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Monday, July 18, 2005 6:53 PM

Iraq URUK Net News Links 30/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a85: The Truth Will Set You Sane 31/3/04 (PDF)

A Quarterly Report from Bush-Cheney Media Enterprises By Norman Solomon 31/3/05

Media Alert: “No Great Way to Die” – But the Generals Love Napalm 30/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 29/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 28/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a84: Spc. David Beals At Risk 30/3/05 (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3a83: A Slavery Contract 29/3/05 (PDF)

STATEWATCH - 28 March 2005 28/3/05

Tinkers, tailors, soldiers, spies on the desert dune By Luciana Bohne 28/3/05

A New Wave of Oppression Sweeps Port-au-Prince By Sasha Kramer 28/3/05

Egypt – on the road to democracy? 28/3/05

Welcome to Perception Central by William Bowles 29/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a82: Dear Dawnmarie 28/3/05 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 27/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a81: This Is How They Treat Their Veterans 27/3/05 (PDF)

A life out of balance William Bowles 27/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 26/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a80: Recruiter Says: “I Don’t Agree With What We’re Doing In Iraq, And I’m With You.” 26/3/05 (PDF)

War ina Babylon - US Cultural Genocide in Iraq 26/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 25/3/05

Little Reporting on Paranoia in High Places By Norman Solomon 25/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a79: Fight Wars Not War. 25/3/05 (PDF)

When occupation is more than an idea By Stephen Gowans 24/3/05

Buying 100,000 AK 47s was not Chavez Frias’ biggest mistake. The mistake was not buying enough! 24/3/05

The U.S. is Becoming a ‘Failed State’ The Black Commentator 24/3/05

No Longer the “Lone” Superpower Coming to Terms with China By Chalmers Johnson 24/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 24/3/05

The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed A Rape Lawsuit Against Bush by Jackson Thoreau 24/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a78: Let's Get To Work 24/3/05 (PDF)

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, March 23, 2005

GI SPECIAL #3a77: The New Majority 23/3/05 (PDF)

The Wolf at the door by William Bowles 23/3/05

No Politics – Only Elections 23/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 23/3/05

Despots, East and West by Satya Sagar 22/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 21/3/05

The Big Picture by William Bowles 21/3/05

The Anti-Empire Report, No. 19 by William Blum 21/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 20/3/05

Venezuela & Continued Sabotage and US State Terrorism 20/3/05

“The Adaptable US Intervention Machine in Venezuela” Eva Gollinger (PDF) 20/3/05

Two Year Anniversary How we got here, keep gettin here, and nowhere… S. Artesian 19/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 19/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 18/3/05

GM makes you sick by Edward Teague

Can’t see the wood for the trees’? A Review of Caliban and the Witch – Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation by Silvia Federici 18/3/05

Why Iraq Withdrawal Makes Sense By Norman Solomon 18/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 17/3/05

Who was Rafik Hariri, and who was behind his assassination? by Mohamed Hassan 14/3/05

The Miami Connection By Jean-Guy Allard 18/2/02

GI SPECIAL #3a76: It Is With My Deepest Regrets, That I Thank You All For Your Service 17/3/05 (PDF)

Pentagon Has Far-Reaching Defense Spacecraft in Works By Walter Pincus 16/3/05

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Media Lens Alert: A Warning from Auschwitz 16/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a75: My Platoon Sgt. Screamed At Me 16/3/05 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 15/3/05

Militarization of U.S. Africa Policy, 2000 to 2005 3/05

Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 - UK (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 14/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 13/3/05

STATEWATCH: 13 March February 2005

GI SPECIAL #3a74: I Feel Like We Were Lied To 15/3/05 (PDF)

Did the BBC Broadcast Fake News Reports? David Miller

No Sleepy Times Down South By Edward Teague 14/3/05

Render unto Caesar by William Bowles 14/3/05

400 Years of Blogging William Bowles 14/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a73: IRAQ = “I Really Am Quitting” – Vet Says 60% Of Troops Oppose War 14/3/05 (PDF)

GI Special Report: Archangel Kicks Ass 14/3/05

Deciphering the Code of US Lies on Venezuela’s President Chavez Frias 13/3/05

Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News By David Barstow and Robin Stein 13/3/05

The View from Cumberland County, North Carolina By Stan Goff 13/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 12/3/05

Hazel Blears Tongue Lashed by Michael Howard By Edward Teague 13/3/05

Will Iran, Syria, Libya and Venezuela axe US$ as official currency of OPEC? Fred Cederholm 12/3/05

Ariel Sharon and the Jordan Option Gary Sussman 3/05

Eradicating Bacon’s Rebellion from Popular Memory by Jonathan Scott 13/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a72: All Out For Ft. Bragg 13/3/05 (PDF)

Blair’s ‘Morality’ gone mad William Bowles 12/3/05

Haiti - No limits to US hypocrisy? Rickey Singh 9/3/05

AHP bulletins from March 7, 2005 – Waters visit Haiti, UN troops and PNH at odds, et al

Net Art Review Monthy Features: Blogger as Producer by Eduardo Navas 3/05

Electronic Intifada 11 March 2005

GI SPECIAL #3a710: They're Tired Of Being Here 12/3/05 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 11/3/05

Update on the terror ‘Debate’ – the BBC version by William Bowles 11/3/05

Google is watching 3/05

Popular Social Movements and the Future of Egyptian Politics Joel Beinin 10/3/05


Venezuela - Carlos Herrera: Endemic price speculation continues prejudicing the poor 11/3/05

Who nobbled The Times? 10/305

“My truth” - Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena talks about her kidnapping and release 9/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a70: Scum Out Of Control 11/3/05 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 10/3/05 Making Peace With the War in Iraq By Norman Solomon 10/3/05

Chinese Whispers by Edward Teague 10/3/05

Every Bloodbath Has A Silver Lining – Part 2 10/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a69: We've Been In Hell 10/3/05 (PDF)

Re “Terrorist Related Activity” William Bowles 10/3/05

A FAQ: What do you think about suicide bombers? By Moshé Machover 9/3/05 (PDF)

Video claims CIA wanted to assassinate Sgrena and blame it on the ‘Insurgents’

Fiction – Poser Love by S. Artesian 9/3/05

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Every Bloodbath Has A Silver Lining – Part 1 9/3/05

The Unspeakable in Pursuit By Edward Teague 9/3/05

Massive Growth in Chinese Clothing Exports to USA by Edward Teague 9/3/05

Media firms fear impact of Internet libel claim 9/3/05

Kofi Annan’ should attone for the U.N.’s original sin in Haiti in 2004 8/3/05

Stability still eludes Haiti By Reed Lindsay 8/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 8/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a68: Can This Possibly Get Any Worse? 9/3/05 (PDF)

Dr David Kelly – ‘The answer is no’ 8/3/05

CBS Offers Misleading Pro-Privatization Predictions 8/3/05

Into the Great Wide Open By Jesse Sunenblick New technology could radically transform broadcasting. The dreamers and players are already debating how far to go 8/3/05

FULL SPECTRUM RESISTANCE An International Space Organizing Conference

Iraq URUK Net News Links 7/3/05

Electronic Intifada 28 February - 7 March

Lebanon and the Avaricious Superpower – The Next Crusades By Uri Avnery 7/3/05

Silencing Sgrena, Gangland-style By Mike Whitney 7/3/05

My truth (La mia veritˆ) By Giuliana Sgrena 7/3/05

Citing Aristide ties, Haiti bars U.S. attorney from entering country By Joe Mozingo 7/3/05

U.S. Politician Urges Haiti to Free Former Premier By Joseph Guyler Delva 7/3/05


Fiction – Surfin’ USA by S. Artesian 7/3/05

Statewatch Report: G8, EU & UK counter-terrorism plans – The exceptional and draconian become the norm 8/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a67: I'm So Angry Right Now 8/3/05 (PDF)

Was Giuliana Sgrena targeted? By Danny Schechter 7/3/05

The BBC does a ‘Photoshop’ job on the Sgrena shooting William Bowles 8/3/05

Hezbollah Warns Against Withdrawal of Syrian Troops From Lebanon 7/3/05

Il Manifesto Founder on Sgrena Shooting: This Was an Attack on Unembedded Journalism 5/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 6/3/05

No slow boats to China anymore Edward Teague 6/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 5/3/05

In Haiti, ‘hunger in dark places’ is real … and ignored U.S. media, rights groups silent on country’s torment By MARK WEISBROT 4/5/05

Privatising Propaganda - Is the pen mightier than the sword? Yes, when it’s engineering ‘regime change’ - by PR company by William Bowles March 6 2005

The Haitian People Won’t Give Up Disguised Coup, Hidden Abuses By Tom Reeves 5/3/05

“If they shoot at us they are doomed, if they don’t shoot at us they are doomed!!!” 5/3/05

Aristide’s Lavalas puts UN duplicity to the test in Haiti 3/3/05

Ten thousand Lavalas members & supporters demonstrate under the protection of MINUSTHA soldiers 4/3/05

Attack Deliberate? Shattered bridges by Samia Nkrumah 5/3/05

US attack against Italians in Baghdad was deliberate - companion 5/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a65: Darell Ankarlo, Scum In Human Form: Shit-Mouthed Piece Of Trash Pisses On Families Of Soldiers Killed In Iraq 6/3/05 (PDF)

GI SPECIAL #3a64: BRING THEM HOME NOW! Ft. Bragg Rally Gets Hot 5/3/05 (PDF)

Oil. Big Profits. Big changes? By Edward Teague 5/3/05

Exxon Mobil to welch on royalties to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 4/3/05

Iraq URUK Net News Links 4/3/05

Missile Counter-Attack – An open letter to Condi Rice 3/3/05

North Korea – Negotiation or Ultimatum? By Stephen Gowans 4/3/05

The one state solution as the liberation struggle for the Jews by Simon Jones 5/3/05

One Year Anniversary of Coup in Haiti Met With Violence/Bahamas deports Haitians, et al 28/2/05

Once-Jailed Syrian Father and Son Warn U.S. Attack Would Destroy “Not Only the Regime But the Country Itself” 4/3/05

2 jailed Haitian leaders go on hunger strike Tim Pelzer 3/3/05

Thousands die since US regime change in Haiti by Congresswoman Maxine Waters 2/3/04

When Junk Interrupts Junk By Norman Solomon 4/3/05

U.N. ambassador denounces police brutality in HaitiBY JOE MOZINGO 2/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a63: U.S. Military Deaths In Iraq Rise To 1,500 4/2/05 (PDF)

The Day They Shut Down the Internet By Alfredo Lopez 3/3/05

Fundamentals in the oil-pricing game by Andrew McKillop 3/3/05

Help save Yvon Neptune’s life – Yvon Neptune’s Letter From Jail 3/3/05

The oil factor in Bush’s ‘war on tyranny’ by F William Engdahl 3/3/05

Touching the Revolution!: A Bolivarian Tour of Magnificent, Modern Venezuela! 3/3/05

Cornerin the Dragon: Bad Idea by Conn Hallinan 3/3/05

Is Syria Doomed? 2/3/05

GI SPECIAL #3a62: Iraqi Police On Strike In Tikrit 3/3/05 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 2/3/05

THE WEEKLY SPIN, Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Pentagon Casualty Figures Don’t Add Up By Jim Rense 26/2/05


Rather ’s Retirement and “Liberal Bias 2/3/05

Finger After Finger Uri Avnery 26/2/05

Venezuela through the eyes of a Chavez adversary is not an accurate assessment 1/3/05

Haiti - Editorial: March 1,a troubling anniversary…

Rep. Barbara Lee Calls for Truth and Action for Haiti OnAnniversary of Ouster of Aristide 1/3/05

Independentpress was a target in Iraq By Danny Schechter 28/2/05

GI SPECIAL #3a61: Con Artists Prey On KIA Families 2/3/05 (PDF)

Iraq URUK Net News Links 1/3/05

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