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Tuesday, March 4, 2008 10:19 AM
Index of Articles for the Month of February 2008


Information Clearinghouse 29 February 2008
The True Cost Of War

Uruk Net Iraq News 29/2/08

PCHR Palestinian Centre for Human Rights No. 09/2008, 21- 27 Feb. 2008

Truthout News-links 29 February 2008, Texas On Pace for Record Voter Turnout

Iran Newslinks 29 February 2008

GI Special 6B20, 29 February 2008 : Firing Squad Kills Winter Soldiers

Prince Harry, Royal War Criminal, 29 February 2008

Top US Lawyer And UNICEF Data Reveal Afghan Genocide, 29 February 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter February 29th, 2008 – The Cholesterol Con | Bush Blames Homeowners for Recession | Kucinich Still Matters

Uruk Net Iraq News 28/2/08

Washington gets a new colony in the Balkans: Kosovo
28 Feb 2008
Kosovo is not gaining independence or even minimal self-government. It will be run by an appointed High Representative and bodies appointed by the U.S., European Union and NATO

COHA - Latin America and the U.S. Presidential Campaign: Nikolas Kosloff on John McCain 26/2/08

Kosovo News-links 29 February 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 27/2/08

Pambazuka-news Digest, Vol 92, Issue 2 29 February 2008

VIDEO - Ben Griffin: Former SAS, Banned speech on Renditions to Anti-War Rally
Ben Griffin is in the High Court this morning - the UK government has gained an injunction to prevent him speaking out. Too late...

Pakistan News-links 28-29 February 2008


Information Clearing House, 28 February 2008
You Think You Are Free?

Truthout News-links 28 February 2008, One in 100 Americans in Prison | Turkey Says No Timetable for Iraq Pullout | Scare Tactics Used to Promote White House Spy Bill

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 28 February 2008

NATO News-links 27-28 February 2008

Kenya News-links 27-28 February 2008

Iraq Newslinks 28 February 2008

Iran Newslinks 27-28 February 2008

AFRICOM News-links 27-28 February 2008

Afghanistan News-links 28 February 2008

IPS SPECIAL 28 February 2008 – Colombia Hostage Release Brings Hope

Kosovo News-links 28 February, 2008

Robicheaux's Nightmare: US Rendition, Guantanamo, Torture in February 2008 By Sarah Meyer, Index Research


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 27 February 2008

Truthout News-links 27 February 2008, McCain’s New York Times Rebuttal in Question

Iran Newslinks 26-27 February 2008

CounterCurrents Newsletter 27/02/08 – Feed The World? We Are Fighting A Losing Battle, UN Admits

Media Savvy: White House Disinformation February 27, 2008

IWT – Real News Network 27 February 2008
Kosovo and UN resolution 1244
Stephen Zunes: The declaration of independence could lead to superpower recognition by retaliation view video

Corrupt politician is US man in Pakistan
Aijaz Ahmad commentary: Sharif refuses coalition government, Zardari on his own view videoRaw News: Censorship gone global
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority shuts down Youtube view videoPro-Kurdish demonstrators clash with police
Raw News: Violence erupts following pro-Kurdish party (DTP) press statement view video

Kosovo: The politics of recognition
Stephen Zunes: Along with the right to self determination comes the principal of territorial integrity view video

PCHR 27 February 2008 - Security Chaos and Proliferation of Weapons Misuse of Weapons by Armed Groups and Security Forces

PCHR 27 February 2008 - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights IOF Extra-Judicially Execute 5 Palestinians in Khan Yunis

The State of Gaza Strip Border Crossings 1 – 17 February 2008

IPS News Iraq & Mideast 27 February 2008 LEBANON: Children Look At The Brighter Picture

Bolivia Rising 27 February 2008
Aymara hip hop - From the city of El Alto, hip hop collective Ukamau y Ke

Kosovo News-links 27 February 2008

Climate & Capitalism
The New Climate Science: Governments Gamble With Our Survival, February 26, 2008
Official climate reports, though often disturbing, have not been nearly as frightening as they ought to be

GI Special 6B19: Gambler's Fallacy 27 February, 2008

NATO News-links 26-27 February 2008

AFRICOM News-links 25-27 February 2008

Pambazuka-news Digest, Vol 92, Issue 1 27 February 2008

Pakistan News-links 26-27 February 2008

Afghanistan News-links 27 February 2008

Kenya News-links 26-27 February 2008


Alternet PEEK Newsletter February 26th, 2008 – McCain Linked With Abramoff Scandal Cover Up | Dodd Endorses Obama

URUK Net Iraq News 26 February 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 26 February 2008

Media Savvy: The Crash That’s Coming February 26, 2008

National Security Archive – White House Ignored Repeated Warnings That E-mails Were at Risk, 26 February 2008

Haiti Report for February 26, 2008

Playing with Children’s Lives: Big Tobacco in Malawi Corpwatch 26 February 2008

Information Clearing House, 26 February 2008
Confessions of a Gitmo Guard

Truthout 26 February 2008, McCain’s New York Times Rebuttal in Question

Dominica: The Caribbean’s Next “Terror Island”?



Kosovo News-links 25-26 February 2008

Afghanistan News-links 26 February 2008

NATO News-links 25-26 February 2008

Pakistan News-links 25-26 February 2008

Kenya News-links 25-26 February 2008

Iran Newslinks 25-26 February 2008


CounterCurrents 25/02/08 – Washington vv. Cuba After Castro

Alternet Headlines Newsletter February 25th, 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 25 February 2008

Information Clearing House 25 February, 2008
The Real Story Behind Kosovo's ‘Independence’

The Week with IPS – Iraq in tatters 25 February, 208

Turkish incursion in northern Iraq continues
For a 4th day Turkish troops attacked Kurdish rebel bases in Iraq; US policy conflicted view video

The US and Pakistan
Aijaz Ahmad: US trying to guide formation of new Pakistan government; will Musharraf stay or go? view video

Nader to run as Independent
Ralph Nader announced on NBC’s Meet The Press that he will run for president as a third-party candidate view video

New UN sanctions proposed against Iran
UK and France table new sanctions despite IAEA report saying good progress with Iran view video

Narratives Under Siege (5): Hassan Sheikh Hijazi Flower Farm, 25 February 2008
In order to highlight the impact of the siege and closure of the Gaza Strip on the civilian population, PCHR is publishing a series of “Narratives Under Siege” on our website. These short articles are based on personal testimonies and experiences of life in the Gaza Strip, and we hope they will highlight the restrictions, and violations, being imposed on the civilians of Gaza.

Alternet Environment Newsletter February 25th, 2008
It’s Time for the UN to Make Water a Human Right

Media Savvy: News Media Ignores 935 Falsehoods From White House, February 25, 2008

Uruk Net Iraq News 25/2/08

Uruk Net Iraq News 24/2/08

Climate & Capitalism - Treaty Chiefs Unanimously Demand a Halt to New Oil Sands Approvals, February 25, 2008
“Oil sands development has all but destroyed the traditional livelihood of First Nations in northern Athabasca watershed”

Afghanistan News-links 25 February 2008

Iran Newslinks 24-25 February 2008

AFRICOM News-links 23-24 February 2008

NATO's Reign of Terror in Kosovo By Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, February 25, 2008

Kosovo News-links 25 February 2008


‘Why Barack Is So Much Like `Dubya’ in 2000 … Revealing a Made Up Candidate by a Right Leaning Blog’ … 24 February 2008

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 24 February 2008

GI Special 6B18: "These Feet" 24 February 2008

Kenya News-links 23-24 February 2008

NATO News-links 23-24 February 2008

Afghanistan News-links 24 February 2008

Kosovo News-links 24 February 2008

Pakistan News-links 23-24 February 2008

Iran Newslinks 23-24 February 2008

Alternet Headlines Newsletter, February 24th, 2008

GI Special 6B17: Bridging The Gap 24 February 2008

Climate & Capitalism - An African Call for a Moratorium on Agrofuel Developments
February 23, 2008
The agrofuels ‘revolution’ is replacing millions of hectares of local agricultural systems, and the rural communities working in them, with large plantations

“Climate change is a trade union issue”
February 23, 2008
Some 300 people participated in the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Conference in London on February 9.


Alternet PEEK Newsletter February 23rd, 2008
Will Michael Moore Bring Castro to the Oscars?

Alternet Most Popular of the Week February 23rd, 2008

Information Clearing House 23/2/08
Howard Zinn: Election Madness

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 23 February 2008

Are we there yet Pa? By Joe Bageant

Pakistan News-links 22-23 February 2008

NATO News-links 22-23/2/08

Operation Independence Kosovo: NATO and the New Step Toward “Greater Albania” By Sungur Savran

Climate & Capitalism, Ecosocialist Notebook February 22, 2008. Science Journal Slams Harper … Big Corporations Work Both Sides of the Street … The most Destructive Project on Earth … Oceans Could Rise 200 Feet (Soon)

GI Special 6B16: Ft. Dix 23/2/08


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 22 February 2008

GI Special 6B15: "They Hate It" 21/2/08

Information Clearing House 22/2/08
More Lies From The Bush Fascists

Alternet War on Iraq Newsletter February 22nd, 2008

Pambazuka-news Digest, Vol 91, Issue 3 22 February 2008 Links and Resources Issue

National Security Archive Update, 22 February, 2008 SOUTHERN CONE RENDITION PROGRAM: PERU'S PARTICIPATION Operation Condor Crimes Focus of Italian Indictments

Media Savvy: Media Tenor’s Presidential Campaign Watch February 22, 2008

IWT - 22/2/08
ALERT: Turkish army incursion into Iraq
10,000 Turkish troops cross into northern Iraq to strike against suspected PKK targets view video

Lawyers demand judges be reinstated
Protesting lawyers in Karachi, Pakistan demand that judges dismissed by Pervez Musharraf be reinstated view video

Afghanistan News-links 22 February 2008

AFRICOM News-links 21-22 February 2008

AFRICOM News-links 20 February 2008

The Lies Behind 'Free Trade' By Chalmers Johnson

Pakistan News-links 22 February 2008

Kosovo News-links 22 February, 2008

Climate & Capitalism - Fidel Moves On By Ian Angus February 20, 2008
Some personal thoughts on an ecosocialist hero


IPS News – Iraq & Mideast 20 February 2008, ‘Dangerously Thin’ Forces, Say US Officers

CounterCurrents 21/02/08 – The Recession’s Human And Environmental Impacts

Afghanistan News-links 21 February 2008

IWT - 21/2/08
New Pak gov against extreme US military action
Aijaz Ahmad: Coalition government for negotiations with Islamist militants; Pak military highly corrupt view video

Burmese junta announces election and referendum
Paul Copeland: The referendum is a joke view video

Uruk Net Iraq News 21/2/08

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 21 February 2008

Information Clearing House 21/2/08
Mike Whitney: The system is self-destructing

Kosovo News-links 20-21 February, 2008


CounterCurrents News Letter 20/02/08 – CIA Makes Unilateral Strike Inside Pakistan

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 20 February 2008

Information Clearing House 20/2/08
Cages of Conquest

Cuba Votes as Fidel Castro Steps Down

The Wikileaks Saga: A US judge who doesn’t know his arse from the Internet bans documents that don’t yet exist!
Try and get your head around this one.

Large Potential Albanian Oil and Gas Discovery Underscores Kosovo's Importance By Stephen Lendman

Peter Hallward Untangles the Truth about Haiti from a Web of Lies
Monthly Review - Herndon,VA,USA
by Joe Emersberger. Peter Hallward In Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide, and the Politics of Containment, Peter Hallward meticulously explains how

AFRICOM News-links 19-20 February 2008

Afghanistan News-links 19-20 February 2008

Bolivia Rising - US warns Bolivia on growing ties with Iran
La Paz (AP): A US congressional delegation arrived on Tuesday to smooth tensions between the two countries, but warned that Bolivia's growing ties to Iran could cost it a key US trade agreement.

Bolivia Rising 19/2/08- Revolutionary Horizons Joseph Choonara, Book Review of Revolutionary Horizons, Forrest Hylton and Sinclair Thomson

Bolivia Rising - Morales makes good on land reform promises Rick Kearns, February 18, 2008

IWT - 20 February, 2008
Musharraf, Army, and Islamist parties big losers
Aijaz Ahmad: Rise of secular urban forces in Pakistan; US not controlling the process view video
Following Fidel
Pepe Escobar: Cuba in transition to more open socialist society view video
Musharraf’s party defeated
Beena Sarwar: Reporting from Pakistan on rout of Musharraf’s party view video

GI Special 6B14: "It Didn't Make Any Sense" 20/2/08

Kosovo News-links 20 February, 2008

The State of Gaza Strip Border Crossings 10 – 31 January, 2008

Pakistan News-links 19-20 February 2008

Pakistan News-links 18 February 2008


CounterCurrents News Letter 19/02/08 – X-Rated Iraq: A Tortured

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 19 February 2008

Information Clearing House 19/2/08
The US Is Paying Insurgents Not to Fight

URUK Net Iraq News 19 February 2008

Kosovo News-links 19 February, 2008


The Week with IPS – 18 February 2008, Carrots and Sticks at Pakistan Polls

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 18 February 2008

Information Clearing House 18/2/08
Paul Craig Roberts: What Do We Stand For?

URUK Net Iraq News 18 February 2008

GI Special 6B13: Americans Get It Right

U.S. Martial Law Timeline by Sarah Meyer, Index Research

Imperialism’s Latest Crisis: Kosovo News-links 18/2/08


Afghanistan News-links 17 February 2008

Information Clearing House 16-17/2/08
Weekend Edition

URUK Net Iraq News 17 February 2008

GI Special 6B12: Reconnaissance By Fire

GI Special 6B11: Command Dishonors Medevac


URUK Net Iraq News 16 February 2008


Information Clearing House 15/2/08
John Pilger: Bringing Down The New Berlin walls

URUK Net Iraq News 15 February 2008

GI Special 6B10: New Traveling Soldier Now!


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 14 February 2008

URUK Net Iraq News 14 February 2008


IPS News – Iraq & Mideast 13 February 2008, Gaza As Reality TV

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 13 February 2008

Information Clearing House 13/2/08
This is What A Police State Looks Like

URUK Net Iraq News 13 February 2008

GI Special 6B9: The Helmet


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 12 February 2008

Information Clearing House 12/2/08
Don't miss this edition: Rape By Any Other Name

URUK Net Iraq News 12 February 2008

GI Special 6B8: Resistance Cuts Iraq Power 25%


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 11 February 2008

URUK Net Iraq News 11 February 2008

GI Special 6B7: "Pawns In A Sick Game" 11/2/08


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 10 February 2008

GI Special 6B6: "I Can't See Why"




CounterCurrents Newsletter 08/02/08 – Going Bankrupt: The US’s Greatest Threat

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 8 February 2008

Information Clearing House 8/2/08
Does The Brownshirt Party Have Aces Up Its Sleeve?


URUK Net Iraq News 7 February 2008




IPS News Special 5 February 2008, US Election Primaries - Super Tuesday

VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 5 February 2008

Information Clearing House 5/2/08
The Secret Rules of Engagement in Iraq


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 4 February 2008

URUK Net Iraq News 4 February 2008

GI Special 6B5: Death By Kevlar


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 3 February 2008

Information Clearing House 3/2/08
The Madness of John McCain

URUK Net Iraq News 3 February 2008

GI Special 6B4: Egyptian Soldiers Act For Liberation


VTJP Palestine/Israel NewsLinks 2 February 2008

URUK Net Iraq News 2 February 2008

GI Special 6B3: Command Killing Wounded Troops

GI Special 6B2: National Guard Special


Information Clearing House 1/2/08
The Protect America Act?

GI Special 6B1: "Nothing Is Safe In Kabul"

URUK Net Iraq News 1 February 2008

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