News and opinion on the situation in the Middle East
14/9/06 Amman : Responsibility for another Tragedy Felicity Arbuthnot
28/7/06 Mideast News: World Press Roundup
13/7/06 Mideast News: World Press Roundup
20/6/06 Mideast News: World Press Roundup
3/6/06 Return of the Turkish “State of Exception” Kerem Íktem
28/4/06 The Emergence of a “Coptic Question” in Egypt Issandr El Amrani
3/4/06 Foreboding About the Future in Yemen Sarah Phillips
3/06 Reel Casbah Peter Lagerquist with Jim Quilty
11/2/06 Three Emirs and a Tale of Two Transitions Mary Ann Tétreault
3/2/06 Al-Jazeera Succeeding Under Pressure Dahr Jamail
15/1/06 Yemen - Salih’s Road to Reelection Gregory D. Johnsen
6/9/05 Egypt’s Election All About Image, Almost Mariz Tadros
31/8/05 Turkey - The Ceasefire This Time Evren Balta-Paker
9/8/05 Black Monday: The Political and Economic Dimensions of Sudan’s Urban Riots Khalid Mustafa Medani
28/4/05 Cracks in the Yemeni System Sarah Phillips
14/4/05 Sinister Paradise: Does the Road to the Future End at Dubai? By Mike Davis
14/4/05 Killing Live 8, Noisily: The G-8, Liberal Dissent and the London Bombings Sheila Carapico
10/4/05 Reform Retreats Amid Jordan’s Political Storms by Curtis Ryan
4/4/05 Morocco’s Justice and Reconciliation Commission by Susan Slyomovics
28/3/05 Egypt – on the road to democracy?
10/3/05 Popular Social Movements and the Future of Egyptian Politics Joel Beinin
11/02/05 A specter is haunting the Middle East: the specter of “democratic occupation.” by Neve Gordon
09/02/05 Livnat questions legitimacy of bill passed by Arab MK’s vote By Zvi Zarhiye and Gideon Alon
17/11/04 Egypt: Testimonies of State Security Intelligence Victims in Arish and the city of Sheikh Zoayyed
08/10/04 Afghanistan's Presidential Elections: Spreading Democracy or a Sham? by M. Nazif Shahrani
16/09/04 “Fahrenheit 9/11” Plays Cairo by Garay Menicucci
2/09/04 Kuwait's Parliament Considers Women's Political Rights, Again by Mary Ann Tétreault
28/08/04 Mordechai Vanunu Speaks about Space Weapons and Nuclear Weapons
19/07/04 Israel targets Iran nuclear plant By Uzi Mahnaimi, Tel Aviv, and Peter Conradi
19/12/96 A Devil Theory of Islam, A Review of Judith Miller's “God Has Ninety-Nine Names: Reporting From a Militant Middle East” Edward Said
18/05/04 THE SPIRIT OF SANTIAGO By Israel Adam Shamir
22/04/04 The Return of Vanunu By Israel Adam Shamir
16/04/04 Report Back from Syria (and FYI, the Zionists Are Already Re-Building the Third Temple Offsite and Plan to Destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque)By Wendy Campbell
14/03/04 The French Malaise By Israel Shamir
24/03/04 “We Will Spread The Fire”
Interview with Jabbar al-Kubaysi on the Iraqi political resistance front
23/03/04 Assassinating Sheikh Yassin: Sharon Edges Closer to World War By GILAD ATZMON
18/03/04 by Daniel McGowan
16/02/04 The non-debate over suicide bombing By Tammuz Tabriz
  The Secret Behind the Sanctions
How the U.S. Intentionally Destroyed Iraq’s Water Supply
by Thomas J. Nagy
14/02/04 Coalition Tries to Spin Free Iraqi Militias and Guerilla Insurgency … as Cover for Supposed Sectarian War by al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Islam…
09/02/04 Iraqi Sanctions and American Intentions: Blameless Carnage? Part 1
09/02/04 Budrus, The Wall, Tom Hurndall/James Miller investigation
07/02/04 If we can take inspiration from his sacrifice, Tom Hurndall won’t have died in vain by Silvia Cattori
03/02/04 Why The Middle East Conflict Continues To Exist by Joel Bainerman
25/01/04 NABLUS, West Bank– Gideon Levy
  Making the blooms desert By Jessica McCallin
27/01/04 Israelis tortured me, Lebanese rebel says: Guerrilla leader suing Israeli government in Tel Aviv court
24/01/04 Where is the world? Kelly B.
27/01/04 The Gilad Atzmon Interview by nessie
23/01/04 Claims of Saddam`s Genocide Far from Proven by Jude Wanniski
23/01/04 “We can do it” – the grassroots struggle of the people of Budrus against the Apartheid Wall
16/01/04 USS Liberty: The story that refuses to die
02/01/04 Hurndall’s mom: ‘the truth needs to come out’ By TOVAH LAZAROFF
28/12/03 Three Stories From The Walls; What Occupation Feels Like by John Berger
22/12/03 Sharon's Speech: Decoded Version by Uri Avnery
22/12/03 Can Israel Escape a Bi-National State? By Ali Abunimah
20/12/03 Iraqi Workers Threaten General Strike And Armed Resistance
15/12/03 Saddam Bound By Israel Shamir
14/12/03 We Finally Got Our Frankenstein... and He Was In a Spider Hole! -- by Michael Moore
08/12/03 Rafah update - Shaheed at Mabaar
04/12/03 Campaign for Labor Rights in Iraq
04/12/03 Why a Campaign for Labor Rights in Iraq?
04/12/03 The Occupation & Labor Rights in Iraq: Petition to the Congress & Leaders of the Labor Movement
04/12/03 Model Resolution on the Occupation and Labor Rights in Iraq
30/11/03 Balance of Power by Gilad Atzmon
28/11/03 Is the U.S. is acting as Israel's proxy? by Ronald Bleier
28/11/03 Danny the Blue-and-White By Israel Shamir
19/11/03 Rafah update - More Deaths, Shootings and Arrests Palestine Justice
18/11/03 Palestinian Women Mobilizing to Resist Apartheid Wall IWPS
30/10/03 Rise of Iraq's new labor movement By Alan Maass
29/10/03 Three short essays by Nick Pretzlik
28/10/03 Observations on the Palestine Solidarity Conference: The Necessity for the Movement to Broaden its Base By Maria Husin
25/10/03 Mahathir, have they bitten off more than they can chew? by Joh Domingo
25/10/03 Palestinian olive farmers' tragic tale.... By Khalid Amayreh in West Bank
22/10/03 Rafah: The Aftermath Mohammed, ISM Rafah
19/10/03 Mossad and the Assassination of JFK by Peter Edel
23/10/03 Don't you dare Plame me again  By Ahmed Amr
21/10/03 His New Career By Israel Shamir
21/10/03 Traces of poison by Abu-Sitta
18/04/03 Syria on Neocons' Hit List By Jim Lobe, Foreign Policy in Focus
14/10/03 Five to Midnight by Israel Shamir
13/10/03 IDF Rafah operation leaves 2,000 homeless By Arnon Regular and Amos Harel
12/10/03 Update on the situation in Rafeh
12/10/03 Israel deploys nuclear arms in submarines
11/10/03 Israel plans to invade Syria, says Malaysian PM
10/10/03 IDF planning to attack nuclear sites in Iran 
10/10/03 Child of Holocaust Survivors Condemns Israel’s’ Brutal Racist Terrorism Against Palestinians
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