Israel assures Moscow it has no plans to attack Iran, Russian president says.

Palestine News Network

Minister of Health welcomes UN’s Goldstone report and demands sanctions against Israelis
20 Sep 2009 - Ramallah / PNN - The Palestinian Minister of Health said today that the report of the United Nations fact-finding commission on the major Israeli attacks on Gaza was welcome. Know as the Goldstone Report, the information outlines war crimes and possible crimes against humanity for the open targeting of civilians in late December and January. Israeli attacks on Gaza are not limited to...

Catholic Relief holding conference for young people in Gaza Strip
20 Sep 2009 - Gaza / PNN - Catholic Relief Services are addressing the issue of young people in the Gaza Strip who were born under occupation and live within the confines of siege. Funded by CAFOD and with the presence of the Regional Director for Catholic Relief in Palestine and the UNRWA director of operations, youth conference have been invited to a conference under the theme...

Bristol Co-op shoppers sign-up for boycott campaign
20 Sep 2009 - Following the TUC boycott resolution and the UN Gaza report last week, Palestine campaigners were out in Bristol town-centre to test shoppers’ response to a total boycott of Israeli goods. On Saturday afternoon campaigners greeted shoppers at the Co-op on the Centre and asked their opinion on a total boycott of Israeli goods. More than a hundred shoppers signed postcards in little...

Fayyad lays wreath at tomb of late President Arafat and leads Eid prayer in Bil'in
19 Sep 2009 - Ramallah / PNN – With the first day of Eid al-Fitr, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad laid a wreath on the tomb of the late President Yasser Arafat at the Presidential headquarters in Ramallah. He also led the dawn prayer in Bil’in. The sermon in the western Ramallah town known for its resistance to the Wall was accompanied by a visit to the grave...

Leftists ask that Abbas not participate in tripartite meeting at UN general assembly this week
19 Sep 2009 - Ramallah / PNN – With a tripartite meeting upcoming between President Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama, many critics are asking the Palestinians to bow out. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is describing the meeting as being in the service of Israeli and US interests.A spokesperson for the leftist party said today that by participating...

Israeli administration prevents introduction of goods to Gaza Strip for Eid al-Fitr
19 Sep 2009 - Gaza / PNN – With the first day of Eid al-Fitr, needs are high and resources low in the Gaza Strip. Yesterday, as Ramadan came to an end, the occupying Israeli authority refused a request to lift the ban on some goods specific to the three-day holiday.At the same time, the Israelis imposed a comprehensive closure on both the West Bank and Gaza...

It's time to know your country well: compilation of information on towns throughout West Bank
19 Sep 2009 - Bethlehem / Hiba Lama for PNN – Without the freedom to move from village to town, many Palestinians know little about what lies beyond the sites of daily life. People seem desperate for information, which prompted the idea for a source of pictures and details on Palestinian villages and towns.The Applied Research Institute, ARIJ, is hosting a new website designed to collect information....


IRAQ: Iraq’s marshlands in peril again 
BAGHDAD Monday, September 21, 2009 (IRIN) - Farmers and fisherman in Iraq’s southern marshlands have had mixed fortunes in the past couple of decades, but livelihood prospects are now looking increasingly bleak.

In Brief: Plight of Yemeni IDPs neglected - UN official
DUBAI Thursday, September 17, 2009 (IRIN) - The director of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in New York, Rashid Khalikov, has described the situation in northern Yemen as a neglected humanitarian emergency, and urged the international community to bolster its support.

YEMEN: Scores dead or missing at start of smuggling season
SANAA Thursday, September 17, 2009 (IRIN) - At least 16 Africans died, and 49 others are missing and presumed dead, in three separate incidents as boats smuggling them from Somalia to Yemen capsized in the Gulf of Aden on 13 and 14 September, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Inter Press Service

MIDEAST: Widows and Children Begin to Beg 
GAZA CITY, Sep 21 (IPS) - There are few parks and green spaces in Gaza, and those that exist are crowded with people hungry for nature. Day and night, people of all ages flock to the Joondi, or the park of the Unknown Soldier, in central Gaza City.

POLITICS: Libya's Mercurial Leader Keeps U.N. Guessing 
UNITED NATIONS, Sep 18 (IPS) - Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi, who will be making his maiden appearance before the United Nations next week, has been described as a gadfly with a penchant for stirring up controversies.

POLITICS: Obama and Netanyahu Still Tussling over Priorities 
NEW YORK , Sep 18 (IPS) - As world leaders prepare to gather here for the all-star "general debate" at the U.N. General Assembly on Sep. 23, two of them - U.S. Pres. Barack Obama and Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu - are still tussling over whether to prioritise their anti-Iran...

ENVIRONMENT: Cairo Sinking in Garbage 
CAIRO, Sep 18 (IPS) - Garbage collectors in Cairo's Giza district have resumed work, but it could take weeks to clear the 25,000 tons of garbage that accumulated during their month-long strike, and longer still to solve the underlying problems.

Stop The Wall

March to freedom – Ni’lin village takes down the Wall
19 Sep 2009 - Ni’lin village march to the newly erected concrete apartheid wall and tear down several cement blocks. The protestors had organized the demonstration to send three messages to the Occupation and its supporters around the globe. [

PCHR Latest

Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Support Work and Recommendations of UN Fact Finding Mission: Demand Effective Judicial Redress and the Protection of Victims’ Rights

PCHR Weekly Report

(10- 16 Sep. 2009)
During the reporting period, a Palestinian civilian died of a previous wound he had sustained by IOF in Hebron.  Additionally, 6 Palestinian civilians, including a child, were wounded by IOF and settlers in the West Bank.

information on boycott, divestment and sanctions
PCHR Strongly Condemns New Israeli Settlement Plans in the West Bank 08 September

International Solidarity Movement

Israeli forces raid Bil’in, beat Popular Committee member
9/16/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - Around 1:30am, the Israeli army invaded Bil'in. Soldiers came to the home of Abdullah Mahmoud Abu Rahme , coordinator of the Bil'in Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, to arrest him. Abu Rahme was not at home at the time and soldiers proceeded to destroy belongings in his house. When another member of the Popular Committee, Mohammad Khatib, arrived to check on Abu Rahme's wife and 3 small children, Israeli forces severely beat him. Khatib was taken to Ramallah hospital for medical treatment. International solidarity activists were prevented from entering the home and a Palestinian cameraman trying to film the invasion was pushed around and had his camera broken. Israeli forces destroy the home of Abdullah Abu Rahme Afterward, soldiers raided the home of Abdullah's brother, Khaled Abu Rahme, threatening to continue harassment until Abduallah is arrested. The army also trashed a room in Khaled's home, stealing banners and flags used during weekly demonstrations. 

Settlers attack Nablus-area village of Burin
9/16/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - Settlers set fire to Burin property - On the evening of Sunday 13 September at approximately 21:00 masked settlers from the illegal settlement of Bracha, armed with guns, set alight tyres and sprayed gasoline on the roof of a house under construction in the village of Burin just south of Nablus. Palestinians in neighbouring homes saw the blaze and retreating settlers and called the local fire brigade who came to extinguish the flames. International activists then joined local Palestinians in a 24 hour vigil of the house which has come under constant attack since the beginning of its construction a year go. At 2am in the morning international activists and Palestinians witnessed two settlers on the upper Burin road near to the home. The group managed to chase the settlers away before any damage was done. At 4. 30am 2 settlers again approached the home and were seen throwing stones before being chased from the scene. 

Settler shoots Nablus-area shepherd
9/16/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - 15 September 2009 - Nader was shot in the chest while trying to protect his brother - On the morning of Tuesday 15 September, at approximately 8:30am, a Palestinian shepherd from the Palestinian village of Einabus, to the south of Nablus, was shot and two others beaten by Israeli settlers. 11 settlers from the illegal Yitzhar settlement, 3 of them masked and all armed with M-16s attacked Hazzaì Allan and his sheep as he grazed his flock on a hill close to the village, killing 15 sheep and stealing 10 more. The settlers ordered Hazzai down on to the ground, beating him and spraying him and his dog with pepper spray. Hazzai's brother Nader responded to a distress call Hazzai had managed to make and was shot in the chest while attempting to protect his brother from further beating. Villagers attempted to chase the settlers away and a third man, Abdil Rhamn, the nephew of Nader, was beaten with heavy grazing to the head. 

Goldstone testimonies revealed
9/16/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - YNet News - An in-depth look into the Goldstone Report probing the events of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza reveals the official first-hand testimonies from the days of the war. The testimonies were given by family members who lost their loved ones and eyewitnesses to the fighting, and they shed some personal light on what happened in Gaza. All testimonies where deemed credible by the United Nations-appointed inquiry team, and were compatible with other reports received. Here are just some of the testimonies:The shooting of Iyad al-Samoni - On the night of January 4, 2008, Iyad al-Samoni stayed with his wife, five children and 40 other members of his extended family in one a relative's house. Around 1am, sounds were heard coming from the roof, and some four hours later, Israeli soldiers came down the steps, knocked on the door and entered the house. 

Ha'aretz Diplomacy page

West Bank settlement lays groundwork for new neighborhood 
21 Sep 2009 - As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to meet U.S. President Barack Obama and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday in New York, workers in the West Bank settlement of Betar Ilit will continue what they've been doing for the last few weeks: laying the groundwork for new homes. ... 

Israeli right-wingers unfazed by Obama-led summit
21 Sep 2009 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not have hoped for a more comfortable political atmosphere for his trip to New York for his summit with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and U.S. President Barack Obama. The vocal Likud rebels have been keeping relatively quiet, and none of his "ideological" ministers have come out and said anything against him. In general, the attitude on the right is that Netanyahu has managed to withstand Abbas' pressure and is heading to the summit without preconditions. ... 

Aluf Benn / Israel should learn from U.S. how to pace diplomacy 
21 Sep 2009 - Most Israelis like the United States, but cannot connect to the American character. ... 

Obama seeking 'upgrade' for Netanyahu-Abbas summit 
21 Sep 2009 - The White House is making a last-minute diplomatic effort to come up with some significant statement signaling the revival of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to conclude the tripartite summit in New York Tuesday. However, the White House Monday said the administration has no "grand expectations" for President Barack Obama's meeting with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders. ... 

Barak, Clinton may join Mideast summit at UN
20 Sep 2009 - Defense Minister Ehud Barak and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will apparently participate in a tripartite meeting on Middle East peace in New York on Tuesday. ...

The Guardian

Ahmadinejad's isolationism | Massoumeh Torfeh
21 Sep 2009 - The president laughed off protests on Quds day and said he expected more. How will his bravado serve Iran's cause? "Neither Gaza, nor Lebanon, I will give my life only for Iran." That was the slogan...

Hamas is not al-Qaida | Anas Altikriti
21 Sep 2009 - The two are radically different – the position of the democratically elected Hamas is about land, not religion, creed or race The New Statesman's interview with Khaled Meshal , the Hamas leader, was one of the most...

Text messaging helps young Palestinians find work
21 Sep 2009 - Souktel system lets users create mini-CVs in attempt to tackle unemployment in occupied West Bank A non-profit group in the occupied West Bank has started a scheme that uses mobile phone text messaging to help young...

Hopes of Middle East peace hinge on Barack Obama's meeting with leaders
20 Sep 2009 - Barack Obama's efforts to revive peace talks in the Middle East will come under scrutiny on Tuesday when he hosts a meeting with the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas. The...

Ha'aretz National page

How Israel silenced its Gaza war protesters 
21 Sep 2009 - A new report from Adalah shows how the courts and police attempted to stamp out opposition to Operation Cast Lead "This is a time of war, and every incident harms the people's morale." ... 

Where is the worst place to drive in Israel? 
21 Sep 2009 - Nearly every Israeli knows that feeling of having lost the way. No, not politically - when driving. Looking for directions and delays have become important parts of any trip to an event. Time-planning also takes into account long minutes of blundering. Those who obey the authoritative instructions of a GPS device are exempt from this experience, and others consult a map or try to repeat and memorize the long explanations given by polite passersby. ... 

Seven youths hurt as horse runs rampant through Acre streets
20 Sep 2009 - Seven youths were injured in various conditions on Monday after a horse broke free from its owner and galloped down a main road near the old city of Acre. ...

Relief Web

Human Rights Council holds general debate on reports by the Secretary-General and the High Commissioner and on protecting all human rights
20 Sep 2009 - Source: UN Human Rights Council

Report on Israeli settlement in the occupied territories Sep - Oct 2009
19 Sep 2009 - Source: Foundation for Middle East Peace

OPT: Obama to hold joint meeting with Netanyahu, Abbas
19 Sep 2009 - Source: Reuters - AlertNet

YNet News

Barak: Peace deal must include end to conflict 
21 Sep 2009 - Defense minister meets with American counterpart Gates, reiterates need for Israelis and Palestinians to drop mutual demands. As for Iranian nuclear threat, he reiterates 'Israel is not taking any options off the table' 

IDF to admit old tradition of soldier abuse 
21 Sep 2009 - Ynet learns Northern Command's court to be presented with plea bargain between Chief Military Advocacy, lawyers of two commanders accused of humiliating young troops; soldiers to receive relatively minor punishments 

US has 'no grand expectations' from summit
21 Sep 2009 - White House press secretary says Obama administration looking to continue making progress toward resumption of peace talks between Israel, Palestinians during three-way meeting with Netanyahu, Abbas on Tuesday 

Obama preparing for diplomatic dance at UN
21 Sep 2009 - US president to take part in many events this week apart from three-way summit with Israeli, Palestinian leaders. On the agenda: Nuclear programs, epidemics, military entanglements, and a stubborn attempt to avoid Iranian, Libyan leaders 


Daily Star

Foreign Ministry talks to Syria, UK 
18 Sep 2009

Nasrallah urges caution on cabinet formation 
18 Sep 2009

Hariri calls for cabinet progress after Eid al-Fitr 
18 Sep 2009

FDI in Lebanon up 32 percent to $3.61 billion 
18 Sep 2009

NATO proposes new era of cooperation with US, Russia 
18 Sep 2009

US presses Russia on Iran after missile shift - report 
18 Sep 2009

Obama abandons view of Iran, not Europe defense - analysts 
18 Sep 2009

IAEA urges nuclear inspections in Israel 
18 Sep 2009

Palestinian Information Center

Mishaal: Our struggle is against those who invaded our homeland
21 Sep 2009 - Khaled Mishaal, the supreme leader of the Hamas Movement, has said that Palestinians do not resist the Israelis because they are Jews but because they "invaded our land and dispossessed us".

Israeli warplanes blast tunnels along borders with Egypt
21 Sep 2009 - Israel's warplanes fired four missiles at the Palestinian-Egyptian borders south of Rafah in the Gaza Strip at dawn Monday claiming to target three tunnels used to smuggle weapons into the Strip.

Hamas: Israeli crime aimed to foil Eid joy
21 Sep 2009 - Hamas has charged the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) with trying to foil the Gaza people's joy over the Eidul Fitr with the crime committed in northern Gaza on the first day of the Eid.

Aqsa preacher warns of feverish attempt to judaize Jerusalem
21 Sep 2009 - Sheikh Yousef Abu Snene, the Khatib (preacher) of the holy Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, has warned that the holy city was the target of a feverish Israeli campaign to judaize it.

Hamas: Nothing new expected of Abbas-Obama-Netanyahu meeting
21 Sep 2009 - Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, has charged that the meeting next Tuesday grouping Mahmoud Abbas, Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu in New York would be largely ceremonial.

Two Palestinians killed, two others wounded in Israeli shelling in northern Gaza
21 Sep 2009 - Two resistance fighters affiliated with the Qassam Brigades and the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades and two others were wounded on Sunday evening in an Israeli shelling in the northern Gaza Strip.

Haneyya: Hamas welcomes Egyptian proposals
21 Sep 2009 - The Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya said that Hamas will go for dialogue because it realises the seriousness of the Palestinian issue and that it requires national unity..

Zionist bids to have a Swedish paper investigated for inciting racism fail
21 Sep 2009 - Aftonbladet, the news paper that published an article about the involvement of the IOF in harvesting organs of dead Palestinians, will not be investigated or charged.

Obama, Netanyahu and Abbas will meet in New York Tuesday
21 Sep 2009 - A meeting between U.S. President, Barak Obama, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and former PA President Mahmoud Abbas will take place next Tuesday, it was revealed.

Israeli occupation says two projectiles fell near Sderot
21 Sep 2009 - Two locally made projectiles fell, at dawn Sunday, on an open area near the colony of Sderot in 1948-occupied Palestinian areas, according to Israeli radio.

Los Angeles Times

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei says opposition protests failed 
21 Sep 2009 - Iran's supreme leader bashes foreigners and says opposition protests during countrywide anti-Israel rallies on Friday failed to undermine the government. Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei attempted to unify Iranians on Sunday by blaming foreign media for "poisoning the atmosphere" and urged his nation to resist the "killer cancer" of an Israel backed by Western powers. 

Palestinian, Israeli leaders to meet with Obama in N.Y. 
20 Sep 2009 - Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas will meet with the president Tuesday on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly session. Palestinian and Israeli leaders have agreed to meet with President Obama on Tuesday in New York, a three-way encounter the administration has been trying for weeks to broker, the White House announced Saturday. 

New York Times

Obama to Meet With Mideast Leaders
20 Sep 2009 - Israeli and Palestinian leaders will make their cases that the Obama administration should push the other harder. 

U.N. Study Is Called Unfair to Israel
18 Sep 2009 - The report, issued by a commission led by a South African judge, said Israel had used disproportionate force in Gaza, resulting in the death of about 1,400 civilians. 

Despite Warning, Thousands Rally in Iran
18 Sep 2009 - The opposition protests were the largest in two months and came on an annual day of support for Palestinians. 


Brand Israel has failed in Toronto because ‘the issue is the product, not the marketing’
Mondoweiss - 21 Sep 2009 - Now that Toronto Film Festival is over, we’ve asked Cecilie Surasky, Jewish Voice for Peace’s Deputy Director, to reflect on the events of the past few weeks and help put them in perspective. JVP was involved in supporting the protests in Toronto , and Surasky is the...

Question to LA Times: ‘Isn’t it standard journalistic practice to ask for a response, especially when throwing around slanders like “Jew haters?”‘
Mondoweiss - 21 Sep 2009 - Earlier today Phil posted on a LA Times article by Tina Daunt about the protest against the Toronto International Film Festival’s City to City program with Tel Aviv that somehow manages to avoid quoting any protesters . However, Daunt does quote Haim Saban for some reason: Media...

Pastor Hagee’s party of death (with Lieberman and Dore Gold)
Mondoweiss - 21 Sep 2009 - Max Blumenthal’s explosive new book, Republican Gomorrah , includes a great description of the Christian Zionists as part of a death cult on the right–political forces that invoke mortality and hellish eschatology as a means of building subservient movements. Here’s a passage : In July 2007, I covered...

thought experiment
Mondoweiss - 21 Sep 2009 - Substitute the word Palestine for Iran , below… September 24th Rally at the United Nations Join thousands of Americans who stand for human rights and freedom at the “Stand for Freedom in Iran Rally” as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the UN General Assembly. Related posts: Slater’s thought...

feeling more hate in Jerusalem
Mondoweiss - 21 Sep 2009 - Clayton Swisher of AlJazeera English in West Jerusalem, channeling the same vibe that Max Blumenthal got to. Nobody drinking, but one guy says he would kill Obama, and a few others say he’s an Arab or a Muslim. Oh, and two say he doesn’t understand "the...

Spain Excludes Settlement University from Academic Competition 
Alternative Information Center - 21 Sep 2009 - Jerusalem/Barcelona sept, 20th. - The "University Center of Ariel in Samaria" (AUCS) has been excluded from a prestigious university competition about sustainable architecture in Spain. With this move, Spain joins the growing number of European governments taking effective, even though preliminary, steps to uphold international law...

Statement of the Trades Union Congress of Great Britain Regarding Boycott of Israel
Alternative Information Center - 21 Sep 2009 - The TUC reiterates its belief that only when a sovereign, independent, democratic contiguous and viable Palestinian state is created, living side by side with a secure Israel will there be a chance for peace and stability in the Middle East. We remain committed to a two-state...

Resist! AIC Launches Spanish-Language Radio Program
Alternative Information Center - 21 Sep 2009 - The Alternative Information Center has launched Muqawama-Resistir (Resist!), a Castellano-language radio programme of news and analyses about the socio-political, economic and cultural developments in Palestine and Israel. The programme, broadcast weekly, aims to contribute to the formation of an international front in which social activists from...


Electronic Intifada
Photostory: Struggling to worship in Jerusalem
21 Sep 2009 - Each year during the month of Ramadan, thousands of Palestinian Muslim worshipers struggle to reach Jerusalem on Fridays to pray at the Haram al-Sharif, home of the al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam. The Israeli army imposes additional barriers with concrete slabs at both the Qalandiya and Bethlehem checkpoints. Photographer Anne Paq documents the struggle that Palestinians face when trying to reach Jerusalem during Ramadan. 

US Campaign's longstanding endorsement of the boycott call
21 Sep 2009 - Thanks to Nada Elia for her article "A Turning Point in the US Solidarity Movement" (16 September 2009) and for her important role in cogently laying out the rationale for engaging in cultural and academic boycotts of Israeli institutions during the 8th Annual National Organizers' Conference of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. We broke new ground at this conference by voting to expand the scope of our boycott, divestment and sanctions work to encompass both cultural and academic boycotts of Israeli institutions and campaigns against Israeli corporations profiting from occupation and apartheid. 

Video: Israel/America: A rambling poem
21 Sep 2009 - The following video features a poem by Remi Kanazi, entitled "Israel/America: A rambling poem," that he performed on GRITtv with Laura Flanders after a segment on the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israeli repression of Palestinian rights. 

In Gaza
laughter and tragedy: Eid day 1
21 Sep 2009 - The streets are completely renewed with energy, filled with life and people no longer fasting. The sense of vitality, exuberance, is strangely similar to that of immediately post-massacre. [ That day, 19 January, the streets blossomed with throngs of people who'd been cooped up in homes, feeling death was imminent. The realization that the mass-Israeli-bombing (but not all!) had stopped was enough to send people onto the streets: to look, to find friends, to appraise the devastation of the massacre and see the new streetscape. While my colleagues and I were mobile --going from Red Crescent shifts in Jabaliya to Ramattan news in Gaza to our seaside apartment --and thus saw...

Palestine Chronicle
Enough - A Poem
20 Sep 2009 - By Jehan Bseiso For Abu Ali Mahdi, who After 20 years in Israeli prisons Died of heartbreak in his own bed, In Beirut. For Du'aa, and Ala'a and Mohammed, Who spoke to the Al Jazeera reporters about Mama dead and baba dead and no home And no bread. Nobody to break the bread with. And nights so long you forget there ever was light Or day. For Suheir Hammad who makes me proud to be from this land and to have these words, In this language, Lodged in my throat like bricks. For everyone who has ever said enough. Enough. - Jehan Bseiso, American born Palestinian-Jordanian poet, has recently completed her Masters thesis in Literature from the American University of Beirut. She is now working with Doctors Without Borders in Amman, Jordan. Contact her at: .

Rail Firm Pays Price for Link to Settlements 
20 Sep 2009 - By Jonathan Cook - Nazareth An ill-fated light railway under construction in Jerusalem was originally heralded by Israeli officials as a way to cement the city's "unification" four decades after the city's Palestinian half was illegally annexed to Israel. But the only unity generated among Jewish and Palestinian residents after four years of disruptions to the city's traffic and businesses is general agreement that the project is rapidly becoming a white elephant. After engineering problems, rows between the contractors and the municipality and delays caused by archaeological discoveries along the route, completion of the first 14km section of track is not expected until the end of next year at the earliest -- more than 18 months behind schedule. The budget overspend is estimated at more than $500 million. This week, in an indication of the deepening crisis, Israel's Dan bus company was forced to step in to buy the five per cent stake of Veolia, a French company that is supposed to operate the line for the next 30 years. Dan, which is waiting for the Israeli government to approve its bid, has no prior experience of running a rail system. Shmuel Elgrably, a spokesman for the transit system, told the Haaretz newspaper last week that the loss of Veolia had "screwed" the project. Veolia's unexpected withdrawal from City Pass, a French-Israeli private consortium backed in part by public finances, is being claimed as a victory by Palestinian officials and activists whose boycott and lobbying efforts appear to have forced...

Justice This Time Around: Will Goldstone's Report Deliver?
20 Sep 2009 - By Ramzy Baroud 'We may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the era of impunity,' Nadia Hijab, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Institute for Palestine Studies, was quoted by IPS in response to the findings of a 574-page report by a four-member United Nations Fact finding mission. The mission, led by internationally-renowned former South African supreme court justice and chief prosecutor in the international tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia, investigated alleged war crimes committed by Israeli troops in Gaza in a 23-day bloody, unprecedented onslaught against a largely defenseless population. But Hijab was not the only one who expressed optimism. Others did, encouraged perhaps, by the report’s use of terminology unfamiliar in a conflict where empirical experience has shown that Israeli actions, no matter how outrageously violent, will have no meaningful legal repercussions whatsoever. Goldstone’s report, released on September 15, made some important recommendations, following a most thorough investigation that was carefully compiled by the mission – which was organized by the UN Human Rights Council last April. One is that the UN Security Council should set up a team of experts to monitor Israel’s investigations of the war crimes committed in Gaza. If Israel fails to do so, then the situation should be referred to the Prosecutor in the International Criminal Court (ICC). This raises many questions, lead amongst them is: did Israel commit war crimes in Gaza, and, second, is Israel capable of conducting an honest investigation into those crimes, considering the state’s bloody legacy...

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