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Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
For those interested in keeping up with events in Palestine/Israel, there is no better digest than VTJP.

VTJP Archives | VTJP 2009
15 November, 2009


International Middle East Media Center

Netanyahu: “Israel Would Respond To Any Unilateral Palestinian Political Maneuvers”
IMEMC 15 Nov 2009 - Monday November 16, 2009 - 00:15, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned on Sunday that Palestinian unilateral moves, especially a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State, would push Israel to make similar unilateral moves, and added that this issue would not boost the peace process.

Farmer Wounded By Israeli Fire In Northern Gaza
IMEMC 15 Nov 2009 - Sunday November 15, 2009 - 11:06, Palestinian medical sources reported Sunday that a farmer was wounded by Israeli fire east of Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Lieberman: “Establishing A Palestinian State Would Not End The Conflict”
IMEMC 15 Nov 2009 - Sunday November 15, 2009 - 01:00, Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, stated Saturday evening that establishing a Palestinian state does not mean an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but “would get the conflict closer to Israel’s border”.

Abbas-mubarak To Meet Wednesday
IMEMC 15 Nov 2009 - Sunday November 15, 2009 - 00:40, Nimir Hammad, advisor to the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated Saturday that President Abbas and his Egyptian counterpart, Hosni Mubarak, will be holding a meeting in Cairo next Wednesday November 18.

African Man Killed By Egyptian Fire, Three Wounded
IMEMC 15 Nov 2009 - Sunday November 15, 2009 - 00:36, Egyptian border guards opened fire on Saturday at four African men trying to infiltrate into Israel from an area 5 kilometers away from the Salem terminal.

No Independence Holiday for Gaza Schools
IMEMC 15 Nov 2009 - Friday November 13, 2009 - 22:13, The Palestinian Ministry of Education in Gaza stated Friday evening that Independence Day, Sunday November 15, will be an ordinary school day, but Gaza schools would designate the first two classes to the occasion.

Ma'an News

Medics: Gaza farmer wounded by Israeli fire
11/15/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - A Palestinian farmer was injured by Israeli fire east of the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday, medics said. According to medical sources at Beit Hanoun Hospital, the farmer sustained several gunshot wounds in both feet while he was tending his land. Local sources in Beit Hanoun identified the farmer as 28-year-old Mahmoud Za'anin. In a separate incident, a Palestinian bird hunter was injured east of the Erez border crossing with Israel. According to Hussein Hammad, a researcher for the for Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights in Gaza, Israeli forces shot 28-year-old Amjad Hussein and injured him in the back. Meanwhile, the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) claimed responsibility on Sunday for shooting at an Israeli tractor driver near the Sufa border terminal in the southern Gaza Strip. 

Hebron: Demolition notices delivered to nine families
11/15/2009 - Hebron - Ma'an - Israeli forces distributed demolition warrants to nine Palestinian families from the Al-Hathalin area south of Hebron, near the Karmiel Israeli settlement. According to local resident Imad Al-Hathalin, the families in question recently sent letters to caretaker Prime Minister Salam Fayyad asking for his intervention to stop the demolitions from proceeding. Al-Hathalin explained that the demolition notices included residential homes and a chicken den. [end] 

Israeli forces detain 252 Palestinian workers
11/15/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Israeli border guards detained and deported 252 Palestinians working without the required permits in Israel during the weekend, it was reported on Sunday. The Palestinians arrested for residing and working in Israel illegally have been transferred to the West Bank. Sixteen Israeli employers were also detained and questioned on charges of hiring Palestinian workers without the required permits. [end] 

Report: US diplomats held up at checkpoint
11/15/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Israeli soldiers manning new USAID-funded military checkpoint held up a convoy of US Consulate vehicles for several hours on Sunday, the Hebrew-language daily newspaper Maariv reported. The incident was apparently sparked when the diplomats refused to submit to a search, which Israeli soldiers were demanding at the new Jalamah crossing, which opened this week. Soldiers shut down the crossing, causing a major traffic buildup, while senior officials from the Israeli Defense Ministry and local police were summoned over the incident, Maariv reported, adding that the Americans had refused to identify themselves. According to the newspaper, the soldiers guarding the checkpoint attempted to explain that they wanted only to search the Palestinian drivers, but all parties continued to refuse on principle until the US Embassy in Tel Aviv convinced their colleagues to show ID. 

Gaza: cooking gas crisis continues
11/15/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - Israeli authorities prohibited the transfer of cooking gas into the besieged Gaza Strip on Sunday, while limited quantities of industrial diesel will be shipped through the Kerem Shalom crossing, according to Muhammad Abadla, spokesman for the Gaza union of gas stations owners. On Friday the head of the union, Mahmoud Ash-Shawwa, stated that cooking gas stations had been closed because Israel had not allowed any in for 25 days. He appealed to caretaker Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to contact Israel and the international Quartet to persuade Israeli authorities to resume shipping cooking gas into Gaza. The cooking gas crisis in Gaza started approximately onemonth ago when Israeli authorities decided to use the Kerem Shalom crossing to transport cooking gas instead of the usual Nahal Oz fuel terminal. 

Gaza: Two crossings sealed
11/15/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - Israeli authorities have permitted the Kerem Shalom crossing to be opened to allow food into the besieged Gaza Strip on Sunday, according to a Palestinian crossing official. Raed Fattouh, a border crossings official, said both the Nahal Oz and Karni crossings with Israel would remain closed. The Kerem Shalom crossing, he said, would allow the delivery of between 82-92 trucks carrying commercial merchandise and humanitarian aid. Fifteen trucks will be carrying 550 calves, he added. [end] 

Ibrahimi Mosque open to Muslims after two-day closure
11/15/2009 - Hebron - Ma'an - Israeli authorities reopened the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron to Muslim worshippers on Sunday morning after closing it for two days for Jewish holidays. This was the tenth closure of the mosque this year. Closures of the mosque to Muslims began upon recommendations of the Shamgar Commission of Inquiry into the 1994 Hebron massacre, in which Baruch Goldstein, an ultra-Orthodox Israeli-American settler entered the mosque during dawn prayer and opened fire at the worshippers killing 29 and injuring dozens. The same committee recommended that Palestinians in Hebron be banned from using some major streets in its old city. Dozens of shops were also closed to Palestinians for the stated purpose of providing protection for Israeli settlers who occupy Palestinian houses there. 

Egypt security ’shuts down four Gaza tunnels’
11/15/2009 - Al-Arish - Ma'an - Egyptian security forces shut down a large smuggling operation on the border with the besieged Gaza Strip on Saturday night, a security source told Ma'an. The Egyptian source explained that security officers discovered and shut down four smuggling tunnels. Three of the tunnels were discovered in an open area, while the opening of the forth tunnel was discovered inside an Egyptian home, the source added. Large quantities of merchandise were seized in the operation as well as a minibus which was allegedly used for delivering goods to the tunnels, the official stated. Smugglers operate a large network of tunnels along the Gaza-Egypt border, using them to import a wide range of goods made scarce in Gaza by an Israeli-led blockade which began in 2007. 

Journalist said attacked as ultra-Orthodox protest Intel
11/15/2009 - Jerusalem - Ma'an - Ultra-Orthodox Jewish demonstrators attacked a Palestinian photojournalist and damaged his car in Jerusalem on Saturday, he told Ma'an. Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Israelis demonstrated against work taking place on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, in front of a new plant opened by microchip giant Intel in West Jerusalem. The photographer Ata Uweisat said he was assaulted when he tried to cover the protest. Israeli police surrounded and dispersed the demonstrators, Uweisat added. The protesters chanted slogans denouncing the police as also desecrating the Sabbath. According to The Associated Press, around 1,000 protesters, clad in traditional black coats, and hats banged on the door of the plant chanting "Shabbes! Shabbes!" "” the Yiddish word for Sabbath. Similar demonstrations have taken place every saturday since the Israeli-controlled Jerusalem Municipality. . . 

Human rights association robbed in Gaza
11/15/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - Unidentified assailants broke into the offices of the Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights in Gaza City and stole several items, director of Al-Dameer Khalil Abu Shammala said on Sunday. Abu Shammala asserted that the incident was not a robbery, but rather an attempt to steal data concerning the association. He refused to accuse any particular association or person. According to Abu Shammala, the assailants stole two computers and the memory stick of a digital camera,pointing out that more valuable assets were not stolen, proving that the assault was not a robbery, he said during a telephone interview. "The door was opened seemingly using a special tool," Abu Shammala said. Abu Shammala called on the de facto government to reveal the assailants, describing the assault as "piracy against a national foundation. 

UN says stunted growth less prevalent in Palestine
11/15/2009 - Dubai - IRIN - An estimated 200 million children aged under five in the developing world suffer from stunted growth due to maternal and childhood undernutrition, according to a new UNICEF report. "Stunting is associated with developmental problems and is often impossible to correct. A child who is stunted is likely to experience a lifetime of poor health and underachievement," a UNICEF statement on 11 November said. In the Middle East, the occupied Palestinian territories have a stunting prevalence of 10 percent, a surprisingly better result than other, far wealthier neighbors, which have the following scores: Egypt - 29, Iraq - 26, Jordan - 12, Kuwait - 24, Lebanon - 11, Oman - 13, Saudi Arabia - 20, Syria - 28, UAE - 17, Yemen - 58. This item comes to you via IRIN, the humanitarian news and analysis service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. 

Police free kidnapped man in East Jerusalem
11/15/2009 - Jerusalem - Ma'an - Palestinian police and clan dignitaries successfully freed on Sunday a kidnapped clerk working at Al-Quds Open University in Al-Eizariyya, East Jerusalem, hours after his abduction. Palestinian police media office reported that the man was kidnapped by three young men at gunpoint. He was taken to the nearby village of As-Sawahira and detained inside a home. The abducted man was beaten by his kidnappers, according to the police report. During interrogations, the abducted man, whose name has yet to be revealed, said he was kidnapped over a financial dispute with the abductors. [end] 

PA security forces discover artillery shells in Hebron
11/15/2009 - Hebron - Ma'an - PA security forces in Hebron discovered artillery shells left by the Israeli army, in the town of Ithna, southern West Bank. The media office for the police department said in a report that, "after receiving information from the residents regarding these shells in the area of Wadi Resha, a group of the PA forces moved to the scene where they secured the area, keeping the residents from the shells so as not to be hurt. " The report added that these artillery shells were left behind by the Israeli army, one of which measured 110 centimeters lengthwise and weighed 80 kilogram, another measuring 85 centimeters with a weight of 50 kilograms. The security forces were able to handle the shells without causing injuries or damages. The media office urged residents to inform the police department in the event of discovering any artillery shells in the area. 

EU parliament briefed on jailed PFLP leader
11/15/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - A member of the European Parliament has urged the EU to follow up on the case of Ahmad Sa'adat, the jailed secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). In a statement, the PFLP said Greek MEP Nikos Hountis of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) asked on Thursday that the European Commission look into Sa'adat's case, as well as others in Israeli jails. "Sa'adat has been imprisoned since 2006," Hountis told the assembly. "He is being held in a special unit of solitary confinement in the Ramon prison, where he is deprived from fundamental human rights. "Hountis said Sa'adat was banned from visits by members of his family or by his lawyer and communication with fellow prisoners is prohibited. His private belongings have been confiscated, and he is obliged to go to the yard handcuffed, he added. 

Abbas: Palestinians embody independence
11/15/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - Independence is already a reality embodied in the Palestinian people's lives, actions, and accomplishments, President Mahmoud Abbas said in a written message commemorating Palestine Independence Day on Sunday. Sunday is the anniversary of the 1988 Declaration of Independence by the Palestinian National Council (PNC), which met in exile in Algeria. The announcement declared a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza with Jerusalem as its capital. With a Palestinian state still an unrealized dream, Abbas in his message said that all countries and international forces "that support freedom, justice, and peace" back the Palestinian struggle. He urged the peoples of the world to redouble their efforts to support the Palestinian people and help them achieve independence and get rid of occupation. 

Sarkozy offers summit to break peace process stalemate
11/15/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - French President Nicolas Sarkozy discussed an offer last week to sponsor an international summit in Paris to overcome the stalemate in the Middle East peace process, according to Israeli media on Sunday. The offer was first suggested by the French president during his appointment on Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, then to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Syrian President Bashar Assad, it was reported. According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, neither Abbas nor Netanyahu rejected Sarkozy's submission. However, it was reported that the US administration's stance on the proposed summit remained ambiguous. During Sarkozy's meeting with Netanyahu, the French president put forward a number of suggestions to assist in the resumption of negotiations, including the proposed international summit to be attended by Abbas, Jordan's King. . . 

Clinton: Rabin’s death prevented peace
11/15/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an/Agencies - Israel and the Palestinians would have concluded a peace deal within three years had former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin not been assassinated, former US President Bill Clinton said on Saturday. "In the last 14 years, not a single week has gone by that I did not think of Yitzhak Rabin and miss him terribly," Clinton told a VIP gathering at Israel's Yitzhak Rabin Center in Tel Aviv, according to The Associated Press. "Nor has a single week gone by in which I have not reaffirmed my conviction that had he not lost his life on that terrible November night, within three years we would have had a comprehensive agreement for peace in the Middle East," he added. Rabin was assassinated by an ultra-right wing Israeli in November 1995. Clinton also urged the two sides to renew negotiations and end their conflict, arguing that they cannot avoid a common future. 

Report: Mitchell to return to Israel
11/15/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - US special envoy George Mitchell will visit Israel soon to continue his efforts to restart peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli radio reported on Sunday. The report quoted sources at Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's office saying that US President Barack Obama's administration is not at present exerting any pressures on Israel to restart peace talks. The source explained that the US wouldn't pressure Israel after the Israeli government announced readiness to restart negotiations without any preconditions, while the Palestinian side insists on a settlement freeze as a condition for talks. After numerous visits to the region in the 10 months since Obama took office, Mitchell's diplomacy has not produced tangible steps toward renewing negotiations. 

Fayyad defends Palestinian ’unilateralism’
11/15/2009 - Ramallah - Ma'an - Palestinians are determined to build state institutions in preparation for statehood, caretaker Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said in Ramallah on Sunday. Speaking alongside US officials, he dismissed Israeli concerns as irrelevant. "They're talking about unilateralism, to which we reply - yes, building state institutions state is our responsibility and we embrace it," Fayyad said. "A Palestinian state will be established, so long as Palestinians want it, which they do, as it is their natural right to live in a homeland," he added. "This isn't dangerous, although everyone knows, as our people know, that the road is long and not of roses. "Prior to his remarks, Fayyad briefed US officials, including members of its Congress, on his plan for building a state within two years. But he said "Israeli stubbornness" was getting in the way, and urged the country. . . 

Egypt won’t change unity proposal
11/15/2009 - Gaza - Ma'an - There are no plans for Egypt to either re-discuss the reconciliation proposal, or make amendments, Palestinian sources said on Sunday. The sources added, quoting Egyptian officials, that the proposal is ready and efforts will be made to get all sides to sign it. Walid Al-Awad, senior Palestinian People's Party leader, remarked, "We don't have any information about resuming dialogue after the Muslim Eid Al-Adha, and the current indicators are not reassuring in light of the tit-for-tat media incitement by rivals. " Al-Awad explained that rigorous efforts have been undertaken to convince Hamas to sign the Egyptian proposal without any changes to its content. He highlighted that too many remarks criticizing the proposal or adding amendments may threaten losing the accomplishments so far achieved. 

PA security carries out Area C crackdown
11/15/2009 - Ramallah - Ma'an - Various branches of the Palestinian Authority's security forces launched a wide-scale security campaign in the southern villages of Ramallah in the central West Bank, the PA said on Sunday. Following complaints lodged by several locals, Palestinian National Security Commander Thiab Al-Ali gave directives to the Ramallah contingent to carry out a security operation in the villages of Jammala, Deir Ammar, and Beitelu south of Ramallah. The crackdown resulted in 22 arrests and the demolition of 67 unregistered cars. Area C is known for the business of selling stolen or imported cars - an area where Palestinian security forces have limited access. The campaign follows PA efforts to impose law and order in areas classified Area C under the Oslo Accords with full Israeli military control. 

PA, Hamas officials meet in Mecca
11/15/2009 - Mecca - Ma'an - Officials from the rival Gaza and West Bank Palestinian governments held talks in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where they were performing the Muslim Hajj pilgrimage. Several Hamas officials from Gaza visited Mahmoud Al-Habbash, the minister of waqf and religious affairs in the Ramallah government, in the dormitory for Palestinian pilgrims in Mecca. The Hamas delegation included Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad, government spokesman Taher An-Nunu, and labor ministry official Hasan As-Seifi. In February 2007 Saudi brokers brought Hamas and Fatah together in Mecca to sign the agreement that established the last unity government. The Mecca agreement collapsed when, fearing a Fatah coup, Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007. 

Hebron wind energy project launches website
11/15/2009 - Bethlehem - Ma'an - An EU-funded project to supply the biggest health facility in the West Bank with 40 percent of its power through wind energy is launching its official website. The Al-Ahli Hospital Wind Energy Project (AWEP) launched the new site to raise awareness about renewable energy and to highlight environmental problems, an official said. Launching the site, project manager Eng. Mohammed Tamimi said "the European Union is funding this pioneer project in the Palestinian territory for the benefit of the Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron, aiming to help and develop countries and organizations in their efforts to manage the environment and natural resources. " This website will help by raising awareness among public institutions and individuals about the importance of alternative energy sources and renewable energy, the European Commission said in a statement, and by encouraging. . . 

Ha'aretz Defense page

Netanyahu: If Palestinians act unilaterally, so will Israel
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - PM tells Saban Forum there is no substitute for talks, appeals to Palestinians to negotiate at once. 

Report: Missing Iran general abducted by Mossad, being held in Israel
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Iranian website: Ali-Reza Asgari taken to Israel to get information about Iran nuclear program, Ron Arad. 

Iran MP: We could produce our own missile defense system
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Lawmaker says Iran will soon be able to produce system if Russia does not deliver S-300 air defense missiles. 

IDF Chief Rabbi: Troops who show mercy to enemy will be 'damned'
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Brig. Gen. Rontzki also tells yeshiva students that religious individuals made better combat troops. 

IDF chief: Army open to looking into Goldstone claims
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Ashkenazi says Israel must explain the war's justice as it is possible we will be forced to act again in Gaza. 

ANALYSIS / Next round of Gaza hostilities will be more intense
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - To halt rocket fire, IDF will have to combine massive firepower with deployment of ground forces. 

Hamas: Israel fabricating pretext for new Gaza war
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Spokesman says IDF report of Hamas test-firing rocket is intended to cover up 'previous crimes' in Gaza. 

IDF Chief: Israel will fight in Gaza again if needed
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Hamas tells Red Cross: Israel planning another war in Gaza'; Palestinian militant killed by IDF at border. 

IDF troops kill Palestinian militant at Gaza border
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Gaza militants fire rocket into south Israel; Palestinian arrested over bid to stab cop near Temple Mount. 

Olmert: Groups using Goldstone Gaza report to attack us are 'hypocritical'
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Former PM, who launched Gaza offensive condemned in UN report, says Israel must continue fighting terror. 

Brazil to buy $350 million worth of drones from Israel
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - The deal was signed during President Peres' official visit to Brazil, but negotiations began months ago. 

Israel shows papers linking Iran to seized 'Hezbollah arms ship'
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Iran urges Russia: Ignore Israeli pressure, deliver S-300 missiles are capable of shooting down warheads. 

U.S. accuses Iran of arms shipments to Hezbollah
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - U.S. raises issue of arms shipments to Security Council; UN: Both sides violating UN Resolution 1701. 

IDF to Palestinians: Bring forth Gaza war complaints
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - IDF chief says criminal investigation division along with five committees now probing 45 Palestinian complaints. 

Alleged Jewish terrorist to be charged with murdering two Palestinians
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Yaakov Teitel arrested a month ago on suspicion of murder, involvement in several murders and bomb plots. 

IDF Chief: Hezbollah has rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - IDF chief says calm is 'misleading - Beyond the fences the terror groups are gaining strength.' 

Most advanced, expensive fighter jet headed to Israel
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - The U.S. is scheduled to respond next week to Israel's request for 25 F-35 stealth fighter jets. 

Outpost residents finally admit IDF official issuing demolition order
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Police negotiating with residents of unauthorized community, Givat Asaf, who refuse to accept decree. 

Lebanon source: Israel working with Islamists to hurt Hezbollah
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Lebanese official says Katyusha fired last month was arranged with Israel, to make Hezbollah take blame. 

Report: Hezbollah rearming for imminent conflict with Israel
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - The British Observer quotes a Hezbollah commander as saying they expect an Israeli attack by spring. 


[] Norwegian doctor: Israel terrorist state
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - Dr. Mads Gilbert has accused Israel of being a "terrorist state" led by losers, whose natural place is in prison after standing trial at the international court of justice for their crimes against the Palestinian people. The Norwegian doctor told Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper published on Sunday in London that he supported the Palestinian people's right of...

[] Israeli PM threatens unilateral moves as Palestinians seek UN recognition of statehood
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday warned that his country would respond with its own unilateral moves to any unilateral steps by the Palestinians, reported local daily Ha'aretz. Speaking at a peace forum in Jerusalem, Netanyahu issued the warning in his first public response to a bid of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to request...

[] Palestinians to ask UN to endorse independent state
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - The Palestinian authorities are preparing to ask the UN Security Council to endorse the independent Palestinian state, the chief Palestinian negotiator has said. "Under the initiative of the head of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization seeks to enlist support of Arab states, Europe, Russia, China and other...

[] Humanity Targeted in Gaza
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - ... There is perhaps no theater of war in a more urban setting than the Gaza Strip. As one of the most densely populated spots on the planet, Gaza is precisely the type of place laws of war were meant to protect civilians. It becomes comical then to even consider the notion put forward by Israeli Prime...

[] Barack Obama and the Failure of the Peace Process
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - ... As remarkable as Obama's Cairo speech was, no less remarkable was the speed of Obama's retreat from its lofty rhetoric when confronted with political realities. Under the leadership of newly re-cycled right wing hardliner Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, Israel predictably responded to Obama's demand by raising its middle finger to Israel's only remaining benefactor, by authorizing the...

[] 10-year-old Palestinian boy jailed for 11 hours
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - Hussam Faisal Muhana, 10, heeded the calls made on Saturday over the loudspeakers throughout his village of Deir al-Ghusun near Tulkarem encouraging residents to participate in a demonstration against the separation fence. Together with other children and youth from the village, he went to the demonstration. The children threw stones at the security forces that clashed...

[] Hebron: Demolition notices delivered to nine families
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - Israeli forces distributed demolition warrants to nine Palestinian families from the Al-Hathalin area south of Hebron, near the Karmiel Israeli settlement. According to local resident Imad Al-Hathalin, the families in question recently sent letters to caretaker Prime Minister Salam Fayyad asking for his intervention to stop the demolitions from proceeding...

[] East Jerusalem settlements continue to expand despite Israeli government assurances
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - As part of the 3,000 units scheduled to be constructed in the coming months in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, construction has begun in Ras al-Amud, Pisgat Ze'ev and a number of other East Jerusalem settlements. This is despite a statement earlier this week by Housing and Construction Minister Ariel Attias that no new construction...

Uruknet November 15, 2009 - When we have a situation where the religious leaders of a nation have gone mad, is that an indication that the God they supposedly serve has also gone mad? We have seen and heard rabbis in high position call for the complete annihilation of the Palestinian people, we have heard these very same 'sages' call for...

[] Dublin: Hundreds Attend Rally Against Israeli Apartheid in Palestine
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - Saturday 14th November 2009 hundreds of Palestinians and solidarity activists rallied in Dublin to protest against Israel's apartheid practices in Palestine. The rally - part of an international week of global mobilisation against the walls of apartheid in Palestine from November 9th to 16th 2009, called by the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - was compe'red...

[] Doctors call for children injured in Gaza conflict to be monitored for long term effects of new weapons
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - ...When the Norwegian doctors arrived in Gaza, Dr Gilbert recalls, "the first thing we saw was bread lines." He said, "When the attack started, it was not on a healthy society, it was on a society that had been forced to its knees by three years of merciless siege. Siege has been used by the Israeli...

[] Interview: "My film makes you part of Gaza's reality"
Uruknet November 15, 2009 - Directed by Alberto Arce and Mohammed Rjuailah, To Shoot an Elephant is a documentary film that offers an eyewitness account from the Gaza Strip during Israel's assault last winter. During the attacks, when the Israeli military banned foreign journalists from entering the Strip, Arce managed to stay inside Gaza and filmed how medical teams and hospitals...

Palestine Telegraph

Palestinians Seek UN Help For State
West Bank, November 15, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - The Palestinians plan to take their quest for independence to the U.N. Security Council, aiming to secure international support for a state, Palestinian officials said Sunday.

Dublin: Hundreds Attend Rally Against Israeli Apartheid in Palestine
Dublin, November 15, 2009, (Pal Telegraph)-Today Saturday 14th November 2009 hundreds of Palestinians and solidarity activists rallied in Dublin to protest against Israel's apartheid practices in Palestine.

warning of Humanitarian crisis coming due to gas depletion – Gaza Strip 
Gaza City, November 15, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) The ongoing Israeli siege has been gravely suffocating the life of people of the Gaza Strip. The fuel companies in the Gaza Strip  have been warning of the imminent humanitarian crises that...

Bees Provide Pain Relief in Gaza
Gaza City, November 15, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - In a clinic in the beleaguered Gaza Strip, Ratib Samur makes his way from one patient to the next armed with little more than a small box filled with enraged bees.

Doctor from UAE performs string of operations on deaf children for free in Israeli-besieged Gaza. I 
Palestine, November 14, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - Doctor from UAE performs string of operations on deaf children for free in Israeli-besieged Gaza.

The National

Watchdogs target left-wing Israeli university scholars
The National 15 Nov 2009 - Some of Israel's top academics are being targeted in a witchhunt because of their views on the country's policies in the Middle East.

Palestinian groups send out feelers
The National 15 Nov 2009 - Schools in both the West Bank and Gaza will close to observe the PLO's independence declaration in 1988 amid signs of a temporary rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah

Syria turns to France to defuse tensions
The National 15 Nov 2009 - Washington's failure to draw up a viable action plan for the Middle East peace prompts Damascus to explore alternatives.

The legal legacy of a ‘hedonist’
The National 15 Nov 2009 - In an unprecedented case, the former prime minister Ehud Olmert faces trial for graft, while some of his ministers have been sentenced.


Yemen conflict raises Gulf tensions
AlJazeera 15 Nov 2009 - Saudi conflict with Yemeni rebels sparks outrage from Iran.

Palestinians denied access to water
AlJazeera 14 Nov 2009 - Israel dubs Palestinian farmers trying in vain to irrigate their lands "water pirates".

Cairo match ends peacefully
AlJazeera 14 Nov 2009 - No violent incidents as Egypt celebrates football victory over Algeria. 

Palestine News Network

Marching for peace in Bethlehem and around the world 
PNN 14 Nov 2009 - BETHLEHEM: A million people around the world are marching for peace. In the past few weeks alone, they walked through the streets of Sarajevo, Zagreb and Gendema, on the Sierra Leone-Liberia border. At the same time, halfway around the world, others marched in Mexico City. Next on the agenda? New York, Paris, Freetown and Santiago. The first-ever World March for Peace and...

Erekat: PA may ask UNSC to recognize state on '67 borders 
PNN 14 Nov 2009 - The Palestinian Authority is considering asking the UN Security Council to recognize the existence of a Palestinian state along the 1967 lines with its capital in east Jerusalem, top PA negotiator Saeb Erekat told the Palestinian Al-Ayyam newspaper in an interview published Saturday. Erekat said that, in light of the long-stalled negotiations with Israel, the PA was currently busy enlisting the support...

Jerusalem Post

US, Russia: Further Iran sanctions possible
Jeruslalem Post 15 Nov 2009 - Obama: Teheran running out of time; Medvedev: Other options on table if nuclear deal not accepted.

Analysis: Unilateral statehood hurts Palestine, not Israel
Jeruslalem Post 15 Nov 2009 - Erekat's 'threat' to Israel appears more like a self-made trap for Palestinian leaders.

Barkat voices his support for Intel
Jeruslalem Post 15 Nov 2009 - Haredi 'pogrom' perpetrated in Intel's synagogue; Intel Israel CEO says firm must operate on Shabbat.

Gaza disengagement not 'expulsion'
Jeruslalem Post 15 Nov 2009 - High Court rules against use of word to describe Gush Katif withdrawal in radio ads.

'The Palestinian Water Authority wouldn't last a day on its own'
Jeruslalem Post 15 Nov 2009 - Defense assessment shows PA is still far from being able to manage an independent state.

PM: France should mediate Syria talks
Jeruslalem Post 15 Nov 2009 - Netanyahu stresses Turkish PM has "objectively not strengthened" his image as honest mediator.

'US policy on settlements has changed'
Jeruslalem Post 15 Nov 2009 - Obama deeply committed to peace process and to Israel's security, stresses Bill Clinton in J'lem.

Palestinian nabbed for swindling Bank Leumi customers
Jeruslalem Post 15 Nov 2009 - Police and IDF suspect 22-year-old is behind an Internet phishing scam targeting Bank Leumi customers.

Barak loyalist calls for clean divorce with rebels
Jeruslalem Post 15 Nov 2009 - Simhon says "understandings" must be reached as to whether the four rebel MKs are staying or allowed to leave peacefully.


In Brief: Egypt’s Copts facing persecution - report 
IRIN CAIRO Thursday, November 12, 2009 (IRIN) - A new report on religious freedom in Egypt says Coptic Christians, who make up about 10 percent of the 80 million population (CIA factbook), face major rights violations and are being increasingly persecuted.

In Brief: Stunting not as bad as expected in Occupied Palestinian Territories
IRIN DUBAI Friday, November 13, 2009 (IRIN) - An estimated 200 million children aged under five in the developing world suffer from stunted growth due to maternal and childhood undernutrition, according to a new UNICEF report.

In Brief: Israel transfers calves to Gaza as a ‘humanitarian gesture’ 
IRIN TEL AVIV Sunday, November 15, 2009 (IRIN) - Israel’s Ministry of Defence has accepted agriculture minister Shalom Simchon’s request to transfer some 7,500 calves into Gaza for Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday on around 27 November this year and symbolised by the slaughtering of animals to distribute meat to the...

Inter Press Service

POLITICS: On Nuke Disarmament, It's Still "You First" 
IPS UNITED NATIONS, Oct 31 (IPS) - Is the ongoing controversy over Iran's nuclear programme helping to advance the United Nations' agenda on nuclear disarmament? To a number of diplomats and experts who have participated in past U.N. discussions on the spread of nuclear weapons, the answer is, yes – although...

US-MIDEAST: Baseball Team Urged to Cut Ties with Israeli Group 
IPS WASHINGTON, Nov 14 (IPS) - A coalition of 11 U.S., Israeli and Palestinian groups are calling on the New York Mets baseball team to cancel a fundraiser by the "violent and racist" Israeli Hebron Fund which is scheduled to be held at the Mets' stadium, Citi Field, on Nov. 21.

Stop The Wall

"We are going to Jerusalem!"
Stop The Wall 15 Nov 2009 - This afternoon, exactly 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, popular committees struggling against the Apartheid Wall and the settlements destroyed part of the Wall near Qalandiya. Hundreds of people, with some 30 international supporters, used a truck to pull down part of the Wall in the area east of the Qalandiya refugee camp and beyond the UN Vocational College. They also destroyed iron gates and other pieces of concrete in the same area. [

Medic beaten, youth destroy fence in Ni'lin
Stop The Wall 15 Nov 2009 - More than 200 people participated in the protest that the Ni’lin popular committee organizes every week on Friday. In response to the recent tearing down of the Wall in both Qalandiya and Ni'lin, a large contingent of soldiers were waiting for the protestors, and immediately started fire huge amounts of tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and also live ammunition. Despite this, a group of youth managed to cut up parts of the fence and partially damage the gate. [

PCHR Weekly Report

PCHR During the reporting period, 6 Palestinian civilians were wounded by Israeli forces in the West Bank

(12-11-2009) Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

International Solidarity Movement

Eighteen demonstrators arrested after a gate in the Wall was breached in Deir alGhussoun
11/15/2009 - International Solidarity Movement - Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, 14 November 2009 - The protesters were arrested as the demonstration was coming to an end, by soldiers who invaded the village and flanked them from the back. Eighteen demonstrators were arrested today in the West Bank village of Deir alGhussoun, north of Tulkarem, after Israel's Separation Wall was breached by Palestinian, Israeli and international activists. The protesters intended to march to village's lands that were left isolated behind the Wall, and managed to break open one of the barrier's gates. The demonstrators managed to break the lock on the gate by rocking it back and forth, despite the presence of soldiers, but could not reach their lands, as they were being shot at with rubber-coated steel bullets and teargaW. One demonstrator was lightly injured after being struck with a rubber-coated bullet in the leg. 

Ha'aretz Diplomacy page

Would Israel accept a state-and-a-half solution?
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Kadima MK Shaul Mofaz's peace plan is a refreshing change, particularly in light of his past, although no peace agreement will emerge from it. For 21 years and a day, since the Palestine Liberation Organization declared independence in Algiers, its leaders have not lowered their price: recognition of Israel and an end to hostilities in exchange for a Palestinian state within the June 4, 1967 borders with East Jerusalem the capital. The only "discount" that Israel has received since then was Yasser Arafat's concession of 2 percent of the West Bank in exchange for other territory and safe passage between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. That was the only deal that won Arab consensus. ... 

Israel's relationship with American Jews has changed
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - WASHINGTON - On the stage in the plenum of the United Jewish Communities' annual conference sat three well-tailored and smiling young people, who had immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia, Brazil and Peru. They told their story to the audience of 3,000. One described how far she had come since childhood, when she was excited by the elevator in the absorption center, and the other two focused on their military service and their love for Israel. A significant percentage of their achievements, as expected at an event of this type, were attributed to American Jewry and its support for Israel. ... 

Netanyahu seeks to foil Palestinian declaration of statehood
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - "We have prevented a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly announced. That was on May 4, 1999, the deadline set by the Oslo Accords for the end of the interim period and the beginning of the final peace agreement. ... 

Palestinian PM: Declaration of statehood just a formality 
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Sunday that the declaration of a Palestinian state would be a mere formality once the institutions of a Palestinian state are created. ...

Israel says ready for direct peace talks with Syria
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel was prepared to renew peace negotiations with Syria, adding that he would rather the talks be direct then held through mediation. ...

The Guardian

Israel 'personally attacking human rights group' after Gaza war criticism
The Guardian 13 Nov 2009 - Human Rights Watch denies having political agenda or seeking funds from Saudi Arabia America's leading human rights organisation has accused Israel and its supporters of an "organised campaign" of false allegations and misinformation, including "extremely personal...

The community leadership we deserve | Antony Lerman
The Guardian 13 Nov 2009 - Jewish leaders too often lose their moral compass over Israel, but we ourselves are to blame if we do not hold them to account There was something both homely and understatedly heroic about the Guardian front...

Israel's dark view of the world | Charles Grant
The Guardian 13 Nov 2009 - Many Israelis see little need for a peace settlement but feel isolated in what they regard as an increasingly hostile world The official explained to Bibi Netanyahu that if there was a peace settlement, extra investment...

Ha'aretz National page

Saving Israel's heritage sites from a giant tsunami
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - As Dr. Avi Shapira regaled his audience with stories of earthquakes ...

Bikers block Tel Aviv highway to protest insurance hikes
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Thousands of motorcyclists began completely blocking all traffic in the Dan region on Sunday, in a bid to protest proposed hikes in insurance rates for two-wheeled vehicles. ...

'Haredi violence will not solve Jerusalem Sabbath struggle'
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - After ultra0Orthodox demonstrators protested opposite the Intel offices in Jerusalem on Saturday, Trade Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer on Sunday said that such violence and vandalism would not be tolerated by the government. ...

Palestinian hacker suspected of defrauding Bank Leumi clients 
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Police on Sunday arrested a 22-year-old Palestinian hacker suspected of defrauding Bank Leumi clients using an online phishing scam. ...

Netanyahu: Teenage drinking in Israel is becoming an epidemic 
Ha'aretz 15 Nov 2009 - Teenage drinking in Israel is on the verge of becoming an epidemic, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday in a government meeting. ...

Relief Web

Influenza A (H1N1): Eastern Mediterranean Region - WHO latest update, 15 Nov 2009
Relief Web 15 Nov 2009 - Source: World Health Organization

OPT: In brief - Israel transfers calves to Gaza as a 'humanitarian gesture'
Relief Web 15 Nov 2009 - Source: Integrated Regional Information Networks

OPT: Bees provide pain relief in beleaguered Gaza
Relief Web 15 Nov 2009 - Source: Agence France-Presse

OPT: IOF kill child; arrest four by Gaza border. Al Mezan condemns IOF violations; call for international protection of civilians
Relief Web 14 Nov 2009 - Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights

Trends in staple food prices in selected vulnerable countries- Issue No 5, Oct 2009
Relief Web 14 Nov 2009 - Source: World Food Programme

Israel kills Palestinian in Gaza confrontation 
Relief Web 14 Nov 2009 - Source: Reuters - AlertNet

YNet News

Abbas advisor: All Netanyahu's actions unilateral 
YNet News 15 Nov 2009 - After PM says unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood would unravel past agreements and lead to 'one-sided Israeli measures,' political advisor to PA leader says, 'Netanyahu's government decided unilaterally that settlement construction does not contradict peace' 

Iran's first lady makes rare speech at Rome summit
YNet News 15 Nov 2009 - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's wife, who almost never appears in public, speaks at forum of wives of heads of state in Rome of fighting world hunger, denounces plight of hungry children in Gaza 

Netanyahu: Unilateral Palestinian path will unravel past agreements 
YNet News 15 Nov 2009 - PM tells Saban Forum there is 'no substitute' to negotiations, unilateral steps by Palestinians towards statehood will be met by 'one-sided Israeli measures.' Adds: Iran hell bent on destroying Israel 

Erekat: Determined to declare state
YNet News 15 Nov 2009 - Hours after Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says unilateral declaration of statehood must be avoided, top PA negotiator says Palestinians determined to obtain international support to demand declaration of state in 1967 borders 

Bill Clinton: Don't be negative towards Obama
YNet News 15 Nov 2009 - Former US President Bill Clinton reiterates that Washington is committed to Israel's security, says not to be negative towards Obama administration. He says US is far from accepting nuclear Iran, expresses concern for potential arms race in Middle East 

Jerusalem mayor 'supports Intel's activities'
YNet News 15 Nov 2009 - Following haredi protest against employment of dozens of chip manufacturer's workers on Shabbat, Barkat says, 'acts of violence will achieve nothing' 

PM on Syrian channel: Turkey's Erdogan not impartial mediator
YNet News 15 Nov 2009 - Netanyahu tells cabinet Israel willing to resume peace talks with Syria, preferably under French mediation. Ben-Eliezer: Third party must compel Abbas to enter negotiations 

Daily Star

Obama warns Iran time running out for nuclear deal
Daily Star 15 Nov 2009 US President Barack Obama said on Sunday time was running out for diplomacy in a dispute over Iran's nuclear program, but a top Iranian official said it was up to the West to show it sincerely wanted a deal. Russia and France, both involved in talks with Iran over what the West fears are its plans for an atomic bomb, also put pressure on Tehran.

Palestinians to seek UN endorsement of statehood
Daily Star 15 Nov 2009 Palestinian officials said Sunday they were preparing to ask the United Nations to endorse an independent state without Israel's consent because they are losing faith in peace talks. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said frustrated Palestinians had decided to turn to the UN Security Council after 18 years of on-again, off-again negotiations with Israel.

Jordanian death sentence for murder of US diplomat commuted to jail time
Daily Star 15 Nov 2009 A death sentence against a Jordanian linked to Al-Qaeda over the 2002 murder of a US diplomat has been commuted to 15 years of hard labor in jail, his lawyer said Sunday. "The cassation [appeals] court last week rejected the state security court's decision to sentence Moamar al-Jaghbir to death and replaced it with 15 years of hard labor in prison for his role in the assassination of Laurence Foley," Fathi Daradkeh told AFP.

Egypt announces launch of first Arabic language Internet domain
Daily Star 15 Nov 2009 Egypt's communications minister Sunday announced the introduction of the first Arabic domain, in a step easing Internet access to millions of Arabic speakers around the world. From midnight, registration was to begin for the .misr country code top-level domain, Tarek Kamel told the fourth meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Egypt's Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Palestinian Information Center

Ministry of detainees: Diabetic Palestinian prisoners rose to 88 patients
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - The ministry of prisoners’ affairs reported that the number of Palestinian prisoners suffering from diabetes in Israeli jails jumped to 88 patients at a rate of 10 percent compared to last year.

Norwegian doctor: Israel terrorist state
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - Dr. Mads Gilbert has accused Israel of being a "terrorist state" led by losers, whose natural place is in prison after standing trial at the international court of justice for their crimes.

Hamas: Every reconciliation step was coordinated between Egypt and Fatah
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - Hamas called on Egypt to give it the same opportunity given to Fatah in order to explain its viewpoints, noting that every step of the reconciliation effort was coordinated with Fatah in advance.

Two Palestinian citizens wounded in IOF shelling
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - Two Palestinian citizens in Beit Hanun, north of the Gaza Strip, were wounded on Sunday when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) shelled residential neighborhoods in the area.

Sabri: Excavations in Silwan discovered more Islamic antiquities
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, the chairman of the higher Islamic authority, has said that the Israeli occupation authority's (IOA) excavations under and near the Aqsa Mosque only revealed more Islamic ruins.

Aqsa channel holds Abbas responsible for life of its director in W. Bank
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - Al-Aqsa satellite channel on Saturday held Mahmoud Abbas responsible for the life of its director in the West Bank Mohamed Eshtewi imprisoned in his jails in the West Bank.

IOF soldiers round up 4 Palestinians, wound worker
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up four Palestinian citizens in the districts of Bethlehem and Ramallah for interrogation at dawn Sunday, local sources reported.

Bahar slams PA and Fatah for campaigning against speaker Dweik
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - Dr. Ahmed Bahar on Saturday strongly denounced the campaign waged by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah faction against Dr. Aziz Dweik and his legitimacy.

Jewish settlers wreak havoc in Al-Khalil, IOA to demolish homes in Nablus
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - Jewish settlers wreaked havoc in the streets and homes in the Old City of Al-Khalil on Saturday that caused material damage to Palestinian citizens, local sources reported.

Mizan center: Israel must be curbed to stop killing Palestinians
PIC 15 Nov 2009 - Al-Mizan center for human rights denounced Israel for deliberately killing Palestinians, calling for activating the principle of punishment to curb and prosecute Israeli leaders.

New York Times

Unusual Partners Study Divisive Jerusalem Site
New York Times 15 Nov 2009 - Israeli and Palestinian experts, seeking to promote understanding, collaborated on a new book about the holy site known as the Temple Mount and as Haram al-Sharif . 

Israeli and French Leaders Meet
New York Times 12 Nov 2009 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Nicolas Sarkozy issued a joint statement agreeing “to use all efforts” to restart the Middle East peace process.


If it was a war for oil, the US lost
Mondoweiss - 15 Nov 2009 - Although the Bush administration denied it, the conventional wisdom on the part of the anti-war movement was that the war on Iraq was launched in order for the US to take over Saddam’s oil supplies which would give Washington an even more dominant position in the...

Cobban: 3800 factories and workshops destroyed in Gaza
Mondoweiss - 15 Nov 2009 - One of the things I dislike about the Israel lobby is that it has curbed journalistic imagination and even hobbled the Jewish literary tradition, because a central reality of our lives must be papered over. I have been thinking about my Jewish identity as it involves...

Name that superpower
Mondoweiss - 15 Nov 2009 - Imagine, an ex-US president having to tell Israelis that " the U.S. must be free to express its opinions on the conflict." Haaretz: Bill Clinton to Israel: Give Obama a chance . "As long as you believe that American is with you at some core emotional level,...

Slaves of the peace process
Mondoweiss - 15 Nov 2009 - Despite all its efforts to retract the moment, the Obama Administration’s embrace of Netanyahu 2 weeks ago for "unprecedented" progress was hugely-clarifying to many of us. A shattering moment, it has liberated people to think about the failed peace process in new ways. It has made...

‘only really really bad Muslims will get a fair trial’
Mondoweiss - 15 Nov 2009 - He rocks. This is an awesome observation. From Loewenstein/ [and lawyer] Greenwald : The news that Washington will try some of the alleged 9/11 masterminds in New York is welcome news and yet, writes Salon’s Glenn Greenwald , don’t buy the spin: …We’re now formally creating a multi-tiered...


From Gaza to Obama: An open letter 
Haidar Eid, Ma’an News Agency 11/15/2009
      Dear Mr President, 
     You will probably not read this letter due to your busy schedule and the huge number of messages you receive from presidents, kings, princes, sheiks, and prime ministers. Who is a Palestinian academic from Gaza, after all, to have the guts and write an open letter to the president of the United States of America? 
     What has triggered this letter is a picture of your excellency sitting with the late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said. That, of course, happened before 2004, i.e. before you underwent a process of metamorphosis which I personally think is unprecedented in history. Seeing you with Edward Said, I must say, surprised me. Said, a true public intellectual must have said something to you about the suffering of the Palestinian people. In the picture, you and your wife seem to be listening attentively, and admiringly, to him. But the point remains; did you really understand his eloquent, passionate defense of the rights of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine? Judging from your recent policy shifts, I very much doubt it. It is precisely the incongruity between the photograph and these policy shifts that has prompted this letter.
     Mr President,
     The whole world celebrated your election as the first African-American president of the US. I did not. Neither did the inhabitants of the concentration camp where I live. Your sympathetic visit to Sderot"”an Israeli town which was the Palestinian village of Najd until 1948 when its people were ethnically cleansed"”three years after your first visit to a Kibbutz in northern Israel in support of its residents, and after your pledge to be committed to the security of the State of Israel and its "right" to retain unified Jerusalem as the capital city of the Jewish people"”to give but few examples"”were all clear indications of where your heart lies. more.. e-mail

Scoundrel with permission 
Uri Avnery, Ma’an News Agency 11/15/2009
      When the TV news starts with a murder, people are relieved. 
     This means that no war has broken out, no suicide bomb has exploded, no Qassam rocket has been launched at Sderot. Ahmadinejad has not test-fired a new missile that can reach Tel Aviv. Just another murder. 
     Not that Israel is the world"™s murder capital. We shall have to work much harder to reach the heights of New York or Moscow, not to mention Johannesburg. Statistics even show our murder rate is declining. 
     But lately Israel has been shocked by a series of exceptionally brutal murders. A husband took revenge on his wife by killing his little daughter and burying her in a forest. A man who lived with the wife of his son killed her daughter, his own granddaughter, put her little body in a suitcase and threw it into Tel Aviv"™s Yarkon River. A son who quarreled with his wife killed her and her mother, cut up both bodies and dispersed the parts in garbage bins. A young man who had a quarrel with his mother killed her, and then went off to kill his brother, too. A man in his 70s killed his wife in her sleep with a hammer.
     In recent weeks, there were two cases that trumped even these atrocities.
     Damian Karlik, an immigrant from Russia who worked as head waiter in a Russian restaurant, was dismissed for theft and decided to take revenge on the owners, Russian immigrants like him. He went to their apartment and stabbed six people to death, one after another "“ the owner and his wife, their son and his wife and their two small grandchildren. more.. e-mail

Spotlight on Palestine: an interview with Stuart Littlewood 
Angie Tibbs, Redress 11/15/2009
      British writer and photographer Stuart Littlewood talks to Angie Tibbs about his experience of Israel’s occupation in Gaza and the West Bank, and comments on how British and American collusion, under the auspices of the Jewish lobby, is helping to sustain the world’s most lawless, brutal and unjust occupation regime.
     Stuart Littlewood is one of the most consistent and passionate writers on the continuing Israeli occupation of Palestine. His book, Radio Free Palestine, and his frequent articles, focus readers on the plight of the Palestinian people, on the occupiers who are responsible, and on the governments who support Israel’s slow-motion genocide and theft of an indigenous people’s homeland, culture and history. I spoke with him recently.
     [Angie Tibbs] Has your active support for the Palestinian people always been a part of who you are or was there a defining moment which caused you to speak out?
     [Stuart Littlewood] I’m new to this game. The Palestinians’ struggle for justice isn’t taught in school here and our politicians are afraid to discuss it, so the British people are kept in ignorance.
     I knew next to nothing until I had to research the subject for a newspaper column. The more I delved into it the angrier I became. The sheer evil! A short time later, in 2005, somebody who had read my column invited me to visit the West Bank and shoot pictures for a book. First impressions of Palestine under occupation
     [Question] What towns and villages did you visit in occupied Palestine and what were your impressions?
     [Answer] Much of the time was spent with Palestinian priests in their parishes. These are the Church’s front-line troops. They are abused and sometimes shot at by the Israelis, yet they remain focused and good-humoured. more.. e-mail

Electronic Intifada
Interview: "My film makes you part of Gaza's reality"
Electronic Intifada: 15 Nov 2009 - Directed by Alberto Arce and Mohammed Rjuailah, To Shoot an Elephant is a documentary film that offers an eyewitness account from the Gaza Strip during Israel's assault last winter. During the attacks, when the Israeli military banned foreign journalists from entering the Strip, Arce managed to stay inside Gaza and filmed how medical teams and hospitals were targeted by Israeli forces while performing their duties. The Electronic Intifada contributor Adri Nieuwhof met with Arce and interviewed him about the motivation behind his film. 

In Gaza
child sister
15 Nov 2009 - In Palestine it is not unordinary to take care of a stranger’s child on a taxi ride.  A smile, a gesture, and this delicate creature is handed over by the mother with arms full. Today it was a mother busy with her newborn.  Her toddler daughter sat smiling, radiant, next to her.  But at the first of many bumps while the taxi braked for a pothole in the road, she tumbled forward. Without need to even consider the mother’s reaction, I picked her up and sat her next to me, arm around her. And as expected, her mother sent a grateful, friendly smile, and turned back to caring for the...

Palestine Chronicle
The Suffering Goes On and On
15 Nov 2009 - By Ron Forthofer This past September, the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict issued its report. Richard Goldstone, a South African Justice and a strong supporter of Israel, headed the effort. During the period under investigation, Israeli forces killed over 1400 Palestinians, the majority of whom were defenseless civilians, while 13 Israelis were killed. Although the report was well covered elsewhere, the U.S. corporate media did not give much attention to its findings. Excerpts from the press release of the report provide an overview: "Following its 3-month investigation, the four-person Mission concluded that serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law were committed by Israel in the context of its military operations in Gaza from December 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009, and that Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity. The Mission also found that Palestinian armed groups had committed war crimes, as well as possibly crimes against humanity. "The report concluded that the Israeli military operation was directed at the people of Gaza as a whole, in furtherance of an overall and continuing policy aimed at punishing the Gaza population, and in a deliberate policy of disproportionate force aimed at the civilian population. The Report states that Israeli acts that deprive Palestinians in the Gaza Strip of their means of subsistence, employment, housing and water, that deny their freedom of movement and their right to leave and enter their own country, that limit their rights to access a court of...

Patriot- A Poem
15 Nov 2009 - By Deepak Sarkar In war time, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies - The Right Honourable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, Nobel Laureate (Former British Admiral and Prime Minister who passionately participated in both World Wars) No soldier must go beyond border unless in peace mission or rescuing world citizens from calamities! - Kolki Though we come in the world as citizens - Boundary beyond our control makes us limited! Assigning a country with a border well guarded - Making us patriot to protect land inherited! Soon we learn about Fatherland or Motherland! Heroes who fought in many heroic stands Died like patriots guarding skies and barriers - Often for freedom, sometimes for invasions as intruders! We become adult inspired by 'Us' versus 'Them' From sports to jobs to economy to military race! Competition grows to beat neighbouring state - Who can build the military to fight for Supremacy the best! Defence industries survive on profits a war generates Hurriedly spreads media rumours-gossips to build a case! Politicians helplessly rally around momentum for election ease End up authorizing, supporting, 'Unjust Illegal War' aggressive! A true patriot can never send another beyond border While hiding in the White House or Parliament or Palace shelter Knowing well war means killings among brothers and sisters Join soldiers proudly to defend country from attackers!

An Open letter to President Obama
15 Nov 2009 - By Professor Haidar Eid Dear Mr. President, You will probably not read this letter due to your busy schedule and the huge number of messages you receive from Presidents, Kings, Princes, Sheiks, and Prime Ministers. Who is a Palestinian academic from Gaza, after all, to have the guts and write an open letter to the President of the United States of America? What has triggered this letter is a picture of your Excellency sitting with the late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said. That, of course, happened before 2004.i.e, before you underwent a process of metamorphosis which I personally think is unprecedented in history. Seeing you with Edward Said, I must say, surprised me. Said, a true public intellectual must have said something to you about the suffering of the Palestinian people. In the picture, you and your wife seem to be listening attentively, and admiringly, to him. But the point remains; did you really understand his eloquent, passionate defence of the rights of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine? Judging from your recent policy shifts, I very much doubt it. It is precisely the incongruity between the photograph and these policy shifts that has prompted this letter. Mr. President, The whole world celebrated your election as the first African-American president of the US. I did not. Neither did the inhabitants of the concentration camp where I live. Your sympathetic visit to Sderot—an Israeli town which was the Palestinian village of Hooj until 1948 when its people were ethnically cleansed-- three years after...

Lebanese Students Advise Obama How to Get it Right
13 Nov 2009 - By Franklin Lamb- Beirut If those in Lebanon watching the news on 11/12/09 blinked they might have missed an interesting news item. It appeared at approximately 4:20 pm on, the pro-US/Saudi news website. The news item read "4:16 pm, American Ambassador Michele Sison (sp) departed Lebanon for her country." Ten minutes later the item disappeared and, as it turned out, the ten minutes was exactly how long it took for the US Embassy security and press office to inform Beirut media outlets that "the American Ambassadors movements are to be reported at least one hour after they occur not one minute." The hasty departure of Ambassador Michele Sisson, according to the US Foreign Relations Committee office, may have been because the Obama administration is preparing for a 'deep review' of its 9 months effort in Lebanon and the region, debriefing key officials arriving from the area to participate. Ambassador Sisson will likely give the White House an ear full, including a report of what the Embassy Press Office referred to as the spectacle this week of former US friends and assets in the March 14 majority coalition warmly and very publicly embracing at various events marking the end of the 5 month effort to create a government here of those "Iranian surrogates" in Hezbollah. The Ambassador may also report to the White House that Hezbollah in now the most popular and respected political party in Lebanon and the main pillar of the new government and that it is about...

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