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GI SPECIAL #3a32: The Cold Numbers

Some Just Voted for Food by Dahr Jamail 31/1/05

Iraq: One ‘Election’, Two Different Stories by William Bowles 31/1/05

Class and History, 9: Convergence and Conjunction: Closing Out, Opening Up by S. Artesian 30/1/05

Democracy in Iraq by Omar Khan 30/1/05

Hollow Election Held on Bloody Day by Dahr Jamail 30/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a31: Elections a Success! U.S.A. Wins! 31/1/05 (PDF)

A Question of Intent: The Chomsky Interviews by Reza Fiyouzat 1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a30: Back In The Mess 30/1/05 (PDF)

Angst, Anger and Aliens by William Bowles 29/1/05

The Case of Haiti: How Bush Brings Freedom to the World By Tom Reeves 29/1/05

The Military is Nowhere; the Press is Nowhere; the Congress is Nowhere…We’ve Been Taken Over By a Cult By Seymour Hersh 29/1/05

Gonzales “Has His Hand Deep in the Blood of the Conspiracy Of Torture ” 28/1/05

Haiti Lies by Yves Engler 26/1/05

Another “Historic Day” Looms in Iraq by Chris Toensing 28/1/05

High Anxiety by Dahr Jamail 28/1/05

Iraq and its resistance By Stephen Gowans 27/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a29: “Let's Get Out Of Here” 29/1/05 (PDF)

US President George W. Bush personally connected to terrorist organizations? 28/1/05

Rice Arrives Just In Time To Oversee U.S. Decline 27/1/05

USAF Playing Cat and Mouse Game Over Iran By Richard Sale 26/1/05

Some See Hope, Others Civil War by Dahr Jamail 27/1/05

Oscar Heck: Why was getting rid of Chavez an important factor for USA? 27/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a28: Roll Call 28/1/05 (PDF)


Here comes “The Freedom” by Dahr Jamail 27/1/05

Exiled from history By Stephen Gowans 26/1/05

When did left-wing politics become the defense of capitalism as preferable to free healthcare, free education and guaranteed employment? by Stephen Gowans 23/1/05

Of Death Be Not Proud By Norman Solomon 26/1/05

Haiti Appeal 26/1/05

Haiti News Roundup 26/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a27: The Deadliest Day 27/1/05 (PDF)

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Massage is the Message by William Bowles 26/1/05

The Granda Kidnapping Explodes The US / Colombia Plot Against Venezuela By JAMES PETRAS 25/1/05

Haiti: sweatshop boss accused of supporting death squad 24/1/05

Regional correspondent condemns murder of Haitian journalist 24/1/05


Iraqi Women Paying the Price by Dahr Jamail 25/1/05

Raul Bosque: The initial phase of Operation Condoleezza is in full swing 25/1/05

Next Stop on Drive-By Armageddon Rosa Faiz 25/1/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 25/01/05


GI SPECIAL #3a26: I'm Not Going No Matter 26/1/05 What (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3a25: Planes For Baghdad Turned Back (PDF)

Election Divides a Nation by Dahr Jamail 24/1/05

No to the demolitions in Halisa 24/1/05

Bending it by Dahr Jamail 24/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a24: “What A Fucking Farce” 24/1/05 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 23/01/05

US media silent over massive East Jerusalem land grab 23/1/05

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Frias is smarter than to fall for Colombia old dog ’s trick in Granda brouhaha!

A message to the interventionists and Venezuelan traitors to their homeland 23/1/05

Twisted Venezuelan anti-Chavez media caught with their pants down once again 23/1/05

Dying for Democracy by Dahr Jamail 23/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a23: Come To Fayetteville 23/1/05 (PDF)

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Frias is smarter than to fall for Colombia old dog ’s trick in Granda brouhaha! 22/1/05


Women Political Prisoners in Israel 01/05l

Noam Chomsky’s rogue’s gallery by Stephen Gowans 19/1/05

After Arafat, Arafat II? Abu Mazen’s election will do little to revive the peace process, argues Immanuel Wallerstein 21/1/05

Haiti’s PM seeks Aristide’s help to end violence By Joseph Guyler Delva 22/1/05

Departing UN Commissioner for Palestine Decries Conditions in Gaza as Horrendous By Genevieve Cora Fraser 21/1/05

As anniversary of coup approaches Haitian regime can’t mask is repression By Pat Chin 20/1/05

Caribbean Community not to re-admit Haiti until after elections 20/1/05

Haiti News Roundup 19-21/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a22: “I Am Not Going To Another War” 22/1/05 (PDF)


Iraq URUK Net News Links 20/01/05

Palestine Land Grab by the Land lords By Meron Rapaport 21/1/05

The Naked  Hegemon • Part 1: Why the emperor has no clothes By Andre Gunder Frank 20/1/05

Haitians accuse police of killing radio journalist By Joseph Guyler Delva 20/1/05

Sen. Nelson on Haiti Coup: “Hard to Say We Support Democracy and Elections and then We Go and Push [Aristide] Out” 19/1/05

The Anti-Empire Report, No. 17 by William Blum 20/1/05

GI Special: 3a21: The War Comes Home 21/1/05 (PDF)

Iran: target zone by Walid Charara 1/05

A Very Slippery “Landslide” for Mahmoud Abbas by Peter Lagerquist 20/1/05

Venezuela and Colombia: the price of boldness by Alfredo Toro Hardy 20/1/05

What Goes Around, Comes Around by William Bowles 20/1/05

Coronation of Corruption By Manuel Valenzuela 19/1/05

Lecture by Azmi Bishara on the Wall, London, 23rd January 2005

Haiti: Jimmy Charles & Journalist summarily executed in Haiti for witnessing police crimes 17/1/05

Haiti Human Rights Investigation November 11-21 2004 by Thomas M. Griffin 20/1/05


A Shaky Media Taboo — Withdrawal from Iraq By Norman Solomon 20/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a20: Army Charges Sgt. Benderman 20/1/05 (PDF)

UPDATE FROM THE ELECTRONIC INTIFADA 18/1/05 returns from a brief hiatus with renewed vigor for The Truth 19/1/05

Car Bombs by Dahr Jamail 19/1/05

The Non Election of 2004 By Noam Chomsky 19/1/05

Why We Must Question Our Elections By Arlene S. Ash 17/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a19: US Majority Say War Not Worth It 19/1/05 (PDF)

U.S. Military Resorting To Collective Punishment by Dahr Jamail 18/1/05

Odd Happenings in Fallujah by Dahr Jamail 18/1/05

Iran’s Nuclear Posture and the Scars of War by Joost R. Hiltermann 18/1/05

Final edition for the press by Ignacio Ramonet 1/05

Seymour Hersh: U.S. Conducting Covert Operations in Iran For Possible Military Strike 18/1/05

Latest on the free trade zone unionisation battle in Haiti 18/1/05

Haiti: “Bringing human rights abusers to justice. Representing torture survivors in U.S. courts.” 14/1/05

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation: Announcing “Weapons Watch” 17/1/05

Israeli soldiers break the silence by Diana Rubanenko 11/1/05

Abu-Ghraib Trial: A Means to Legitimize the Real War Crimes by Yamin Zakaria 17/1/05

Iraqis Discuss Voting, Or Not, in Elections Held Amidst Chaos by Dahr Jamail & Brian Dominick 17/1/05

Cuba and Venezuela strengthen solidarity by Stuart Munckton 18/1/05

Class and History, 8: Convergence And Conjunction, ReMix 17/1/05

GI Special #3a17: BREAKING NEWS: AWOL 2-7 Infantry Specialist Plans To Surrender   17/1/05 (PDF)

The Coming Wars by Seymour M. Hersh 17/1/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 17/01/05

GI SPECIAL #3a17“I Didn’t Go Into The Army To Kill People.” (PDF)

Destroying Babylon by Dahr Jamail 17/1/05

Class and History, 7 Convergence and Conjunction, House Mix by S. Artesian 15/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a16: Star Wars 16/1/05 (PDF)

Wealthy Nations Give Haiti Under Dictatorship Aid Denied Democracy By Benjamin Melancon 9/1/05

The Silence is Deafening: The media’s complicity in suppressing the reality that is Haiti today

Buying Off Haiti’s “Thugs” 15/1/05

The Tsunami of Iraq by  Dahr Jamail 15/1/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 15/01/05

The Dictatorship of Debt; The World Bank and Haiti By Yves Enger 14/5/05

FCC Chair Orders Investigation into Williams’ Deal with Bush Administration By Genaro C. Armas 14/5/05

GI SPECIAL #3a15: It's Official: My Brother Died in Vain 15/1/05 (PDF)

Will Washington Tolerate A Chinese-Venezuelan Petro Pact? 14/1/05

Suit accuses former Haitian strongman of campaign of violence 14/1/05

ABC Muddles the Social Security Debate Not “everyone agrees” with distorted claims 14/1/05

Collective Punishment Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches 14/1/05

Despite Elections Charade, Israel Still Holds Keys to Peace By Ramzy Baroud 13/1/05

AIDing and abetting death in Falluja By William Bowles 14/1/05

GI Special 3a14: Marine Decided Cops Are The Enemy 14/1/05

Haiti: Too Tired to Cry 12/1/05

Far from Media Spotlights, the Shadows of “Losers” By Norman Solomon 13/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a13: You're A Civilian. You Won't Get Hurt 13/1/05 (PDF)

Why are there no fundraisers for the Iraqi dead? by Terry Jones 11/1/05

CBS ‘Memogate’ Fallout: Selective punishment shows media’s true bias 12/1/05

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, January 12, 2005

GI Special 3a12: Sgt. Says He Will Murder Spec. Resisting Deployment To Iraq 12/1/05



“This is not a life.” by Dahr Jamail 11/1/05

Warming to the subject of oil by William Bowles 11/1/05

Palestine: A Tale of Two Elections Gila Svirsky 10/1/05

Equitorial Guinea: Witnesses tell of ‘Trojan Horse plot’ By Barbara Jones 10/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a11: “A Domestic Enemy Of The United States” 11/1/05 (PDF)

Update From Electronic Intifada 9/1/05

Jewish Voice for Peace: Israel’s Culture of Martyrdom (The Nation) Baruch Kimmerling reviews books on essential features of Zionism 9/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a10: “My 3rd And Final Request To Rummy” From A Gold Star Mother (PDF)

Full circle? Well almost by William Bowles 10/1/05

Update From Electronic Intifada 8/1/05

Update From Electronic Intifada Election Coverage 7/1/05

UN works to squash followers of Aristide in Haiti 7/1/05

Americans talking to themselves in Fallujah 9/1/05

Iraq: The Salvador Option  By Michael Hirsh and John Barry 8/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a9: George Bush: A Domestic Enemy Of The United States 9/1/05 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 9/1/05

Class and History Part 6 by S. Artesian 8/1/05

U.S. Military Families Bring Help by Dahr Jamail 6/1/05

Gonzales Grilled on Role in Torture at Confirmation Hearing 7/1/05

History in the Making: Dems Force Debate on Ohio Voting Irregularities 7/1/05

Haiti: Rep. Maxine Waters and 13 Other Members of Congress Urge President Bush to Oppose Payments to Thugs by the Interim Government of Haiti 7/1/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 08/01/05

Haiti News Roundup
Canada plays big role in propping up Haiti regime
Jean-Bertrand Aristide Advocates Dialogue, Liberty and Peace for Haitians (AHP)
UN occupies Haiti slum
Two people, including a 13 year-old girl, killed during Police Sweep in Port-au-Prince - (AHP)
Wives of Haitian Political Prisoners Announce a New Sit-in  - (AHP)
Nine arrested during a MINUSTAH incursion into Bel-Air - (AHP)
The De-facto Prime Minister Promises Elections and Speaks Out Against 'Proliferation of Political Parties'

GI SPECIAL #3a8: Army Values 8/1/05 (PDF)

Imperialism in Samaritan’s clothing By Bill Van Auken.

Powell declares tsunami aid part of global war on terror 6/1/05

Acts of God, Acts of Media By Norman Solomon 7/1/05

GI SPECIAL #3a7: “I Am Ashamed To Be Associated With This Mess” 7/1/05 (PDF)

Massive US Assault Underway In Fallujah; Situation Grim 6/1/05

Alberto Gonzales Has Blood on His Hands 6/1/05

A disgusting barrage of half-truths and lies in Venezuela's disinformation war by Carlos Herrera 5/1/05

The Oxman/Bageant Exchange (Part One) By RICHARD OXMAN

Cuba Confronts The New Bush Administration 5/1/05

Is Cuba Next? by Cuba Study Group 4/1/05

Update From Electronic Intifada 5/1/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 05/01/05

GI SPECIAL #3a6: If Not You, Who? 6/1/05 (PDF)

Military Offensive on in Tsunami-Hit Aceh – Critics by Sonny Inbaraj 3/1/05

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Earthquake: Coincidence or a Corporate Oil Tragedy? By Andrew Limburg 28/12/04

Why Are the Impoverished and Disenfranchised Haitian People Being Forced to Pay Ten Years Back Pay to the Brutal Military they Disbanded Ten Years Ago? 5/1/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 04/01/05

Payoffs to Haiti ’s renegade soldiers won’t buy peace

By DeWayne Wickham 4/01/05

IRAQ: Death in Fallujah rising, doctors say 4/01/05

GI SPECIAL #3a5: We Can't Give Up 5/1/05 (PDF)

On a map it wouldn’t appear that Merida is a 13-hour bus ride from Caracas 4/1/05

Sign the Declaration Against American Torture 4/01/05

Media Sense and Sensibilities By Norman Solomon 4/01/05

Media is the Issue 4/01/05

Free Tali Fahima! 4/01/05

Sharing peace with Haiti: Former president Aristide visits Mpumalanga township with ANC and IFP peacemaker 4/01/05

GI SPECIAL #3a4: 200,000 In Resistance 4/01/05 (PDF)

Iraq Battling More than 200,000 Insurgents: Intelligence Chief 3/01/05

History Class, Part 5 Convergence and Conjunction: Closing In by S. Artesian 3/01/05

If elections can happen in Iraq, why not Haiti? By. Bill Fletcher Jr. 4/01/05

Thanks for the (false) memories: The 2004 Falsies Awards

A Media Blackout: Media Whites Out Vote Fraud 03/01/05

Update From Electronic Iraq 03/01/05

Young Volunteer Shot Dead by Israeli Army While Campaigning for Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi 01/01/05

Venezuelan asylum seekers soar in five years … to 0.011% of the population! 02/01/05

Tsunamis and a Nuclear Threat in the South of India By J. Sri Raman 02/01/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 02/01/05

The Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004 31/12/04

Replanting the olive trees of Jayyous 31/12/04

The Israeli Army’s 3rd Murderous Assault on the Khan Younis Refugee Camp 01/01/05

Fiction: A Feast of Peonies by Obi – Part 13

Iraq URUK Net News Links 01/01/05

Haiti: Blood, faith and tears. Democracy is not just a word 31/12/04

History and Class Part 4: FAST FORWARD By S. Artesian 01/01/05

Haiti News Watch: New York Times unproven claim of responsibility for death of Weber Adrien 01/01/05

January 1st is Independence Day for Haitians 01/01/05

A New American Century? Iraq and the hidden euro-dollar wars by F. William Engdahl. Part 2

GI SPECIAL #3a2: They Have Killed This American Family 02/12/05 (PDF)


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