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Tuesday, February 3, 2009 7:50 AM
Index of Articles for the Month of January 2009

URUK Net 31 January, 2009: Israeli military refuses water filtration system for Gaza

Paris When it Sizzles: The French Say No to Fat-Cat Bailouts by Chris Floyd

Transcripts of Erdogan, Moussa, Peres (and Erdogan again…) at Davos

CounterCurrents Newsletter 31 January, 2009 – The American Economy Is Not Coming Back

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 31 January, 2008: Gaza desperately short of food after Israel destroys farmland

ICH 31 January, 2009: Weekend Edition: The Final Solution is a No-State Solution

GI Special 7A18 31 January, 2009: Used Up, Thrown Away

CounterCurrents Newsletter 30 January, 2009 – Why Barkha Dutt Should Walk The Talk?

URUK Net 30 January, 2009: Al-Attatra Village in Gaza: Then Came the Foreshadowing Silence.

Zionists Imitate Hitler - an Aporrea Video

William Bowles: Living (and dying) in the age of barbarism

Corporate Watch – Direct Action Against Israel

Video: Prime minister Erdogan at Davos

GI Special 7A17 30 January, 2009: The Golden Toilet

CounterCurrents Newsletter 29 January, 2009 – California Is Broke

URUK Net 29 January, 2009 Part 2: How to Kill a Palestinian

URUK Net 29 January, 2009: Nine Brutal Disappointments For US Obama Fans

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 29 January, 2008: Israeli raid injures Gaza children

Paul D’Amato: The tale of two apartheids

Secret Israeli database reveals full extent of illegal West Bank settlement By Uri Blau

GI Special 7A16 29 January, 2009: The Emperor Chooses War

CounterCurrents Newsletter 28 January, 2009 – Nine Brutal Disappointments For US Obama Fans

URUK Net 28 January, 2009: Get Some: Obama’s New Hard Line on Afghanistan

ICH 28 January, 2009: Is It Time to Bail Out of the US?

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 28 January, 2008: Report: Gaza detainees held bound for days

William Bowles: Higher Ground

Paris: The power of collective action! (photo montage)

CounterCurrents Newsletter 27 January, 2009 – 74,000 Layoffs Announced In One Day

URUK Net 27 January, 2009: Video: Gaza 2009: We Will Never Forget

ICH 27 January, 2009: Financial Elite Have No Shame

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 27 January, 2008: Tank fire kills Gazan; soldier dead, three others injured in blast

GI Special 7A15 27 January, 2009: FTA Is Back!

CounterCurrents Newsletter 26 January, 2009 – Plight Of Tamils Similar To Gaza Civilians

URUK Net 26 January, 2009: West Bank: New weapons used against demonstrators

ICH 26 January, 2009: In America, Speaking the Truth Is a Career-Ending Event

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 26 January, 2008: Kadima kicks off campaign with threat to bump off Hamas leaders

CounterCurrents Newsletter 25 January, 2009 – Escalated Bloodletting In Afghanistan And Pakistan

Israeli army chief rabbi under fire over booklet

URUK Net 25 January, 2009: Doctors Document Gaza Horrors

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 25 January, 2008: Unexploded Bombs Hold More Deaths

GI Special 7A14 25 January, 2009: The Other Guantanamo

GI Special 7A13 25 January, 2009: New Traveling Soldier Now!

George Anthony: Zionism and the road to Gaza’s killing fields

GI Special 7A12 24 January, 2009: Obama's War

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 23 January, 2008: Doctors: Many Palestinians in Gaza hospitals in danger of dying from their wounds

Francis A. Boyle: International Law and Israel’s War On Gaza

Sarah Gillespie: The BBC and the transformation of suffering into propaganda

COHA: Mixed Results In Salvadoran Elections

William Bowles: The Final Solution is a No-State Solution

DEC Gaza Aid Appeal Video

Gaza Aid Appeal BBC occupation success

Housmans Radical Books (London) Newsletter February 2009

Move to End “Internet Neutrality”: Blow to Bloggers. “Ten Pin Strike against Political Freedom” By Sherwood Ross

IPS: Alarm Spreads Over Use of Lethal New Weapons By Erin Cunningham

44 Years Later, LBJ’s Ghost Hovers Over the 44th President By Norman Solomon

ICH 25 January, 2009: Weekend Edition

Socialists Adopt 10 Point Action Plan to Stop Climate Change
January 25, 2009

Australia’s Socialist Alliance proposes a program for slashing greenhouse gas emissions. Atmospheric CO2 must fall below 325ppm.

URUK Net 24 January, 2009: Torture in Iraqi Prisons

And now for something completely different

Iran: No Change in Obama's Diplomacy?
“Focusing on diplomacy”. The words sound good. But Obama, Hillary, Biden and ‘Zipi’ still appear to be following Bush”s policy on Iran. The articles below illustrate NO CHANGE for Iran. The ‘diplomacy’ looks more like arm-bending pressure for America’s ‘special interests’ - with the help of AIPAC. Belonging to the WTO, which exploits the poor, is not a priority for many countries. Is Hillary already stabbing Obama in the back? Why does ISRAEL/ 'Zipi' have to be involved in Obama's "diplomacy" in Iran? Was Israel's war on Gaza a forerunner to Iran?

Alternative Information Centre: Absolutely Not! Not in Their Names, Not in Ours

Gaza and the BBC: The Facts Are Insufficiently Impartial

Joe Bageant: North Toward Home

URUK Net 23 January, 2009: Starve Them; Shoot Them; then Give Them Cancer

ICH 23 January, 2009: Official: UN May Prosecute Bush Administration

CounterCurrents Newsletter 23 January, 2009 – Antarctic Ice Shelf Set To Collapse

CounterCurrents Newsletter 21 January, 2009 – Greater Than The Great Depression?

Death Agony of Thatcher Deregulated Finance Model By F. William Engdahl

Media Lens Rapid Response Media Alert: The BBC Refuses To Broadcast Gaza Charity Appeal

PERESTROIKA 2.0 BETA, By Dmitry Orlov

NO2ID Newsletter No.115 22 January, 2009

No to the database state! Spam Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for one day!

GI Special 7A11 22 January, 2009: Change You Can Believe In

URUK Net 22 January, 2009: In Pictures: Gaza in ruins

ICH 22 January, 2009: Fisk: Obama’s Missed The Point on Gaza

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 22 January, 2008: Cornering of Civilians Unprecedented, Says UN Official

URUK Net 21 January, 2009 Part 2: Video: “I am Palestine”

URUK Net 21 January, 2009: Depopulation, Destruction and Displacement of the Palestinian People

How Climate Change Threatens Food Security

URUK Net 20 January, 2009 Part 2: Israel wanted a humanitarian crisis

ICH 21 January, 2009: The Single Greatest Fear

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 21 January, 2008: Gaza’s displaced seek shelter from cold

Video: The Real News Network - Obama, hope and expectations Pt.2

Global Energy War: Washington’s New Kissinger’s African Plans

PCHR: IOF Offensive on the Gaza Strip Makes it Like Earthquake Zone and Claims Civilian Lives and Property

William Bowles: British Capitalism - the Worm Ouroboros

The Gaza Bombshell By David Rose

Israel's message to Iran By Shourideh C. Molavi

Bolivia: Evo Morales Moves to Centre Stage for Historic January 25th Referendum

Video: Obama, hope and expectations by Bill Fletcher

URUK Net 20 January, 2009: Bombs Meant to “Send Gaza Back Decades” Israel’s Doctrine of Destruction

Index Research: Israel: Obama's Foreign Policy - No Change
“The Obama administration took over the cyber-address of the presidency,, with a flourish,” wrote the New York Times (21.01.09). There may be "CHANGE" at the White House web site, but there is NO "change" on the new U.S. President’s Foreign Policy page

Israel: A ‘Police State’ Celebrates by Nora Barrows-Friedman

‘Next Generation’ Biofuels: Bursting the New ‘Green’ Bubble
January 20, 2009

The massive new demand for agrofuels is escalating deforestation and resulting in conversion of biodiverse and carbon-rich native forests and grasslands into biologically barren and carbon-poor industrial tree plantations and other crop monocultures.

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 20 January, 2008: UN chief demands investigation into Israeli attack on Gaza headquarters

The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor: And Now For Something Completely Different

Video: We will not go down (Song for Gaza)

GI Special 7A10 20 January, 2009: Regime Change

Latin America: Perspectives for Socialism in a Time of a World Capitalist Recession/Depression by Prof. James Petras

URUK Net 19 January, 2009: Today in Solidarity We’re All Palestinians: History of Israeli Terror Killings

PCHR: 23rd Day of Continuous IOF Offensive on the Gaza Strip

Statewatch News Online,  19 January 2009 (01/09)

ICH 19 January, 2009: Noam Chomsky On Gaza

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 19 January, 2008: Ten more people found in rubble, thousands in mourning

Eric Walberg: The Russia-Ukraine gas war

William Bowles: Now why can’t those damn Palestinians just disappear?

Israel Recruits Army Of Bloggers To Troll Anti-War Websites

Iranian Journalist Interviews musician Gilad Atzmon

Name and Shame British Friends of Israel

Video: Inside Story - Gaza diplomacy - 18 Jan 2009 - Part 2

Video: Inside Story - Gaza diplomacy - 18 Jan 2009 - Part 1

Video: Dr. MLK Jr: Struggling not to lose him

Nassar Ibrahim: “Resistance Should be our Strategic Choice” An Analysis of the Palestinian Political Situation in the Wake of the Gaza Attack

CounterCurrents Newsletter 19 January, 2009 – Must See Pictures: Hitler Yesterday Israel Today

Ilan Pappe: State of Denial: Israel, 1948-2008

Betraying the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King By Andrew Hughes

Another Nakba in the Making?

URUK Net 18 January, 2009 Part 2: Report direct from Gaza
Day 23 of Israeli War On Gaza
Informative Report on Gaza War: Death toll 1310, wounded 5600

URUK Net 18 January, 2009: ‘Tungsten bombs’ leave Israel’s victims with mystery wounds

URUK Net 17 January, 2009: White Phosphorous in Gaza

Video: The war and Israeli opinion Pt 2

Video: The war and Israeli opinion Pt 1

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 18 January, 2008: Bodies unearthed from rubble as Israel violates ceasefire

The Newsletter of the Free Gaza Movement, January 19, 2009

ICH 18 January, 2009: Olmert's Poodle

GI Special 7A9 18 January, 2009: Words Change, War Goes On

The Return of Triangulation By Norman Solomon

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights LTD Press Release on Day 21

Video: Israeli FM confronted by Press Club journalists

“The Gaza war” By Shmuel Amir

Birth Pangs of a New Palestine by Mouin Rabbani

Israel’s Next War: Today the Gaza Strip, Tomorrow Lebanon? By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 17 January, 2008: Israel accused of war crimes over 12-hour assault on Gaza village

CounterCurrents Newsletter 16 January, 2009 – Gaza Still Stands, A Victory?

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 16 January, 2008: Israel continues hammering civilians in Gaza

GI Special 7A8 18 January, 2009: "A Jew To Zionist Fighters"
Faris Fa'iq Odeh, a few days before his 15th birthday, near the Muntar/Karni checkpoint in Gaza, Palestine. He was shot in the neck November 9, 2000 and left to bleed to death by the Zionists. Ten days earlier he was photographed throwing stones at an Israeli tank

Burnt Offering
PCHR: In Gaza All Of Our Humanity Is At Stake

GazaFriends: Vittorio Arrigoni: Dante’s Hell is Alive and Well in Gaza

Norman Finkelstein: History Repeating itself

PCHR: Weekly Report 8-14 January, 2009: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Video: Gazan Doctor’s children killed while he is speaking to Israeli TV

PCHR: 19th Day of Continuous IOF Attacks Across the Gaza Strip

Petition: Growing outrage at the killings in Gaza

URUK Net 16 January, 2009: The End of Hypocrisy: Crime’s Gleeful Abandon in Gaza

ICH 17 January, 2009: Enough!

Press Release — Calling to Prevent War Crimes is Not Breaking the Law

By VIJAY PRASHAD: An African-American in Gaza

Jonathan Cook: Israeli assault injures 1.5 million Gazans

Israel’s righteous fury and its victims in Gaza By Ilan Pappe, The Electronic Intifada

Gaza-bound medical supplies hijacked by Israel

GI Special 7A7 17 January, 2009: "We Can Say No"

GI Special 7A6 15 January, 2009: Notes From A Lost War

GI Special 7A5 13 January, 2009: Two Homes

Video: Rafah Today - Gaza Under Fire

William Bowles: A burnt offering

The Israeli War on the Gaza Strip: “The Birth Pangs of a New Palestine/Middle East” By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

URUK Net 15 January, 2009 Part 2: Killed by Israel, Eaten by Dogs

Gaza: The Tip of an Iceberg By Francis Clark-Lowes

PCHR 15 January, 2009: Testimony 2 – Gaza Ambulance Drivers Risk Life and Limb to Evacuate Civilians to Safety

Gaza Is a Concentration Camp By Ellen Cantarow - The claptrap about “pinpoint” accuracy and “avoiding civilians” is a lie so flagrant, so transparent, that any child — certainly any Gaza child — could grasp it.

URUK Net 15 January, 2009: Report direct from Gaza
Day 20 of Israeli War On Gaza: Informative Report on Gaza War: Death toll 1100, wounded 5100

URUK Net 14 January, 2009 Part 2: “Dizzy With Success”: Running Out of Graves in Gaza

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 15 January, 2008: Israeli forces bomb three hospitals and UN headquarters in Gaza City on Thursday

ICH 16 January, 2009: “There Will Be Another War”

GazaFriends: Still Breathing, A Report from Gaza By Caoimhe Butterly

David Wiebe: ‘We are All Palestinian’: Gaza, the War, and Global Solidarity

Video: Naomi Wolf on The End of America


Even dead Palestinans are enemies By Vittorio Arrigoni

PCHR: IOF Continue Attacks Across the Gaza Strip for the 18th Consecutive Day

URUK Net 14 January, 2009 Report direct from Gaza: Day 19 of Israeli War On Gaza

URUK Net 13 January, 2009 Part 2 Hear, O Israel!!

ICH 15 January, 2008: From Mississippi to Gaza

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 14 January, 2008: Civilian casualties: Human rights groups accuse Israelis of war crimes

Second Generation Warfare Bungles In Gaza Part One by William S. Lind


Gaza: US Press Elite Concealing Israel’s War Crimes by Stephen Lendman

When Israel expelled Palestinians: Randall Kuhn OP-ED

Hip-Hop in the Crosshairs By Tolu Olorunda

Obama And The Revolutionary Moment Without Revolutionaries Reflections On The Electoral Victory Of Barack Hussein Obama By Dr. Horace G. Campbell, PhD

GazaFriends: Israel Threatens to Shoot Unarmed Civilians aboard Mercy Ship, SS Spirit of Humanity turns back to Cyprus

GazaFriends: URGENT–Israeli Navy threatens SPIRIT OF HUMANITY

Day 19 – Gaza Update from PSC 1000 Dead and Nothing Said – End the Slaughter of Gaza


“British Jews Call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel”

Yousef Abuddayeh - A Free Palestine Has Never Been Closer!

Kawther Salam - Warning: Israel Plans to Strike Gaza Hospitals

Gaza images (slide show)

Israeli Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza (video)

How to Resolve the Credit Crisis: Credit Where Credit is Due By Ellen Brown

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 13 January, 2008: UN human rights council condemns Israel

URUK Net 13 January, 2009: FOCUSED LETHALITY:Phosphorous Bomb Rain Over Northern Gaza

CounterCurrents Newsletter 14 January, 2009 – Avnery’s Article

ICH 14 January, 2008: Paul Craig Roberts: The Humiliation of America

Harry Feldman: Have your cake

Vittorio Arrigoni in Gaza: A message from the sky

FAIR Media Advisory: International Law Seldom Newsworthy in Gaza War: Israeli justifications often cited uncritically

URUK Net 12 January, 2009: Remember Gaza: One of History’s Terror Bombing Victims


ICH 13 January, 2009: Message from a Gazan to the World

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 12 January, 2008: Gazans trapped in no manís land between fire, farmlands

Israelis Rain ‘Phosphorous Bombs’ Over Gaza - by Mel Frykberg

Israel admits: “No Hamas rockets were fired during ceasefire” (video)

Media Lens: An Eye For An Eyelash: The Gaza Massacre – Part 2

Muriel Mirak-Weissbach: If the Target is Iran Israel’s Latest Gamble May Backfire

PCHR: 17th Day of Continuous IOF Attacks cross the Gaza Strip: 26 Palestinians Killed, Including 6 Children and 3 Women

The Katrina Myth - the truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster (video)

GazaFriends: TAKE ACTION! to protect civilians in Gaza and human rights and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people

URUK Net 11 January, 2009: Gaza assault enters third week – Dozens killed since midnight – Death toll nears 1,000

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 11 January, 2008: 1 dead, dozens injured in Gaza by suspected white phosphorus munitions

Why the Internet Weakens the Authority of the Press By Jay Rosen

100,000 March Against the Gaza Holocaust!
Gaza Demo London 10 Jan 2009
London, 10 January, 2009

Richard Kastelein: IFJ Calls for Global Protest Over Media Blockade


The Real News Network - Who killed the peace process?

The Real News Network - Israeli intel targets Israeli protesters

DeepDishTV: Heroic Woman blocks Israeli Rifles Aimed at Gaza demonstrators (video)

ICH 12 January, 2009: Dont Miss This Edition


PCHR: Israel Uses Internationally Prohibited Weapons

Dan Alba - Will AP Ever Stop Lying for Israel?

‘Spirit of Humanity’ Leaves for Gaza

The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor: Not Just, Just Not 2

Video Message to Israel: here are your victims in Gaza

GazaFriends: The Ceasefire - by Ewa Jasiewicz, reporting from Gaza

GazaFriends: In Gaza, Hippocrates is Dead By Vittorio Arrigoni

GI Special 7A4 12 January, 2009: "Unrest Takes Different Forms"

Michel Chossudovsky: Unusually Large U.S. Weapons Shipment to Israel: Are the US and Israel Planning a Broader Middle East War?

Kole Kilibarda: Solidarity with Palestine: Crisis Responses and Movement Building

Oakland Ross: Israeli peace activists face crackdown

The Real News Network - Civilian casualties escalate in Gaza (video)

The Real News Network - Russia Ukraine gas dispute (video)

Gaza Catastrophe: Resource Conflict? Natural Gas, Palestinian Elections, and Israel’s Subversion of the ‘Peace Process’ by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

Musician Gilad Atzmon interviewed by “Eleftherotypia” (Greek Sunday Paper)

Francis Boyle - The United States Promotes Israeli Genocide Against the Palestinians

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 10 January, 2008: Israel to step up assault on Hamas

ICH 11 January, 2009: George Galloway: “Victory To The Palestinian Resistance”

URUK Net 10 January, 2009 Google’s censors: The cat is out of the bag

GI Special 7A3 11 January, 2009: War


GazaFriends: Vittorio Arrigoni’s eyewitness account from hell, 9 January, 2009


CounterCurrents Newsletter 9 January, 2009 – US Weaponry Facilitates Killings In Gaza

URUK Net 9 January, 2009 Part 2: Moloch’s Altar: Child Sacrifice and the War on Terror

GazaFriends: Civilian casualties rise to 85% of the dead in Gaza -Jennifer Loewenstein; Beirut, Hamra; 1.10.09. 2:30am

Tariq Al-Maeena: Aiding and abetting a holocaust

Woman Gaza
(Photo by Zoriah)

Israel’s Holocaust
10 January
Dead: Over 854
Wounded: Over 3,500



Show your support for the people of Gaza – Wear a Kefiya

ICH 10 January, 2009: What Humanitarian Crisis?

URUK Net 9 January, 2009: Children found under the rubble, 1000s of families torn apart

URUK Net 8 January, 2008 Part 2: Report direct from Gaza
Day 13 of Israeli War On Gaza: Death toll 770, injured 3200 and most of them Civilians

URUK Net 8 January, 2008 Part 1: Medical teams find ‘unbelievable’ horror amid rubble

URUK Net 7 January, 2008: Where would you go?

URUK Net 6 January, 2009: Gaza: The murdered families were those that had been expelled from the northern zone

Conditioning Gaza: preparing to deploy international forces in Palestine? By Hani Asfour

ICH 9 January, 2009: Jimmy Carter: An Unnecessary “War”

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 9 January, 2008: UN: Israel shelled Gaza house full of civilians

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 8 January, 2008: Israel accused of delaying medical access to injured

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 6 January, 2008: Scores killed as Gaza UN school hit

GazaFriends: Take some kittens, put them in a box, and jump on the box Vittorio Arrigoni

Adm. Dennis Blair and the Church Killings in East Timor By ALLAN NAIRN

Day 14 – Gaza Update from Palestine Solidarity Committee

Prof. Peter Dale Scott: Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War

GazaFriends: They parade in fear By Vittorio Arrigoni in Gaza

IPS: U.S. Weaponry Facilitates Israel’s Killings in Gaza by Thalif Deen

Gaza: British link with drone aiding the Israeli war effort by David Pallister

Avi Shlaim: How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

Raanan Shaked: Propaganda: Bomb it yourself



CodePink: Can a white rose help a child in Gaza?

Norway - historical mobilization against Gaza massacres - unions on political strike - support for BDS

CounterCurrents Newsletter 8 January, 2009 – Watching The War On BBC

CounterCurrents Newsletter 6 January, 2009 – 89 Children And 30 Women Amongst Gaza’s Dead

RASHID KHALIDI: What You Don’t Know About Gaza

ICH 8 January, 2009: Don't Miss This Edition: - Listen To The Victims

ICH 7 January, 2008: Ann Frank Alive In Gaza


Michel Chossudovsky: War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields


The Real News Network - Israel and international law (video)

James Petras: The Politics of An Israeli Extermination Campaign: Backers, Apologists and Arms Suppliers

Strike on Gaza school ‘kills 30′

WNPJ Weblog: Steve Burns: Adventures in Obfuscation

William Bowles: Israel’s own Holocaust (and the US’s, and ours)

Horrific Unconventional Weapons used against The People of Gaza - Interview with Dr. Mads Gilbert By Akram al-Sattari

It’s like Dante’s Inferno, a doctor describes Gaza horror (video)

Sameh Habeeb - Random Shelling and Compulsory Migration for Thousands in Gaza Strip

Tel Aviv Sdeh Dov airport Friday 2 January, 2009 (video)

London Unites For GAZA - Londoners Besiege the Israeli Embassy for the second night in a row 29th Dec 2008 (video)

Demonstration Tel Aviv 27 January, 2008 (video)

Gaza demonstration at Tel Aviv University - Asi Omar (video)

URUK Net: In Pictures: the slaughter of Gazan children
Victims of the Israeli occupation forces in the tenth day of their attacks on Gaza Strip - January 5, 2009

ICH 6 January, 2009: In the US, Gaza is a Different War

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 5 January, 2009: Panic grips Gaza residents as Israel vows to press bloody offensive

National Security Archive Update, January 5, 2009 “Riveting” account of U.S. Presidents and the Middle East Details inconsistent policies and influence of foreign leaders


Inside the rebellion in Greece

Alberto Terenzi: Gaza: Chronicle of a Predictable Slaughter

The Newsletter of the Free Gaza Movement, 5 January, 2009

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 4 January, 2009: Fifty-two Gazans killed as Israeli forces invade

ICH 5 January, 2009: Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells

URUK Net 4 January, 2009 Part 3: Israel – The Sociopathic State

URUK Net 4 January, 2009 Part 2: Report Direct from Gaza

Bashir Abu-Manneh: Destroying Gaza, Delaying Palestine

URUK Net 4 January, 2009: Eleven Palestinians killed, Israel decides to bar humanitarian aid

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 3 January, 2009: Six children among 12 killed in mosque blast

ICH 3 January, 2009: Live Video Reports From Gaza

URUK Net 3 January, 2009: Israel begins Gaza ground offensive

Michel Chossudovsky: The Invasion of Gaza: “Operation Cast Lead”, Part of a Broader Israeli Military-Strategic Agenda

Yousef Abudayyeh - Duty as a Community and a People

GazaFriends: FG Update and Call to Action

Index on Afghanistan, December 2008 Timeline: “Graveyard of Empires”

William Bowles: The obscenity that is the state of Israel

The Jerusalem Post explains why Israel has gotten such ‘good’ media coverage

Jason Miller: The absurd persistence of domination: Of speciesism, capitalism, and shaking their foundations

Amira Hass: Did the IAF bomb a Gazan welding truck or a Hamas Grad transport?

CounterCurrents Newsletter 3 January, 2009 – Obama’s Deadly Silence

URUK Net 2 January, 2009: The Same Year of Hatred, Cruelty and Violence, Endlessly Repeating

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 2 January, 2009: Two fighters killed on Friday evening, 434 killed and 2280 wounded in the ongoing offensive in Gaza

ICH 2 January, 2009: 10 Reasons to be Hopeful and 3 Reasons to be Terrified, about 2009

SS Dignity: We Lived to Tell the Story: Lebanon Rescued Us

GI Special 7A2: Notice: GI Special will resume publication 9 January

William Bowles: Do we live on the same planet?

Shiko Behar: NY Times: Who Ended the 6 Month Cease-fire in Israel/Palestine?


Action Alert: Twenty-Six Things You Can do to Help Gaza

GI Special 7A1 1 January, 2009: Peace Speaks From The Mirror

UrukNet – Daily Information from Occupied Iraq 1 January, 2009 Part 2: The new Auschwitz; Gaza

UrukNet – Daily Information from Occupied Iraq 1 January, 2009: Report direct from Gaza

CounterCurrents Newsletter 2 January, 2009 – India Sleepwalks To Total Surveillance

VTJP 1 January, 2008: Israel extrajudicially executes Hamas leader and his family

The Real News Network - Rafah - report from the ground (Video)

Adam Sheets: The Facts about Israel’s War on Gaza

Dennis Rahkonen: The Truth About Those Hamas Rockets

ICH 1 January, 2009: The Truth About Those Hamas Rockets

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