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Last Updated: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 10:22 AM
Index of Articles for the Month of January 2008


IWT – 31 January 2008
Abbas says no to agreement with Hamas
Osama Khalil: Egypt trying to push agreement between Abbas and Hamas view video

Would a Democratic President pull out of Iraq?
Tom Hayden: The media has failed to ask what will happen with the thousands of contractors in Iraq view video

Bailout package won’t help much
Doug Henwood: The economic outlook for the average American gets bleaker view video

NATO News-links 29-31 January 2008

National Security Archive and Historical Associations Petition for Release of Rosenberg Grand Jury Records, 31 January, 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 31st, 2008 Hillary’s Ruthless Campaign | Best Progressive Books | The Taser-Toting Housewife

THE COLDTYPE READER, Issue 23 – 62 Pages
Contents: Famous Cousin Blues; Paris, October 18; Welcome to America!; Organising Across Borders; The Kings of England; The Smiling Garden of Eden; Good and Evil at the Earth's Centre; Only if Someone Else Has to Do It; Greed at a Glance; Iraq Policy: Divide and Rule; Junior Partner in a Global War; Nader, the Unreasonable?; Jose Padilla: American's Shame; Worse Than a Crime; Finishing in the Money; Just Like the Movies; Danse Macabre of US Politics; The Big Picture

Iraq News-links 29-31 January 2008

Iran News-links 29-31 January 2008

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, 31 January, 2008

Oil firms boom on Iraq war By Nick Mottern 28/1/08

ICH 30 January, 2008: The Gulag Comes to America

Putting the U.S. Economic Crisis in Perspective Leo Panitch 31 January, 2008

AFRICOM News-links 30-31 January 2008

Afghanistan News-links 29-30 January 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 30 January 2008

GI Special 6A20: "We Would Fight Back" 31 January, 2008

Barack Obama: Bamboozling America, 31 January, 2008
By Larry Pinkney, BlackCommentator Editorial Board

Climate & Capitalism
Worth Framing: Richard Levins on Cuba, Ecology and the Need for a Dialectical Approach
January 31, 2008
The January 2008 issue of Monthly Review a short memoir by Richard Levins, co-author with Richard Lewontin of the wonderful book ‘The Dialectical Biologist’, which is now sadly out of print but highly worth searching used bookstores for.


The Gulag Comes To The USA
A Political Prisoner: The Don Siegelman Case
By Ernest Partridge 30/01/08, ICH
The fate of Don Siegelman may reflect the fate of our republic. We are at a crucial crossroads, one road leads to a restoration of the rule of law, and the other road leads to despotism.

Pambazuka-news Digest, Vol 88, Issue 130 January 30, 2008

ICH 29 January, 2008: A Culture Of Greed And Corruption

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 29 January 2008

Bolivia Rising 30 January, 2008
Constituting change in a divided Bolivia By Nick Buxton

Bolivia’s proposed new constitution is an innovative and progressive document constructed out of the struggles by social movements in recent years, however securing national consensus will be an uphill struggle. An in-depth analysis of Bolivia’s constitutional process.

What’s at Stake in Bolivia: The Horizons of History By Ron Jacobs
The recent uprisings and eventual electoral success of the Movimiento a Socialismo (MAS) in Bolivia is one of the most hopeful historical events to have occurred so far this century.

IWT - 30 January, 2008
FISA: Protecting America or executive power grab?

Republican Bruce Fein on the failure of both parties to stop the government from spying on its citizens view video

Pakistan army and the tribal territories
Aijaz Ahmad: Pakistan army fights Talibanization of Pakistan, but mixed agenda in tribal areas view video

Osamah Khalil: Crossing into Gaza
Full three-part interview now up view video

GI Special 6A19: The Boiling Point, 30 January, 2008

Leaked UK gov’t doc reveals plan to “coerce” Brits into national ID register January 29, 2008

“The charade is over. While ministers try to bamboozle the British public with fairytales about fingerprints, officials are plotting how to dupe and bully the population into surrendering control of their own identities.” — Phil Booth, NO2ID

Narratives Under Siege (2): Beit Hanoun, Northern Gaza Strip
In order to highlight the impact of the siege and closure of the Gaza Strip on the civilian population, PCHR is publishing a series of “Narratives Under Siege” on our website. These short articles are based on personal testimonies and experiences of life in the Gaza Strip, and we hope they will highlight the restrictions, and violations, being imposed on the civilians of Gaza.


CounterCurrents 29/01/08 – Eating As If The Climate Mattered

GI Special 6A18, January 29, 2008: Gaza - Liberation

Alternet PEEK Newsletter January 29th, 2008 State of the Union: More of the Same | Is This the End of Giuliani?

IWT – 29 January 2008
Crossing into Gaza
Osamah Khalil: A visit to the downed wall and the political implications of the new border (1 of 2) view video

Pakistan against US troops on its territory
Aijaz Ahmad: An isolated Musharraf opposes American troops in Pakistan view video

Conflict over fundamental change in Bolivia
Jean Paul Guevara: Bolivian indigenous people demand a transformation view video

The realities of carbon trading
Larry Lohmann on the weaknesses of cap-and-trade and carbon offsetting (2 of 3) view video

Truthout News-links 28 January 2008
Elizabeth Holtzman | Impeach Bush and Cheney | Maya Schenwar | Halting the Cycle of Crime and Punishment | “Superdelegates” May Hold Key to Victory for Democrats

CLG 28/1/08 Bush’s yellow cakewalk to Iran | Bush to seek $70 bln in partial 2009 war funding

Pioneering Blackwater Protesters Given Secret Trial and Criminal Conviction

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 29th, 2008 Sexy and Gray | ‘Roid Where Prohibited | Dark Truths About Israel

GI Special 6A17: "We Really Don't Know" 28 January 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 28 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 28-29 January 2008

National Security Archive Update, January 28, 2008 SUHARTO: A DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTARY OBIT

NATO News-links 28-29 January 2008

Kenya News and Information 28-29 January 2008

Iraq News-links 28-29 January 2008

Iran Newslinks 28-29 January 2008

AFRICOM News-links 28-29 January 2008


CounterCurrents 28/01/08 – Pakistan’s Nuclear Threat

Rudolph Boulos, A US citizen of Arab decent, from the wealthy and most powerful coup d’etat Boulos family in Haiti, faces charges of fraudulent gaining political office in Haiti, imminent expulsion and risks arrest and prosecution

Information Clearing House 28/1/08: U.S. Liberty Teetering on Edge of Abyss

Gaza: A tiny little bit of fuel now, but new electricity cuts next week

Alternet Environment Newsletter January 28th, 2008 Coffee a Climate Change Casualty? | Vacation Hot Spot in Dangerous Drought

Afghanistan News-links 28 January 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 27/1/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 26/1/08

Israel is worried that Palestinians might overrun Erez Checkpoint 28/1/08

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 27 January 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 26 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 27-28 January 2008

NATO News-links 27-28 January 2008

Kenya News and Information 27-28 January 2008

IWT – 28 January 2008
Will Bush’s illegal wiretapping be made legal?
Michael Ratner: Senate vote on FISA bill could threaten basic rights view video

If you were President . . .
Leo Panitch: Democratizing economy is the fundamental change needed to deal with recession view video

Missile shield not so welcome in Polish town
US plan for missile shield in eastern Europe meets resistance from village in Poland view video

Nuke ‘Em All, and Let Allah Sort It Out By William Schroder

PCHR Calls for International Resolution over Rafah Crossing Crisis 28 January 2008

Iran News-links 27-28 January 2008

Bolivia Rising: Bolivia: 500 years of oppression, two years of change

Bolivia Rising: Indianismo and Marxism: The mismatch of two revolutionary rationales

Information Clearing House 27/1/08 Unimaginable Intentional Human Suffering

People of Color Face Historic Wealth Loss By Glen Ford Black Agenda Radio

Dr. Maulana Karenga on “Haiti and Africa Inside Us” 24 January 2008

‘US the Biggest Producer of Terror’

CLG News-links Iraq moves troops, tanks to Mosul, 27 Jan 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 28th, 2008 Hillary Should Boot Bill | Michael Savage Loses Ads | Trouble at Fannie Mae

AFRICOM News-links 28 January 2008

The biggest jailbreak in history by John Maxwell 27 January 2008


CounterCurrents 27/01/08 – Why Palestinians Are Fleeing Gaza Concentration Camp

Alternet Most Popular of the Week January 26th, 2008

Afghanistan News-links 27 January 2008

26/1/08 ICH: Gaza - Worse Than a Crime

Truthout News-links 27 January 2008, Veto of Wiretap Measure Is Threatened

Truthout News-links 26 January 2008, Annual War Cost at $171B and Rising

CLG News-links Brattleboro to vote on arresting Bush, Cheney, 26 Jan 2008

NATO News-links 26-27/1/08

Afghanistan News-links 26 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 26-27 January 2008

Iraq News-links 25-27 January 2008

GI Special 6A16: Some Truth For A Change 27/1/08

Climate & Capitalism
‘How to Avoid Action on Climate Change’, January 19, 2008, text of Ian Angus’s keynote speech at “Smells Like Green Spirit”


NATO News-links 25-26/1/08

Pakistan News-links 25-26 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 24 January 2008

Alternet PEEK Newsletter January 26th, 2008 Trailer for Oliver Stone’s “Bush” | Election ‘08: People Need to Get a Grip

CounterCurrents 26/01/08 – US Ready To Deploy Combat Troops In Pakistan

Uruk Net Iraq News 25/1/08

Kenya News and Information 25-26 January 2008

Iran News-links 24-26 January 2008

Afghanistan News-links 24-25 January 2008

Truthout News-links 25 January 2008

Truthout News-links 24 January 2008

CLG News-links 25 January 2008: US willing to send troops to Pakistan

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 26th, 2008 Is Hope Message Working for Barack? | $1 Billion to Arrest Pot Smokers | The Stimulus Swindle

NATO News-links 25-26 January 2008


‘Chinese Torture’ or what goes around comes around By William Bowles, January 25th, 2008

IWT – 25 January 2008
Do stimulus packages work?
Leo Panitch: Stimulus not solving underlying problems like consumer debt or broken infrastructure view video

NATO split over Afghanistan
Saleem Shahzad: NATO debates two choices – massive military offensive or negotiate with the Taliban view video


Information Clearing House 25 January 2008 The End Of Your Privacy

Alternet MediaCulture Newsletter January 25th, 2008

Alternet War on Iraq Newsletter January 25th, 2008

IPS 25 January 2008 - Global Day of Action Against Global Challenges – Jan 26

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 25/1/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 24/1/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 23/1/08

Media Savvy: New Study Claims Mistruths Shaped Rush To War January 24, 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 24/1/08

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 23/1/08

Information Clearing House 24 January 2008 Escape from Gaza or ‘Voluntary’ Transfer?

Sword dancing while Gaza starves, The Electronic Intifada, 24 January 2008


Top Ten Points about StratCom 17/1/08


CLG News-links 24-25 January 2008, Like FBI, CIA Has Used Secret 'Letters'

Climate & Capitalism ‘Tar Sands Crimes’ January 24, 2008

The Financial Tsunami: The Financial Foundations of the American Century by F. William Engdahl, January 16, 2008

The Financial Tsunami: Sub-Prime Mortgage Debt is but the Tip of the Iceberg F. William Engdahl, November 23, 2007

‘Al Qaeda’ and the “War on Terrorism” by Michel Chossudovsky

NATO News-links 24-25 January 2008

NATO’s ‘Toward a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World Renewing Transatlantic Partnership’ (PDF)

NATO Must Prepare For Nuclear First Strike, Report Urges By Bill Van Auken

The New New World Order: A First-Strike NATO Über Alles by Chris Floyd


Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Continue Systematic Attacks against Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) No. 04/2008 17-23 January 2008

The Blitz is On - The Colombia Card is Being Played, with Chávez Scheduled to be Taken to the Cleaners

“A Liberation Narrative - Not More Imperialism with a Black Face!” - Represent Our Resistance By Dr. Lenore J. Daniels, PhD

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 24th, 2008 Will Stimulus Help? | Bush’s Last Legs | 935 Lies to Invade Iraq

Kenya News and Information 23-24 January 2008

Iraq News-links 23-24 January 2008

Iran News-links 23-24 January 2008


Recession? It’s the ‘business cycle’ stupid By William Bowles, January 23rd, 2008

Afghanistan News-links 22-23 January 2008

Alternet Rights & Liberties Newsletter January 23rd, 2008 Jose Padilla’s Outrageous Prison Sentence | Impeachment for Cheney?

POWER TO THE (PALESTINIAN) PEOPLE! By: Jeff Halper January 23, 2008

Information Clearing House 23 January 2008 Paul Craig Roberts: This “Brutal World”

Truthout News-links 23 January 2008

Truthout News-links 22 January 2008

Truthout News-links 21 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 23 January2008

Media Savvy: World Economic Forum: Islam and the West Dialogue January 22, 2008

IWT – 23 January 2008
Is there a military solution in Afghanistan?
Eric Margolis: Manley report on Canada’s role in Afghanistan justifies failing mission view video

Kenyan elite battles for power
Binyavanga Wainaina: A feudal ruling elite is the heart of the problem, Kenya needs a new constitution view video

Why is impeachment important?
Congressman Wexler continues fight for impeachment view video

IPS – Darkness At Noon in Gaza 23 January 2008

CounterCurrents 23/01/08 – Hard Times A-Coming

CounterCurrents 22/01/08 – The False US Economy Versus Nature?s Expansion-Contraction Cycle

Alternet PEEK Newsletter January 23rd, 2008 Bush Reaches Economic Dead End | Is John Edwards Really a Fighter?

CLG News-links 23/1/08 935 false statements on 532 occasions preceded war: study

Submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council by the PCHR

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights Call Upon Israel, Egypt and the International Community to Resolve the Crisis at the Rafah Border Crossing 23 January, 2008

Iran Newslinks 22-23 January 2008

CLG News-links 22/1/08 Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 23rd, 2008 Debt Crisis: America’s Greatest Threat | Clitoral Economics | Why Cloned Meat Isn’t Scary

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 22/1/08

Afghanistan News-links 21-22 January 2008

Iraq News-links 23 January 2008

Iraq News-links 21-22 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 22 January2008

Information Clearing House 22 January 2008 Nuclear Strike a Key Option, NATO Told

In Honor of My Mother and the Power of Love By Norman Solomon 23 January, 2008

Stop the Siege of Gaza! Palestine Justice 23/1/08


NEWS DISSECTOR January 22, 2008 Some of The News In A World of Tumbling Markets and Flight Cancellations

Kenya News and Information 22-23 January 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 22/1/08

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 23 January 2008

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 21-22 January 2008


Palestine: Collectively Punished by Israel and Collectively Punished by the media By William Bowles, January 22nd, 2008

Press Statement Tuesday, January 22, 2008 “Tightened Siege on Gaza Reaches Unprecedented Levels and Endangers the Life of 1.5 Million Civilians”

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 21/1/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 21/1/08

Statewatch News Online, 22 January 200

End the Siege on Gaza International Day of Action Saturday 26th January

IWT – 22 January 2008
Canada takes US and Israel off torture list
Alex Neve from Amnesty says Canadian foreign policy interests trump human rights view video
Did Canada cave under US Israeli pressure?
Michael Ratner: Canada gave in to pressure from US ambassador view video

Information Clearing House 21 January 2008 Is This The Big One?

The Week with IPS Trauma Treatment a Luxury for Iraqis 21 January 2008

Alternet PEEK Newsletter Hillary and Obama Clash in SC Debate | The Incredible Shrinking Bill Clinton January 22nd, 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter God’s Profits | Govt. Policies Kill Women January 22nd, 2008


Reflections by the Commander in Chief

Martin Luther KingMartin Luther King Jr. was photographed by Alabama cops following his February 1956 arrest during the Montgomery bus boycott. The historic mug shot, taken when King was 27, was discovered in July 2004 by a deputy cleaning out a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department storage room. It is unclear when the notations ‘DEAD’ and ‘4-4-68’ were written on the picture or by who.

21/1/08 Martin Luther-King Day

Alternet PEEK Newsletter What You May Not Know About Martin Luther King | Blackwater Massacre Suspect Revealed January 21st, 2008

The Pimping of Black America: Why Much of the Corporate Media Supports Barack Obama By Larry Pinkney

National Security Archive Update - 1978: Clandestine Operation of Argentine Military Intelligence in Mexico

Venezuela News-links 21 January 2008

CounterCurrents 21/01/08 - Death And Darkness In Gaza

Interview with Bolivian Vice President Garcia: ‘Political crisis’ a media beat-up By Pablo Stefanoni, La Paz 18 January 2008

Bolivia: New constitution sparks right-wing revolt By Rachel Evans, La Paz January 18, 2008

CLG News-links 21/1/08 U.S. says Iran still training Iraqi militias

Truthout News-links 20 January 2008

Israeli Occupation Forces Escalate War Crimes in Gaza: 9 killed and 57 injured 21 January 2008

PCHR Calls On the International Community to Prevent a Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza 21 January 2008

PCHR Concerned over the Detention of Munir Riziq, Director of Al-Hayyat Newspaper in Gaza 17 January 2008

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory No. 03/2008 10-16 January 2008

Palestine-Israel News-Links 21 January 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 20/1/08

Pakistan News-links 21 January2008

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 20-21 January 2008

Kenya News and Information 20-21 January 2008

Iraq News-links 20-21 January 2008

Iran Newslinks 20-21 January 2008

Afghanistan News-links 20 January 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter – The Rich Pork Out | Iraq’s Death Toll Catastrophe | More to MLK Than His ‘Dream’ Speech January 21st, 2008

GI Special 6A14: "She Feels Cold" 21/1/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 20/1/08


Internal EU report casts doubts on its biofuel strategy
Brussels (AFP) Jan 18, 2008
“The conclusions are crystal clear — the EU should abandon biofuels and use its resources on real solutions to climate change”

Venezuela News-links 18-20 January 2008

Information Clearing House 19-20 January 2008 Death and Darkness in Gaza

Qollauyo/Bolivia in the heart and struggle of the Indigenous peoples of Abya Yala/America!

Bolivia News-links 7-20 January 2008

Palestine-Israel News-Links 18-20 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 19-20 January2008

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 19-20 January 2008

Kenya News and Information 19-20 January 2008

Iran Newslinks 19-20 January 2008

Iraq News-links 19-20 January 2008

CLG News-links — 20 January 2008

GI Special 6A13: The Mission 20/1/08


Afghanistan News-links 19 January 2008

Truthout News-links 19 January 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 19/1/08

Those who were supposed to be ruled are ruling now
Beatriz Souviron, Bolivia's Ambassador to the United Kingdom, explains the essence of the changes currently taking place in Bolivia.

Alternet PEEK Newsletter January 19th, 2008 Kucinich Kept Off Texas Ballot | Is Hillary Really So Experienced?

CLG News-links — 19 January 2008

Kenya News and Information 18-19 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 19 January2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 19th, 2008

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 18-19 January 2008

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 16-17 January 2008


Truthout News-links 18 January 2008

CLG News-links — 18 January 2008

Afghanistan News-links 18 January 2008

Afghanistan News-links 17 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 18 January2008

Pakistan News-links 17 January2008

Alternet War on Iraq Newsletter January 18th, 2008

Alternet MediaCulture Newsletter January 18th, 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 18th, 2008

Information Clearing House News Links 18/1/08

CounterCurrents 18/01/01 – Tourism At The End Of The World

Media Savvy: Dramatic Decline In U.S. Economy January 18, 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 18/1/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 18/1/08

Kenya News and Information 17-18 January 2008

Iraq News-links 17-18 January 2008

Iran Newslinks 18 January 2008

Palestine-Israel News-Links 17-18 January 2008


Truthout News-links 17 January 2008

CLG News-links — 17 January 2008

NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 89 - 17th January 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 17/1/08

Iran Newslinks 17 January 2008

IWT – 17 January 2008
Israeli party quits government over peace plan
Palestinian journalist says a weakened coalition government will doom the peace process view video
Elections & campaign against undocumented workers
Iowa Latino leader Sam Carbajal says Latino vote will go to candidates who provide hope and solutions view video

CounterCurrents 17/01/08 – Israeli Forces Kill 17 Gazans In Less Than Four Hours

Alternet Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace Newsletter January 17th, 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 17th, 2008


Truthout News-links 16 January 2008

Kenya News and Information 16 January 2008

Iran Newslinks 16 January 2008

IPS 16/1/08 War on Terror Moves East

Information Clearing House News Links 16/1/08

Palestine-Israel News-Links 15-16 January 2008

IWT – 16/1/08
US arms sale to Saudi Arabia
Aijaz Ahmad: What is the real reason for this massive sale of arms to Saudi Arabia? view video
17 people dead in Israeli attack in Gaza
Former Hamas foreign minister’s son amongst dead; attack took place during Bush’s visit to Middle East view video
Blast targets US embassy vehicle
An explosion targeting a US embassy vehicle in Lebanon leaves 4 dead and at least 16 wounded view video

Alternet PEEK Newsletter Romney Wins Michigan, GOP Freaks Out | Bush’s Energy Policy: Begging for More Oil January 16th, 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 16/1/08

The Weekly Spin, January 16, 2008

CodePink Says Put our MOST WANTED behind bars!!

WHAT’S NEW ON CORPWATCH: QinetiQ Goes Kinetic: Top Rumsfeld Aide Wins Contracts From Spy Office He Set Up By Tim Shorrock, Special to CorpWatch …

Afghanistan News-links 16 January 2008

Media Savvy: How NBC Blocked Kucinich From Nevada Debate January 16, 2008

National Security Archive Update January 16, 2008 White House Admits No Back-Up Tapes for E-mail Before October 2003

Some Bolivians are torn between Morales & free trade By Terry Wade, Jan 14, 2008

Bolivia's 'Bad Births' Sit on Political Sidelines By Jean Friedman Rudovsky, WeNews correspondent, Jan 16, 2008

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 16 January 2008

Iraq News-links 16 January 2008

CLG News-links — 16 Jan 2008

Pakistan News-links 16 January 2008


Alternet PEEK Newsletter Bush Offers Tongue for Oil | Obama Makes Shaky Truce With Hillary January 15th, 2008

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 15 January 2008

Iran Newslinks 15 January 2008

Afghanistan News-links 15 January 2008

Truthout News-links 15 January 2008

Information Clearing House News Links 15/1/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 15/1/08

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 15/1/08

William F. Pepper - An Act of State
The Execution of Martin Luther King

Pakistan News-links 15 January 2008

Kenya News and Information 15 January 2008

IWT – 15/1/08
What does Barack Obama’s “change” mean?
Obama fans in Concord, New Hampshire, explain view video
Bush in Middle East: Who is isolating who?
Aijaz Ahmad: Is Bush ignoring NIE report? Will his campaign to isolate Iran succeed? view video

Media Savvy: Clinton Is Winner In Race For Coverage January 15, 2008

CounterCurrents 15/01/08 – US Bank Losses Intensify Recession Fears

Getting Out the Bling Vote By Joe Bageant — From Kibby’s Cool Spot in Belize, politics makes sense – sort of

Iraq News-links 14-15 January 2008

Iraq News-links 13 January 2008

CLG News-links — UK and US consider global terrorist database 15 Jan 2008

GI Special 6A12: The Traitor Bush At It Again 15/1/08


Palestine-Israel News-Links 13-14 January 2008

Alternet PEEK Newsletter January 14th, 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 14th, 2008

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 14 January 2008

Afghanistan News-links 14 January 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 14/1/08

Truthout News-links 14 January 2008

CLG News-links Bush urges Arab allies to confront Iran, ‘the world’s leading sponsor of state terror’ 14/1/08

NSA – In 1974 Estimate, CIA Found that Israel Already Had a Nuclear Stockpile and that “Many Countries” Would Soon Have Nuclear Capabilities

Media Savvy: When A ‘Rescue’ Is Not: Bank Of America Buys Countrywide January 14, 2008

IWT - 14/1/08
From Cairo, Arab reaction to Bush visit
Osama Khalil in Cairo: Arab reaction to Bush Middle East trip view video
Israeli reaction to Bush’s Middle East visit
David Newman: Most Israelis want a two-state solution but are cynical about the process view video
James Denton on Writers Guild strike
Star of “Desperate Housewives” speaks about long-running writers’ strike view video

Information Clearing House News Links 14/1/08

REAL-LIFE STAR WARS StratCom & the Militarization of Space By Stan Cox

Kenya News and Information 14 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 14 January 2008

Afghanistan News-links 12-13 January 2008

Iran Newslinks 14 January 2008

Reporters Without Frontiers against Hugo Chávez

After 75 years, justice for Marinus 14/1/08

GI Special 6A11: One Year From Now 14/1/08


Lebanon-Syria News-Links 13 January 2008

Afghanistan News-links 12-13 January 2008

Truthout News-links 13 January 2008

CLG News-links Oil Crisis As 308,000 Barrels Go Missing, According to Audit 13/1/08

Information Clearing House News Links 12-13/1/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 13/1/08

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 13/1/08

Kenya News and Information 13 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 13 January 2008

Iran Newslinks 13 January 2008

GI Special 6A10: U.S. Majority For Withdrawal 13/1/08

Anti-Empire Report, January 13, 2008 By William Blum

HLLN 13/1/08 Pentagon’s troubling role in Haiti

60 Years of Empire By Saul Landau


Palestine-Israel News-Links 11-12 January 2008

Alternet PEEK Newsletter Stories the Media Missed in 2007 | EPA Gets a Failing Grade January 12th, 2008

Iraq News-links 12 January 2008

Truthout News-links 13 January 2008

CounterCurrents 12/01/08 – Apocalypse No! Part 5 & 6

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 12/1/08

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 03- 09 January  2008

GI Special 6A9: Happy Iraqis 12/1/08

The idiots in the U.S. Government are at it again 12/1/08

Bolivia: Talks Hold Out Hope in Polarized Country
Franz Chávez, Thursday, 10 January 2008
(IPS) Bringing Bolivia’s four youngest and strongest sons back into the fold will not be an easy task for leftist President Evo Morales, who is attempting to keep a heavily polarised country together.

Iran News-links 11-12 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 11-12 January 2008 17:00

Kenya News-Links 11-12 January 2008

CLG News-links, 12 January 2008 Huckabee on Iran: ‘you will see the gates of Hell’


Alternet War on Iraq Newsletter January 11th, 2008

Alternet PEEK Newsletter January 11th, 2008

Iraq News-links 11 January 2008

CounterCurrents 11/01/01 – Can The World Afford The Tata Nano?

Afghanistan News-links 11 January 2008

Truthout News-links 11 January 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 11/1/08

Information Clearing House 11/1/08

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 11/1/08

GI Special 6A8: National Guard Edition 11/1/08

January 11, 2008
Official Version of U.S.-Iranian Naval Incident Starts to Unravel By Gareth Porter

Media Savvy: Fox News Architect Tells All January 11, 2008

Kucinich Requests Recount of New Hampshire Ballots 11/1/08

Oil for Iraqi citizens By Hana Al-Bayaty 11/1/08

Palestine-Israel News-Links 10-11 January 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 11th, 2008


CLG News-links, 11 January 2008 ‘Iran & the Fake Video’

Kenya News-Links 10-11 January 2008

Pakistan News-links 10-11 January 2008

Iran News-links 10-11 January 2008


Iraq News-links 10 January 2008

Information Clearing House 10/1/08

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 10/1/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 10/1/08

Afghanistan News-links 10 January 2008

UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign Events in 2008

“Suitcase Scandal” is Another U.S. Foreign Policy Blunder By Mark Weisbrot 

CounterCurrents 10/01/08 –Bush’s Last Throw Against Iran

Truthout News-links 10 January 2008

Alternet Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace Newsletter January 10th, 2008

Bolivia Rising
Bolivia's deepening crisis Tom Lewis, January 11, 2008
THE LAST year has been a time of dramatically increased social polarization in Bolivia, setting the stage for decisive confrontations in 2008.

Pakistan News-links 9-10 January 2008 19:40

Kenya Crisis News and Information Links 9-10 January 2008 19:37

Former CIA Agent Philip Agee Dies in Cuba

Venezuela’s debt to Cuba By Salim Lamrani 10/01/08

Colombian rebels free hostages, flown to Venezuela 10/01/08

This is what it’s all about: Anglo American Venezuela Unit Loses Six Concessions 10/1/08

NEWS DISSECTOR: Obama’s Lesson From From New Hampshire: “MAKING CHANGE IS HARD” 10/108

Media Lens: David Aaronovitch - a different kind of compassion 10/1/8

Lebanon-Syria News-Links 9-10 January 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter January 10th, 2008

GI Special 6A7: Diyala Red 10/1/08

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“More Forest, Less Bank!”
Protecting the World’s Forests Will Take More than Money

Media reports on last month’s Bali conference focused almost exclusively on what happened inside the conference hall and in negotiating sessions. But while politicians and bureaucrats haggled over the details of their toothless “Action Plan,” something quite different was happening outside.

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CounterCurrents 09/01/08 – Has Recession Arrived In USA?

Media Savvy: New Hampshire Polling Fiasco January 9, 2008

IWT 9/1/08 - Who is Ron Paul?
A look at Ron Paul and his supporters view video

Bush pushes peace accord
President Bush to visit the Middle East for continued Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations view video

Bhutto’s legacy and Musharraf’s future
Aijaz Ahmad: Who will fill the vacuum after Bhutto’s death? Will the Army turn on Musharraf? view video

Condoleezza Stokes Flames of U.S. Wars in Africa

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CorpWatch: Bulgarian Ski Complex Threatens Rila National Park 4/1/08

Why Bolivia Matters
Lauren Carlson, January 7 2008
Bolivia's National Palace is a classic colonial building that sits on the pigeon-filled Plaza Murillo in downtown La Paz. It's more often called the "Palacio Quemado" or "Burned Palace" because it's been set on fire repeatedly by dissidents of one stripe or another over the centuries since Bolivia gained its fragile independence.

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Media Savvy: Obama’s Win Related to Online Prowess? January 8, 2008

IWT- 8/1/08
Mike Gravel rates Democrat opponents
Gravel: All three leading Democrats are politics as usual view video

What makes Dennis run?
Paul Jay talks with Dennis Kucinich view video

Kenyan election spirals into violence
Kenya’s prosperous economy belies underlying economic structural inequalities view video

CounterCurrents 08/01/08 – Pakistanis See US As Greatest Threat

The Obama Phenom or revolving door ‘democracy’ By William Bowles 8/1/08

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Alternet Headlines 8/1/08 Why Obama’s Message Is Working | Hanks Movie Is Imperial Propaganda

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New Publication: Confronting the Climate Change Crisis
Available now: A new anthology of 10 frequently downloaded articles by Ian Angus, editor of Climate and Capitalism, read Reviews

National Security Archive - White House Must Answer Questions About Missing White House E-mails, Magistrate Judge Rules 8/1/08

GI Special 6A6: The Deadliest Terrain 8/1/08


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Media Savvy: ‘The Urgency Of Now:’ Our Politicians Are Still In Denial January 7, 2008

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Killer of U.S. Soldiers Becomes a Hero Dahr Jamail 7/1/08

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Alternet 7/1/08 - The Biggest Environmental Stories of the Year
By David Roberts, Lisa Hymas, Grist Magazine
Which enviro stories stole the headlines in 2007?

Climate & Capitalism January 7, 2008
From False to Real Solutions for Climate Change by Patrick Bond

Why J7 Declined to participate in BBC's Conspiracy Files TV ‘documentary’

J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign January 2008 Update

GI Special 6A5: Petraeus' Bedtime Story 7/1/08

Interview with John David Kwabili of Kenya Indymedia 7/1/08

Haiti: Where are we with the search to find Lovinsky Pierre Antoine alive, and who is this man with the black glasses in the photograph?

CounterCurrents 07/01/08 – Disappearing World

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Bolivia Rising 7/1/08
International sign-on statement to World Bank on Bolivia Investment Case
We are seeking organizational signatures for the letter below to the World Bank President.
The Emergence of Bolivia's Indigenous Movement (view video)

IWT – 7/1/08
Ron Paul says there is “soft fascism” in the US

Michael Ratner accesses the Presidential candidates on civil rights issues in US view video

Turkey blames Kurdish PKK for bombing
Diyarbakir, Turkey: Bomb aimed at Turkish troops rocks Kurdish dominated city killing 5, wounding 68 view video

Alternet 7/1/08 Musharraf Blames Bhutto for Her Own Death | Obama and Race …

It’s all-out war on the planet. Chaos (capitalism) rules okay! By William Bowles 7/1/08

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From False to Real Solutions for Climate Change
by Patrick Bond
Amidst her welcome critique of the biofuel mania, Vandana Shiva’s ZNet commentary last month (December 13, 2007) also made this point:

“The Kyoto Protocol totally avoided the material challenge of stopping activities that lead to higher emissions and the political challenge of regulation of the polluters and making the polluters pay in accordance with principles adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio. Instead, Kyoto put in place the mechanism of emissions trading which in effect rewarded the polluters by assigning them rights to the atmosphere and trading in these rights to pollute.”

Ethanol and the Gulf Dead Zone: More Echoes of Engels
I previously quoted Friedrich Engels in regard to the impact of the U.S. ethanol boom on Brazilian rainforests. Here’s the quote again

“Let us not, however, flatter ourselves overmuch on account of our human victories over nature. For each such victory nature takes its revenge on us. Each victory, it is true, in the first place brings about the results we expected, but in the second and third places it has quite different, unforeseen effects which only too often cancel the first.”


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HLLN’s response to two Jean H. Charles’ commentaries on Caribbean Net News 6/1/08

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IDF Military Courts in the Occupied Territories: Yesh Din’s report released 6/1/08

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CounterCurrents 06/01/08 – Israel And 9-11

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Kenya: A Compelling Case For A Government ofNational Unity (GNU) 6/1/08

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Take Action: Help Set Agenda for Bush Visit to Palestine/Israel 6/1/08

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Climate & Capitalism January 5, 2008
More on the People’s Protocol on Climate Change
A previous post on Climate and Capitalism included the full text of the Draft People’s Protocol on Climate Change, along with a request for more information about its authors and origins. I received this email from Ava Danlog of the IBON Foundation, an independent research organization based in Quezon City, Philippines.

NUCLEAR USA: An overview of policies at home and abroad SEPTEMBER – NOVEMBER 2007

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HLLN - Lies, Propaganda, Exploitation, Abuse and Strumming Fratricide in Haiti – the tried and true colonial blueprints | A study of Leth’s Ghost of Site Soley 5/1/08

HLLN – For the first time since Haiti’s independence in 1804 from France, now ‘Lele’ occupied Haiti will be visited by French President Nicolas Sarkosy 5/1/08

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Alternet’s Most Popular Stories of the Week January 5th, 2008

CounterCurrents 05/01/08 - How Many Kids Will Bush’s America Kill In 2008?

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Cuban Communist Makes the Case for International Revolution

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Climate & Capitalism January 4, 2008
Time to Stop the Greenwashing
by Glen Barry
from Earth Meanders, January 4, 2008
Global ecological sustainability depends upon identifying and acting upon ambitious, sufficient eco-policies now; and rejecting misleading, exploitative and inadequate reformist pandering

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Lebanon: Evidence of Israeli ‘cowardly blending’ comes to light Chris Cook 4/1/08

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US troops in Pakistan?
Aijaz Ahmad: Is there a military solution in Afghanistan and Pakistan? view video

Pakistan lawyers call for election boycott view video

Information Clearing House 4/1/08

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Iraq: The myth of sectarianism By Dahr Jamail 4/1/08

Media Savvy: Iowa Caucus: How the Media Let Us Down January 4, 2008

`Obama … Mr. Hope One Day … and Mr. Compromise the Other’… 4/1/08

`Why a Vote for Obama Is a Vote for the American Elite … and Why John Edwards Beats Them All’ 1/4/08

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Fear and Loathing in Bolivia: New Constitution, Polarization Benjamin Dangl 4/1/08
"Let’s go unblock the road, compañeros!" a man in an old baseball cap yells as he joins a group of people hauling rocks and tires from a central intersection in Cochabamba. This group of students and union activists are mobilizing against a civic strike led by middle class foot soldiers of the Bolivian right. These actions in the street are part of a political roller coaster which is dramatically changing Bolivia as it enters the new year.

NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 88 - 3rd January 2008

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UNGENEROUS OCCUPIER: ISRAEL’S CAMP DAVID EXPOSED By Jonathan Cook, The Electronic Intifada, 2 January 2008

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The Patriot: Truthout Reviews Dahr Jamail’s “Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches From an Unembedded Reporter in Occupied Iraq,” with author Interview By Leslie Thatcher 3/1/08

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Uruk Net Iraq News 3/1/08

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January 4, 2008 A Conversation About Green Socialism
From Socialist Unity, a blog hosted by Andy Newman in Britain,
Derek Wall is one of two Principal Speakers who act as spokespeople for the Green Party of England and Wales. I interviewed him recently about how he sees the current political situation, and how progressives in the Green party and outside it can work together for a sustainable and just future.

January 2, 2008 Svend Robinson: Canada’s Role in Bali Was Painful to See
Svend Robinson, Canada’s first openly gay elected official and a leading activist for gay rights, was a New Democratic Party member of Canada’s federal parliament from 1979 to 2004. He is now working with Public Services International, based in France.

VTJP Palestine/Israel News-Links 3/1/08

Venezuela 2008: Towards Urgent Radicalization By: Franz J. T. Lee 30/12/07

GI Special 6A3: War Reports 4/1/08

IWT - 3/1/08
Who gained from Bhutto’s death?
Aijaz Ahmad: Musharraf and extremists had the most to gain from assassination (1 of 3) view video

Global warming: What’s next after Bali
Peter Victor on Bali, binding targets and carbon trading (1 of 3) view video

On al-Qaeda’s video “Review of Events”
Pepe Escobar on al-Zawahiri’s video (1 of 2) view video

Media Savvy: They Report, They Decide? January 3, 2008

CounterCurrents 03/01/08 – Kucinich Backs Obama In Iowa Primary

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Haiti keeps alive the truth of past evils By Jacqueline Charles 2/1/08

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GI Special 6A2: Crappy New Year 3/1/08

NSA-2/1/08 PRESIDENT SIGNS FOIA AMENDMENT First FOIA Reform Bill In More Than A Decade Becomes Law

GI Special 6A1: The Pointless War 1/1/08

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Information Clearing House 2/1/08

Canadian Workers in Support of Bolivia and Evo Morales 2/1/08

HLLN – A Look At Haitian History from a Haitian Perspective 1/1/08

Media Savvy: Has Mao Become A Role Model For Our Media? January 2, 2008

Challenges 2007-2008: IPS Year-End Features 2 January 2008

CounterCurrents 02/01/08 – The 08 Challenge

THE COLDTYPE READER, Issue 22 Jan 2008 – 68 Pages
Contents: Sore Losermen, Virgin or Slut, Rigged!, Globalisation: Theirs or Ours?, Are Americans 'Better Than That'?, Absolving Baseball's Owners, A Hunger for Books, Burger King and the Tomato Growers, Passing Around the Painted Pig, Just Another Peace Scare, The City that Said 'No' to America, Qaddafi, Paris and Hypocrites, Liberalisation to Murdochracy, Is Bush Stopped in His Tracks on Iran?, The Night I Learned Whose Side I Was On, Politicising Gaza's Misery, Justifying Murder.

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Haiti-HLLN – 2/1/08 Personnalité Sociale de L ’Année Colette Lespinasse ou la ferveur d’une battante!

Haiti-HLLN – 2/1/08 Blan Mannan by Feliks Moriso Lewa

Haiti-HLLN – 2/1/08 Liberty or Death – Haiti’s founding father, Jean Jacques Dessalines addresses the nation on Independence Day, Jan. 1, 1804

Haiti-HLLN – 2/1/08 Dietrich Fisher’s take on the demobalization of Haitian army and Lovinsky Pierre Antoine …

Haiti-HLLN – 2/1/08 – Haiti’s 1804 Proclamation of Independence by General Jean Jacques Dessalines


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HLLN - Part 2: 1 January, 2008 – Another Haitian independence day under occupation

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