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 Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel News Links
Last updated: Friday, February 19, 2010 8:45
One of the best aggregations of news and analysis on the situation in Palestine. Frequency: almost daily. More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel -
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February 2010
18 February, 2010: New Excavations Under the Walls Of Jerusalem's Old City
17 February, 2010: Palestinian Child Wounded By Settlers in Hebron
16 February, 2010: Jenny Tonge is Sacrificed (Again) to Appease Zionists
15 February, 2010: US denies backing down on settlement issue
14 February, 2010: Is Israeli society strong enough to face the future?
13 February, 2010: Rights orgs call Goldstone implementation “challenge to UN system”
12 February, 2010: Students find school vandalized after settler visit
11 February, 2010: Israel Gets Away with Murder .. Again
10 February, 2010: Four things Netanyahu needs for an Israeli strike on Iran
9 February, 2010: British Government Promises Israeli Official He Won't Be Arrested During Visit
8 February, 2010: Danny Ayalon's Arrival Sparks Outrage In London
7 February, 2010: Irish Herald: “Four Israelis Who Assassinated Hamas Leader Carried Irish Passports”

6 February, 2010 U.S Vows To Bury Goldstone Report In UN

5 February, 2010 Livni Vows To Visit Britain Despite Arrest Warrant
4 February, 2010: Israeli report claims $2 billion stolen from Palestinians
3 February, 2010: Israel Bombards Seven Areas In Gaza, Carries Limited Invasion
2 February, 2010: Psychological trauma stalks Gaza children
1 February, 2010: Soldiers prevent farmers from planting olive trees near Bethlehem
January 2010
31 January, 2010: Britain’s Jewish Chronicle warns Gordon Brown: change UK law to accommodate Israeli war criminals or you are finished
30 January, 2010: 10 Women, 15 Children, Wounded After Soldiers Fired Gas Bombs Into A Palestinian Home
29 January, 2010: Testimonies of Israeli Female Soldiers Regarding Violations Against Palestinian Civilians
27 January, 2010: Israel To Demolish 11 Homes, Cooperative Society and A Clinic In Hebron
26 January, 2010: Israeli Information Minister Slams All Reports on Gaza War as Anti-Semitic UN Report on Last Year's War Linked to Holocaust
25 January, 2010: Jerusalem is starting to resemble Tehran
24 January, 2010: Netanyahu reaffirms Israel's goal to keep parts of West Bank 'for eternity'
23 January, 2010: Tawil: “Israeli Compensation To UN, Scandal, Helps Israel Hide Its Crimes”
22 January, 2010: Beware of the BBC
21 January, 2010: Shiokhy: “Toxic Settlement Products Buried in West Bank”
20 January, 2010: IDF sets up 'Facebook' unit to plug media leaks
19 January, 2010: New videotape on Israeli soldiers torturing and stealing human organs disclosed

18 January, 2010: Israel, Germany hold joint Cabinet meeting amidst protests; Israel to receive nuclear submarine

17 January, 2010: Experts: Egypt’s wall will destroy Gaza’s aquifer

16 January, 2010: Military bulldozers create third entrance to illegal Nablus settlement

15 January, 2010: Fishermen: Israeli warships fire on boats in three locations
14 January, 2010: Israeli authorities prevent 17 Palestinians from getting necessary eye surgery
13 January, 2010: Israeli bulldozers destroy agricultural land near settlement
12 January, 2010: In photos: Masked settlers attack Palestinians
11 January, 2010: 'Iron Dome rocket defense system will take years to deploy'

10 January, 2010: Mitchell: U.S. May Cut Aid To Israel In Two Years

9 January, 2010: Israel Prepares Scenarios For A Possible “Gaza War 2”
8 January, 2010: Cast Lead Aggression 1st Anniversary, Day 13: Child Human Shields
7 January, 2010: Israel To Pay 10 M. In Compensation To The UN
6 January, 2010: Israel leveled More than 23.000 Homes Since 1967
5 January, 2010: Israel To Build More Jews-only Apartments In East J'lem

4 January, 2010: No Right to Health in Gaza, Mr. Brown

3 January, 2010: “I swear to you that I saw this with my own eyes”
2 January, 2010: A Single State, With Justice and Liberty for All
1 January, 2010: Report: Settlement construction booming
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