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Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
For those interested in keeping up with events in Palestine/Israel, there is no better digest than VTJP.

VTJP Archives | VTJP 2009
13 October, 2009


Ma'an News

Demand justice for Gaza victims - Human Rights Watch
10/13/2009 - The following is a statement from Human Rights Watch which reflects the organization's opinions alone. - (New York) - The United Nations Security Council should demand justice for the civilian victims on both sides of the Gaza war, Human Rights Watch said today. Breaking the climate of impunity in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a precondition for stability and lasting peace. The Security Council will meet on October 14, 2009, to discuss the Middle East. The Security Council should implement a key recommendation of the UN Fact-Finding Mission on Gaza, led by Justice Richard Goldstone, and create an independent committee of experts to monitor how Israel and Hamas conduct domestic investigations of alleged laws-of-war violations, Human Rights Watch said. "The Security Council has a historic opportunity to uphold the principle of civilian protection. . . " 

Report: Israel planning wave of Jerusalem house demolitions
10/13/2009 - Jerusalem - Ma'an - Israeli authorities are planning to demolish 150 Palestinian houses, home to about 1,000 people in East Jerusalem, according to a new report from the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights. The leveling of two structures in the town of Beit Hanina on Monday were the first of a series that Israeli officials are planning over the coming year, the center said in a report released on Tuesday. In a statement released Tuesday the center explained the demolition orders were issued during the administration of former Israeli Jerusalem Mayor Uayor Uri Lupolianski, who finished his term as the head of the Israeli-controlled Jerusalem Municipality in 2008. The orders were recently renewed under the current mayor, Nir Barkat, the center said. The center's research unit reports that the majority of the houses under threat. . . 

Israeli forces arrest Jerusalem affairs, Islamic Movement officials
10/13/2009 - Jerusalem - Ma'an - Israeli forces detained Jerusalem affairs official with the Palestinian Authority Hatem Abdul-Qader and Islamic Movement Advisor Ali Sheikha as they crossed the Qalandiya checkpoint that separates Ramallah and Jerusalem on Tuesday night. The two were detained as they returned to Jerusalem and taken by Israeli police for questioning, sources said. Israseli forces arrested Abdul Qader in Jerusalem in March as he released hundreds of balloons in honor of the Al-Quds Capital of Arab Culture celebrating the Palestinian history of Jerusalem. Abu Sheikha has been threatened with arrest several times, and was one of the more than 100 Palestinians who barricaded themselves in the Al-Aqsa Mosque last week in an attempt to protect it from rumored Israeli attacks during the Jewish holidays. 

Report: Internal Fatah memo distances party from Obama administration
10/13/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an/Agencies - A memo circulated within the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party announced that hopes for the Obama administration had "evaporated," The Associated Press reported Tuesday. White House backtracking on several key issues was cited as the reason behind the loss of hope, AP noted, particularly the failure of the US to secure the halt of Israeli settlement construction in areas considered by international law to be under occupation. Failure to set a clear agenda on peace talks between Palestinians and Israel was a second issue in the memo, circulated on Monday, the AP report said. "It wasn't immediately clear," the AP report said, "whether the Oct. 12 document reflected Abbas's own views or was intended to be leaked as Fatah's attempt to pressure President Barack Obama to bear down harder on Israel. 

Al-Ahmad: Egypt wants Hamas-Fatah deal signed in October
10/13/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Egypt wants rival Palestinian factions to sign a power-sharing agreement on 20 October, Fatah leader Azzam Al-Ahmad confirmed Tuesday. Al-Ahmad told Ma'an in a phone interview that Hamas and Fatah are expected to reply to Egypt's latest proposal by Thursday, in the form of a simple "yes" or "no. "  Provided that both approve the proposal, the remaining factions are to submit their answers by the 20th, and the deal will be signed the same day. However, a formal signing ceremony will not take place until after the Eid Al-Adha holiday, the official said. Al-Ahmad, who is personally involved in the negotiations, said that Fatah is considering the proposal, and that the party's Central Committee has signaled a "positive attitude" toward it. He said that the reason for the multi-stage signing process was that Hamas officials who recently held talks in. . . 

In Jenin, Abbas levels fierce attack on Hamas
10/13/2009 - Jenin - Ma'an - President Mahmoud Abbas fiercely attacked the Hamas movement on Tuesday renewing accusations that the group is exploiting the controversy over the UN report on war crimes in Gaza to obstruct a national unity agreement. Speaking during his first visit to the West Bank city of Jenin since he took office, Abbas said, "Hamas is making up pretexts to avoid conciliation agreement because they are happy with their emirate in Gaza. "  Abbas reiterated that he refuses to use force to end what he called the "Hamas coup" in the Gaza Strip. "This coup must come to an end through any means except the use of force. The means could be dialogue, and negotiations, but we will never agree to open fire on our own people," he said. Abbas also called on Hamas to accept new elections. "Come to the ballots through which you gained your legitimacy, to find out whether this legitimacy will be renewed or not. 

Fatah leaders call Mash’al a Judas who has 'lit sedition' in Palestine
10/13/2009 - Ramallah - Ma'an - In a joint speech Senior PLO officials Mohammad Dahlan and Yasser Abed Rabbo railed against the recent words of Hamas leader in exile Khalid Mash'al, where Abed Rabbo called him the "Last Supper man" in an apparent reference to the biblical betrayer Judas. The Tuesday speeches came a day after Mash'al spoke to supporters in Damascus, where he accused Fatah leader and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of betraying the Palestinain people for his government's actions around the Goldstone report, recently dropped from the UN Human Rights Council's agenda. Abed Rabbo launched his attack on Hamas alongside Fatah leader Muhammad Dahlan at the Palestinian Information Center in Al-Bireh, outside Ramallah. The official used the phrase "Last Supper man" multiple times during his remarks, while Dahlan said "Mash'al has lit sedition again in Palestine. 

Hamas: Fatah slander 'irresponsible,' party considering Egyptian plan
10/13/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum assured Palestinians that the party continues to discuss the Egyptian conciliation proposal and that it is dealing with Egyptian officials very seriously to ensure the Palestinian house is brought back to order, he said in a news conference Tuesday. "Hamas is in the midst of intensive communication with the Egyptians and is consulting internal members, it takes this deal very seriously and hopes to see an end of division and the development of a responsible national plan," he said. The central issue in the signing of the Egyptian report, Barhoum explained, was negotiating the appropriate amount of time within which to sign the agreement and overcome the crisis of the Goldstone report, indicating that the party does intend to use the unity agreement to provoke action over what it called Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' "sin" of. . . 

Two Gaza goods crossings open
10/13/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - Israeli authorities opened the Karem Shalom and Karni crossings to allow aid into the besieged Gaza Strip while ordering the Nahal Oz fuel terminal to remain closed on Tuesday. According to Raed Fattouh, a Palestinian official charged with liaising with Israel regarding the crossings, Israeli authorities decided to open Karem Shalom to allow 70-80 truckloads of commercial goods and humanitarian aid. The Karni crossing was also opened for shipments of wheat and animal feed. [end] 

Official: EU project to help see Jerusalem become Palestinian capital
10/13/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - "We are here not to replace you or dictate what you have to do, but to help as friends and partners," European Union Special Representative (EUSR) to the Middle East Peace Process Marc Otte explained as he toured an EU-funded police station in Bethlehem this week. Otte made the remarks as he toured the new Bethlehem Police Operational Control Room Head Quarters, paid for by the European Union under the EUPOLL COPPS program that sees police experts and specialists oversee training of officers on police protocol and the use of equipment like motorcycles, radios, bomb deactivation materials and sophisticated crime scene investigation equipment. With the Police under the wing of Europe and the Palestinian security services under the eye of US General Keith Dayton, some Palestinians are wary of the external involvement, saying it interferes. . . 

UN chief backs call to reopen HRC debate on Gaza report
10/13/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an/Agencies - UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon supports a new Palestinian proposal to reopen debate on the Golstone report on the Gaza war in the Human Rights Council. Ban's spokesperson, Michele Montas, said the UN chief discussed the issue during a telephone conversation with President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday, according to the news agency AFP. The Goldstone report was the result of a UN fact-finding mission by South African former international war crimes prosecutor Richard Goldstone; it accuses both Israel and Palestinian armed groups of committing war crimes during Israel's offensive against Gaza last winter. In early October the Palestinian Authority leadership reportedly buckled to US pressure and withdrew a resolution from the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva to refer the report for further action. 

Gaza report gathers support ahead of UN vote
10/13/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - The PLO envoy in Geneva has secured the support of 16 countries for a motion in the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in support of the Goldstone report on Israel's winter war on Gaza, an attorney familiar with the negotiations said on Tuesday. The HRC confirmed in a statement released on Tuesday that it will hold a Special Session on the "human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and East Jerusalem" on Thursday. The meeting is expected to continue until Friday. In a statement the HRC said the meeting "comes at the request of Palestine. The request is co-sponsored by the following 18 Member States of the Human Rights Council, namely Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Indonesia, Jordan, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Senegal. 

Russia to build museum in Jericho, foster tourism
10/13/2009 - Jericho - Ma'an - Russia will build a museum on Jericho land once owned by a Russian Tsar, abandoned during the socialist revolution and handed back over to Russia via the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society, in June 2008. Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Sergei Vadimovich Stepashin announced the decision Tuesday, saying the museum would be built next to a sycamore tree believed to be the tree of Zacchaeus,the tax collector who climbed up a tree to get a better view of Jesus as he passed by (Luke 19:1-10). He told dinner guests at a ceremony welcoming his visit to Palestine that he hoped the move would strengthen ties between Palestinians and Russians. In 2008 when Chief Palestinian autonomy negotiator Saeb Erekat spoke on his hopes for Russian development of the site, he said he would like to see the 120 dunum area, located in the heart of Jericho's commercial. . . 

Erekat: Israeli home demolitions part and parcel of settlement policy
10/13/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erakat condemned Israel's continued demolition of Palestinian homes following the destruction of several Palestinian properties in East Jerusalem, including the home of the At-Taleiqi family, the official said in a statement Tuesday. Erekat said the demolitions "highlight the real source of growing tensions across the city, and reinforce why negotiations without any tangible change in Israel's policies on the ground offer Palestinians no hope of peace. " During the series of Jewish holidays beginning with Rosh Hashana in mid-September and ending with Sukkot in early-October, tensions rose in Jerusalem as Israeli forces imposed increasingly restricted access to the Old City for Palestinians, and extremist Israelis used privileged access to the area as a chance to harass and intimidate residents. 

PPP will sign conciliation agreement despite disappointment in leaders
10/13/2009 - Ramallah - Ma'an - "We expected Abbas to include a clear and explicit confession that he made the wrong decision in postponig the Goldstone report. . . but all [he] talked about seemed as justifications," Secretary-General of the Palestinian People's Party Bassam As-Salehi said Monday. Reacting to the back-to-back speeches of Hamas leader in exile Khalid Mash'al and Palestinian Prime Minister and Fatah chairman Mahmoud Abbas, As-Salehi called both disappointing. The "provocative rhetoric does not serve to achieve national reconciliation," he said, and urged sides not to postpone reconciliation as Fatah postponed the Goldstone report. As for Abbas, he said, "it was better for the President to recognize the mistake and show serious willingness to discuss Palestinian decision making. " Underscoring the PPP's drive for unity, As-Salehi announced that the party is ready to sign the. . . 

PA attorney general summons Journalists Union leader
10/13/2009 - Ramallah - Ma'an - Palestinian Authority's attorney general has summoned head of the Palestinian union of journalists Na'im Tubasi to question him about charges of breach of trust and maladministration by other union's members. Allegations were published in the Palestinain newspaper Al-Ayyam, where member of the union Hasan Abdul Jawwad said that "the journalists union office filed a suit against Tubasi, in part because he had not submitted financial and administrative reports for the last ten years. "He later confirmed the report by phone. Another union member Tariq Kilani said the move was made to "protect the union's interests, and to protect the future generations of journalists. "

Answers sought after southern Lebanon blast
10/13/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an/Agencies - An explosion at the home of a senior Hizbullah official in southern Lebanon on Monday saw several conflicting reports announced by media, Lebanese and party officials. On Tuesday the Lebanese army said one person was injured in the blast, which was caused by a shell, in the village of Tayr Filsi, on the southern bank of the Litani river. The confusion began on Monday night when Reuters, quoting security sources, reported that Abdel Nasser Issa, 41, and as many as four other people were killed in the blast. Hizbullah confirmed that an explosion had taken place, but denied reports of Issa's death. The group said that one person was injured and the cause of the explosion was being investigated. In another version of the story, AFP reported that Issa was seriously wounded when a rocket he found near his home and was trying to defuse exploded. 

Ha'aretz Defense page

After snubbing Israel, Turkey to hold defense drills with Syria
13 Oct 2009 - Syrian defense minister says two nations to hold drills days after Turkey nixed maneuvers with Israel. 

IAF bombs Gaza smuggling tunnels, wounds three Palestinians
13 Oct 2009 - IDF: Attack came in response to a rocket fired by Gaza militants into southern Israel late on Tuesday. 

Israel: Lebanon turning blind eye to Hezbollah arms
13 Oct 2009 - Israel complains to UN about Lebanon blast; WATCH: Video 'proves Hezbollah stored arms at blast site.' 

Lebanon: Shell caused blast at Hezbollah official's home
12 Oct 2009 - Israel to UN: Lebanon blast shows Hezbollah violating truce; Lebanon: None killed in blast at militant's home. 

Netanyahu vows never to let Israelis be tried for war crimes
12 Oct 2009 - PM blasts Goldstone conclusions as 'distorted report' that 'undermines Israel's right to defend itself.' 

Israel and U.S. prepare for largest-ever joint air force drill
12 Oct 2009 - 'Junior Cobra' to begin on October 20, week after scheduled start; IDF: Drill unrelated to particular world event. 

Egypt destroys four smuggling tunnels on Gaza border
12 Oct 2009 - Palestinians have dug thousands of tunnels to smuggle goods and fuel from Egypt to the Gaza Strip. 


[] Democrats Ignore Shocking Findings of Atrocities in Gaza War
October 13, 2009 - On October 1, the Obama administration successfully pressured the Palestinian delegation to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva to drop its proposal to recommend that the UN Security Council endorse the findings of the Goldstone Commission report. The report, authored by renowned South African jurist Richard Goldstone, detailed the results of the UNHRC's...

[] Video: Man buries legs lost in Israeli strike with wife & two kids
October 13, 2009 - Psychologists say that people who went through tragedies of war may never recover. This is a story of a Palestinian man who lost his wife and two children during Gaza war. After an Israeli strike blew off his legs, he buried the lost parts at the family gave. The man thinks that it reunites him with...

[] ATTENTION PLEASE READ THIS Petition for UK to support Goldstone report, bring Israeli war criminals to justice
13 October 2009 - The Zionist Federation in England are attempting to lobby Gordon Brown to condemn and help quash the Goldstone report at the UN. The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza have now created a petition today calling on Brown to "support" the report and not to condemn it. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ON ANY AND...

[] After the bombing, drug addiction strikes Gaza
October 13, 2009 -Abu Ahmed lived through last winter's Gaza war in a daze. Though the district where he lives was invaded by Israeli ground forces and came under heavy fire, including the use of white phosphorus shells, he felt little fear. For by then, the 45-year-old unemployed father of 10 was popping tablets of the painkiller Tramadol to feed...

[] Iran court seeks to try Mehdi Karroubi over alleging detainees were raped
October 13, 2009 - A leading Iranian opposition figure, Mehdi Karroubi, is facing possible trial in a court supervised by the country's supreme leader for alleging detainees were raped after last June's bitterly disputed election, officials confirmed today. A special clerical court with powers to impose the death penalty was preparing a case against Karroubi after he refused to withdraw...

[] Hamas spokesman accuses Egypt of torturing brother to death
October 13, 2009 - Hamas' Gaza Strip spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri charged Tuesday that Egypt had tortured his brother to death. Yousef Abu Zuhri died Monday while in Egyptian custody. In a statement sent to the media, Sami Abu Zuhri said that his 38- year-old brother "died in one of the Egyptian hospitals dues to severe and barbarian torture practiced...

[] Israel to join NATO Mediterranean patrols
October 13, 2009 - The Israeli navy will join a NATO force patrolling the Mediterranean Sea as part of the "global war on terror," a military spokesman said on Tuesday. The spokesman confirmed a report by the Maariv newspaper which said the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters last week approved the Israeli Navy's inclusion in Operation Active Endeavour. "The navy...

[] FIFA urged to give the red card to Israel
October 13, 2009 - FIFA's declared mission to use football to bring about "a better world" requires that clear signals be given to the apartheid state, Israel. The undersigned organizations call on FIFA to tell Israel it is off-side and to show it a red card for the World Cup. Three Palestinian football players from the national team were killed...

[] UN to reopen debate on Gaza war crimes report
October 13, 2009 - The United Nations Human Rights Council said Tuesday it will hold a special session to debate the war crimes report of Justice Richard Goldstone later this week. The special session would be held at the request of the Palestinian diplomatic mission to Geneva, with the support of 18 out of the 47 members of the rights...

[] Gaza Gets Ambitious With Mud
October 13, 2009 - On a searing summer morning, workers are adding layers to the mud-brick police station being constructed in Sheikh Zayed, northern Gaza. "We started building on Jun. 20," says Mohammed el-Sheikh 'Eid, a consultant engineer with Gaza's Ministry of Interior. "Since this is the first time we've built something on this scale with mud bricks, we can't...

[] US 'to hold back on Iran sanctions'
October 13, 2009 - The US believes this is not the time to impose more sanctions against Iran as part of its push to get the country to end its nuclear programme. Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, emphasised co-operation with Moscow on the atomic issue in statements on Tuesday after talks with Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister....

[] Washington Apposes Fateh-Hamas Unity Deal
October 13, 2009 - Israeli paper, Haaretz, reported that that United States sent a message to Egypt informing its officials that the United States will not approve of a unit deal between Fateh and Hamas movements "as such a deal jeopardizes the peace process". Last Saturday, U.S. Middle East Envoy George Mitchell, held talks in Cairo with Egypt's Intelligence chief,...

Palestine Telegraph

Shatila kids in the limelight
Lebanon, October 13, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - Peter Mortimer is one of life's great utopians. His most popular book Broke Through Britain described how he walked from one end of the country to the other without any money, entirely dependent on the...

Palestinians protecting Al Aqsa
Palestine, October 11, 2009 (Pal Telegraph) - Hatem Abdel Qader, the Palestinian official in charge of the Jerusalem file, said that hundreds of people camping out in Al Aqsa Mosque to save it from direct Israeli threats during Yom Kippur have been...

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On World Mental Health Day: A Call for Accountability and Action
Gaza, October 10, 2009 (Pal Telegraph) - Nine months after a ferocious military onslaught, and more than two years into an unrelenting siege, Gaza has reached the edge of an abyss.

The National

Lebanon's media forced into layoffs
13 Oct 2009 - Funds crisis forces Lebanese papers and TV stations to resort to mass dismissals, putting a spotlight on the country's media laws.

Battle for key ministries blocks Beirut deal
12 Oct 2009 - A two-hour meeting between rivals in an attempt to form a functioning government in Lebanon fails to reach an agreement.

Abbas seeks vote on Gaza report
12 Oct 2009 - The decision sparks a war of words and deepens the divide between Hamas and Fatah, which is likely to jeopardise the prospect of the unity pact.


Russia snubs US on Iran sanctions
13 Oct 2009 - Clinton fails to win support for fresh sanctions over Tehran's nuclear programme.

UN agrees to 'Goldstone session'
13 Oct 2009 - Human rights council will hold special meeting on Gaza report as requested by PA.

South Lebanon blast investigated
13 Oct 2009 - Lebanese and UN start investigation into rocket explosion near southern city of Tyre.

Turkey and Syria forge closer ties
13 Oct 2009 - Improved relations with Syria comes amid Ankara's worsening ties with Israel.

Alternative Information Center

Human Rights NGOs are Calling for a Special Session for the UN HRC
12 Oct 2009 - Adalah * Adameer * Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights – Gaza * Al-Haq * Arab Association for Human Rights * Al-Mezan * Badil * Defence for Children International – Palestine * ENSAN center * Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies * Women Centre for Legal Aid...

Palestine News Network

Visa denied for Palestinian trainer in nonviolence: still awaiting explanation from State Department
13 Oct 2009 - Hikmart Bessisso-Naji a Palestinian, Muslim from Ramallah, ua scheduled to speak as part of the Partners for Peace tour: Muslim, Jewish and Christian Women Offer Perspectives on Building Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians. Jerusalem Women Speak: Three Women, Three Faiths, One Shared Vision, has been denied a visa by the U.S. Consular office in Jerusalem. This is the 16th Jerusalem Women Speak...

Jerusalem village now closed by concrete blocks, only available route in or out is a bypass road
13 Oct 2009 - Jerusalem / Maisa Abu Ghazaleh for PNN – Police and border guards raided the Issawiya last night. The East Jerusalem village was hit Monday evening by Israeli forces that blocked in its main entrance with concrete.Dozens of people poured into the streets to protest the closure of their main road. The placement of the concrete blocks will now force residents to leave toward...

Olive harvest becoming a competing photo-op, local call to move away from posturing and propaganda
13 Oct 2009 - Nablus / Amin Abu Wardeh for PNN – The first days of olive harvest saw aided by a number of people, but with a political twist. Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in the West Bank showed up to the fields ready to work in Ramallah. The Ramallah Information Service also broadcast images of Palestinian police helping West Bank farmers.Last week news outlets published pictures...

World March for Peach and Nonviolence in West Bank's Bethlehem Wednesday
13 Oct 2009 - Bethlehem / PNN – Holy Land Trust is sponsoring the Palestine-leg of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. It will reach Bethlehem on Wednesday, 14 October.The organizing NGO is working along with World Without Wars and has extended an open invitation.The gathering place will be Nativity Square at 4:30 pm where the march will start. It will walk through the city streets,...

Palestinian fire brigade was called in Qalqilia after Israeli settlers torch land
13 Oct 2009 - Salfit / IWPS - On October 11th at approximately 8:00 am, the fire brigade of Qalqilia was notified of several fires on land belonging to the villages of Kafr Qaddum and Immatin, which are located outside of the Israeli settlement of Qedumim. When trying to reach the site to extinguish the fire, the fire brigades were denied access to the road leading through...

Hamas and Fateh agree that Egyptian organized reconciliation is again far off
12 Oct 2009 - Ramallah / PNN - Officials in the Fateh movement agreed to postpone the internal reconciliation which was expected to come about shortly. After years of issues it is not unusual that they can not come together; they being Fateh and Hamas.Despite Egyptian efforts, it seems to be all for not, say pundits in the Palestinian arena.It will not be tomorrow, but perhaps some...

Youth and Huwara Checkpoint: Amin Abu Wardeh reports from Nablus
12 Oct 2009 - Nablus / Amin Abu Wardeh for PNN - After several months the phenomenon of heavy arrests of youth has returned to Huwara Checkpoint. The military installation in southern Nablus has been the scene of frequent arrests of youth. Yesterday five young Palestinians were arrested in separate incidents within two hours.At around eight in the evening Israeli forces closed the barrier in both directions,...

Inter Press Service

MIDEAST: Security Council Urged to Take Up Gaza War 
WASHINGTON, Oct 13 (IPS) - Pressure has been building on the U.N. Security Council to address the impact of the Gaza war on civilians in advance of its meeting Wednesday to discuss the Middle East.

MIDEAST: Cold Turkey Could Change Political Balance 
JERUSALEM, Oct 13 (IPS) - It's long been among the most durable, strategic relationships in the Near East - perhaps because it was the most unlikely.

Stop The Wall

Farmers struggle in Bethlehem and Salfit to pick olives
13 Oct 2009 - With the olive harvest beginning this month, farmers and their families across the West Bank will spend their days picking, cleaning and sorting olives. They will also face settler attacks and restricted access to their groves, which are often isolated behind the Wall, in settlements or adjacent to military bases and closed zones. [

Fact sheet: Companies building the Wall
13 Oct 2009 - This new fact sheet provides information on the companies involved in the Wall, with the aim of assisting activists in launching BDS campaigns. We have focused 8 companies – either larger Israeli companies in which there may be considerable international investment as well as international firms that play a significant role in building, equipping and/or maintaining the Wall. The fact sheet also details the successful Norwegian divestment for Elbit and provides information on how to launch your own divestment campaign. [

PCHR Latest

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Decision of Palestinian Leadership and International Pressure an Insult to the Victims

PCHR Weekly Report

(01- 07 Oct. 2009), information on boycott, divestment and sanctions
During the reporting period, a Palestinian child and an Israeli human rights defender were wounded by IOF gunfire in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank respectively.

International Solidarity Movement

Act for East Jerusalem
10/13/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - We as Scandinavians are very concerned about the developments in East Jerusalem. Israel is continuing a policy violating international law towards the Palestinian inhabitants of the area. We strongly urge our politicians to put pressure on the Israeli Government to end settlement expansion and annexation of Palestinian land and property. In the case of Sheikh Jarrah two families were recently evicted from their houses and are now in a status of refugee for the second time since the 1948 war between Israel and Palestine. The Ghawi family have been living in a tent in front of their own house since the forced eviction. Forced displacement affects Palestinian families in many neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, including Silwan and the Mount of Olives, which together with Sheikh Jarrah form part of the Holy Basin surrounding the Old City. 

Ha'aretz Diplomacy page

WATCH: Even Hitler is disappointed in Obama
12 Oct 2009 - The Republicans have once again recruited Hitler to their campaign against the reforms initiated by their Democratic rivals. The National Republican Congressional Committee used a popular online social network this week to promote a video in which Hitler appears to endorse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. ...

U.S. faults Turkey for banning Israel from int'l drill 
12 Oct 2009 - The United States gently criticized Turkey on Tuesday for canceling a NATO military exercise which was to include Israeli participation. ... 

Russia FM: Threats of sanctions against Iran won't work
12 Oct 2009 - Russia pushed back on Tuesday at U.S. efforts to threaten tough new sanctions if Iran fails to prove that its nuclear program is peaceful, a setback to the Obama administration's desire to present a united front with Moscow. ...

U.S. to Egypt: Fatah-Hamas deal undermines Israel-PA talks 
12 Oct 2009 - The United States sent a message to Egypt stating it does not support the proposed reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas as it would undermine negotiations with Israel, Haaretz has learned. ... 

Daughter of Ahmadinejad aide makes anti-torture film, seeks asylum in Germany
12 Oct 2009 - The daughter of a top adviser to Iranian President Mahmoud ...

The Guardian

Palestinian faith in Obama 'evaporates'
13 Oct 2009 - Leaked memo from President Mahmoud Abbas accuses White House of buckling under pressure from Israel Palestinian political leaders have expressed acute disappointment in the Obama administration, saying their hopes that it could bring peace to the...

The dark side of Tel Aviv | Abe Hayeem 
13 Oct 2009 - The glitzy celebrations for the White City's 'centenary' airbrush over a complex history of colonialism The centenary of Tel Aviv , a city said to date from 1909, has provided a useful opportunity to present the face...

Mahmoud Abbas tries to save reputation with U-turn on Gaza report
12 Oct 2009 - The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, is trying to rescue his beleaguered reputation by pushing for a new vote on a critical UN report on the Gaza war, a significant reversal just days after he dropped his...

Dachau link with Israeli town angers survivors
12 Oct 2009 - The German town of Dachau has become the first location of a former Nazi death camp to establish a partnership with an Israeli town in a controversial "peace and understanding" agreement. Twenty-two other German towns are...

Turkey confirms it barred Israel from military exercise because of Gaza war
12 Oct 2009 - Israel-Turkey relations damaged as multinational war games are cancelled Turkey's foreign minister said yesterday that his government cancelled a planned joint military exercise with Israel in protest against that country's offensive on Gaza ten months ago....

The 'no peace now' camp | Petra Marquardt-Bigman
12 Oct 2009 - Israel's foreign minister is not the only one who doubts that comprehensive peace can be achieved any time soon It was a good example for bad timing: just shortly before the news broke that President Obama...

Letters: Obama is still our best hope of peace
11 Oct 2009 - Most people in the developing world exult that "one of us" got the Nobel Peace Prize ( Report , 10 October), but many are already asking what did Obama do so far to deserve it – or, to...

Palestinian reconciliation deal delayed by UN row
11 Oct 2009 - An agreement to reconcile bitterly divided Palestinian groups has been delayed for several weeks, Egypt's foreign minister said today. A deal was to be signed on 25 October, clearing the way for Hamas militants and the...

Middle East: a Belgian solution? | Khaled Diab
11 Oct 2009 - Northern Ireland offers one model for Israeli-Palestinian peace. But a dose of Belgian pragmatism wouldn't go amiss either George Mitchell's reappearance on the Middle Eastern scene earlier this year has reignited speculation as to whether he'll...

Ha'aretz National page

Minister urges Arab MKs to avoid Temple Mount incitement
12 Oct 2009 - Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch (Yisrael Beiteinu) on Tuesday urged Arab lawmakers not to incite riots on the Temple Mount. ...

Should Israel subsidize Viagra for cancer patients? 
12 Oct 2009 - The National Oncology Council has recommended adding Viagra and other drugs prescribed for sexual dysfunction to government-subsidized services to cancer patients, Haaretz has learned. ... 

Israeli Arab MK: Undercover unit proves police see us as threat
12 Oct 2009 - The formation of an undercover unit to monitor Israeli citizens proves that police view Israel's Arab community as a threat, the chairman of the Israeli Arab Balad party, Jamal Zahalka, said Tuesday. ...

Solve Israel's business challenges and win NIS 100,000 
12 Oct 2009 - Israel is launching the "Case Study" competition, a three-month long contest wherein MBA students will need to find solutions to case studies developed by four leading companies in the Israeli market. The winning team will take home a NIS 100,000 prize. ...

Study: Israel has among highest cancer survival rates in the West
12 Oct 2009 - Israel has one of the highest survival rates among cancer patients in the West, according to a Health Ministry report released on Tuesday. However, the number of cancer patients in Israel is rapidly growing. ...

Relief Web

Israel holds 335 Palestinians without trial: rights groups
13 Oct 2009 - Source: Agence France-Presse

Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine: Report of the UN SG (A/64/351–S/2009/464)
13 Oct 2009 - Source: UN General Assembly, UN Security Council

Fatah says signs Egypt's Palestinian unity proposal 
13 Oct 2009 - Source: Reuters - AlertNet

Human Rights Council to hold Special Session on human rights situation in oPt on 15 October
13 Oct 2009 - Source: UN Human Rights Council

OPT: Calling for a special session - An opportunity to ensure that justice is not delayed, an opportunity to rectify the wrongs, and an opportunity for the member states to act for victims at the UN Human Rights Council 
13 Oct 2009 - Source: Al-Dameer, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, Defence for Children International/Palestine Section

Improving Palestinian women's live
13 Oct 2009 - Source: Medical Aid for Palestinians

YNet News

Israel to UN: Lebanon ignoring Hezbollah armament 
13 Oct 2009 - In wake of Monday's explosion at south Lebanon home of Hezbollah operative, Ambassador Shalev files official complaint with Secretary-General Ban calling for full implementation of Resolution 1701 

Palestinians: IDF destroying vehicles used to smuggle workers
13 Oct 2009 - B'Tselem quotes residents of south Mount Hebron area as saying soldiers torching vehicles used to smuggle Palestinians into Israel. Army says looking into allegations 

IDF releases footage of Hezbollah arms smuggling
13 Oct 2009 - (Video) Drone captures weapons smuggling at south Lebanon home in which Monday evening's blast occurred 

Aharonovitch in Knesset: Don't ignite Jerusalem
13 Oct 2009 - Internal security minister pleads with MKs to 'lower profile' on Temple Mount riots, promote moderation 

US faults Turks for canceling NATO air exercises
13 Oct 2009 - State Department gently criticizes Ankara for canceling NATO military exercise due to Israeli participation. Syrian FM lauds move, says it amounts to reprimand for Jewish state's 'occupation' of Arab lands 

Palestinians, allies reopen Gaza war crimes debate
13 Oct 2009 - UN Human Rights Council to hold special meeting on Goldstone Report; Israeli Foreign Ministry: We still think report very dangerous, based almost exclusively on Hamas propaganda. PA envoy says debate to also focus on recent violence in Jerusalem 

Daily Star

Turkey boosts ties with Syria amid renewed Israel row
13 Oct 2009 - Turkey boosted its ties with Syria on Tuesday at the first meeting of a newly formed cooperation council, only days after Ankara's relations with Damascus foe Israel took a downturn. The foreign, defense, interior, economy, oil, electricity, agriculture and health ministers of the two countries attended the strategic talks in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

Clinton fails to win Russian pledge on Iran sanctions
13 Oct 2009 - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to win specific pledges from Mos cow on tougher sanctions against Iran during a visit to Russia Tuesday but hailed progress in other areas like arms control. A senior US official had said before the talks that Clinton wanted to know "what specific forms of pressure Russia would be prepared for to join us" if Iran did not keep promises.

UN's Human Rights council to reopen Gaza war crimes debate
13 Oct 2009 - The UN Human Rights Council will reopen the debate about alleged war crimes in Gaza later this week after Palestinians succeeded in gathering enough support to call a special meeting, officials said Tuesday. The debate will start Thursday, a day after the UN Security Council in New York discusses the Goldstone report, which accuses Israeli forces.

Iraq bombings kill 10, including Al-Sahwa leader
13 Oct 2009 - A spate of bombings across Iraq on Tuesday killed 10 people, including two Iraqi soldiers and the leader of a Sunni Arab militia allied with the United States. Fourteen others were wounded in the attacks in the village of Buhruz, northeast of Baghdad, and the northern oil hub of Kirkuk, security and medical officials said.

Palestinians say hopes in Obama has 'evaporated'
13 Oct 2009 - The Palestinian president's political party says all hopes in the Obama administration have "evaporated," accusing the White House of caving in to pressure from the pro-Israel lobby and backing off a demand to freeze Jewish settlement. Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party also accused the US of failing to set a clear agenda for a new round of Mideast peace talks.

Iran launches case against Karoubi over rape claims
13 Oct 2009 - Iran's judiciary has launched a legal case against pro-reform cleric Mehdi Karoubi over his allegations that some opposition supporters were raped in jail, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday. A special investigative committee had prepared a file into the claims made by Karoubi, who finished fourth in Iran's disputed election in June, and sent it to the prosecutor's office.

Honduran abuses rampant after coup, say rights groups
13 Oct 2009 - Suspicious deaths, beatings, random police shootings: Life under the de facto government of Honduras at times feels uncannily like Latin America's dark past of military rule. In the three months since soldiers overthrew leftist President Manuel Zelaya and marched him out of the country in his pajamas, international and Honduran human rights groups say security forces have committed a litany of abuses.

Palestinian Information Center

JCSER: Israel intends to demolish soon 150 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem
13 Oct 2009 - The Jerusalem center for social and economic rights warned of new Israeli intents to demolish in the coming days some 150 Palestinian homes located in different neighborhoods and areas in Jerusalem.

Wife of detainee appeals for his life
13 Oct 2009 - The wife of Ra'ed Awad Ashur, the detainee in IOA jails, has appealed to all human rights groups to save her husband's life after suffering from severe heart and stomach pains.

Hamdan: Abbas went too far in his lies during Jenin speech
13 Oct 2009 - Osama Hamdan, the representative of Hamas Movement in Lebanon, stated Tuesday that Mahmoud Abbas went too far in his lies and exceeded the bounds of courtesy during the speech he made today in Jenin.

Hamas denounces the murder of detained Abu Zuhri in Egyptian jails
13 Oct 2009 - Hamas mourned the death of Yousef Abu Zuhri, the brother of its spokesman in Gaza Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, who died Tuesday of torture in one of the Egyptian jails.

Hizbutahrir accuses Abbas's militias of arresting its cadres in Husan
13 Oct 2009 - Hizbutahrir accused Abbas’s militias of carrying out arrests on Monday in the ranks of its members in the village of Husan simultaneously with an Israeli incursion into the same village.

IOF soldiers wound 7 Palestinians, round up 16 in WB
13 Oct 2009 - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Tuesday rounded up 16 Palestinians in various West Bank areas including one who was freed only one month ago, local sources said.

Knesset intends to criminalize Islamic Movement and democratic assembly
13 Oct 2009 - Media sources reported that Knesset member Michael Ben-Ari declared that he would introduce a bill in the Knesset to outlaw the Islamic Movement and the national democratic assembly.

Abbas's militias kidnap three Hamas supporters
13 Oct 2009 - Security militias loyal to former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas continued their arrest campaign in lines of Hamas supporters in the West Bank and rounded up three citizens over the past couple of days.

Aisawiya inhabitants foil Israeli attempt to block main street
13 Oct 2009 - Inhabitants of the Aisawiya suburb in occupied Jerusalem foiled an Israeli occupation police attempt to block traffic in the main street in the suburb that links it to other Arab suburbs.

PIC concludes its active participation in digital media exhibition in Tehran
13 Oct 2009 - The Palestinian information center (PIC) actively participated in the third international exhibition of digital media which concluded on Sunday in Tehran.

Los Angeles Times

In Egypt and Saudi Arabia, succession looms 
13 Oct 2009 - Egypt President Hosni Mubarak and Saudi Arabia King Abdullah, both in their 80s, have long played leading Mideast roles. Some worry that successors will complicate relationships. They are a desert king and a military officer-turned-president. Drive through their capitals and their images glow from billboards and painted walls, old men with their eyes fixed everywhere, even as whispers grow about who will rise to replace them. 

Diplomacy in the lead on Iran nuclear issue -- for now 
12 Oct 2009 - Tehran's agreement to let nuclear inspectors into the facility revealed by Obama has boosted the diplomatic track. The site's location in a mountain points up the difficulty of the military option. Agreement to open Iran's hidden nuclear complex to inspection has reduced talk of military action and put diplomacy back on track -- at least for a while. But even as the U.S. tries to build international pressure, emerging details suggest it might already be too late for an armed strike. 

New York Times

The Lede: Crackdown on Iranian Journalists Continues
13 Oct 2009 - Maziar Bahari, an Iranian-Canadian journalist, has been in solitary confinement in Iran for 115 days. 

Iranian Journalists Flee, Fearing Retribution for Covering Protests
12 Oct 2009 - Dozens of reporters, photographers and bloggers have either fled Iran or are trying to flee in the aftermath of the disputed June presidential election. 

World Briefing | Middle East: Lebanon: Hezbollah Munitions Cache Explodes
12 Oct 2009 - The explosion in the house of a local Hezbollah official in southern Lebanon produced conflicting reports of casualties. 

Netanyahu Calls War Crimes Report ‘Distorted’
12 Oct 2009 - The prime minister of Israel said that Israel acted in self-defense in last winter’s Gaza war. 


Palestinian faith in Obama ’evaporates’ 
10/13/2009 - The Guardian - Leaked memo from President Mahmoud Abbas accuses White House of buckling under pressure from Israel - Palestinian political leaders have expressed acute disappointment in the Obama administration, saying their hopes that it could bring peace to the Middle East have "evaporated" and accusing the White House of giving in to Israeli pressure. The unusually frank comments come in an internal memo from the Fatah party, led by the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, but reflect a broader frustration among Palestinian politicians that Washington's very public push for peace in the Middle East has yet to produce even a restarting of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians. " All hopes placed in the new US administration and President Obama have evaporated," said the document, which was leaked to the Associated Press news agency. 

Clinton hails US-Russian co-operation on Iran 
10/13/2009 - The Guardian - Hillary Clinton speaks of 'mutual respect' on Moscow visit - US to drop criticism over human rights in reset of relations - The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, today spoke of a new era of mutual respect in US dealings with Russia, amid claims that the White House had agreed to stop criticising Russia's human rights record in return for improved relations. On a visit to Moscow, Clinton said both countries were now engaged in "clear-headed, practical co-operation" over Iran's nuclear programme, as well as other issues including arms reduction and the war in Afghanistan. The trip is her first to Russia as secretary of state. It follows Barack Obama's decision to cancel the planned US missile defence shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. Clinton said Moscow and Washington could work together to combat a possible Iranian attack. 

UN to reopen debate on Gaza war crimes report 
10/13/2009 - Earth Times - DPA - Geneva - The United Nations Human Rights Council said Tuesday it will hold a special session to debate the war crimes report of Justice Richard Goldstone later this week. The special session would be held at the request of the Palestinian diplomatic mission to Geneva, with the support of 18 out of the 47 members of the rights body. The session was scheduled to begin Thursday afternoon and continue into Friday, the UN confirmed. The draft resolution will support adopting the Goldstone report in its entirety, including the recommendation that if the parties to the war in Gaza last December and January do not investigate themselves fairly, the International Criminal Court should take up the case. Both Israel and Hamas, the Islamist movement ruling the coastal enclave, were accused of war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity during the three weeks of fighting, which, according 

Hamas spokesman accuses Egypt of torturing brother to death 
10/13/2009 - Earth Times - DPA - Gaza/Cairo - Hamas' Gaza Strip spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri charged Tuesday that Egypt had tortured his brother to death. Yousef Abu Zuhri died Monday while in Egyptian custody. In a statement sent to the media, Sami Abu Zuhri said that his 38- year-old brother "died in one of the Egyptian hospitals dues to severe and barbarian torture practiced by Egyptian security officers. " "Due to heavy torture, my brother suffered severe bleeding, but security officers refused to take him to hospital. When his conditions deteriorated, on Saturday, he was taken briefly to a private hospital for first aid and then was brought back to prison," Abu Zuhri said. He said Yousef kept suffering "until he died in prison on Monday night without any announcement by the Egyptian authorities. " He added that he demanded an honest investigation into the circumstances of his brother's death. 

Israel to join NATO Mediterranean patrols 
10/13/2009 - Google - AFP - JERUSALEM — The Israeli navy will join a NATO force patrolling the Mediterranean Sea as part of the "global war on terror," a military spokesman said on Tuesday. The spokesman confirmed a report by the Maariv newspaper which said the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters last week approved the Israeli Navy's inclusion in Operation Active Endeavour. " The navy will participate in the activities," the spokesman said. The announcement came as a major boost just days after Turkey scrapped a joint aerial exercise that was to have included Israel, Maariv said. Bilateral relations have taken a downturn since Israel launched a devastating military offensive in Gaza in December. Operation Active Endeavour was launched one month after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. As part of the operation, NATO ships patrol the Mediterranean to monitor shipping 

Human Rights NGOs are Calling for a Special Session for the UN HRC 
10/12/2009 - Alternative Information Center - Adalah * Adameer * Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights – Gaza * Al-Haq * Arab Association for Human Rights * Al-Mezan * Badil * Defence for Children International – Palestine * ENSAN center * Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies * Women Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling* Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre - On 1 October 2009, the UN Human Rights Council decided to defer consideration of the report issued by the UN Fact Finding Mission investigating last winter’s Israeli aggression into Gaza until March 2010. This decision represented a failure of the international framework for the protection of human rights, and a blow to the victims of violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. The Palestinian Authority failed to stand up for its own people, and the Human Rights Council failed to fulfill its own responsibilities and mandate. 

After the bombing, drug addiction strikes Gaza 
10/14/2009 - The Independent - Under siege and grappling with joblessness, factional violence and the aftermath of war, Gazans are turning to pills as they seek to escape reality. Donald Macintyre speaks to a mental health group struggling to help addicts. - Abu Ahmed lived through last winter's Gaza war in a daze. Though the district where he lives was invaded by Israeli ground forces and came under heavy fire, including the use of white phosphorus shells, he felt little fear. For by then, the 45-year-old unemployed father of 10 was popping tablets of the painkiller Tramadol to feed an ever more dangerous habit. " Of course you care about the children but [with the drugs] you forget about yourself," he explains. "You feel less frightened. " Manufacturers warn the maximum daily dose of the synthetic opioid should be no more 300mg per day; Abu Ahmed was taking as much as 800mg – in the grip of an addiction which has rapidly spread throughout Gaza over the last two years. 

Video: Man buries legs lost in Israeli strike with wife & two kids 
10/13/2009 - Uruknet - RussiaToday - Psychologists say that people who went through tragedies of war may never recover. This is a story of a Palestinian man who lost his wife and two children during Gaza war. After an Israeli strike blew off his legs, he buried the lost parts at the family grave. The man thinks that it reunites him with his beloved ones. [end] 

FIFA urged to give the red card to Israel 
10/13/2009 - Uruknet - Various undersigned - The following press release was issued on 7 October 2009: FIFA's declared mission to use football to bring about "a better world" requires that clear signals be given to the apartheid state, Israel. The undersigned organizations call on FIFA to tell Israel it is off-side and to show it a red card for the World Cup. Three Palestinian football players from the national team were killed during the Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip earlier this year. Because of the Israeli blockade and travel restrictions, the Palestinian national team there cannot practice with their teammates in the West Bank in their native land. They can only rarely take part in international competitions. Palestinian athletes suffer constant discrimination and violent assaults. This is part of Israel's decades-long refusal to guarantee the Palestinians their rights, freedom, dignity and their physical and spiritual integrity. 

Adalah protests Israel’s unilateral appointment of Haifa Waqf trustees
10/12/2009 - Adalah - Adalah to Finance Minister: Lack of Transparency Surrounding the Work of the Board of Trustees of Waqf Properties in Haifa and Criteria for Appointing its Chair and Members is Illegal - On 5 October 2009, Adalah sent an urgent letter to Israeli Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz, and the government official responsible for the Islamic waqf in Israel, demanding that the appointment of new members to the Board of Trustees of Waqf Properties in Haifa be delayed until clear and appropriate criteria are set forth to govern appointments. Adalah sent the letter on behalf of the Association for Social Development in Haifa and other representatives of the Muslim community in the city. According to Islamic law, waqf properties are inalienable religious endowments made by Muslims for religious or charitable purposes. During the British Mandate (1917-1948), administration of waqf properties in Palestine was transferred to the Higher Islamic Council. 


VIDEO - Breaking the Thirst, Water Deprivation as a Means of Ethnic Cleansing 
Alternative Information Centre 10/10/2009
      In the South Hebron Hills of Palestine, 3500 Palestinians are suffering from the most extreme lack of water. They have no water infrastructure, face high water hauling costs, and must contend with Israeli soldiers and settlers destroying their road access and even poisoning their small wells.
     On September 26th, 2009 some 100 activists with support from Israeli, Palestinian and international organizations formed a water convoy to deliver water as a humanitarian and political act.
     In the South Hebron Hills, south of road no. 317, about 3,500 Palestinians live at present in various forms of rural localities – villages, hamlets and caves. Their livelihood consists of herding sheep and goats, dry farming and olive groves. Israel eyes this region - hundreds of thousands of dunam – meaning to annex it in the future and create territorial continuity all the way to the ‘green line’ around Arad-En Gedi.
     To realize its annexation plans, Israel wants the entire area of the South Hebron Hills ‘clean’ of Palestinians, the legal owners of the land. In order to make life impossible for the residents, the authorities harass the local population in numerous different ways: administrative and court orders, house demolitions, home-cave demolitions, destruction of wells, tracks and harvests, and the declaration of vast areas as ‘firing zones’ forbidden entry. The extremist Jewish settlers of the area also serve as the regime’s long arm, and assault the residents with acts of severe physical violence, uprooting of fruit trees and the destruction of crops. more.. e-mail

Gaza Gets Ambitious With Mud 
Eva Bartlett, In Gaza - includes many photos 10/13/2009
      SHEIKH ZAYED, Gaza, Oct 13 (IPS) – On a searing summer morning, workers are adding layers to the mud-brick police station being constructed in Sheikh Zayed, northern Gaza.
     “We started building on Jun. 20,” says Mohammed el-Sheikh ‘Eid, a consultant engineer with Gaza’s Ministry of Interior. “Since this is the first time we’ve built something on this scale with mud bricks, we can’t estimate exactly how much longer it will take to complete. Maybe another two months or so.”
     He is confident, however, that they will finish before the winter rains begin.
     Since the war on Gaza ended, a number of houses have been built using mud to create simple, square, two or three-room homes. The new Sheikh Zayed police station is one of the larger and more ambitious projects.
     An intricate series of thick-walled, deep-arched chambers form what is on the whole a much more artistic rendition of the former square, cement police station bombed during the attacks. When finished, the station will be 550 square metres, including seven 3.5m by 3.5m office rooms and eight long, arched-roofed chambers 3m wide and 8m long.
     In contrast to Gaza’s basic new mud-brick homes, with their cracked-earth finish inside and rough, straw-flecked outer layer, the police station design replicates that of the elegant, traditional Palestinian stone or brick buildings: neatly-packed rows of brick frame windows and doorways in graceful arcs; with surprisingly smooth domes that top off vaulted rooms and corridors. The one-level station, with its multiple rooftop domes, resembles the architecture of Palestinian homes from Nablus to Jerusalem. more.. e-mail

Electronic Intifada
FIFA urged to give the red card to Israel
13 Oct 2009 - We challenge FIFA to live up to the letter and the spirit of its statutes and to seize this opportunity to prove to the world that it stands for a more just world by sending Israel an unmistakeable threat of exclusion. This would be an important victory for human rights -- not only for the Palestinian people, but also for the international football community. 

Book review: Palestinian views on suicide operations
13 Oct 2009 - In his new book The Making of a Human Bomb: An Ethnography of Palestinian Resistance , Nasser Abufarha examines the phenomena of Palestinian suicide operations. It is based on extensive fieldwork conducted in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, mostly in and around the northern town of Jenin. A native of the city, Abufarha interviewed families of suicide bombers, observed demonstrations and studied Palestinian cultural products that addressed suicide attacks. Asa Winstanley reviews for The Electronic Intifada. 

Is Canada more pro-Israel than the US?
12 Oct 2009 - Some have commented that under Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government, Canada has become (at least diplomatically) the most pro-Israel country in the world. Israeli officials concur. After meeting Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, four other Conservative ministers and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in July 2009, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who has openly called for the expulsion of Palestinian citizens of Israel, stated, "It's hard to find a country friendlier to Israel than Canada these days." Yves Engler comments for The Electronic Intifada. 

In Gaza
Hola, a reason to celebrate
13 Oct 2009 - It started with a sheep. It had roamed between the walls of Ahmed’s home and the home behind them. Ahmed wanted to show me the sheep, the Hola sheep. He calls it the Hola sheep after his new daughter, an 8 day old infant named… Hola. (by the way, the boy in the above photo is obviously not Ahmed). Hola is Ahmed and Islam’s first child, a “war baby” (more accurately, a “massacre baby”… but that sounds pretty terrible). Ahmed and Islam married 5 days before the Israeli massacre of Gaza began last winter. Like any new parents, Ahmed and Islam are as proud as can be, think their girl...

Palestine Chronicle
Tel Aviv, Peace and the Obama Prize 
13 Oct 2009 - By Jeff Gates The Nobel Committee again piqued the interest of those who marvel at the impact of an annual ritual of global branding that in 1973 labeled Henry Kissinger a peace laureate. As with many aspects of unconventional warfare, what emerges in the foreground often obscures behavior that remains concealed in the background. Anyone paying attention knows that pro-Israelis manipulated the intelligence that induced the U.S. to invade Iraq. That same source is now hoping to expand this war to Iran—without being detected. In an irony of epic proportions, this award may enable that deceit. Pundits charge that Barack Obama was given the 2009 peace prize for Not Being Bush. The Nobel Committee cited Obama’s multilateralism in contrast to Bush’s unilateralism. Yet the same pro-Israeli networks that deployed phony intelligence to manipulate decision-making in the Bush presidency remain active inside the Obama presidency. At least Bush had the mass murder of 9-11 to rationalize his choices. The manipulation of consensus beliefs discredited the U.S. when it went to war on fixed intelligence. A similar mental manipulation generated consensus support for trade and financial policies that systematically devastated the U.S. economy. The challenge for Tel Aviv is how best to continue its agenda for Greater Israel now that the manipulation of public opinion has grown more transparent—and when entire communities, reeling from the impact of massive financial frauds, are aware that something fundamental is amiss. Those consensus-enabled frauds include the savings and loan bust of the 1980s, the dotcom crash...

October Surprise: Peace Prize to a War Criminal
13 Oct 2009 - By Stephen Lendman - Chicago The Nobel Committee's tradition is long and inglorious, but for the well-informed no surprise. Consider its past honorees: -- Henry Kissinger; -- Shimon Peres; -- Yitzhak Rabin; -- Menachem Begin; -- FW de Klerk; -- Al Gore; -- The Dalai Lama, a covert CIA asset; -- Kofi Annan, a reliable imperial war supporter; -- UN Peacekeeping (Paramilitary) Forces that foster more conflicts than they resolve; -- Elie Wiesel, a hawkish Islamophobe; -- Norman Borlaug, whose "green revolution" wheat strains killed millions; -- Medecins Sans Frontieres, co-founded by rabid war hawk Bernard Kouchner, now France's Minister of Foreign and European Affairs; -- Woodrow Wilson who broke his pledge to keep "us out of war," -- Jimmy Carter who backed an array of tyrants and drew the Soviets into its Afghan quagmire that took a million or more lives; -- George C. Marshall, instrumental in creating NATO and waging war against North Korea; -- Theodore Roosevelt who once said "I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one;" and -- other undeserving winners...."War is peace," what Orwell understood and why the award legitimizes wars and the leaders who wage them. After the October 9 announcement, The New York Times quoted 2007 winner Al Gore saying it was "thrilling" without explaining it was as undeserved as his own. Writers Steven Erlanger and Sheryl Gay Stolberg called it a "surprise." For others it shocked and betrayed. Palestinian Muhammad al-Sharif asked: "Has Israel stopped building settlements?...

The Tears of the Sea
12 Oct 2009 - By Flora Nicoletta – Gaza The Gaza Strip has only one beach, but it is long approximately 45 km, from north to south. Golden sand, cafeterias, restaurants, palm shelters, and a summer without end. It is the local riviera, not directly under palm trees, but directly under occupation by remote-control. The Gazans love to go to the beach to eat well, to discuss politics, to dream. On the night, on the horizon, the fishing boats, one close to the other, are lined and lighted to attract their catch. The view is magic: a necklace of light balls puts on the sea. However, it doesn't happen every night. The fishers may be shot at by the Israeli navy or sometimes are forbidden to sail. Moreover, their water space is continuously reduced to the point that today they can only move in a place large like a lake. In Gaza, the sky is on the reverse. Not all the lights we see on the sky of Gaza are stars. Many are satellites and, some, spy satellites. They always are above our heads. The real stars of Gaza are not in the sky, they are shinning on the ground. Among them are poets, musicians, artists, violin players, actors, a few orchestras, some chorals, many dabka groups - the traditional dance, jar-makers, writers, playwrights, film-makers, sculptors, singers of romances and nationalistic songs, young and less young painters, photographers... Composing the living mosaic are also thinkers, designers, a new generation of wonderful architects, intellectuals, university...

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