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Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
For those interested in keeping up with events in Palestine/Israel, there is no better digest than VTJP.

VTJP Archives | VTJP 2009
21 October, 2009


International Middle East Media Center

Sudanese Man Tries To Hijack Egyptian Plane, Demands To Land In Jerusalem
22 Oct 2009 - A Sudanese man flying with EgyptAir flight from Istanbul to Sudan had reportedly threatened the crew with a knife demanding that the plane lands in Jerusalem. 

Israel: “Goldstone report filled with lies”
22 Oct 2009 - Israeli President, Shimon Peres, voiced another harsh condemnation to the report of Judge Richard Goldstone on Gaza war in the period between Dec 27. and Jan. 18. 

Departing Military Commander Calls For Tougher Stances Of Settlers
22 Oct 2009 - The departing Israeli Military Central Command Chief, Maj. Gen. Gadi Shamni, stated Wednesday that Israel should show no toleration to fundamental extremist settlers in the West Bank, and should show zero tolerance for their actions. 

Israeli tanks invaded southern Gaza areas, fighters respond
21 Oct 2009 - A number of Israeli tanks invaded on Wednesday midday areas in Rafah city in southern Gaza, Palestinian fighters clashed with the invading force.

Gaza man dies due to the continued Israeli siege, death toll reaches 361
21 Oct 2009 - A Palestinian man died on Wednesday after he was not allowed to leave the Gaza Strip to get the life saving medical care he needed.

The Israeli military kidnap seven civilians from the West Bank
21 Oct 2009 - The Israeli military kidnapped on Wednesday seven Palestinian civilians from deferent parts of the West Bank.

Ma'an News

Israeli soldiers go unprosecuted
10/21/2009 - Tel Aviv - Ma'an - Mya Guarnieri - News of the recent arrest of an Israeli soldier accused of beating Mohammaed Khatib, secretary of the Bil'in Village Council and a prominent member of Bil'in's Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, was met with little enthusiasm in the Palestinian community. "While I was happy to hear that one of my assailants was arrested," Khatib said, "the real problem is much wider"”the nighttime raids directed against organizers and participants of grassroots protest in Bil'in and other villages; that Israel employs military means against civilians. 28 [Palestinians] have been arrested in Bil'in in the past three months and there has almost always been use of unjustified violence. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only case to have been seriously investigated. " Khatib's response points to a sentiment voiced by both Palestinians and human. . . 

Israeli forces impose curfew on Jayyus
10/21/2009 - Qalqliya - Ma'an - The Israeli military imposed a curfew on the West Bank village of Jayyus, near the city of Qalqiliya, early on Wednesday morning, witnesses said. Residents of the village said that 12 Israeli military vehicles entered the town and declared the curfew over loudspeakers, without giving a specific reason. Sources in the village also reported that Israeli soldiers forced their way into Palestinians' homes, searching them and forcing residents into the street, despite also ordering them to remain inside their homes. At the time of writing the incursion in Jayyous was ongoing. [end] 

Israel to allow coffee, tea into Gaza
10/21/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - Israel has decided to allow coffee and tea into the besieged Gaza Strip starting on Thursday, a Palestinian official said. Nasser As-Sarraj, undersecretary of the Ministry of National Economy said that Palestinian authorities received word from Israel of the change in policy, which apparently removes coffee and tea from a list of banned items. Israel bans imports of hundreds of specific items into Gaza as a part of its blockade of the territory which began in June 2007. The government says the materials are banned for security reasons. The list includes such apparently harmless items as notebooks, pens and pencils, and concrete for construction. Smugglers profit from importing banned goods through underground tunnels from Egypt. In a related development, Israel decided to open its three shipping terminals with Gaza for limited deliveries of supplies, said Palestinian border crossing official Raed Fattouh. 

Israeli forces seize seven West Bank Palestinians
10/21/2009 - Ramallah - Ma'an - Israeli soldiers seized seven Palestinians during a series of nighttime raids in the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority (PA) police and security forces reported on Wednesday. In the village of Birqin, south of Nablus, Israeli troops detained Maher Zuheir Samara, Na'el Sami Samarah, U'beidah Abed-Ar-Rahman Samarah, the police said. Soldiers also raided a number of houses in the Az-Zahed neighborhood in the old city of Hebron, the PA said. One of the houses belonged to Zakarieyah Yaghmur, the report stated. South of Hebron, soldiers entered the town of Adh-Dhahariya, where they raided a house owned by Iyad Shehda Al-Jabarin, the police said. No one was reported arrested there. Soldiers staffing the Al-Hamra military checkpoint, in the northern Jordan Valley, seized four young men after stopping their car. 

Egypt allows medical supplies into Gaza
10/21/2009 - Al-Arish - Ma'an - Egypt agreed on Wednesday to allow a shipment of medical supplies into Gaza through the Rafah crossing, which is normally reserved for passengers, a security official said. An Egyptian security official said that Union of Arab Doctors had delivered seven tons of medical supplies to the crossing. After coordination with Egyptian authorities, the goods were allowed to cross, the source said. "The aid had arrived to Rafah crossing and are being transferred from the Egyptian trucks to the Palestinians ones," the official said. Rafah crossing in normally used for passenger traffic only humanitarian and commercial deliveries from Egypt are usually routed through the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing. With Egypt's cooperation, Israel has maintained a land, sea, and air blockade of the Gaza Strip since June 2007, banning hundreds of vital goods from entering the territory. 

Five Hamas PLC members to be released from Israeli custody
10/21/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - The sentences of four members of the Palestinian Legislative Council will finish on 2 November, the same date the administrative detention sentence of a fifth comes to a close, a prisoners group announced Wednesday. Lawmakers with the Hamas blocHatim Qafisha, Khalil Raba'i, Samir Al-Qadi, and Mahir Badr are set to finish their 42-month terms in prison. They were taken from Ramallah and Hebron in 2006 shortly after Palestinian militant groups in Gaza captures Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. PLC member Mahmoud Al-Khatib from Bethlehem had his three-year sentence extended by six months in May. If the five are released, a further 20 Palestinian lawmakers will remain in Israeli custody. Seventeen of those who will remain in prison are Hamas-affiliated, two belong to Fatah and one with the Popular front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). 

Sixty patients return to Gaza through Rafah, none leave
10/21/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - Egyptian and Palestinian border agents saw the safe passage of 60 patients from the Gaza Strip return to the coastal area following treatment in Egyptian hospitals, medical officials said. Head of Emergency and Ambulance Services in Gaza Muawiyah Hansen said most of the patients were sent out for surgeries that Strip hospitals were unequipped for. All were carried out in Egypt. Patients were, however, not allowed to leave Gaza on Wednesday. The crossing has been open Wednesday and Thursday for the movement of patients since the summer. [end] 

Lahham: Israel can’t hide truth, press freedom rankings show
10/21/2009 - Nablus - Ma'an - In hiding the facts Israel and its news media have lost credibility, Ma'an's Chief Editor Nasser Lahham told journalism students at An-Najah National University in Nablus on Wednesday. The comments came following the release of the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom index for 2009, which dropped Israel to 93 out of 173 countries around the world, down from its ranking of 46 the year before. He spoke at a special session on the impact of Israeli media on world opinion. "Hiding the truth got harder since the 1990s and the development of internet technologies and satellite," Lahham opined to students, "a kid from Nablus can now sit on his computer and broadcast to the entire world what is going on outside his house. " Arab and Palestinian media is ready to spar with Israeli media, Lahham said, "ready to put the facts out to the world. " 

Israeli police don Arab disguise
10/21/2009 - Nazareth - Ma'an - Jonathan Cook - Civil rights groups in Israel expressed outrage at last week's announcement that a special undercover unit of the police has been infiltrating and collecting intelligence on Israel's Arab minority by disguising its officers as Arabs. It is the first public admission that the Israeli police are using methods against the country's 1. 3 million Arab citizens, adopted long ago in the the West Bank and Gaza, where soldiers are regularly sent on missions disguised as Palestinians. According to Israeli National Police Commissioner David Cohen, the unit was established two years ago after an assessment that there was "no intelligence infrastructure to deal with the Arab communit. "  In addition, he said, undercover agents had been operating in East Jerusalem for several years to track potential terrorists. 

Fighters shell Israeli forces near Rafah
10/21/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - A Palestinian armed group said that it shelled Israeli military vehicles on Palestinian territory in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning. The An-Nasser Salah Ad-Din Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, said that it fired three mortar shells at Israeli vehicles near the Kerem Shalom crossing point, in southern Gaza Strip. An Israeli military spokesperson confirmed that three mortar shells landed in Palestinian territory in the area. No damage or injuries were reported. Residents of the area told Ma'an that Israeli forces entered 600 meters from the Green Line border toward the city of Rafah, and there is fear that the forces could proceed farther toward populated areas. The Israeli military offered no comment on whether its forces were operating in the area. 

Israeli media: Gaza projectile hits western Negev
10/21/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - A projectile was reported to have landed in an agricultural zone near the Gaza border fence, Israeli media said Wednesday. The Israeli military said local police had identified the projectile site, but no Palestinian group in Gaza claimed the launch. No injuries or damages were reported, but media sources quoted farmers saying they had heard a loud explosion, and noting that the "Color Red alert system was not activated because the Qassam blew up near the Gaza border fence. "  Earlier in the day the An-Nasser Salah Ad-Din Brigades said that it shelled Israeli military vehicles on Palestinian territory in the southern Gaza Strip. The armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees said that it fired three mortar shells at Israeli vehicles near the Kerem Shalom crossing point. 

Report: Israel bans French foreign minister from Gaza
10/21/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will reject a request by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner to visit the Gaza Strip, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. Kouchner had requested to travel to the Gaza territory during an upcoming visit to Israel and the West Bank, the Israeli daily Haaretz said, quoting an unnamed official. According to the official, Netanyahu sent a message to the French minister saying he could not accede to his request as Gaza's Hamas-controlled government would likely use the visit for positive publicity. On his intended visit to Gaza, Kouchner had planned to visit Al-Quds Hospital, which Israeli forces destroyed the attack on Gaza last winter. France pledged to help rebuild the hospital. Israel had denied similar requests recently from Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana. 

Fayyad: Occupation must end
10/21/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Israel must end its occupation of the West Bank, caretaker Prime minister Salam Fayyad said on Tuesday. Fayyad added that Israel must stop building settlements on Palestinian land, especially in Jerusalem, and must stop invading Palestinian-held territory and closing Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem. He was speaking in the West Bank town of Beit Sahour, at the opening ceremony of a "heritage handcrafts village" at the YMCA. "This project is of a special taste because it reflects the greatness and skillfulness of the Palestinian people which enhances their steadfastness," he said of the project. The project was implemented by the Palestinian Development Foundation in association with the YMCA. Minister of Tourism Khuloud Deibis attended the opening ceremony along with the governor of Bethlehem Abdul-Fattah Hamayil, the mayor of Beit Sahour Hani. . . 

Netanyahu seeks change in laws of war
10/21/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Facing mounting international pressure for an investigation into charges of war crimes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his government on Tuesday to find ways of changing the world's laws that govern warfare. "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the professional bodies within the relevant government ministries to examine the facilitating of an international initiative to change the laws of war in keeping with the spread of terrorism throughout the world," said a statement from Netanyahu's office. "Our challenge is to delegitimize the continuous attempt to delegitimize the State of Israel," Netanyahu told members of his cabinet, according to the statement. "The most important arena where we need to act in this context is in the arena of public opinion, which is crucial in the democratic world. 

In Washington, Erekat says US must denounce Israel
10/21/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an/Agencies - The US is obligated to expose Israel for blocking the resumption of peace negotiations, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said on Tuesday. "When we say that we want to resume permanent status negotiations on all core issues without exceptions, that's also an Israeli obligation," Erekat told reporters outside the State Department in Washington, DC, according to AFP. Erekat was speaking after meeting with US President Barack Obama's Middle East peace envoy, George Mitchell. "So now the Israeli side is trying to project as if they want to negotiate, then we say 'no,'" he was quoted as saying. "And I believe the Americans and other members of the quartet have a responsibility to tell the international community about the side that's implementing its commitments and complying with its commitments and the side that's refusing to comply with its commitments," Erakat also said, according to AFP. 

US vows to join Israel in ’fight against Goldstone’
10/21/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - The US pledged on Tuesday to help Israel combat the Goldstone report documents alleged war crimes committed during the attack on Gaza last winter. This offer to "fight the Goldstone report" came during a meeting between US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice and Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, according to a statement from Peres' office. "It is outrageous that a respected institution like the United Nations provides a platform to spread lies and stories about Israel," Peres told Rice during their closed-door meeting, according to the statement. "We will not tolerate our youth being labeled war criminals. We must do everything to stop the deceptions and wrongs produced by the Goldstone report," he continued. "The United Nations provides a stage for [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmedinejad, who threatens to annihilate Israel, and lets him stand judge. 

PPP propose dropping elections, declaring state
10/21/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - "Lets benefit from the international atmosphere that supports a Palestinian state and urge a unilateral declaration on the borders of a Palestinian state," Secretary General of the Palestine People's Party Bassam As-Salhi said he urged the president Wednesday. As-Salhi said the PPP pitched the idea to President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian National Council head Salim Az-Za'nun, a body made up of PLO and PNC members, as a strategy to confront what he called a "constitutional crisis" of non-unity in the face of failing negotiations with Israel. The plan would see the PLO Central Council called to order on or after 25 October 2009, "the end of the term of the PLC and the Presidency," according to As-Salhi. The Central Council would be asked to form a transitional council out of existing PLC members, and would be in charge of holding elections in all Palestinian. . . 

Gaza police: News about cooking gas crisis just rumors
10/21/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - Field agents with the de facto government's supply office said Thursday that rumors of a cooking gas shortage were unsubstantiated. After receiving several reports on the matter from concerned citizens, officers toured the gas stations of the strip and spoke with owners, who verbally confirmed there was no sign of a shortage or reason to believe one was impending. Numbers substantiated the claims, with a total of 250 tons of the gas transported into the Strip on Tuesday, and another 300 expected Wednesday. The report was not clear whether the supplies were being smuggled in from Egypt, or brought in through the crossings with Israel. [end] 

Tibi to Knesset: Goldstone report turns Israel from victim to criminal
10/21/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Israel is refusing to investigate the Goldstone report because it would transform Israelis from victims to war criminals, Palestinian Member of the Israeli Knesset Ahmed Tibi told fellow members during a parliamentary session on Wednesday. Tibi delivered a speech during the session, angering many of the orthodox representatives only a day after Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak blocked a planned cabinet debate on whether to launch a domestic investigation into allegations of war crimes committed during last winter's offensive on Gaza outlined in the report. "There are some who consider themselves above the law and above the whole world," Tibi said in the Knesset, accusing Israelis of dismissing the international community because they did not like what they read in the Goldstone report. Later writing to Ma'an, Tibi condemned the personal attacks on Justice Richard Goldstone, who headed the fact finding mission and the subsequent report on its findings. 

PA police launch security campaign south of Bethlehem
10/21/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Bethlehem police and security services launched a campaign to seize unregistered vehicles and track down wanted criminals in the southern Bethlehem district town of Bet Fajjar on Wednesday. A total of six Palestinians declared "wanted" by Palestinian Authority police were detained, and 85 unregistered cars confiscated, the police public relations office said following the campaign. The push is one of dozens expected to be implemented across the West Bank over the next few weeks, in what police call a "law and order campaign" designed to reinforce the seriousness of the law in the West Bank. [end] 

PSE increases by 1.01%
10/21/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - The Al-Quds Index increased by 5. 04 points Wednesday, closing at 505. 75, up 1. 01% over Tuesday's close. The trading volume was 222,218 shares executed through 191 tradesof 23 companies for a total value of 414,140. 81 US dollars. The prices of 10 companies rose, and nine declined. The top five gainers were PLAZA by (4. 84%), AHC by (4. 00%), ISBK by (2. 67%), AIG by (2. 56%), PALTEL by (1. 92%). The top five losers PIIC by (4. 76%), ARE by (3. 92%), NCI by (3. 03%), JPH by (2. 79%), UCI by (1. 64%). [end] 

Ha'aretz Defense page

Egypt airline: Hijacker tries to divert Cairo-bound plane to Jerusalem
21 Oct 2009 - Security officials say Sudanese man used knife from in-flight meal to threaten crew members. 

Clinton: Iran must quickly implement uranium deal
21 Oct 2009 - Iran negotiators voice support for deal under which Iran's uranium will be processed abroad. 

International rights group: Hamas must probe attacks on Israeli civilians
21 Oct 2009 - Israel considers pressing war crimes charges against Hamas in international court. 

Eyeing Iran, Israel tests missile defenses with U.S.
21 Oct 2009 - The two-week biennial drill will include a simulation of an Iranian missile attack on Israel. 

Senior Shin Bet official: Hamas completely lost Gaza war
21 Oct 2009 - New report argues group's battle doctrine was proved hollow and failed to cause any real damage to Israel. 

Major U.S.-Israel defense drill to highlight military alliance
21 Oct 2009 - Exercises will test technology that could be used to defend Israel against possible Iranian attack. 

U.S. officer: If Israel strikes Iran, U.S. will likely join
21 Oct 2009 - Former top-ranking U.S. Air Force officer cautions: I don't think Israel can do it alone. 

Top IDF officer warns: Settlers' radical fringe growing
21 Oct 2009 - Over the past two years, the defense establishment has taken a harder line against unruly settlers. 

Israel worried Fatah may resume suicide attacks
21 Oct 2009 - Fatah members have urged followers to use the 'doom's day weapon' employed during the second intifada. 

UN: IDF may have planted spy gear in Lebanon
21 Oct 2009 - UN probe indicates devices planted in 2006 war; IDF: Hezbollah trying to cover up truce violations. 

Family who lost 29 members in Gaza war: We envy the dead
21 Oct 2009 - The Samouni family says Richard Goldstone has finally lent the Gaza offensive victims a voice. 

Why Israel failed in the Gaza war
21 Oct 2009 - The IDF was not actually responsibile for the failure in the 3-week offensive against Hamas. 

Hezbollah vs. Israel: Who has 'real' video of Lebanon blast site?
21 Oct 2009 - Group denounces IDF video of militants removing arms from site as lie, airs clip detailing 'true events.' 

Israel warns of possible terror attacks in India
21 Oct 2009 - Counter-Terrorism Bureau: Terror group behind 2008 Mumbai attack planning further attacks on Israelis. 

Turkey: We foiled al-Qaida plot against Israeli, U.S. targets
21 Oct 2009 - State-run news agency reports 32 suspected militants detained in raids across eight provinces. 


[] Gaza man dies due to the continued Israeli siege, death toll reaches 361
October 21, 2009 - A Palestinian man died on Wednesday after he was not allowed to leave the Gaza Strip to get the life saving medical care he needed. Doctors said that Fareed Abu Odeh, 41 years old, had cancer, they added that his family made all needed documents to leave Gaza to get medical care but the Israeli military...

[] Iran, world powers agree to draft deal on uranium
October 21, 2009 - The head of the world's atomic energy watchdog said Iran and world powers have until Friday to approve a proposed deal to transfer most of Iran's nuclear material abroad to be reformatted for medical purposes. International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei disclosed no details about the draft deal, hammered out over 2 1/2 days of...

[] Another breach in Israel's wall of impunity
October 21, 2009 - ... It may be too early to hope that the Goldstone report will result directly in Israeli leaders facing trial in international courts; there are still too many opportunities for Israel and its backers to block such action. But Goldstone marks another major breach in the wall of Israeli impunity that is slowly but surely crumbling. It...

[] US vows to join Israel in 'fight against Goldstone'
October 21, 2009 - The US pledged on Tuesday to help Israel combat the Goldstone report documents alleged war crimes committed during the attack on Gaza last winter. This offer to "fight the Goldstone report" came during a meeting between US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice and Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem, according to a statement from Peres'...

[] A generation traumatized
October 21, 2009 - Like many other children in the region, 10-year-old Hiba Hammad from the northern Gaza Strip witnessed atrocities by the Israeli army against the population of Gaza during its assault on the coastal strip last winter. Hiba's smiled returned only after four months of intensive psychological therapy at the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution...

[] The Palestine-Israel conflict, Obama's capitulation and a couple of misfits
October 20, 2009 - This year's traditional "silly season" has been... well, exceptionally silly. We've seen Netanyahu make an exhibition of himself in front of the UN with his ignorance of justice and utter disrespect for his neighbours. He may have impressed certain adoring Western leaders but he didn't fool the rest of us. We've seen The Most Powerful Man...

[] Child died in Gaza due to the siege, death toll reaches 360
October 20, 2009- A Palestinian child was announced dead on Tuesday as he was prevented from leaving the Gaza Strip to get life saving medical care he needed. Doctors reported that Tamer Al Sakanni, 13 years old, was suffering from cancer and needed urgent care outside Gaza but the Israeli military refused to grant the boy permission...

[] Palestinian Olives
October 20, 2009 - .. My thoughts wonder to the Palestinians who lost their olive groves to the colonial settlement activity (over 1 million trees have been uprooted). The picture of the old women hugging her tree that was being cut by the Israeli occupiers flashes through my mind. I am reminded of my deceased father during such time. I feel...

October 20, 2009 - This is WAY too funny! Israel, the GREAT "so called" Democracy in the Middle East ranks alongside Iran for freedom of the press. Story below. Wow, Israel is having such a crappy time lately, what with all the war crimes listed in the Goldstone report, then the Zionist AIPAC spies in America, then there was the...

[] Press freedom declines in Iran, Israel
October 20, 2009 - Iran and Israel both drew harsh criticism for their treatment of journalists in 2009 from the press watchdog group Reporters Without Borders. Iran's ranking fell precipitously in the wake of postelection protests that created what Reporters without Borders called "regime paranoia about journalists and bloggers."... Israel sank to 93rd in the ranking, behind other Middle Eastern...

[] Israel Wants International War Laws to Be Changed
October 20, 2009 - Tuesday Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed his government to draft an initiative to amend the international laws of war after the Goldstone report on its war in Gaza. The security cabinet did not, however, discuss calls made by ministers for an internal investigation into the 22-day offensive at the turn of the year that killed...

[] Settlers attack Palestinian family in Sheikh Jarrah, injure seven
October 20, 2009 - The settlers who have recently occupied the house of the Gawi family, forcefully evicted from their home in Sheikh Jarrah on 2 August 2009, launched an attack today on the Palestinians camping outside. According to local sources, seven Palestinians were injured and four arrested. The attack started between 8 and 8.30pm, when a driver of a...

Palestine Telegraph

Rafah Tunnels Provide Lifeline for Gaza
Gaza, October 21, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - Dusty sacks filled with cans of Coca Cola were being loaded onto trucks by young boys, headed for supermarkets in Gaza City. Thousands of motorcycles were lined up on display in a nearby stadium, ranging...

Goldstone Rejects Israel's Protests
USA, October 21, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - UN human rights investigator Richard Goldstone has rejected Israel's claim that the peace process would be harmed by his report on the offensive in Gaza.

Norman Finkelstein, British MPs to discuss future of Palestinian Refugees
London, October 20, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - As the preparations of The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) for the International Conference, UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees; continue, more interest from people is being showed. PRC has received tens of requests from people to join...

Puppets on Road to Jerusalem
Palestine, October 19, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) 'Courage ... courage to movement, courage not to give up, courage to break doors, the courage to overcome barriers, the courage to fly', are words advocated by participants in the march of the road to Jerusalem, organized by...

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow Concludes Visit to Palestine
Palestine, October 19, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - World renowned actress Mia Farrow ended Sunday a six-day mission to the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel. The mission focused on children affected by conflict, UNICEF said in a press release.

The National

US in fresh bid on Palestine stalemate
21 Oct 2009 - Washington's UN ambassador holds talks with senior Israeli officials in the latest bid to end a months-long deadlock. 

Parody of Palestinian anthem an internet hit
21 Oct 2009 - Satirical version criticises leadership and even Palestinians critical of the song admit that it reflects the popular mood.

Egypt to vaccinate Haj pilgrims against swine flu
21 Oct 2009 - The country will vaccinate citizens making the pilgrimage to Mecca against H1N1, Egypt's health minister says.

Egypt's clout may wane as Palestinian peace falters
20 Oct 2009 - Cairo's failure to mediate a deal between Fatah and Hamas could allow regional states such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Syria to take the lead in the area's crucial challenges.

Pressure grows on Israel after Gaza report
20 Oct 2009 - Cabinet split over carrying out an inquiry that would help stave off international efforts to bring the country before a war crimes tribunal.


Israel 'must be serious on peace'
21 Oct 2009 - US ambassador says Israel must decide whether it will pay 'only lip service' to talks.

Israel push to change laws of war
21 Oct 2009 - PM orders officials to step up opposition to calls for Gaza war crimes inquiry.

Draft deal agreed on Iran uranium
21 Oct 2009 - Four powers to consider plan which could see Iran ship nuclear material abroad.

US-Israeli missile war games begin
21 Oct 2009 - US warships help simulate missile attacks on Israel during two weeks of exercises.

Alternative Information Center

Report: Israel’s Policy of Detention Without Trial is Illegal
21 Oct 2009 - 335 Palestinians still being held without trial, 29 of them from 2-5 years continuously In a new report HaMoked and B'Tselem are publishing today (Wednesday, 14.10.09), the organizations severely criticize Israel’s detention of Palestinians without trial....

Palestine News Network

Visitor permits and family reunification frozen as Israelis demand exit of Fateh delegates
21 Oct 2009 - Ramallah / PNN – Israeli Civil Affairs has “frozen until further notice” all visit permits and requests for family reunification. The Israeli government is not talking about the details. Sources indicated that the Israelis were dragging their feet to issue identification cards to those who were allowed reunification during the last batch. Civil Affairs operations are no longer as before, some say.Other sources...

UN's World Food Programme provides school snacks in West Bank and Gaza Strip
21 Oct 2009 - Nablus – The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is to celebrate the launch of the 2009/2010 School Feeding program in the occupied Palestinian territory this Wednesday. WFP's Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Daly Belgasmi, will attend a launch event organized at Al-Huda kindergarten and Asira Shamaleea Boys School in Nablus, West Bank, in the presence of the Palestinian...

Palestinians denied fair access to water: new Amnesty International report to be released next week
21 Oct 2009 - On Tuesday 27 October, Amnesty International will launch an in-depth report on the lack of access to adequate, safe, and clean water for the Palestinian population of the occupied Palestinian territory. Israeli settlers in the oPt are known to have access to several times the water than are Palestinians.The upcoming 112 page Amnesty International report looks at how Israeli water policies have...

An Najah University bans political blocs in upcoming elections, students boycott
20 Oct 2009 - Nablus / PNN - Seven student blocs are boycotting elections at the northern West Bank's An Najah University. The Nablus campus is protesting a university decision to ban political blocs in student elections. The new decision aims to prevent undemocratic practices, says the administration. Students say they have to organize in any fashion they wish.In a statement, the protesters wrote that it is...

Activist returning to Gaza after driving an ambulance last year; this time with tons of medical gear
20 Oct 2009 - A Bristol man who drove an ambulance to Gaza last winter has promised to return this winter, this time with a 32 ton articulated lorry loaded with medical equipment. Sakir Yildirim is aged 40 years. He lives in Fishponds with his wife and three children aged 11years, 8 years, and 1 year. He is well known in his area as a lorry-driver...

Anniversary demonstration in southern Bethlehem to mark four years of popular resistance
20 Oct 2009 - Al Ma’sara – To mark three years of popular resistance in southern Bethlehem’s Al Ma'sara and Umm Salamuna villages, the Popular Committee against the Wall and settlements in Al Ma'sara village is hosting an anniversary march this Friday. Beginning at 1:00 pm the demonstration will leave from the center of Al Ma’sara Village and move to the site of the Wall built...

Womens poetry event hosted by Writers Union in Gaza Strip
20 Oct 2009 - Gaza / PNN – The Writers Union in the Gaza Strip is hosting a women’s poetry evening Wednesday as part of “Jerusalem as Capital of Arab Culture, 2009” events. The General Coordinator of the Activities Committee in the union is urging heavy participation in the event entitled, “Jerusalem in the Minds of the Gazan Poet”. “The event means providing an audience to the...

Jerusalem Post

PMO gets high marks on Gaza evacuees
21 Oct 2009 - Office has taken commendable actions over past few weeks to help settlers, Knesset committee says.

21 Oct 2009 - Former South Africans in Israel are up in arms against Richard Goldstone following his report.

Cotler: Israel should probe Gaza war
21 Oct 2009 - Israel could set international model for such cases, Canada's former justice minister says.

Israel remains largely quiet on Iranian nuclear deal
21 Oct 2009 - Draft agreement would send enriched uranium to Russia for processing; Vilna'i: The deal shows international pressure is working.

Raful's wife objects to east J'lem street after him
21 Oct 2009 - Municipality backs down from plan for commemoration in new Jewish community in Jebl Mukaber.

Barak and Ben-Eliezer reject critiques of their Knesset absences
21 Oct 2009 - Ministers accuse fellow Labor MK and Knesset Ethics C'tee chairwoman Yacimovich of settling party scores in delivering report.

Egypt slams door on Israeli cancer researchers
21 Oct 2009 - Marks second time in less than a week that Egypt has prevented Israelis from entering the country for the purpose of attending a conference.

Gush Shalom seeks to hinder settlers' US fundraising
21 Oct 2009 - Left-wing group calls on American lawyers to stop US non-governmental organizations funding settlements through tax-exempt donations.

Israel to pay October 2000 riot families
21 Oct 2009 - Deal giving Arab families NIS 1.1 m. nullifies future legal claims; settlement pending court approval.


EGYPT: John Simon, "I don’t know where I will be tomorrow"
CAIRO Monday, October 19, 2009 (IRIN) - In the first of a series of interviews with refugees living in Cairo, IRIN spoke to John Simon (not his real name), a 33-year-old Dinka from Southern Sudan, about why he left home, and what prospect he faces in this host country.

GAZA: Farmers struggle with damaged agricultural land
GAZA CITY Thursday, October 15, 2009 (IRIN) - Thousands of Gazan farmers may be unable to replant their crops during the region’s main planting season in October due to agricultural land still damaged by the Israeli offensive at the start of the year, and a lack of agricultural materials like...

EGYPT: Disaster looms for Delta region 
CAIRO Wednesday, October 07, 2009 (IRIN) - Egypt’s Delta region faces a natural disaster of massive proportions by 2020 unless urgent action is taken to better manage scarce fresh water resources and come up with solutions to mitigate the effects of rising sea levels, according to government officials.

Inter Press Service

US-IRAN: Congress Begins Pressing Sanctions Legislation 
WASHINGTON, Oct 16 (IPS) - As the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama prepares for a critical series of talks about the fate of Iran's nuclear programme, Congress has begun moving long-pending legislation to impose new unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

POLITICS-US: Pro-Israel Group's Money Trail Veers Hard Right 
WASHINGTON, Oct 21 (IPS) - StandWithUs - an "organization that ensures that Israel's side of the story is told" - has become increasingly aggressive in challenging the "pro-Israel" credentials of moderate Jewish-American groups, going so far as to suggest that receiving money from Arab donors and supporters of Human Rights...

Stop The Wall

29 days after Mohammad’s arrest still no charges have been laid
21 Oct 2009 - n Monday 19 October 2009, a court hearing at Salem military court, in the Northern West Bank, extended Mohammad Othman’s detention period for another 11 days, failing once again to provide any evidence justifying Mohammad’s arrest. Read more about the conditions of detention and interrogation methods used against Mohammad. [
21 Oct 2009 - More than 150 people attended the weekly demo against the Apartheid Wall. Protestors held signs with the names of the five Nil’in prisoners, and others called for the freedom of the 11,000 other Palestinians held in Israeli jails. Youth marched with their hands tied, imitating the means soldiers use when they arrest Palestinians. Soldiers constantly tried to capture protestors, and jeep mounted launchers showered the area with gas. Soldiers also targeted medical teams, firing tear gas directly at them. [

PCHR Latest

PCHR Welcomes Hamas Decision to Investigate Allegations of War Crimes, Comply With Goldstone Report

PCHR Weekly Report

(08- 14 Oct. 2009), information on boycott, divestment and sanctions
During the reporting period, a Palestinian child of wounds inflicted by IOF earlier this year, and 5 Palestinian civilians, including a child, were wounded by IOF gunfire in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank

International Solidarity Movement

State won’t prosecute officers filmed beating Palestinians
10/21/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - Ha'aretz - Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan rejected an appeal against the decision not to investigate Border Police officers who documented themselves abusing Palestinians. The appeal was filed by the Yesh Din human rights group. Senior deputy to the state prosecutor Nechama Zusman wrote last week on Nitzan's behalf that "the beating in the case was extremely slight and did not cause any actual damage. Therefore, the deputy state prosecutor did not think it was appropriate to intervene in the decision of the Justice Ministry's department for the investigation of police officers to transfer the case to the care of the Israel Police disciplinary department, along with a recommendation to discipline the officers in question. Yesh Din issued a sharp response on Tuesday. The organization's legal adviser, Michael Sfard, wrote to Zusman that, “Your position demonstrates unprecedented tolerance of abuse of people in custody by a person of authority, through the use of violence and humiliation. ”. 

Bil’in villagers appeal Canadian court
10/21/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - The Jerusalem Post - Farmers from Bil'in, 12 km. west of Ramallah, are continuing their efforts in Canada to obtain a court order instructing two building companies registered and domiciled in Quebec to stop all apartment construction on land they maintain belongs to them, a Toronto lawyer representing them said on Tuesday by conference call during a press conference in Jerusalem. The lawyer, Mark Arnold, said that on Monday, he had filed an appeal against the September 18 ruling of Quebec Superior Court Judge Louis-Paul Cullen, dismissing a civil action suit by the plaintiffs on the grounds that the claims should be heard by the High Court of Justice in Jerusalem. The suit was filed against Green Park International Inc. , which were originally slated to build 3,000 housing units in East Matityahu, a neighborhood in the Modi'in Illit settlement. 

Bil’in to welcome members of Shministim at Friday demonstration
10/21/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - The West Bank village of Bil'in will hold a demonstration this Friday, 23 October 2009 at 12pm. Members of Shministim (Hebrew for high school seniors), the Israeli organization of teenagers who refuse to serve in the Israeli Army, will join the weekly Bil'in demonstration this Friday. According to members of the Shministim, "Out of sense of responsibility and concern for the two nations that live in this country, we cannot stand idle. We were born into a reality of occupation, and many of our generation see this as a "natural" state. In Israeli society it is a matter of fact that at 18, every young man and woman partakes in military service. However, we cannot ignore the truth – the occupation is an extreme situation, violent, racist, inhuman, illegal, non democratic, and immoral, that is life threatening for both nations. We that have been brought up on values of liberty, justice, righteousness and peace cannot accept it. 

VIDEO - Peacefully Resisting Occupation: Teen Journalist Arafat Kanaan
10/21/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - Palestine Monitor, 10/12/2009 - In this short video, produced with the support of the NoVA Center For Social Innovation, Palestine Monitor would like to introduce you to Arafat Kanaan: an inspirational 16-year-old non-violent activist and filmmaker from the West Bank village of Ni'lin. Every week, Arafat films as his village non-violently demonstrates against the apartheid wall that Israel is building, a wall which has cut off the village from thousands of dunams of its lands, and which has turned Ni'lin into a ghetto. Arafat has filmed as Israel imposed curfews on the village, staged military incursions, humiliated, beaten and assassinated villagers. During the protests, Arafat films as Israeli soldiers respond to non-violent resistance with teargas cannons, rubber bullets, live ammunition, sound bombs and sewage water. Despite harassment from Israeli soldiers, who broke his camera while he was filming an assassination, Arafat continues to peacefully resist – and expose – life in his village under occupation. 

Israeli army force international activists out of the groves during olive harvest in Kafr Qalil
10/21/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - On Wednesday, 21 October 2009, several international activists accompanied Kafr Qalil farmers for the olive harvest in their land. The olive fields of the village of Kafr Qalil, in the Nablus region, are close to the illegal Israeli settlements of Bracha and Yizhar. During the olive harvest there is a potential threat of settlers coming to the olive fields and harassing the farmers, so the farmers feel safer with an international presence. Today, the soldiers presented documents written in Hebrew and Arabic which they claimed to be an order stating that the area was prohibited for internationals to enter. They said that they would call the police to come and arrest the activists if they did not leave the area. They also threatened to interrupt the harvest and force the farmers to leave their land if the activists came back, and said that this had been done in other areas in the past. 

Leftist gets month in jail for assault
10/21/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - YNet News - The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court sentenced left-wing activist Ezra Nawi to one month in prison, after convicting him of assaulting police officers and rioting during the demolition of illegal structures near South Mount Hebron in July 2007. Nawi was also ordered to pay a fine of NIS 750 (roughly $202), and an additional NIS 500 ($135) compensation to each officer he assaulted. Judge Eilata Ziskind wrote in her ruling that "even if there is a supreme goal, it cannot be used as an excuse to commit offenses. "Nawi said in response that "the court has been permitting the occupation. The punishment doesn't scare me, and neither does the judge. " Ziskind's verdict read, "Freedom of expression is not the freedom to incite and take actions that prevent or disrupt police work - Freedom of expression does not allow for riots, incitement or violence. " 

Ha'aretz Diplomacy page

'London broker owed $20m to Israeli sports exec who killed himself' 
22 Oct 2009 - Two days after former basketball manager Moni Fanan's suicide, the British Serious Fraud Office (SFO) launched on Wednesday an investigation against British Broker Nick Levene who allegedly owed several Israeli investors, as well as Fanan, a total of $330 million. ...

American UN envoy to Israel: Relaunch Mideast talks now
21 Oct 2009 - The Obama administration's ambassador to the United Nations told Israelis on Wednesday that it is not enough just to pay lip service to peace and urged the government to immediately relaunch negotiations, without preconditions, aimed at creating an independent Palestinian state. ...

Solana: EU has closer ties to Israel than potential member Croatia
21 Oct 2009 - Israelis are unaware of the deep relationship their country has with the European Union, Javier Solana, the union's foreign policy chief said Wednesday, adding that his organization's ties with Israel are stronger than those with candidate country Croatia. ...

'U.S. to stand by Israel in the fight against Goldstone report'
21 Oct 2009 - Click here for more on the Goldstone commission report on the Gaza conflict ... 

International rights group: Hamas must probe attacks on Israeli civilians
21 Oct 2009 - Hamas authorities in Gaza should immediately launch a "credible investigation" into allegations of serious violations by its fighters during last winter's Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Wednesday. ...

The Guardian

Lost picture show: the Palestinian Film Archive
21 Oct 2009 - The Palestinian Film Archive was born in 1976 and destroyed just six years later. Sarah Wood went in search of the missing artists and their work I am an artist who works with found footage, making...

Palestinians send Blair a wake-up call | Seth Freedman
21 Oct 2009 - In Hebron, the Quartet's man has had his equivalent of Bush's shoe-throwing assault: it's an unmissable signal of a loss of faith During his visit to a mosque in Hebron, Tony Blair found himself on the...

Israel's missed opportunity | Richard Goldstone
21 Oct 2009 - My mission was determined to investigate war crimes in Gaza fairly. The Israeli government was wrong to shut us out Five weeks after the release of the report of the fact-finding mission on Gaza , there has...

A war crime whitewash | Michael Lerner
21 Oct 2009 - The global choir of ethical cretins who condemn Goldstone's Gaza report do Israel no favours I recently met a leading representative of the foreign ministry of Israel who acknowledged to me "off the record" that Israel...

Video: Tony Blair gets heckled at visit to Ibraheemi mosque in Hebron
20 Oct 2009 - Bodyguards subdued a Palestinian man as he approached Middle East envoy Tony Blair, shouting, 'You are a terrorist'

US scientist charged with attempting to sell military secrets to Israel
20 Oct 2009 - Stewart Nozette, 52, arrested after demanding Israeli passport during FBI sting A former Nasa scientist who helped discover evidence of water on the moon has been charged with attempting to sell Israel secrets about America's military...

Filling up Israel's jails to no avail | Seth Freedman
20 Oct 2009 - The imprisonment of Palestinian activists such as Mohammad Othman aims to curb dissent but it seems to be backfiring The plight of Palestinian activist Mohammad Othman has dominated the agendas of NGOs in the region ever...

FBI arrests US scientist on spying charges
20 Oct 2009 - Stewart David Nozette attempted to pass on secrets to an FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer, say charges A scientist credited with helping discover evidence of water on the moon has been arrested on...

A moral atrocity | Harold Evans
20 Oct 2009 - Judge Goldstone has been suckered into letting war criminals use his name to pillory Israel Aren't the British sickened by the moral confusions of their government? First, we have the weasel words to justify the unjustifiable...

US scientist faces espionage charges
19 Oct 2009 - Man accused of passing classified information to a person he believed was an Israeli intelligence officer A Maryland scientist who worked for the US defence department and other agencies has been arrested on espionage charges. The...

Ha'aretz National page

'If you want to save the planet, the planet doesn't need you'
21 Oct 2009 - "How many people are here because they want to save the planet?" Robert Watson, pioneer of the green building movement, asked a full audience at the 2009 Israeli President's Conference taking place these days in Jerusalem. Most hands are raised to the question. ...

Interior Minister skips immigration debate attended by foreign workers' children
21 Oct 2009 - Minister of Internal Affairs Eli Yishai on Wednesday canceled his attendance at a Knesset hearing on Israel's immigration policies, in light of the fact that children of foreign workers, due to be deported, were to be present. ...

Man indicted for allegedly stabbing mother 66 times
21 Oct 2009 - A Ra'anana man was indicted in the Petah Tikva District Court on Wednesday for the murder of his mother and the attempted murder of his brother. ...

Leftist jailed for 1 month for assaulting police in West Bank
21 Oct 2009 - The Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Wednesday sentenced left-wing activist Ezra Nawi to one month in prison, after convicting him of assaulting police officers during the 2007 evacuation of illegal Palestinian caravans in the southern Hebron Hills. ...

State won't prosecute officers filmed beating Palestinians 
21 Oct 2009 - Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan rejected an appeal against the decision not to investigate Border Police officers who documented themselves abusing Palestinians. ...

Relief Web

Community perspectives on protection: A knowledge, attitudes and practices analysis of Palestinian communities in southern Lebanon
21 Oct 2009 - Source: Danish Refugee Council

Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the CFSP, says Palestinian state should be established along 1967 lines
21 Oct 2009 - Source: European Union

OPT: Israel to allow cofee, tea into Gaza
21 Oct 2009 - Source: Medical Aid for Palestinians

Hamas: Investigate attacks on Israeli civilians
21 Oct 2009 - Source: Human Rights Watch

Press conference by United Nations Rapporteur on Torture
20 Oct 2009 - Source: UN Department of Public Information

OPT: Refugee stories - UNRWA students make a stand against poverty
20 Oct 2009 - Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

YNet News

Israeli official: Bomb threat still alive
21 Oct 2009 - Senior officials in Jerusalem divided over draft agreement on Iran's nuclear program, but agree that threat remains; objectors to deal say Tehran continues to secretly enrich uranium for military aims 

Gaza presents 'Prisoner Radio'
21 Oct 2009 - Radio station dedicated to Palestinians detainees to focus on conveying messages from families 

Would-be hijacker: Take me to Jerusalem
21 Oct 2009 - Knife-wielding man onboard EgyptAir flight dreams of Jerusalem, ends up in Cairo prison cell 

Gaza students stuck in Strip 
21 Oct 2009 - Palestinians say hundreds of scholarship recipients unable to leave due to Israeli siege 

Teenagers rally against army service
21 Oct 2009 - High school seniors who signed letter against army recruitment protest impending arrest of two fellow students refusing to enlist. Protestors in Jerusalem rally in support of bill meant to block draft-evasion on religious grounds 

Qassam rocket explodes in agricultural zone
21 Oct 2009 - No injuries reported in Wednesday evening strike; rocket fired from northern Gaza Strip 

Iran: We won't give in to Western pressure
21 Oct 2009 - Iranian officials involved in nuclear talks temper optimism over draft agreement; Tehran reserves right to shun final agreement, Western media exerting pressure on Iran, one official says 

Departing IDF officer urges 'zero tolerance' to radical Right 
21 Oct 2009 - Outgoing Central Command Chief Gadi Shamni says extreme rightists must be publicly denounced. Settlers: He is the last person to lecture about ethics, democracy 

Daily Star

Human rights group in hot water over Israel criticism
22 Oct 2009 

Iran says Islamabad 'directly responsible' for arresting rebels as UN slams attack
22 Oct 2009 

Jordan mulls sukuk issue to cover part of its deficit
22 Oct 2009 

Palestinian Information Center

Criminals shouldn’t be allowed to investigate themselves
22 Oct 2009 - In its rabid efforts to whitewash the Goldstone report, Israel is likely to carry out another disingenuous probe into its genocidal onslaught against the Gaza Strip

Ministry of detainees: 16 prisoners suffer from cancer in Israeli jails
22 Oct 2009 - The Palestinian ministry of prisoners’ affairs said Wednesday that the number of cancer patients in Israeli jails rose again to 16 prisoners after a new prisoner joined the list.

Abu Obeida: Al-Qassam fully restored the minor damage it sustained in war
22 Oct 2009 - Abu Obeida said that the talk about Israel’s success in destroying the military means of Al-Qassam is totally groundless, noting that the minor damage it sustained during the war were fully restored.

RWB: Israel retreats 47 positions in the international press freedom index
22 Oct 2009 - Reporters Without Borders for press freedoms has declared that israel retreated 47 positions in the RWB international press freedom index for 2009 to occupy the 93rd position.

IOF troops advance east of Rafah
22 Oct 2009 - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) advanced into eastern Rafah city, to the southernmost tip of the Gaza Strip, at noon Wednesday, locals reported.

USA and Israel start biggest joint maneuvers
22 Oct 2009 - The Israeli army on Wednesday started the biggest ever air exercises in cooperation with the American army and the Pentagon's missile defense agency.

Miles of smiles members upset at Egyptian restrictions imposed on their convoy
22 Oct 2009 - A state of discontent prevailed among members of miles of smiles aid convoy after the Egyptian authorities refused to facilitate its entry despite earlier pledges made by Egypt in this regard.

Jewish settlers uproot 20 olive trees, IOF round up more West Bankers
22 Oct 2009 - Jewish armed settlers cut off 20 olive trees in Yatta village, south of Al-Khalil, some of them are 25 years old, local sources said on Wednesday.

IOA still detains 25 MPs
22 Oct 2009 - The international campaign for the release of lawmakers stated Tuesday that there are still 25 Palestinian MPs in Israeli occupation authority (IOA) jails, most of them are affiliated with Hamas.

Israeli troops raid home of Jallad in Jerusalem, steal computers
22 Oct 2009 - An Israeli special force stormed and ransacked for the second time the house of Ihab Al-Jallad, the coordinator of the popular committee of the celebration of Jerusalem as the capital of Arab culture.

Los Angeles Times

Pressure mounts for Afghan election runoff 
20 Oct 2009 - The U.S. urges President Hamid Karzai to accept a U.N.-backed panel's decision to throw out hundreds of thousands of ballots. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says she's encouraged. A United Nations-backed panel Monday tossed out hundreds of thousands of ballots cast in August for Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and independent election observers said the new figures dictated that a runoff election should take place. 

U.S., allies begin talks with Iran on nuclear program 
20 Oct 2009 - The Vienna gathering seeks a deal under which Russia would enrich uranium for Iran. But Tehran says that if talks fail, it will accelerate its enrichment capabilities. Iran threatened to accelerate its uranium enrichment capabilities if talks with world powers that began Monday in Vienna don't yield a compromise on an international plan to provide materials for Tehran's nuclear program. 


Report: Israel’s Policy of Detention Without Trial is Illegal
Alternative Information Center - 21 Oct 2009 - 335 Palestinians still being held without trial, 29 of them from 2-5 years continuously In a new report HaMoked and B'Tselem are publishing today (Wednesday, 14.10.09), the organizations severely criticize Israel’s detention of Palestinians without trial. The report states that the policy of extensive detentions breaches...

Grubby attacks on J Street
Mondoweiss - 21 Oct 2009 - Truly weird post by Marty Peretz calling J Street a "circle jerk" of cranks, and hurling Yiddish curses at Jim Traub of the New York Times. Sad and pathetic, suggests he’s really delaminating. Meantime, Dan Fleshler boldly defends J Street against the Israelis: Haaretz columnist Anshel...

More half-cocked redbaiting of J Street
Mondoweiss - 21 Oct 2009 - The "red-baiting"of J Street continues. From ZOA . Note that they don’t have their facts straight, and don’t care either: According to [West Bank colonist]… Lenny Ben-David, writing in Pajamas Media, [J Street executive director] Ben Ami served as senior vice-president of Fenton Communications which, in March...

Trying to rationalize Israel’s bar on intermarriage. No can do
Mondoweiss - 21 Oct 2009 - Haviv Rettig Gur attacks me for picking up Shlomo Sand’ s statement that intermarriage is banned in Israel legally. His attack begins with this rather unpersuasive statement: "The basic fact is true, but the social, historical and moral reality behind it is missing." There is no...

Israeli refusers follow South African footsteps in the struggle against apartheid
Mondoweiss - 21 Oct 2009 - Shministim are conscientious objectors. We are Israeli high-school graduates who refuse conscription into the military, and are repeatedly imprisoned as a result. We will not take part of the occupation of another people, the Palestinians, particularly when doing so goes against human values and cannot be...

Attack dog on J Street is– no surprise– a colonist on West Bank!
Mondoweiss - 21 Oct 2009 - MJ Rosenberg reports on Lenny Ben-David , who is leading the smear campaign against J Street, which is being sponsored by the Zionist Organization of America . Which is a big supporter of the illegal colonies in the West Bank. Rosenberg: At AIPAC, Lenny was in charge of...


Electronic Intifada
Israeli intelligence pose as Arabs to spy on citizens
21 Oct 2009 - Civil rights groups in Israel have expressed outrage at the announcement last week that a special undercover unit of the police has been infiltrating and collecting intelligence on Israel's Palestinian Arab minority by disguising its officers as Arabs. Jonathan Cook reports. 

A generation traumatized
21 Oct 2009 - Like many other children in the region, 10-year-old Hiba Hammad from the northern Gaza Strip witnessed atrocities by the Israeli army against the population of Gaza during its assault on the coastal strip last winter. Hiba's smiled returned only after four months of intensive psychological therapy at the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution. Rami Almeghari reports from the occupied Gaza Strip. 

Don't conflate liberalism with leftism
21 Oct 2009 - I felt the need to point out a rather significant confusion of terms to be found in Joseph Shahadi's review of Steven Salaita's The Uncultured Wars: Arabs, Muslims and the Poverty of Liberal Thought , published by The Electronic Intifada on 15 October: that of conflating liberalism with leftism. 

Another breach in Israel's wall of impunity
21 Oct 2009 - It may be too early to hope that the Goldstone report will result directly in Israeli leaders facing trial in international courts; there are still too many opportunities for Israel and its backers to block such action. But Goldstone marks another major breach in the wall of Israeli impunity that is slowly but surely crumbling. Hasan Abu Nimah comments. 

In Gaza
dignified beyond losses
18 Oct 2009 - *Mahmoud Musleh: “I’ve had three main things destroyed by Israeli forces: a tile factory on Sikka street (northern Beit Hanoun), another tile factory on Salah el Din street (Beit Hanoun), and the water well on my land. My olive trees have been bulldozed many times by Israeli forces. I’m 70 years old and now I have nothing, like when I was 16.” *Mohammed Zaneen [eastern Beit Hanoun]: “I had 11 dunams of olive trees, bulldozed by the Israeli army. I used to earn well over US$11,000 from the olives. Now my oldest trees are just 4 years old and produce only a meagre amount. We also have bees. When there...

Palestine Chronicle
The Return of Jeremiah Wright
21 Oct 2009 - By William A. Cook 'There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices, more shocking and bloody than are the people of these United States, at this very hour.' (Frederick Douglass, 'What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July,' 1852) One hundred and forty seven years ago that charge was leveled at the United States by a former slave who judged America’s actions since its founding against the principles that this nation presented to the world as the basis for its existence: the rights of humans to self governance, to life, to liberty, and to happiness. These are his words as he addressed his fellow citizens on the 4th of July: “… your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; … your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your sermons and thanksgivings … mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy—a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages.” Today, what has changed? True, we no longer sell humans like cattle in our town squares, no longer confine slaves to the whips of overseers, no longer create unjust laws to discriminate those we find inferior, no longer subdue our fellow humans with force of chains or cudgel or hose or noose, not here, not in these United States. But today America is not confined to an east coast or a west coast; today America occupies Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine and under International Law must...

Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism
21 Oct 2009 - By M. Shahid Alam Why is an economist writing a book on the geopolitics of Zionism? This is easily explained. I could have written a book about the economics of Zionism, the Israeli economy, or the economy of the West Bank and Gaza, but how would any of that have helped me to understand the cold logic and the deep passions that have driven Zionism? Zionism is a historic movement that emerges from the guts of Europe’s turbulent history. It is propelled by the dialectical interactions between two intertwined streams of Western civilization, the Jewish and Christian. And, as it has unfolded, Zionism has brought both these Western streams into a dangerous collision with the Islamicate. It would not be easy squeezing this tragic history into an economic model or a set of econometric estimations. In my capacity as an ‘economist’ too, Zionism, at its core – as an exclusionary settler colonialism – was scarcely a strange beast. I began grappling with colonialism as a graduate student. In one of the three essays that I wrote for my PhD dissertation, I used the tools of economics to explain why the free trade that the British imposed on India in the nineteenth century had led to its pauperization. A decade later, after I had secured ‘citizenship’ in the department of economics at Northeastern University, I returned to this subject again. In several articles, leading to a book, Poverty from the Wealth of Nations, I examined the theory, history, and evidence on...

Israeli Police Don Arab Disguise
21 Oct 2009 - By Jonathan Cook - Nazareth Civil rights groups in Israel have expressed outrage at the announcement last week that a special undercover unit of the police has been infiltrating and collecting intelligence on Israel's Arab minority by disguising its officers as Arabs. It is the first public admission that the Israeli police are using methods against the country's 1.3 million Arab citizens that were adopted long ago in the occupied territories, where soldiers are regularly sent on missions disguised as Palestinians. According to David Cohen, the national police commissioner, the unit was established two years ago after an assessment that there was "no intelligence infrastructure to deal with the Arab community". He said that, in addition, undercover agents had been operating in East Jerusalem for several years to track potential terrorists. Israel's Arab leaders denounced the move as confirmation that the Arab minority was still regarded by the police as "an enemy" - a criticism made by a state commission of inquiry after police shot dead 13 unarmed Arab demonstrators inside Israel and wounded hundreds more at the start of the second intifada in 2000. In a letter of protest to Israeli officials this week, Adalah, a legal rights group, warned that the unit's creation violated the consitutional rights of the Arab minority and risked introducing "racial profiling" into Israeli policing. Although the police claim that only Arab criminals are being targeted, Arab leaders believe the unit is an expansion of police efforts to collect information on political activists, escalating...

Netanyahu Needs to Explain His Intentions
21 Oct 2009 - By George Hishmeh This was clearly illustrated at the recent meeting in Geneva of the UN Human Rights Council which endorsed a report that details evidence of war crimes committed by the Israeli army (and Hamas) during its assault on Gaza last December. Of the 47 members of the Human Rights Council, only 6 countries opposed the report, namely the United States, Italy, The Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia and the Ukraine, while 25 others supported it, 11 abstained and 5 cast no vote. The Council particularly chastised Israel - not Hamas - for failing to cooperate with the UN mission, led by the highly respected South African jurist, Richard Goldstone. Taher Al Nono, spokesman of the Hamas government in Gaza, said Hamas would investigate the recommendations of the report. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised a lengthy diplomatic battle to "delegitimise" the UN charges. Writing in Real Clear World, a blog, Goldstone elaborated last Saturday his stance on the Council's action, explaining that he was motivated to undertake the Gaza mission because he was "a Jew who supported Israel and its people all my life." He recalled that he had investigated "serious violations of international law in his own country, South Africa, and in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda as well as cases of "fraud and theft by governments and political leaders ... in connection with the UN Iraq Oil for Food programme." He had also pointed out that he had spoken on behalf of the International Bar Association against human...

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